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Author Topic: The story of Foxglove.  (Read 3773 times)


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The story of Foxglove.
« on: June 17, 2010, 06:41:26 PM »

Ok ok, i currently couldn't think of a better name for this story! so bare with me! :D Let me know what you all think alright? I'm working on Chapter 2 as well.

Chapter 1
   Foxglove tasted the gag in her mouth, her eyebrows creasing. The human man that held her around her waist smelled of sage and barley. He was clean shaven and dressed in dark greens and browns. His hair was a dark brown color, falling in curls around his shoulders. “Now now beauty. Don’t you be talking telepathically, or your friends will have the same fate as your wolf!”
   Her silvery blue eyes filled with tears as she did was she was told. Poor Treesinger! She didn’t want to go that way, why had Foxglove urged her on? Now she was gagged and bound, and her wolf was dead. She was leaving a home she barely knew, never to see her family again...

   “Isn’t this exciting?!” cried Dewshine, her blonde curls bouncing as she pranced around the main part of the holt.  “We havn’t seen the wolfriders, since you were a very small cub!”
   Foxglove stood in the middle of her relatives prancing. She curled one of her deep red locks around her finger, a nervous habit. She tired to look unimpressed by Dewshines gracefulness, but inside, she was envious. She bit her lip as she recalled the plan of the next moon. They would travel in the Palace of the Highones, to pay a visit to the original Wolfrider clan.
   Normally this wouldn’t have bothered Foxglove, except for the fact that when she met them before, she was just a newborn in her mothers arms. Now she would have to meet them all over again. Only this time she wouldn’t be considered cute  by blowing spit bubbles. She would also have to explain why her twin sister Moonsbreath, was not present. Moonsbreath at age 16 went off on her own, to discover new lands and new elves. Foxglove stayed behind, incase (highones forbid) something happened to their mother.
   Would they approve of her? What if no one liked her?
   Foxglove was a spirited girl of 19, the daughter of the chieftess and the wolf father. With deep red hair, and silvery blue eyes. She has no magic, but a good ear for pitch and song. Her sister Moonsbreath was gifted with treeshaping.
   “Why so nervous, Foxglove?” Came a strong voice from behind her shoulder.
   Foxglove jumped slightly at the voice and whipped around to see Sust, standing with a spear in one hand and dreamberries in the other. “I’m not nervous!”
   Sust clearly knew her better then that. For he chuckled and mimicked her hair twirling. When Foxgloves face morphed in to a piercing scowl. Sust laughed and tossed the dreamberries at her. “Takes the edge off.”
   Foxglove stared at the purple berries in her hand. “No need to take the edge off if their is no edge.” Foxglove complained, untangling her fingers from her hair. All the same she placed the berries in her mouth and chewed. She immediately felt better, happy and carefree.
   She grinned at Sust and looked up at the quickly dimming sky. Foxglove threw her arms out around her and did a little twirl while her mouth made a trilling noise.
   “Having fun my pet?” Questioned Teir, causing Foxglove to, again, jump slightly and drop her arms. She played with the edge of her dark green and gold skirt a little nervously. “You seem jittery daughter. Is everything all right?”
   Foxglove looked at her father, then behind his shoulder to see the rest of the tribe coming in closer, it was almost time for the Palace to come. It wasn’t until a familiar, brown haired male, smiled at her, that Foxglove felt her cheeks flush. “Oh i’m fine...”
   Sust wrapped his left arm around Foxgloves shoulders, examining her gaze and red cheeks. If only his best friend knew how Foxglove felt about him. “Oh shes nervous!”
   “SUST!” She whined pushing him away with both of her hands and then slipped in to her father’s embrace. “So what if I am!” she admitted bitterly.
   Teir chuckled and stroked her red hair. “Its alright to be nervous. But you’ll do fine.”
   Ember gently caressed her daughters arm as she passed, she looked up at the sky her lime green eyes staring at the stars beginning to twinkle above. “Its here...” She said quietly.
   She was right, of course, about a minute later the large crystal like palace landed in the small clearing, just barely able not to disturb a single leaf, or pine needle.  Foxglove straightened and took her mothers hand. The doors to the castle swung open and Ember entered easily, having no fear. Thus leading the nervous Foxglove inside.
   “Hello brother!” purred Ember sweetly wrapping her arms tightly around her twin brother.
   Foxglove had never seen anything like the Palace before. It was one thing to be sent pictures from her tribe mates of the splendor inside, but it was a whole different experience seeing it in person. Moonsbreath would be sad that she missed this. Foxglove felt a small piercing pain the back of her throat, she missed her sister. They had been so close for so long, and now she hadn’t even received a send from her for three seasons. She feared he worst… death.
   “You know my daughter Foxglove.” Began Ember urging the red head forward to greet her uncle.
   Foxglove smiled her most stunning smile and nodded her head. “Hello. My sister Moonsbreath isn’t here with us today, shes on her own adventure. ”
   Sunstream also grinned, and nodded. “Of course, its lovely to see you again Foxglove. I apologies Brill, and my own cubs are not here to greet you, they are awaiting us back in the holt.”
   Foxglove felt her mothers hand slide from hers as Teir looped an arm around Ember’s waist. Foxglove slowly followed after her mother and father gazing open mouthed at the Palace around her. Her dark red hair fanned around her as she clasped her hands in front of her hips.
   “Catchin’ flies sweetheart.” Chuckled Sust coming to Foxgloves side and tickling her chin with his finger.
   “Guh! I can’t go anywhere with out you making fun of---“ She darted away from him only to crash in to a warm figure, she felt two protective arms around her as they stumbled slightly. Her silver eyes softened as she looked up at her savior. It was Pool. Out of all the boys in the tribe it had to be Pool who caught her. She felt her cheeks turn a bright red color. “---Me…”
   Sust grinned and wiggled his eyebrows, pointing at his cheeks coyly.
   “Sust! Leave her alone.” Scolded Pool, rubbing Foxgloves back. “You alright there?”
    “Yeah…” smiled Foxglove. Now that you’re here. She thought happily, before giggling and dancing away from him. “Thanks”
   Timmain stepped from behind a corner as soon as she heard the doors of the Palace close and happy little voices reached her slender pointed ears. They were here at last! She would be able to witness so many of her children reuniting. Her eyes scanned Ember who had her arm linked with Sunstreams, and her hand entwined with Teirs. Then just behind them their daughter.
   Timmain felt her breath catch in her throat as she gazed at the girl before her. So many children of recognition were special, but she had never seen anything quite like this. “Come child…” She cooed
   Ember did a small bow at Timmain then looked over her shoulder at her daughter who followed in her mothers example. **Go on Cubling**
   Foxglove swallowed a large knot in her throat, that had suddenly appeared there when she saw the silver haired High One. “Y-yes?” She questioned. Foxglove slowly took a few steps closer away from her tribe so that she could talk to the High One in Private, which was apparently what the mother of her tribe wanted.
    Timmain simply held out her graceful pale hand. “I should like to speak with you alone…”
   Foxglove thought for a few seconds, but after finding no downsides, she took a deep breath, bit her lip and laid her sun kissed hand in Timmains. She aloud herself to be lead in to another room, she glanced back at the curious tribe behind her. **Its an honor Kitling… Don’t look so nervous, she won’t hurt you.** sent Ember sweetly smiling proudly at her.
   Foxglove rolled her pretty eyes, it wasn’t that she thought Timmain would hurt her; it was that she would be disappointed. The High One would be disappointed in her. She had no magic to speak of, what could she possibly have to offer?
    When they rounded the corner in to a long hallway, Foxglove didn’t ask questions, she just followed obediently. She felt a cold nose against her leg which caused her to jump slightly. “Treesinger!” She cooed staring at the grey wolf behind her, gently wagging its tail. “Go on! Go back to the others.”
   “She may stay…” whispered Timmain smiling at the wolf that elegantly hoped to her side, almost smirking at her elf friend. The room at the far end of the hall is where they paused and entered. It was beautiful as every room in the Palace was sure to be. One chair was placed in the center of the rather large room. Treesinger yipped only to have it come echoing back at her.
   “Beautiful.” Whispered Foxglove as Timmain took a seat and positioned the elf in front of her.
   Timmain smiled and released Foxglove to twirl a lock of hair around her finger. Foxglove watched coyly, she folded her arms behind her and began to twirl her own lock of hair behind her back, thinking that if she did it obviously it might seem as though she was mimicking the High One, though, in truth, she was simply very nervous.  
   “Your name Young One?”
   “Foxglove.” She stated with a nod.
   “You are a beauty.” Purred Timmain, with her free hand she placed one finger on Foxgloves jaw and gently moved her face back and forth as if memorizing every detail. “But I sense something else in you…”
   “I’m afraid I lack magic, my sister is a plant shaper…” She touched the wolf necklace that hung around her neck. It matched her great grand-shire’s necklace. Cutter had once sent images of it to Ember when she was small, and Ember did the same for Moonsbreath. She had once shaped it out of the darkest wood for her Twin.  “I’m good with animals like my father, but nothing compared to him, other then that—“
   “No, I do believe you are wrong. You just haven’t discovered it yet, or perhaps you have discovered it and you just need a guide.”
   Foxglove looked a bit confused and then shrugged.
   Timmain became quiet for a few moments, and then she burst in to laughter. “Your mother informs me that you have a voice like a bird.”
   Foxglove swallowed. Thanks Mother. She thought bitterly. “Many have said that…”
   “Well then perhaps that is your magic. Sing for me.”
   Foxglove swallowed and felt Treesinger nuzzle her hand, giving her some courage. Foxglove took a few steps back and opened her mouth to sing. “The wolfsong fills the night, friendly darkness, winking stars the white moon full and bright…”
   Timmain had to consciously tell herself not to gawk at the voice that was bouncing off the walls. Indeed she could sing like a bird, though she had yet to hear a bird whose voice was as rich and as beautiful as Foxgloves. It was clear like a bell, as peaceful as a babbling brook.  She waited peacefully for Foxglove to finish the howl. Then she clapped her hands. “Indeed I was correct, that is your magic. With a little guidance, training and practice, I believe that you could get anyone to do what ever you like simply by singing to them, hypnosis in a way.”
   Foxglove’s eyes became wider and she placed a hand on her throat. “Will you teach me?”

   Ember skipped out of the Palace and in to Leetah and Cutters arms. “Oh Mother! Father!” She cried in a very childlike fashion. “Its good to see you both again.”
   “My eyes see with joy, my hands touch with joy.” Squealed Leetah squeezing her daughter until she was quiet sure Ember could not breath.
   “Where is my GrandCubs?” Questioned Cutter patting Teir on the back and looking around for the twins that were just infants the last time he saw them.
   Ember grinned and scampered away back in to the Palace, returning a moment later with a certain red head in toe.
   Foxglove was attempting to walk slowly. But she couldn’t compete with her mothers brisk gate.
   “Our Moonsbreath has become her own Kinseeker Cutter, gone off a few years ago to explore the world around us.” Nodded Teir. “We don’t feel her spirit in the Palace so we are assuming she is alive. Though, even her sister doesn’t hear much from her.”
   Ember wrapped a confident arm around her daughter and nuzzled her face with her nose. “And this is our Foxglove. She spent the entire trip with Timmain, we could hear her pretty voice everywhere in the Palace.” Ember smirked.
   Foxglove grinned and hugged each of her grandparents tightly. “Its so good to see you all again…”
   Cutters eyes flickered briefly on Foxglove’s necklace, a very pleasant surprise seeing Bearclaws necklace again. He had been fearful that he would never see anything like it again, yet, here it was.
   “POOL! SUST!” came a squealing voice from close by. A spritely and very fast girl darted away from her parents and pounced dramatically on the two boys.
   “CHITTER!!!!” Cried Pool swinging her around easily.
   Foxglove sighed, controlling her features to make sure she didn’t glare as jealously raked through her. She did however cross her arms uncomfortably. It took Cutter and Leetah all of 10 seconds to realize just what was going on between Foxglove and Pool. They smiled and each wrapped an arm around Foxglove’s shoulders. “Come see the holt.”


   Foxglove giggled and ducked down further on her bond Treesinger. Everyone was a few minutes ahead of her racing around the boarder of the holt. Chitter, Pool and Sust’s scents were still fresh, and the leaves were still shivering from their movement. Foxglove pulled Treesinger to a stop as three separate paths appeared in front of her. Perhaps one was a short cut? The one to the right, clearly led in to the center of the holt, the middle was full of Chitters scent, and the one to the left seemed to be barely tread on.
   “Left” She whispered urging Treesinger forward. The large gray wolf took a timid step forward, before rearing back slightly. “C’mon Treesinger!” Whined Foxglove urging her forward.
   Treesinger sniffed the air and began to walk forward slowly, his ears flicking around nervously. After a few minutes, Foxglove sat up slowly to also look around. Something just didn’t feel right about the dark path. “Maybe, we should go back...” She whispered nervously.
   Treesinger felt her bond pull at her ruff, and she took one step backwards prepared to turn around and head back. When he paw stepped in to a pile of gathered leaves.
   Treesinger yelped when the spiked metal trap closed around her back leg. She collapsed on the ground and whined. Foxglove gasped and flew off of Treesinger. She landed and rolled away before looking back as her wolf howled in pain. **HELP!!!** sent Foxglove in a panic. She rushed to her wolfs side.
   “Shhhh, Shhh!” She whispered trying to pry the trap off of her wolfs leg. “Hold still” She cooed petting her wolfs face. **Please! Someone help me!**
   Foxglove hardly noticed the shape moving behind her. “Gotcha!”

   Pool had been racing to keep up with Sust and Chitter, unaware that Foxglove had fallen behind. His brown hair flying out from behind him, and his wolfs panting and steady breathing calming his excitement.
   At Foxgloves panicked send, he eased his wolf to a stop, and looked over his shoulder. Then back at Chitter and Sust, Part of him wanted to run with his friends and the other part of him wanted to go to Foxglove. He turned around and ran in the direction of Foxgloves send. He paused at the three paths and then followed Foxgloves scent, soon the metallic smell of blood caused his nose to wrinkle. He dismounted when he caught sight of a the familiar wolf in front of him. “Treesinger?” He knelt down next to the wolf, only to find that her throat had been cut with what seemed to be a very sharp blade of some sort.
   He gasped and looked at his whining wolf. “Go get help, Dreamberry.” he whispered, pushing the wolf away with his hand. He looked over his shoulder, Teir and his father Scouter had taught him some tracking skills. He stood and looked at the tracks... a horse, and a human... The scent of Foxglove was entwined as well. As Pool slowly followed the tracks he knelt down and examined a broken branch, A few strands of red hair knotted in it. So Foxglove was alive as of a few minutes ago.

   Foxglove tasted the gag in her mouth, her eyebrows creasing. The human man that held her around her waist smelled of sage and barley. He was clean shaven and dressed in dark greens and browns. His hair was a dark brown color, falling in a sheet around his shoulders. “Now now beauty. Don’t you be talkin’ telepathically, or your friends will ‘ave the same fate as your wolf!”
   Her silvery blue eyes filled with tears as she did was she was told. Poor Treesinger! She didn’t want to go that way, why had Foxglove urged her on? Now she was gagged and bound, and her wolf was dead. She was leaving a home she barely knew, never to see her family again...
   The strange human paused briefly at the side of a large black horse, to tighten the ropes that bound Foxglove’s hands and feet. The horse barley noticed the struggling elf, clearly he had seen this all before. The human’s eyes searched Foxglove’s pretty face briefly and stroked a lock of garnet hair from her face. “Your a pretty one aren’t you? I’m sure you’ll sell for more then i’ll get paid.”
   Foxglove wriggled away from him knowing that it was useless. She screamed though it only came out muffled. “You’ve got quite a bit of spirit in you as well.” he examined his hand which was still bleeding from where she had bitten him.
    **Foxglove stay very still!** hissed a send from the bushes near them. Foxglove glared at the human, but stopped moving the second she heard Pool’s familiar send. Pool pulled back on the bow string and fired a arrow directly at the human.
   To both elves surprise the human ducked his head just in time causing the arrow to go in a near by tree. He laughed and dropped Foxglove to the ground, grabbing a lasso form the horses saddle. Sending it whizzing in to the trees.
   Pool was just about to load another arrow when the rope enclosed around his neck, Instinctively he groped at the rope sliding his fingers up so that he could still breathe. He  coughed and choked as he was dragged out of his hiding place.
   “Ho ho! What ‘ave we ‘ere? I knew you ‘ad a mate, that would come lookin’ for you, Beauty! Now are you going to behave and not send anymore?” He grabbed a club from the saddle and raised it above his head.
    Pool stared at Foxglove as he struggled against the rope. Foxglove looked up at the human and nodded. “That’s a good girl.” He laughed and brought the club down on Pools head easily with a loud clunk. Foxglove snarled, when Pool went limp, her eyes narrowing and her cheeks flushing. “Don’t you fret, he’s just unconscious. He’s no use to me dead.”
   The human untied the rope from Pools neck and threw the quiver of arrows and his dagger on the ground, before stuffing Pool in to a sack. He closed the top and tied it on to the horses saddle. Then he turned his attention to Foxglove, he placed her on top of the saddle and climbed on himself so that she was seated in front of him.
   The sound of a dozen or more wolf howls in the distance, made the human crow and kick the sides of the horse. “Ooop ‘ere comes the family! Don’t worry Beauty we will be long gone by the time they reach this very spot.

   Dreamberry had been reluctant to leave his elffriends side, but none the less he found his way back to the holt, pushing his speed, so that he was nearly flying. The scent of his sisters blood still in his nose. He had nuzzled her just before he left and now his muzzle was stained red.
   “I win! I win! I win! I win!” Squealed Chitter bouncing from branch to branch and over to her mother and father.
    Sust was bright red and his arms were crossed. “Yes yes Chitter we get it!” He snarled, taking a seat next to Pike and Krim.
    Ember laid her head on her mothers lap, as her father watched amazed as Teir charmed a Ravvit from it’s hiding place.
   “Wasn’t Pool and Foxglove with you?” Questioned Tyleet, as she and Moonshade dyed a piece of leather in Dreamberries.
    Sust wiggled his eyebrows. “Yeah, but they fell behind a while ago, maybe Fox has finally got her wish!”
   Ember rolled her eyes, her daughters feelings for Pool were not a secret to anyone. Personally she couldn’t have picked a better male for her daughter. She exchanged a knowing glance with Scouter. Who smirked and nodded, liking the match as well.
    Dewshine entwined her hands and giggled happily as Chitter danced around her. “Young love! How wonderful.”
   Dreamberry whined as he slowed to a stop and entered the clearing. He yelped at the  elves and let out a small howl of fear.
   “Dreamberry?” questioned Ember, reluctantly moving from her mothers hair stroking. She stood, attempted to walk to the wolf, who darted from her and howled again. “Teir... Can you?”
   Teir stood his black hair flowing behind him. He knelt beside the anxious wolf. “There there brother, what is it?” His gray blue eyes examined the wolf’s muzzle. “Ember!!” He cried looking for some sort of wound on the animal, and finding none. “Show us Dreamberry!”
   Dreamberry yelped and ran from where he had just come. The gathered elves leapt in to action. **STAY** scolded Strongbow when Chitter began to run.
   Cutter, Leetah, Ember, Teir, Strongbow, Dewshine,and Scouter followed after the crazed wolfs trail. The scent of wolf blood becoming stronger by every stride. When Treesingers lifeless form came in to view, Leetah took the lead gently lying her hands on the wolfs body, shaking her head at the realization that they were too late. Her body was already cooling.
   Cutter looped an arm around Leetah’s shoulders and raised her up. Glancing at Ember’s face who had gone a few shades lighter. No one needed to ask who Treesingers bond was.
   Scouter, Teir and Strongbow stared at the ground in front of them, three pairs of eyes examining the light foot prints. There was a set of newer prints, apparently Pool’s, and a slightly older set that showed a struggle and human prints leading away. Slowly they began to follow, finding the same twig with red strands.
   Ember, Dewshine, Cutter and Leetah all waited for the small tracking party to return. With tears in their eyes they managed to open the trap and slip Treesingers leg out of it. “We will howl for her.” stated Cutter stroking the wolfs fur.
   “I’m sure Foxglove’s alright Cheiftess, Pool will bring her back, you’ll see.” Dewshine said trying to be encouraging.
   It was Strongbow who finally sent. **It seems the human has taken Foxglove and Pool. There is no blood so we can hope that they are alive, and unhurt.**
    Ember bit her lip until she felt blood in her mouth. Foxglove taken captive!? If anything happened to her, Ember would make sure those responsible would die slowly and painfully.  She felt numb as fear and worry over took all other senses, She felt her lifemates arms around her, and yet it provided no comfort. She heard the sounds of the party around her lifting their heads back and howling a wolf song, calling the rest of the tribes and wolves to them.
    “We will find them.” whispered Teir stroking his firehair.
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