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Author Topic: Swiftshadow's non-EQ Den  (Read 4285 times)


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Swiftshadow's non-EQ Den
« on: February 15, 2010, 01:39:42 AM »

Hello there and welcome everyone~! i seem to find myself buried in sketches needing to be inked and finalized in my wanna be marker coloring for all the new massively in need of updated looks for all the EQ elves i Currently own. (Honestly, I'm embarrassed i have only 8+ year old art to show. *rages~!*) But I still have the great want to post art and share with such a wonderful community that I've found here in EQFA.com. *flowers fro all~!*

...that and i can't seem to sleep-_- Insomnia, curse your black soul~! *shakes a fist~!*

So, with Hotel California playing softly in the background, I hope you all don't mind if I share some of my non-EQ art~. Elves abound, I assure you..just the wrong kind^^;

First off, i'd like to introduce the primary of my non-eq elves... my  "main" so to speak. Ahnicah Nev'Taal~<3

Ok, not her best image, but the rest of the image is nude.and i'm unsure just how ..bare is acceptable>.> Unfortunately a lot of my stuff is either bare...or bloody..or both? UGH~! clothes are such a paaaain UNF~!

A somewhat better, but outdated image of Ahni.  That third eye of her's is now a character all it's own...unfortunately xD


OMG~! SOMEONE CALL AN ADULT~!D: I really need to find this sketch, redraw Ahni's lower body, and FINISH it. I love Genesis's smirk XD Damn angels~!XD

This kinda work takes too long>.< And the hand cramps are to Kill someone over *nods* But it's really fun... too bad i had to sto this comic. It was fun, to draw, while it lasted.

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Re: Swiftshadow's non-EQ Den
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2010, 10:07:48 AM »

Yummy!  Love the underwear picture especially. ^_^

What world does your "main" have her origins in...or have you found yourself porting her around from world to world? 


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Re: Swiftshadow's non-EQ Den
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2010, 06:34:11 PM »

Wow, very impressive work. Your main elf reminds me somewhat of the Sanjiyans from "3x3 Eyes".
The sorrow of the elves is that
The things they love must die...
(The Tree of swords and jewels waits for me)
Time withers all about them,
Yet the elves it passes by...
(When shall I hang my own upon the Tree?)
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