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 on: Today at 05:07:52 AM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Jeb
 Moondrop watches Marut walk away, feeling slightly betrayed that the new feeling of belonging he had inspired in her doesn't seem the be shared. But, as he seems set on caring for Wander, who she is no longer comfortable being around, perhaps it is all for the best. Dealing with all these other elves was giving her a headache, anyway. It would be good to get away.

**Yes,** She answers Runedance as she joins him. **Let's go.**

 on: Today at 03:18:17 AM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Czarine
"N-No! I don't want you to perish... not everyone is against you here. That is why I'm offering my help. Like you helped us when you let us in during the storm." Laluna tries to convince Wander of her sincerity. She looks disheartened for a moment when Wander just keeps walking, but she decides to follow him.

"Do you have a place to go to..? I think it would be better if you stayed and we searched for another holt. After all, it is your home... and we are in better health to search for a new home than you. The others seem to be thinking of exploring the surroundings anyway."

Laluna knows that Wander won't survive outside for long. She hopes that by convincing him to stay at the tower, she might have a chance to heal him with Stormvex.

(Laluna's persuasion roll: 5!)

 on: Yesterday at 09:54:27 AM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Amberfox
Stormvex locksends to Wander.  **I do not wish you dead or injured, but if you are capable of causing such harm when you are under another influence, what is to prevent you from turning on us again?  YOU may not want to, but what of your influence?  We may be able to help you, so you can be free of this...thing...and perhaps join us so no one must worry.  Consider, you might also encounter others that you harm without knowledge.  Do you want this?  We might be able to help you or find an answer in the mountain.  We have invited you to do so.**  Stormvex feels for the sickly one, but at the same time, he does not want him to sneak up on them later.

He quickly locksends to Marut, **I'm not doing anything to save my own hide, but trying to convince him he needs help.  He attacked us under influence, what if he attacks others?  He attacked his own holt, he could do so again to another holt.  He doesn't seem to do or want to do it himself, so maybe the answers lie in the mountain or perhaps we can try again to help him.  If he leaves now, nothing is changed, nothing is solved, no one is safe.**

Runedance shrugs.  **Sounds good to me,** he casually open sends.  **Come on, let's go check out this creepy mountain and get in some hunting.**  He raises an eyebrow in amusement at Woodfox and Stormhunt.  **Careful, ol' Gruff wouldn't hesitate to make a meal of you.  It's not like you can climb a tree to get away from her.**  He then shifts his weapons and starts off.  **I'm off; come on, Stormhunt.**

Stormhunt snorts at Woodfox and brushes happily against her elf friend as the pair start toward the mountain.  Runedance glances back.  **Coming, Moondrop, or do you want to bother with these yappy elves?  Stormvex, catch up when you're bored with this lot.**

 on: June 02, 2020, 11:34:26 AM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Yavia
(There is a tower on top of the mountain?  :o I just wanted to get to the cave... In little child's voice: "Are we there then?" Can I see Wander's tower from here? Are they similar? Sorry, but where am I and what did it look like? Am I with the group next to the pole?)

Antaka looks for any sign of nearby foes or locals than sends
"Toad, you told about humans on the foot of the mountain you watched. Have you seen anything like this there? Yare, have you seen anything like this ob your previous way up here? What's it for? Is it to scare people off? Shall I take a look around to find the makers of this and send message who they are? Or do we just ignore that ... warning... and keep on going?" She looks around again. "I'm for the latter one..."

 on: May 30, 2020, 09:26:03 AM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Berit
The mother bird look at them and clearly can't wait to greet her hatching chicks... Ironglory keeps a firm hold on Toads shoulder in fear that he might slip and fall again... when they move away from the nest the bird quickly lands on the nest to warm her hatching children... she seems calm and happy again not that there was no harm done, she looks at Antaka straight in the eye, clearly thankful that they did not hurt her eggs... Toad says...

"By the High ones... my carelessness almost caused us harm and made the poor bird uncomfortable... I am so sorry for being so clumsy..."

Ironglory looks at him...

"'Twas an accident, My good friend... I am glad we are all alright... and Norah Warrior here clearly knows more of animals than I do... That is a good thing..."

They happen upon a cliff where they have a great view straight to the tower... and there is a strange pole there, it is coated with stretched skins and pieces of carcasses... and weirdly, no animal has dared to eat any of the rotting meat, Toad holds his nose...

"This thing reeks to high heavens! what is it? seems like... human creation..."


(Marut follows others outside, so he it there with them)

Wander looks at Laluna and says...

"Would you rather have me dead as well... look around you... everyone here clearly wants me dead so I won't be a threat... there are no friends for me here anymore... they clearly wound not wish me to walk away alive.... it is stretching it to ask me to stay for a moment longer... I just want you to know... I would not have driven any of you away... please be safe and may my home provide you shelter..."

Then Wander turns around and continues his walk, he sends to all...

"May weather be good and food plenty..."

Marut sighs, Then walks suddenly past everyone, he is going to get the meat, he pauses near Moondrop and the others...

"you go on without me... I'm sorry but I'm not one to leave someone to die just to save my own hide... I'll fetch food and supplies and leave them here for you... then I'll go after Wander... also, you can use my den if you feel like it..."

Marut starts walking back to his den, he clearly isn't one who fears for his own safety, even if he should...

Woodfox says...

"Okay then... well... that settles the thing with Runedance and him not probably getting along! so come on! let's go! I want to see what is behind the door!... and I can hunt better that old gruff here!..."

He teases Stormhunt but doesn't dare to go anywhere near it!...

 on: May 30, 2020, 04:22:29 AM 
Started by Sofia - Last post by Sofia
We've been on a loooooong hiatus, but it looks like we'll be back in some form of action soon :)

 on: May 30, 2020, 04:06:01 AM 
Started by Sofia - Last post by Sofia
It's been literal years, but a few of us are getting back into the rp-ing in Beacon Call :) Forum link is still the same.

 on: May 27, 2020, 07:53:58 AM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Amberfox
(Has Marut exited the tower with Laluna?)

Stormvex watches Laluna and her progress with Wander.  Perhaps Wander would listen more to Laluna in a more intimate setting rather than in the company of unknowns.  He remains unconvinced of any progress with them, but all he could do is watch.

**Well?** Runedance poses open to those closest to him.  **Are we going or what?  If this isn't our fight, let's go find one of our own.**

Stormvex doesn't take his eyes of the events unfolding between the healer and Wander.  **It may become our fight should he disappear now but resurface again when our backs are turned.  You want to go up against a powerful, unstable rockshaper surrounded by rocks?**

Runedance shrugs.  **Then you distract the others and I'll take him out.**

Stormvex ignores Runedance's comments.  He open sends to those around him, **Let's see how this plays out and then we head to the mountain.  If he refuses anything and keeps walking away, we better make it up that mountain and find out what's going on before he flips and attacks.  Keep watching your back, and the others' as well.**

The bonds also seem attentive to the scene before them but make no attempt to interfere.  Stormhunt growls.  **Elf talk and talk. We go; hunt.**

Runedance grins broadly.  **Finally, someone that makes sense.** He reaches over and scratches her ruff.  **Come on, we can hunt while we head for the mountain, find what the problem is, and deal with it.**

 on: May 25, 2020, 12:42:01 AM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Czarine
(I wonder what the hatchlings are going to look like! :love)

Laluna hurries after Wander, only briefly glancing at the other elves outside. She's not sure if she'll be able to convince Wander of anything...

Despite his sending, she catches up to him.

"A tribe does not have members based on need, but friendship. Let us help you, friend." she says, slightly touching Wander's arm.

"If you don't want to stay with us, at least let us try to heal you before you go." she pleads.

(Laluna's persuasion roll: 2. Not very convincing! :-\)

 on: May 24, 2020, 08:18:23 PM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Jeb
**No.** Moondrop answers Stormvex as she watches Wander walk away, her distrust obvious. She had hoped that her attempt to bind and blindfold him would have been successful and is annoyed to see him walking around, free. He may seem weak, but she won't be fooled by him again.

She tries to brush him from her thoughts and be encouraged that at least now Stormvex and Laluna are out of the tower. The whole experience has been as frustrating as watching a hare at the trap, hopping this way and that, never quite setting a foot to the snare. Maybe now they can move along.

"Now, can we go?" She asks impatiently. "Wait, where's Marut?"

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