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 on: Yesterday at 02:21:53 PM 
Started by MenderFanForest - Last post by MenderFanForest
Thank you

 on: Yesterday at 12:46:48 PM 
Started by MenderFanForest - Last post by jaRf
Hello there

go to the main gallery
( http://www.elfquestfanart.com/index.php?action=media )

Quite near the top the should be a line / bar with a few labels "new & featured art" "unseen" "search" and "My Albums" (on the outer right).
Go to My Albums.


create an "Album" (directory aka folder aka album)

go into that Album
there you have now buttons under that bar with "My Albums"
that say "add an item to this album", "edit" and "mark as seen"

the "add" should bring you to the upload interface where you can set a title, some description, choose the very file (check that it is either a PNG or JPEG encoded image and not too large in filesize) and you might want to add some keywords.

If everything seems correct, press submit and wait for the upload to take place.

 on: September 14, 2019, 04:27:43 PM 
Started by MenderFanForest - Last post by MenderFanForest
Hi i drew a.n elf and i cant figure out how to post him on here. Can anyone help or explain hoelw to do it?

 on: September 13, 2019, 12:51:55 PM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Foxeye
Why do you plan on moving that much? Just curious. I definitely moved too many times in my life.

We want to sell our house in the States and move to Finland, but we haven't narrowed down exactly which place in Finland (there are two top contenders). :P It's going to be something like:

1) move to short-term rental somewhere State-side
2) sell house
3) relocate to Kael's dads house Finland (kael inherited half of the house when his mum died, and his dad now lives in an apartment)
4) figure out the city we like best (or which offers one of us a job)
5) maybe move to a rental in that city?
6) buy/build house in that city

I keep hoping the Fates will intervene with some happy solution that doesn't involve all that, but...you gotta do what you gotta do :) As jaRf said, we do consider ourselves fortunate that we are able to move like this. Though, tbh, I don't know for sure I get to keep my job. I just feel...it's a risk that worth it. Our skillset is in demand in Finland, so we think it's probably an OK risk.

 on: September 13, 2019, 06:08:09 AM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Treefox
Ah, Foxeye, I also hope you will stay with us for a bit!

Pidgeon sounds so wonderful! I am so, so happy for you! A little cub born into your family will surely be able to fly freely and self-assured in no time!
Why do you plan on moving that much? Just curious. I definitely moved too many times in my life.

 on: September 12, 2019, 03:55:08 AM 
Started by Tah-Marien - Last post by Laurence
What Needle would have done to contribute for the strategy meeting -- Being inexperienced at something like this, he would have kept quiet for the most part. He would pay attention to everyone, and give honest answers to any questions directed his way. If asked what he would personally need, he would make sure that he would have enough supplies, both rations and medical, for the undertaking. If Pyre needs someone to ask a simple question about strategy to make his flashback scene work, I volunteer to be the one who needs some educating.

Fight scene -- I would do as Pyre asks and follow, doing my best to watch behind him so he could focus his efforts ahead. Needle's fatigue and weariness from the beginning of the scene would still have some effect on him; while the threat of battle would snap him out of his stupor, he would still be somewhat rigid/mechanical in his actions, operating on some sort of auto pilot as he finds himself in yet another battle after all the ones they faced back in the human city. Just more killing, no need to expend his remaining mental energy on anything beyond keeping himself and the others alive.

After the fight/ discovering the tassels -- Needle would see them, but need a moment to realize what they meant. But when it all falls into place, THIS is when he is finally able to fully shake off the mental fatigue he has been suffering. Muttering a curse softly, he see if the others has noticed, point it out to anyone who hadn't, and be ready to do whatever he might be called upon to do.

 on: September 09, 2019, 03:28:29 PM 
Started by Tah-Marien - Last post by Tah-Marien
You all have been sent the current story and outlines by email.  Please post when/if you receive.

Whew!    I really am going to look into Discord - would anybody mind if we take this game to a new ballpark for interaction?

Now that the major homework is done . . . . Yay!  ART time!  It is really hard not to draw and write instead.

 on: September 06, 2019, 04:29:39 PM 
Started by Tah-Marien - Last post by Tah-Marien
My delay.  Having trouble editing in the Message program.  Switching to email format.

Sorry for the extra wait.  My fault; not programs - I have to see more at a time.

Note:  It was Hard to put my character into the story as an observer - I always chronicled before, or wrote up a finished Timeline. I over-thought ed and way too  much information it and expanded until I was buried.  Something good happened in those small bits of overachieving; I found a pattern that I could choose from and  k i s s  (keep it simple stupid) my way through:

Character Motivation:
                                  1.   A.   Basic Action
                                  2.   B.   Motivated action/story  -  List
                                  3.   C.   Interaction  -  List
                                  4.   D.   Observations of fellow characters, environment, or story arch
                                  5.   E.   Personal viewpoint; inner thoughts
                                  6.   F.    Foreshadowing

I also got stuck enough to finally just get out my D6  and agree or disagree with it.

. .

 on: September 05, 2019, 09:12:19 AM 
Started by nilla - Last post by Maggie
Barely...haha but yes, we're still chugging along. :D

 on: September 05, 2019, 09:10:00 AM 
Started by Maggie - Last post by Maggie
@Foxeye If you need a bit of an extension let me know, it would be great to have you submit something this year.  ;D

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