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 on: August 04, 2020, 12:08:34 PM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Amberfox
(Welcome back, Jeb!)

 on: August 04, 2020, 09:34:13 AM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Jeb
(OK, I think I'm ready to get back into this, but so much has happened! And, yeah, so many Storm-whatevers, it's getting a little hard for me to keep it all straight in my head. Ah, well. Into the breach!)

Moondrop was already feeling uncomfortable being around Wander, and when the huge beast appears, her well-ingrained instinct for self-preservation takes over. She runs as fast as she can away from the noise of the others and a sickening scent that rises in the air. She runs until her heart pounds and her breath runs ragged, until she realizes that she can no longer hear the fight. She slows and starts to feel ashamed that she left the others to their fate so quickly. She stops to catch her breath and look around at where she is, wondering if she should go back.

(Dice roll of 4, not sure what for? Whether she can find her way back?)

 on: July 30, 2020, 07:52:24 AM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Amberfox
(Has it really been almost two weeks? I can't apologize enough. Been crazy on my end, but it looks like it MIGHT settle down enough for me to crawl out from under all the stupidity)

Stormhunt and Runedance collapse into the unaffected ground and enjoy a good thorough roll, partly to remove the stench, partly just for the sheer pleasure of it. Also might help to mask their own scents to navigate the strange land more concealed. After a few moments, Runedance decides to rise and check out the others. Stormhunt shakes the dirt and debris vigorously before joining her wolf friend Solstice beside the others.  The two bonds share the events directly with each other and await the next challenge.

Stormvex sends calm and soothing emotions to Stormsong (argh! All these Storms! Wait, I love storms...), but does not interfere with his choice. He continues to gently and carefully pour his concoction into the wolf hoping it will help him. He briefly glances at Runedance and updates him before sending to Marut to do the same and ask about Laluna.  **I can send Runedance over to see if he can help, but I doubt he could offer much other than standing around,** he adds.

 on: July 17, 2020, 03:57:59 PM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Yavia
(I'm sorry to hear about your issues, Jeb and I wish you all the best for this difficult time. I like being hunting with Moondrop and hope to do it again someday.)

Antaka still wonders why that wound is bleeding - after Toads sending it must be years since then. But, if Ironglory will deal alone with it, so be it.
She takes the fox and starts looking for a shelter for them all to fit in. (I don't know what it looks like there so Berit decides what I (or Ironglory) might find - a cave, a hut, a tower, a castle ..)

(dice 4)

 on: July 14, 2020, 04:50:31 PM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Berit
(Don't worry about it Jeb! but it's so good to hear about you!... and if there is something you want to discuss with, be it rpg related or not, you can send me a private message... not saying you should... but I know how hard it is to deal with things in life alone... and don't fear being judged if you want to talk... I'm just glad you are still around! and take as much time you need to heal or to find your place among anything! You are welcomed to return if you ever feel like it!.. same goes to all of you!... I'm going to share here that I too, have been battling quite bad depression lately... I almost had to call help from a hospital to it... and it was revealed that I might be suffering from EDS, that would explain why I'm always in some sort of pain... so that's where I've been! but worry not, I will recover, because roaches like me are hard to kill!..)

Ironglory looks at Antaka for a moment in silence, then says in a certain sadness to her voice...

"I... apologize... but this is something I best do alone.... ... I wish not to... scare others...... so let us find a small shelter..."

She turns around, and seems a bit mournful... Toad locksends back to Antaka...

**She is... badly disfigured... from all the battles she has fought... worst ones she gained when she was not yet a warrior... still she took a weapon and did what she could so others would live... ... she was badly wounded in battle and... tortured by the enemy... other elves tend to avoid her after seeing her face...**

Toad looks after Ironglory for a moment an respectful silence... then toad sends to Antaka...

**Once she was a mere village maiden... but now... she is a true warrior and a leader like none other.. she is a lady....**

Toads words carry a lot of admiration towards Ironglory, he is not romantically interested clearly, but would follow his leader to the ends of the earth... Yare looks a bit suspiciously at them all, but starts picking sticks for a small fire...


Solstice sends but Stormsong does not respond, he is alive, still battling the call of his fallen family... his eye are blurry and stare into nothing... when Stormvex arrives he does not respond, but clearly has fight left in him, he feels the new family needing him still... his wet nose twitches a little by the new smell... Marut calls back...

"Okay! We'll try our best here and will help you when we can... and thank you!..."

Stormhunt recovers slowly from the weird need to blindly attack anything living... it makes her feel like a betrayer for a moment, but that feeling quickly fades, it was the filth that made her almost flip, and was not her fault... she also feels like the gunk somehow... changed her a little... like she could now smell the creatures that carry the filth from a distance!... (Yay! she gained a skill!) Runedance's drink makes Stormhunt feel a lot better! it takes the rotten taste away from her mouth!..

Marut gently rubs Laluna's shoulders and looks at her, he sighs a little when Laluna looks more stable now... Woodfox gently takes the stick out and feeds her some dried herb balls, they make her feel a little better and numbs the pain, but they also numb parts of her face and fingers... And suddenly, Laluna's own magic reacts with the herbs, making her heal faster!... Wander just looks everyone at a moment and them slowly walks to them, not believing what he saw... they really battled something... he asks from everyone...

"C-Can I help? what happened here? you all just... fought... something I couldn't see... got wounded by it.... I... Please... tell me how I can help..."

 on: July 14, 2020, 05:40:02 AM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Czarine
(Sorry to hear that, Jeb. I hope you get your life back on track soon. You're welcome back anytime you feel like it! I'm sure Berit can think of a great plot twist for Moondrop. :) )

Laluna bites into the stick Woodfox gave her and lets out a muffled scream when he cracks her ribs back in place. The pain is almost enough to make her pass out.

Laluna doesn't really focus on Marut's gaze, her eyes just stare out filled with pain. Her expression relaxes a little when Woodfox has finished the bindings, and her eyes turn towards Marut's but she's too weak to say anything to him.

She tries her best to stay still and conscious.

(Laluna's roll: 6! And go Stormvex! Let's keep the pack alive!)

 on: July 13, 2020, 01:04:39 PM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Amberfox
(Jeb, I am so very sorry to hear about your issues. You don't have to go into any detail; we have all been in situations that prevent us from considering anything else until the situations are resolved. Hope you can return very soon, but until then, take care of yourself and hang in there. Runedance will miss Moondrop! Perhaps Moondrop can simply vanish during all the crazy activity? She can return easily with Berit's great ideas later on. I myself have been very distracted, but I MIGHT be given a bit of a reprieve in the next few weeks)

Solstice whines and nudges Stormsong. She can feel him slipping away and isn't sure if she should call him back. It is "The Way" to surrender and let go under the right circumstances, but is this circumstance the right one? She sends to him, calling, but not demanding him to answer or return.  The choice is his, and she will respect it.

Stormhunt snarls with annoyance and finally releases the vile prey.  She rubs her eyes and face in the ground, water, snow, or not.  She growls and paws at her mouth to remove some of the rotten taste.  She briefly thinks anything large and strange must not be good eats around these parts.  She suddenly felt homesick for the dense, hot jungle. She'd rather be shedding and panting than sick.

Stormvex is about to answer Marut when he calls out for help for Laluna.  He hesitates when he receives a send from Solstice and notices her hovering sadly over Stormsong. He looks back at the elves surrounding the blue haired healer and takes a deep breath.  He rushes to the wolves, since no one was checking on them.  Perhaps he could help them and then race to Laluna's side.  **Marut, the wolves need tending; I'll be there in a moment. I can only herbal heal but I might have something that can help,** he quickly sends to the grey haired male. 

Solstice licks her bond's hand.  **Help? His pack calls but he not decided.**  Stormvex understood and reaches for his own pack of personal items.  He pulls some herbs and healing liquids Sona had given him. He tried to remember which was which and what did what.  He mixes a few to make a compound to combat what might be the poison(s) and pours it carefully down Stormsong's throat so he won't choke on it.  **Carefully, friend,** he encourages.  **I am Stormvex, Solstice's bond elf. This may help. Rest. We will wait for you.**

Runedance rolls on the ground away from the goo left by the strange beast to clean himself a bit.  He grins, feeling the joy of the simple pleasure.  He hears the commotion of the others and stops long enough to assess if he's interested or not.  He certainly was no healer, and there were several elves attending the fallen.  He takes note of his friend and their bonds.  Rising, he goes over to them.  He is about to suggest something when he sees Stormhunt.  He walks to her, grinning.  **Just didn't know when to give up, eh, puffball?  Hang on, I gotcha,** he grabs his own pack and returns with a flask.  **Drink it; it'll help.**

Mixed results.  Solstice (2...well, shit), Stormhunt (6 - hurray!), Stormvex (5 - well, maybe Stormsong has a chance!), Runedance (5 - suck it, evil thing)

 on: July 12, 2020, 09:58:58 AM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Jeb
(Just came to say sorry that I haven't been around for a while. I'm kind of a private person and don't want to get into details, but I have been dealing with a major, life-changing event that I am still adjusting to and find, that right now at least, this just isn't where my head is.

I've enjoyed being part of this, and maybe will be again, so I don't want to kill off Moondrop. I guess she got freaked out by the bunny battle and ran off?)

 on: July 12, 2020, 03:56:39 AM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Yavia
Antaka stops and steps back instantly. She kind of suspected allready beforehand that Ironglory don't want to be taken care of. Or touched, or showing herself. That armor looks like a skin to her, like she never ever was without it.

She looksends back to Yare. "I'm not sure if it's hiding something bad. Both of them don't wanted to show their faces at first. Maybe she has a nose like Toad and is ashamed of it? Or maybe it's the showing in front of men the reason for that behavior."
She says aloud: "It's stupid to die on an infection. Take care of the bleeding yourself or let me help you with it. Old wounds can hurt, but not bleed. If a wound won't close it might be in a bad shape." She close her mouth and ended her sentence in her head: "Or in influence of bad magic..."

She looksends to Toad: "What is with Ironglorys face? Why does she hide it?"

She jumps as the fox drops down between them and looks astonished up to the bird.
"Thank you, Mother bird" she sends to the skies. "Your gift is most welcome." She was a little hungry by now.

If Ironglory was right they could search for shelter. She has no need to be in a show storm again. At least to eat something. And maybe to look up this suspicious wound.
"I do think we make a short rest getting back to strength with eating something. Maybe there is a small cave we can seek shelter."

 on: July 09, 2020, 03:17:35 PM 
Started by Berit - Last post by Berit
Ironglory's only eye gazes at Antaka from the shadows of her helmet, she lifts her hand below her chin and sees a droplet of blood falling onto her gauntlet... then she jumps back when Antaka suddenly rushes to take her helmet off, she backs away...

"I am fine!... no need to take off my helmet... "

She seems quite unwilling to show her face, but calms down...

"'Tis just my old wounds... some of them do bleed slightly... when snow starts to fall... I think the next night might be snowing... we should seek shelter before dark falls..."

Yare seems suspicious the moment when Ironglory doesn't want them to see her face... when Ironglory walks a bit further, Yare locksends to Antaka...

**What was that all about? what is she hiding??..**

Toad sighs and suddenly a dead fox drops between all of them! after it a screech form the skies catches their attention... it is the big blue bird... she looks at them for a moment before flying off... the fox is a gift from her to them!...


Marut gently lifts Laluna's head when Woodfox pushes a piece of leather under it. Woodfow puts a stick in Laluna's mouth and says...

"bite into it. I am going to set your ribs in place!..."

without saying anything more. he pushes her side and the ribs crack back into pain! a huge wave of pain flushes over Laluna!... Marut looks at her teary eyed...

"Don't die... please... you will make it!..."

Woodfox looks at Laluna and wraps clothes and sticks around her rib case to keep everything it place, it makes breathing harder but the pain subsides a little... Woodfox says...

"Next we have to fix what is broken inside... I will do my best... but... herbs can only go so far..."

Woodfox starts grounding very bitter smelling herds ans moss into a paste... Marut gently caresses Laluna's forehead...

"Hey... ... I think you are going to make it... and when you do I will dig for the prettiest of flowers for you from under the snow... so you can smell the spring sooner than the rest of us..."

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