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 on: January 17, 2024, 12:33:20 PM 
Started by Foxeye - Last post by kandrinchae
Name: Suncatcher
Birth-tribe: The Pride
Parents: Erakoll - Father (Pride), Farstrider (Loner/Two-Spear Splinter Tribe)
Age: 1000 years

Appearance: She is taller than most of her tribemates with a runner’s physique. Skin tanned golden brown by life lived between savanna and jungle. She has long blond hair, usually kept in a long braid that reaches past her hips, with a few stray wisps about her forehead. All across her body are dark red-brown designs, often highlighted with other colors and changing often (Henna+magic)
Attire: (Pre-call) Due to the extreme heat of both savanna and jungle, simple and lightweight are key, while still protecting against thorns and worse. A vest that laces across the front, with a braided belt holding several pouches. The pouches hold various dye ingredients and some tools. She uses a spear and bow to hunt with.

Role: Scout and Seeker. Suncatcher has a talent to find fresh water and was often out scouting ahead for her nomadic tribe. She also is aStoryteller.
Skills: Scouting, Botanical Knowledge, Foraging, Herbology, Hunting, Water Keening, Storytelling, Body Art, Survival
Magic:/ Minor healing that manifests as being hardier and self-shaping that acts like photophores, camouflaging her even more than her body art does when in danger.

Personality: Joyful and hopeful, sunny as her name implies. The optimist until the last. Friendly and curious.

Links to Fanfics:

 on: January 16, 2024, 12:53:06 PM 
Started by Maggie - Last post by Treefox
I feel you! *Hugs* As long as we have each other's back, we'll be okay here. :)

 on: January 16, 2024, 12:51:47 PM 
Started by Maggie - Last post by Amberfox
Duh...just read that part of Maggie's post. Like I said, it's been rough lately. Thanks!

 on: January 16, 2024, 12:48:57 PM 
Started by Maggie - Last post by Treefox
No just the official part should be aimed at that address. There already is a hidden thread for the usual calendar discussion and idea exchange. :)

 on: January 16, 2024, 12:44:57 PM 
Started by Maggie - Last post by Amberfox
To be certain I understand, all conversations regarding the 2025 calendar should go to the elfquestfanartcalendar email address or can we post ideas here? I think this weather is getting to me. My brain hurts. We had freezing rain and snow, so I was not about to drive down the mountain to go to work today.

 on: January 16, 2024, 05:29:40 AM 
Started by Maggie - Last post by Treefox
Oh, I would love to be able to buy the calendar before January 1st! Love this idea!

 on: January 15, 2024, 01:14:56 PM 
Started by Maggie - Last post by Maggie
Please submit any queries or artwork (Fan Calendar specific) to the newly designated email address: elfquestfanartcalendar@gmail.com

 on: January 15, 2024, 01:09:33 PM 
Started by Maggie - Last post by Maggie
The theme for the 2025 EQ Fan Art Calendar is: MAKERS - The Creativity of Elfquest

**You may use characters from the original quest to the final quest but, you must do your best not to spoil things for those who have not yet read the most recent installment of the series**

Submissions for the 2025 Calendar are being accepted:
February 3, 2024, through November 3, 2024


Submitted artwork should represent the theme "Makers", which means the creativity of characters in the Elfquest series. 

IMPORTANT: Don't go too far outside the realm of possibility with this theme. The character(s) you choose must have been seen doing the task/hobby you decided on somewhere in the comics or there should be mention of them doing the task/hobby in print (EQ comic, novels etc.). Entries that go too far off into a 'this probably didn't happen' scenario and are not canon in nature will not be accepted. 

You may show characters doing mundane tasks but I would like there to always be an element of creativity in the action, so nothing so mundane/out of necessity as to not be creative on some level. 

Please try to refrain from simply putting things we have already seen in the comic into your art style, for example, Winnowill shaping Tyldak, or Redlance making a seed sprout for Minyah in the Sun Village. Be creative. 


Read carefully...

If you would like to participate please email me (at the new Fan Calendar Gmail: elfquestfanartcalendar@gmail.com) to let me know you are thinking about submitting something for the 2025 calendar. Along with the following information:

Your Name:
EQFA User Name:
Email Address:

Please don't give any details about your submission at this time, just let me know that you want to get involved. Once your email is received I will change your primary member group so you can access the secret fan calendar thread.

Feel free to use the hidden thread to talk about ideas, themes etc. As always I would like to keep the calendar varied, so chatting a bit about characters and themes is a good way to help make that happen.

This year an email letting me know you want to participate is how you will get into the calendar hideout but not how you will get into the calendar. For this, I would like a finished sketch. You have from February 3 to May 31 to send in your sketch. Once your sketch is received you will be added to the participant list, your character choice will be locked in and I will expect you to finish your submission and have it in by the deadline at the beginning of November.

The number of submissions required: 11

By mid-May, you should have sent in your sketch or have it nearly finished. Use the Fan Calendar Hideout to give updates on your progress. This will help to determine if we have enough entries for the calendar. If at any time you feel you cannot continue just send a message, there won't be any hard feelings.

Please keep in mind that you have approx. 4 months to get your sketch ready and an additional 5 months to finish your piece. There will be no extensions, November 3 is the final day for submissions. Now that I have permanent permission to post the printed version I would like to get that up on Zazzle by December 1, 2024, so those who want to purchase it can have it on or before January 1. 

You may submit up to three entries for the calendar but before you contemplate that second or third entry you must first finish and submit one entry to Maggie.


You may work in groups of two if that makes things easier for you. Please let me know who you will work with when you sign up.

How you work in your group is totally up to you. One of you may supply a sketch for the other to ink and colour or you may work together to complete the scene. It doesn't matter so long as you both agree.


Entries must be original artwork created specifically for the calendar. The use of photos or "borrowed" art for backgrounds is not allowed.

Entries must not be available for the general public to view online until the okay is given for general sharing. Before then, any entries found online in any form (thumbnails, crops, etc.) will be disqualified and removed.

Canon Elfquest characters (of any race) only. No what-if characters (i.e., Worldpool).

PG-13 or under.


**Please make sure your submissions are the correct size. Any submissions that are not 3300x2550 pixels or 11 x 8.5 inches at 300dpi will not be accepted**

All entries should be in full colour, with a full background. No font please (this does not include your signature or mark used to sign your work).

Size: 11"x 8.5" (pictures must be landscape oriented - wider than they are tall)

Resolution: 3300 x 2550 pixels (11" x 8.5" at 300dpi)

File format: JPEG/PNG format only

IMPORTANT: I am no longer adding a white border to the printed version of the calendar so please leave about a half-inch around the edge of your work, that doesn't contain any important elements. I don't want arms cut off or a hole in a character's head. I cannot be responsible if bits get cut off on the printed version. To be safe leave room around the edges of your work, with all important elements safely in the center. 

I will no longer be putting credits and titles on the individual submissions for the printed version of the calendar. These details will now go on the back of the calendar, so consider this when you decide on a title, there isn't a lot of space, so try and keep it short where possible.


Please email your full-sized entry to Maggie (the new email for submissions is: elfquestfanartcalendar@gmail.com). Email directly (using the new address) when you have an entry ready to be submitted. Submissions should now be named, using the title of your submission and the artist credit you want to use (for example: Vintage by Maggie Atkinson). Do not embed your image, attach it to the email. 
Entries should be received by midnight CST, November 3, 2024.


The artist's credit will be used for credits on the calendar/website.


The eleven winners will be chosen by a panel of judges (if more than 11 entries are submitted).

The finished calendar will be available for download at elfquestfanart.com. In addition, the calendar may be published and available for purchase.


Any questions about the calendar may be asked and answered on this thread or PM/email Maggie.

Don't know what this is all about, check out the current and past Fan Art Calendars here: http://www.elfquestfanart.com/index.php?action=fanartc

 on: January 13, 2024, 12:08:44 AM 
Started by Treefox - Last post by Treefox
Another note: does this make Leetah a Disney princess?  ;D

 on: January 13, 2024, 12:06:45 AM 
Started by Treefox - Last post by Treefox
So do I! But as I last talked personally to Wendy and Richard about this topic they really wanted any Elfquest series to stay true to their vision. Which doesn't mean there won't be changes, but the core themes should stay intact. They told us stories of what studies were proposing to them... They changes they wanted to do to the stories and characters to make it appeal to a broader audience and the Pinis refused these kinds of deals. So what I'm trying to say is, they didn't take the first deal that cane along but as they say themselves negotiated for four years to get the right deal.

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