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 on: July 06, 2018, 03:19:25 PM 
Started by Czarine - Last post by Berit
the other paths are bleeding down like rivers of pink BLOOD! sorry I haven't been lots oh help lately... it's too HOT to do anything smart! I've been coloring some stuff for the game but progress is slow and group pictures... well... let's see if well find someone to do those! non of my chibi art works...

 on: July 04, 2018, 02:05:52 PM 
Started by Czarine - Last post by Czarine
Quick update! I finished coding and cleaning up Rustle, Moondrop and Vaeri's beginnings until the point that they merge with others, just before Laluna's fall. In hindsight, I probably should have organized the scene-files according to places rather than characters.

While making this, I've also noticed that I need more art of group scenes, because I can't fit too many sprites on the screen at the same time. But I'll figure it out!

 on: July 01, 2018, 08:16:35 AM 
Started by Czarine - Last post by Berit
I'll add some of the art in the gallery after the game is ready, so there woun't be any spoilers and i'd like the players to experience the new art in the game first, gives people more reason to play!... Currently I'm doing art for certain fish part!...

 on: June 29, 2018, 03:08:48 PM 
Started by Czarine - Last post by Czarine
Laluna's branch is ready, yay! It still has some cleaning to be done before it's actually finished, but I have added all the dialogue that was needed there. Laluna's branch acts as a main branch, so it will make coding the rest of the branches much easier. I have finished some smaller loops already, but I'm too tired to dig which ones, so here's an incomplete picture of which branches have been coded already:

Now I need sleep... x_x

Oh! And Berit also made some new art for the game, but he'll probably upload it in the gallery at some point, so no point adding it here yet!

 on: June 17, 2018, 10:18:27 AM 
Started by Jeb - Last post by Jeb
As the warmth of the fire and food seeped into him, his eyelids began to slip down, but snapped open again. The creeping darkness that waited was too much like the between world he had just escaped. He feared he would leave this world as quickly as he had ended up here, and wasn't ready for that.

He looked around to watch the elves around him. Some were talking, eyes glinting and hands moving. He was amazed at the variety of sounds they made and how their faces changed. They communicated with their whole bodies. Even without hearing the words he found emotions welling in him as he caught the curl of a lip, the tilt of an eyebrow.

His eye stopped on another pair, looking back intently. It was the third elf who had been there when he’d awoken, the one who had left. Green eyes bore into his from across the fire pit and he found he could not look away, as if something of himself would be diminished if he were first to break the glare.

His gaze faltered as he was rocked by the weight of someone sitting next to him, and when he looked back, she had turned away.

The long black-haired elf that had brought him from the palace settled next to him and offered him the warm drink that had been taken away before. Knowing better now, he sipped it slowly.

“Are you feeling better?” The dark elf asked.

He nodded between sips.

“What you said before…” The elf looked concerned. “Do you not remember? Anything? Who you are?”

He held the warm liquid in his mouth for a moment, savoring the sensation of it singing on his tongue before letting it slip down his throat.  There were so many dimensions to this existence, not like what he had known for so long. “I remember…”

He laced his fingers around the bowl and faced the other elf. “I don’t know how... I’ve never been here before. I’m not who you think.”

There was concern in the gold eyes focused on him. “Clearbrook...Scouter...Cutter...these mean nothing to you?”

He shook his head. He knew the other elf didn’t believe him, but he had nothing he could say to explain what had happened.

The other elf looked away with a sigh and stared thoughtfully at the fire before turning back. “If you are not One-Eye, then who are you?” Seeing his confusion, he re-tried, “What shall we call you?”

A single word floated to the front of his consciousness, a word that he felt himself in, it seemed to somehow encompass everything he was. And even as it felt so right, he found himself hesitant to share it. Maybe later, when he learned more. His hand rose to the patch that covered his eye. “One-Eye is fine, for now.”

There was a glimmer of a smile from the other elf. “I am Rayek.” He gestured to the other elf that had come with them from the Palace, who stood over a large pot beside the fire, filling more bowls and laughing as he passed them out. "And you've met Ekuar."

One-Eye, as he now named himself, again felt the pull of eyes on him, and found the same elf from before watching him. Rayek followed his gaze, causing the other elf to narrow her eyes and look back to her companions. “And that is Kahvi, leader of the Go-Backs. Welcome to our lodge.”

 on: June 13, 2018, 03:01:27 PM 
Started by Czarine - Last post by Czarine
Whew! There have been a few days that I haven't worked on this, but now I'm back!

I've been cleaning up Laluna's scenes into a main branch, because she was in the rpg from the beginning. I've learned some new ways to branch small loops that return back to the main branch, which have made organizing the branches easier. I've reached the point, where Laluna falls from the tree, and it's great, since it's one of the main crossing points that combines most of the branches.

Nothing new art-wise, but here's a screenshot from the game! I might change the text box position/looks, because it still takes a bit too much space on the screen in my opinion.

 on: June 08, 2018, 02:19:52 PM 
Started by Sofia - Last post by Sofia
Website has referrer checks (and needs JavaScript).
Just mentioning in case people don't send referrers.
(If you don't know what a referrer is you probably won't have problems seeing the site.)

Sofia, you might also want to emphasize the link to your forums a little more.
Oh boy, clearly I forgot I don't get notifications from this forum and haven't logged in here in far too long (long enough to miss a reply just a day after I posted, so sorry!)

The website is not the best, I freely admit that. I made it, and I'm not that great with website making. It's mostly to have somewhere to gather info from the RPG in a somewhat more orderly fashion than the forum. Thanks for the suggestion about the forum link, jaRf. Hope the forum link is more visible now.

 on: June 06, 2018, 02:17:43 AM 
Started by Czarine - Last post by Berit
I'll help as soon as I get well! dang inspired to do this! YAAAY! things have gone forwards very well, you have done so much already!...

 on: June 05, 2018, 02:18:17 PM 
Started by Czarine - Last post by Czarine
Today I finished the character sprite and character button placeholders. I'm not sure yet how I'll make the character selection screen, but at least I have something! I also figured out how to branch the storyline with image buttons in TyranoBuilder. I streamed the process to Berit, so he got to see how TyranoBuilder works.

I also figured out the heights of the characters with Berit's aid. I didn't know how tall the player characters were, so I just estimated them. I might end up drawing the characters' feet too, after all. Though the tall and mysterious grumpy elf is too tall for that!

 on: June 04, 2018, 02:10:58 PM 
Started by Czarine - Last post by Czarine
So far I've finished the sketch for the branching storyline. I took all the dialogue snippets from the original rpg, and added them in Twine. Twine is a free text adventure engine, where you can easily code branching stories. It's great, because you can use it on your browser, without having to download or install anything. It makes prototyping branching storylines much easier.

Here's how it looks:

The story starts from the topmost point, branches into six different branches (character routes), and merge back together at the end. I've combined some character routes, since they spend time often together (like Marut & Tomi). Many character routes join each other at some points. I'm thinking of making Dusk either an unlockable character, or then I will merge him with some other characters, since his branch is so short (the leftmost branch with long arrows). I decided that the branches change based on which character the player decides to follow (like, will you follow Tidemist underwater or will you stay with Marut on the shore).

I've also started making some background images and character sprite placeholders for the game. Here's Marut, for example!

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