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Author Topic: Three Holts Alliance  (Read 3537 times)

Chieftess Sorrell

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Three Holts Alliance
« on: September 29, 2009, 07:32:49 AM »

Three Holts that are very different from each other struggle together to survive.

Stone Towers Holt is a desert Holt, much like The American Southwest. However they are all pure-bloods, most are gliders, and they live by a Caste system. Only recently were they contacted by the survivors of LTPH for help. They helped the sick and wounded survivors to health and then to find a new home. They have an excellently trained Warrior Caste to protect them from humans and trolls alike. This is a pure-blooded tribe.

Lilac Valley Holt is the survivors of LTPH after they found their new home. They are agriculturally based. There are mixed and pure bloods here. They live in the area between forrest and Great Plains, in rolling hills. Some of the Stone Tower elves have come to live among them.

Greenwater Holt is within a salt-water, inland sea. Our pure-blooded elves bond with manatee. The water here is at a semi-warm state all the time due to the sea being in the crest of an ancient volcano which still has warm magma flowing below the sea floor. Some of these elfes can shape themselves into mer-form, others have been shaped by fleshshapers so that they live mostly within the water of the sea. They are loosely organized and free of cares for the most part.

If you would like to join or want more information please contact me at



Robin McCulley
PO Box 83
Freedom, OK 73842

thank you for your interest, Robi
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