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Author Topic: Member Characters  (Read 25729771 times)


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Re: Member Characters
« Reply #25 on: December 17, 2017, 08:28:07 PM »

Made an old post for Vaeri's original info and stuff, but i decided to delete that and start over fresh now that Vaeri has been tweaked! i didn't much care for her original storyline anymore. and i will include Tidemist as well later on!

Name: Vaeri
Birth-tribe: Sun Folk
Parents: Seri and Firgal
Age: 957 Years old(Wingthing's Alternaverse: nearly 4 thousand years old)

Appearance: Darkly tanned warm brown skin typical of a Sun Villager and bright gold eyes. She has curly auburn hair that's a bit more mahogany colored. She stands a little shorter than the average Sun Folk. She has a somewhat slender but shapely figure. (Wingthing's Alternaverse: Only difference is her height. She's a bit taller than a Wolfrider but Glider height.)
Attire: Typically wears teal-blue moth fabric and cotton fabrics. Her Sun Village outfit is a top with blue enameled beads lining under the bust from which hangs a short sheer moth fabric. She has sheer sleeves that are off the shoulder and attached to the top with gold overlaid fabric, which also lines the bustline of the top. She has a skirt that is around her hips and goes to ankle length, which is very full and has many ruffles. She has a sheer mini skirt overlay. Tends to wear gold gauntlets and dangling earrings. Also tends to wear a blue starburst sapphire( or 8 pointed star) pendant on a gold necklace, and has a blue cord cirlet with more blue enameled beads and a small gold and sapphire circle in the center. Blue and gold slippers with blue beads up the calves.

(Wingthing's Alternaverse: Wears red dyed snake skin leathers and red moth fabric. Has the same top design as her original top but in red and no gold. She wears short shorts with a sash around the top of her pants and a loincloth panel. She wears sandals made from leather and red beads. Also wears a red bead necklace with snakes fangs attached to the center, and a red cord across her forehead with red beads sewn onto it.

Role: Tailor(Wingthing's Alternaverse: a Red Snake and tailor)
Skills: Making fabric, designing and sewing clothes, cooking.(Wingthing's Alternaverse: Can also glide, rockshape, and send.)

Personality: Wise, kind, gentle, patient.(Wingthing's Alternaverse: Wise, patient, fierce, cool, extremely devoted)
Background: Born to her parents in Sorrow's End, she has lived a peaceful life. She discovered a passion for clothes and sewing, and eventually became a tailor to the Sun Folk. She has not recognized anyone and is content to wait for it to happen, and merely lives her life in contentment. She is pretty much a fairly typical Sun Villager.(Wingthing's Alternaverse: Born to parents ,who once lived as children in Sorrows End, about 6 thousand years after their flight. She was a treasured child, as her parents had begun to give up hope they would recognize naturally and have to have it forced to have a child. She developed a love early in life for the soft moth fabrics and beads, and often wore them as a child. Because of the stories told to her by her parents, she developed a deep hatred for humans and what they have done to elves over the millenia of their stay on Abode, to the point she holds no tolerance for them. As she became a teenager, she discovered her love for making clothes and apprenticed herself to one of the tailors of Oasis to learn the basics.

By time she was at a near age of maturity, she had developed a deep respect and almost awe for Melati and what she could do. Inspired by the powerful adopted daughter of Lord Haken, she began devoting herself to learning magic. She discovered a natural dormant talent for floating, and developed it as high as she could. But she believed in Lord Haken's belief any elf could learn any magic, and began gradually learning rockshaping, to the point where she could manage, but she has little stamina for it and tires quickly.

Links to Fanfics: (Wingthing's Alternaverse: First Memory, A Glider's Soul, Crafter's Challenge Part 1, Crafter's Challenge Part 2, Eye's of a Child
Images: Vaeri's Album
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