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Author Topic: Member Characters  (Read 25773934 times)


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Member Characters
« on: May 18, 2009, 11:20:50 AM »

**Official Member Character(s) List**

Since many of us have characters that are special to us, elf-selves or holt-characters, and since where you find artists you will find art-trades, I thought it might be helpful to have a thread where we can provide all of the information for our original characters.  That way it will be easy to point another artist to your information, and it makes it easier for people to surprise someone with a drawing.

If you have multiple characters, please use only one post for all of your characters, and update that post as needed (rather than adding a new one).  I also request that you try to reserve this for the characters that are truly special to you...aka, don't list an entire holt's-worth of characters here. :)

If possible, please post images using thumbnails, to keep the loading-time down.

Here is a starter template you can copy/paste into your post. Feel free to add more categories as you need to, of course.

Code: [Select]




[b]Links to Fanfics[/b]:

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Re: Member Characters
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2009, 11:27:10 AM »

Name: Yereh
Origin: Sun Folk (3/8ths wolfrider)
Parents: Bowki and not-yet-named Sun Villager
Age: over 1000

Hair: Honey-red, wavy (think Mender), and thick
Eyes: green-brown (hazel)
Skin Tone:: rosy-caramel (paler than pure sun villagers)
Figure:  Fairly trim, small-chested, and toned
Face: Narrow mouth, but with fuller upper lip than Wendy usually draws. Short, small, stub-nose.  Level eyes and level eyebrows that make her look slightly worried.
Attire: See pictures! Will wear any color that doesn't clash with her skin/hair, but is fond of warm blues and spring greens. For jewelry/adornment, prefers copper and silver (no gold).  When dressing up favors creams, peaches, and pale golds.  Only wears skirts for special occasions...otherwise prefers shorts, pants, or long tunics.

Skills: atlatl, knife-combat, leather working, farming, hunting, painting, pretty much basic knowledge of everything that sun villagers know.
Tribal Role: No particular role, as she gets bored doing one thing all the time.  Is happiest when she's doing something that is needed, so is usually assisting someone else with their work. 

Personality: More of a thinker than a talker.  Very happy with her own company. The sort of person that is just pleasantly there in the background, until she has an idea or opinion that just has to be brought to light, at which point she's full of life and animated. Her enthusiasm can be infectious.  Very much prefers to do things herself, and ends up being a bit of a leader occasionally just by charging ahead with an idea, even though she doesn't much care to tell others what to do.  Tends to be a bit of a scatter-brained about things that are not her current focus (might be due to wolf-blood, or might just be her nature). 
Background: Born in the last years of her father Bowki's mortal life, long after the other wolfblooded villagers (Serrin, Wing, Rainsong, and Woodlock) had passed on, but many centuries before her grandfather Dart and great-aunt Newstar awoke from wrapstuff, Yereh had little-to-no exposure to any way of life but sun village life.   Fortunately enough of the jackwolf rider training endured in the sun villagers to be passed to her, so she was able to join in the last defense of the sun village. She survived this event, but was left behind for a time.

Current Look:

My lifemate's elf-self Kayel

Her Old Look

By Others
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Re: Member Characters
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2009, 04:19:31 PM »

Name: Tynami
Former Names: Jeweleyes (childhood nickname)
Meaning of Name: Gift of the Sea
Position: Chief
Secondary Position: Huntress
Tribe: Raft at Dancer Raft, (Danen) Deep Dwellers, formerly Wandering
Race: Elf
Sex: Female
Age: 2780
Soulname: Katja
Height: 3 ft 9 in, Danen 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 38 lbs, Danen 42 lbs
Hair color: Coppery, (Danen) Dark red, coppery
Hair style: Top pulled back in a crest with sea greens, while the rest is freeflowing, bangs center ceperated with parts hanging in front of her ears. Seaweed headband. (Danen)    Top pulled back with sea greens, while the rest is freeflowing
Eyes: Blue-green 'multicolored'
Skin Tone: Light tan, (Danen) Pale
Magical Abilities: Water Shaping
Known Relatives: Ribbon (grandmother), Shelldust (grandfather), Change (mother), StormCurrent (father), Wolvesfire (half-sister), Aero (half-brother), Flight (half-brother), Fireshade (half-sister), Rhymer (uncle), Ilyian (adopted albino human, sister), Tywaves (daughter), (Danen) Change (mother), Splash (father), Flickerfish (grandmother, deceased), Starwave (grandsire, deceased), Tale (half-brother)
Recognized: Calmwaves
Lifemate: Calmwaves
Marks: Webbed fingers and toes, (Danen) spine fins on calfs and elbows
Weapons: Dagger on one leg, ususally uses spear
Possessions: Tynami has a seagull that likes to follow her around
Skills: Huntress, hand to hand combat, human speak and mannerisms, climbing, swimming, bird speak, net-making
Temperament: Very hyper, but when real work needs to be done calm, collected and a very good leader. She tends to have a flash temper and pounces on people when she's happy. When she was young, Tynami was very clumsy and took longer than normal to grow into her limbs. (Danen) Tynami is a very spunky elf. She's usually followed by birds and thinks she's talking to them when she mimics them (which they seem to like). She's a fierce huntress, both under water and above, but is terrified of sharks. She's almost never caught with a frown and always smiling or giggling.
Powers & Abilities: Sea shaping, second sight/seer and telepathy, she's excellent and hand to hand combat as well as netting and spear hunting.
Outfit explanation: (Danen) Red top that slings low on her chest and over her left shoulder shoulder, showing her belly and rough cut at the bottom, trimmed on top with deep green ivy. Black bikini bottom. On her upper right arm and shoulder she wears crosscrossed leather strips for protection from birds, she wears similar bands on her left hand and wrist, nearly to her elbow. On her right wrist and left ankle, she wears several dozen gleaming bright metal bangles. Legs are bare otherwise. She wears a silver falcon necklace.
Bond Creature:

Seafeather (seagull, found pic on google)

Shadowcrest (Wavedancer, found pic online)
Description: If you compare Tynami to her fellow seafaring sisters, you would find her very much an enigma. Her pale skin tends to hide her or blend with her surroundings, but that doesn't make her any less of an elf. You notice her clothing covers little and leaves very little to the imagination. Her waist length bright copper red hair is free flowing and flutters along her back. Around her head, she wears a braided headband of sea greens that hold back most of her top hair in a chiefs' lock, while keeping her windblown mane out of her face. Her crimson top runs along off her shoulders and a bit low on her chest; it falls to a ways above her navel; it has the trimming of a deep green briar plant. Tynami's bottom half is covered in charcoal bikini. Along Tynami's upper right arm and shoulder, a crisscrossed band protects her skin from the claws of her birds. A similar band is on her left arm below her elbow to to the wrist. On the sea elf's right wrist and left ankle, she wears several dozen gleaming bright metal bangles. Her legs are bare otherwise. Moving up to her head and around her neck, Tynami wears a silver falcon made of bright metal around her neck. Two things you notice about Tynami make her odd: her blind looking multicolored eyes, as they change their hue in a blink and her tiny webbed fingers and toes that are constantly restricted from your view. Often you find that all around and above her are small birds that follow her every step.
Official History: Tynami is often seen running away from her mother's past. Along time ago, her mother ran into an underwater group of sea creatures, she calls "sharp fins". When her mother had her brother, Flight, he had been taken to Ravenholt for safe keeping and he has never been heard from since. Soon after lifemating her father, StormCurrent, Change had what you now see as Tynami (Gift from the Sea). When Tynami grew up, she was sometimes nicknamed Jeweleyes by tribe members, that is until she became an adult. Since the huge wave hit Dancer Beach, Tynami has been searching for her lost tribe with little avail. As she changed to an older age, she lost much of her sight by what her mother used to call a curse of the waters. Since then, she was healed by one called Petal and much of her vision and crystalline eye structure have been restored. During this time, Tynami met Calmwaves, recognized him and has had Tywaves. Now Tynami leads the Rafts as best as she can.
OOC Character History: I created Tynami in 1993 to be my character on TwoMoons MUSH, an ElfQuest based RPG. Since then I've also played her on Danen and she's my favorite character of all the ones I have. Her outfit has changed very little over the years, but her character is now so permanent it's written in stone (instead of her homes sand). She started out as blond with purple eyes, see the Jeweleyes link, but she eventually became this.
By Foxeye
By sgaana
By ElfTanner

And finally, by me :) Her timeline...

Name: Change
Former Names: StormBreeze (in RavenHolt), Ravenshade (growing up)
Meaning of Name: She was named Change because she was always Changing her mind, doing things differently than the rest of the tribe.
Position: Elder & Shaman
Secondary Position: Storyteller (Mother of Memory)
Tribe: Ravenholt, formally Raft, born to the Island Elves, in Danen the Wandering Tribe, formerly Deep Dwellers
Race: Elf
Sex: Female
Age: 3578
Soulname: Kaia
Height: 3 ft 9 in, Danen 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 38 lbs, Danen 42 lbs
Hair color: Black
Hair style: Hundreds of black braids with leaves tied at the ends
Eyes: Blue-green 'multicolored'
Skin Tone: Tan
Magical Abilities: Flesh Shaping
Known Relatives: Calmwaves (son-in-law), Tynami (daughter), Ribbon (mother), Shelldust (father), Wolvesfire (daughter), Aero (son), Flight (son), Fireshade (daughter), Rhymer (brother), Ilyian (adopted albino human, daughter), Tywaves (granddaughter), (Danen) only Tynami is her child, Flickerfish (mom, deceased), Starwave (sire, deceased)
Recognized: StormCurrent, (Danen) Splash, deceased
Lifemate: Nightflash
Marks: webbed fingers and toes, (Danen) her fins were shaped off, but the skin where they were is now perfectly smooth
Weapons: Dagger attached to back of belt
Possessions: Golden falcon necklace passed down for generations, Netted belt of four shark teeth (later added more when she changed her belt), a water skin she uses to keep wet on long journeys away from the water
Skills: Storytelling, scouting, climbing, trinket making
Temperament: Change is a very calm and peace loving elf. She's quiet and always watching everything. She'll often make surprising observations in conversations. Often you do not even know she is there unless she speaks. She is wise beyond her years and is a very good teacher.
Powers & Abilities: She is a huntress and gatherer, but mostly she tells tales and watches.
Outfit explanation: She's got two different main outfits.. one is in the images, here's the other. She is wearing brown hot pants with strips that tie around her legs own to her feet. A short brown strapless halter top with tassels and a dark green woven belt with shark teeth and shells woven into it, and tassels hanging from that as well. There is a shell by her left ear. She wears brown leather shoes and a patched brown travel cloak. She wears a gold falcon necklace.

Bond Creature:

Heartdeep (Wavedancer, found pic online

Animal Bond: Hawk
Animals talent: Message delivery and scouting
Animals Name: Tetrick
Animals approx age: 3 years
Animals personality description: Fiercely loyal to Change and the elves of the tribe. He's a little edgy around anything that has four paws. Tetrick pays very close attention and is very alert to everything that happens around him.

Description of Change: Change is a young Sea Elf, a little shorter than most of her tribe mates but well proportioned. Unlike her brother Rhymer, whose rhymes and songs give him a sense of order, Change is chaos personified. Her eyes seem to flit from blue to green to grey, depending on the light, or perhaps her state of mind. Her long grey to black locks are tied up in about a thousand braids down her back. Her clothing is just a tunic that is just a bare shade different from her deeply tanned skin. She has oddly webbed fingers and toes and sandals tie up her longs in a crisscross fashion. Around her neck is a glistening golden falcon on a string of hair. Her thin, heart-shaped face is graced with a smile, for although she can never seem to make up her mind, she doesn't allow it to dampen her mood.
Official History: Change is a mysterious elf. Her dark complexion and her silent face tell you that she hides much in her age. For a long while she lived with her parents and her older brother Rhymer at the Island. A long time ago, she ran into an underwater group of sea creatures, she called sharp fins, known to elves as a cross between a manytooth and a wavedancer. Change then went back to the Island and said good-bye to her brother Rhymer and roamed around in order to get away from her enemies. Soon she found the Raft and recognized StormCurrent. Many turns later, after having Tynami, Change was swept into the Vastdeep and was not heard from for turns... until now.
Danen History: When still in the Deep Dwellers tribe, Change and her daughter Tynami were almost impossible to separate, but were total opposites of each other. Once old Tynami was old enough and taught enough to survive on her own, Change decided that the life at sea was no longer what she wanted, leaving late while the tribe was asleep. She wandered on land for a while, but soon realized just how much she needed the water. She fashioned herself a water skin that she now carries with her always to keep her from drying out, stealing a cloak from outside a humans home to protect her from the scorching sun. After crossing the sea by diving through the waves, she wanders a while and finally encounters the wandering tribe.
OOC Character History: I created Tynami in 1993 to be my FIRST character on TwoMoons MUSH, an ElfQuest based RPG. When I first got there I ran into Rhymer and together we went through alot of names for me until we came up with Change cause I kept changing my mind on things. He volunteered to my my brother and we went from there. I met StormCurrent and we agreed the mating of them. From there I created Tynami and led off from there. Since then I've added her to the World of Danen and love the look that ElfTanner made for her there and adopted it as her main look now. She'll probably change again soon.


Change's micro by me, this is her timeline
By ElfTanner (without and with her coat)
By sgaana, seen with a skirt when her travels tore her shorts
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Re: Member Characters
« Reply #3 on: May 18, 2009, 06:27:10 PM »

Name: Nightsea


Link to Images: http://kat.of-the-night.com/EDA/nightsea.html

Birth-tribe: sea elf, but joins star fleet in a mirror universe later

Appearance: auburn/brown hair, super long with a widow's peak,
high ponytail (like a Chief's topnot in style) or worn straight down
she's tall with blue eyes and arched eyebrows

Attire: blue mini skirt with yellow sash,
blue sleeveless halterish top w/yellow edge,
thigh high black high heel boots, 
phaser or sword optional
See uniform "A" (but make it blue):http://www.draconic.ndo.co.uk/issghidorah/uniforms.htm
But, keep her in blue and you can make any outfit work.
sea or space influences welcome

Background http://www.draconic.ndo.co.uk/issghidorah/crew05p.htm Also see fanfics.

Personality: She's afraid of space, but hides it well. 
She is nocturnal. See background above for more.

Role: Island young elf (past)
Lt. on board the Ghidorah Star Fleet ship (current)

Skills: minor healing, sending, dolphin bond animal (Moonfisher)

Links to Fanfics: http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=9121#9121

Name: Pearlshade

Link to Images: http://kat.of-the-night.com/EDA/pearlshade.html

Birth-tribe: sea elf, mermaid with grey dolphin tail

Appearance: Very long pony tail, very straight, very light yellow hair
medium grey eyes, normal elfquest ears, long thin fingers (unwebbed),
smaller breasts

Attire: one necklace with 3  grey/black pearls on a string. 
pearls form a V shape strung together with large center pearl at the bottom point of the V, the two matched smaller pearls on either "top" of the V are connected by a string to each other straight across as well
(upsidedown triangle with pearls at points)

If you prefer a modest look, give her clothing of any sort, but she will only wear it while you're looking  ;)

Seashells, seaweed, fish...anything underwater might wind up with her.
trident or long spear optional

Role: Loner mermaid

Skills: sends

Personality: she's ancient like Savah and kinda on the tranquil side
most of the time.  Her eyes have that "I know" look.

Links to Fanfics: http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=8928#8928

Name: Vytha

Link to Images:

Birth-tribe: Blue Mountain (alternaverse)
Parents: Voll + Winnowill
Age: still young...early 20s

Appearance: Winnowill style long white hair
(use pink or lavender instead of grey to highlight),
red eyes (albino), pale skin, thinish

Attire: Blue Mountain colors (white, grey, black, blue, purple)
Dresses mostly...but you can be creative 
(can change the colors too if you so desire)
Etc.: Feathers, spiderwebs, egg patterns, bats,
jewelery in silver (sometimes large black lacey earrings)...have fun!

Role: Questing

Skills: Dream feeding, sending

Personality: she's been raised by Winnie, but wants to be sweet and free

Background: born with a weak heart muscle, she faints and is generally
frailish and weak of body, but indomitable in spirit

Links to Fanfics: http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=369899#369899

Name: Wavecatcher


Link to Images:  http://kat.of-the-night.com/EDA/wavecatcher.html

Birth-tribe: island/sea elf (land)

Appearance: black hair (side part, curled in toward face, above shoulder length),
dark blue eyes, tan skin (think Hawaiian)
Attire: sea shades + black (anything aquatic themed)

Skills: Water/weather talent

Personality: Intense + stubborn.  Slightly arrogant, but with actual compasion
Background:  He grows up on an island and helps the tribe with
his skills to avoid stormy seas and tropical weather disasters, so he gets
sorta full of himself and his role.  But he really does care about others
and he'll be the first to tell you so.  Once Nightsea knocks him down a
peg thru recognition, he mellows out nicely.

Links to Fanfics: http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=366512#366512
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Re: Member Characters
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2009, 04:30:59 AM »

These characters are still in the making, so their sheets are not finished yet (plus all my char sheets are in dutch, so I have to translate anything I want to post here). But this is what I have so far. Decided to describe these two first, since I've already posted pictures of them in the gallery here - they're my newest characters.

Since I find these long forum posts difficult to edit, I've decided to link to their english descriptions at the Zilte Muzen dA group. You can also find more images of them there. Below I've posted the ones that can be found here at EQfa (and more can be found in my Zilte Muzen folder).

~ ~ ~

Character page at dA.
Born in Zonnemeer Borg.
Zonnemeer related folder here at EQfa.


Made by Berit!

~ ~ ~

Character page at dA.
Born in Zomerbron.
Zomerbron related folder here at EQfa.


~ ~ ~

Zoetgras & Fladder

Made by Mischievous_valkyrie!

Made by Berit!

Made by Saree!
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Re: Member Characters
« Reply #5 on: May 21, 2009, 09:22:46 AM »

Okay, let me give this a try...

Name: Blacksnake
Birth-tribe: River Twine Holt (wolfriders)
Parents: Wolfmane & Dove (both deceased)
Age: 801

Appearance: Silver-grey hair and facefur, usually not longer than shaggy shoulder-length; brown eyes; squarish face, heavy eyebrows (left has a scar through it) make him look stern; trim, well-muscled figure.
Attire: Usually a Very Standard Wolfrider ensemble of tunic and close-fitting breeches tucked into calf-high boots, which often have fur trim around the top.  Has had variations over the years, but current outfit is a very dark-brown/black tunic with dark green oak-leaf trim, boots of the same color, and dark green pants.

Role: Lifemate of the previous chief, father of the current chief; hunt leader.
Skills: Well-rounded in most things pertaining to hunting, particularly favors spear.

Personality: Snarky, dour, arrogant, critical. Very smart and clever, knows it, thinks a great deal of himself.  Has a tendency to be a schemer/manipulator.  More benignly, a good planner/strategist.  (The RTH tribe is fairly close to its founding generation, and thus has elves who lean more towards one or the other side of their natures; Blacksnake has plenty of wolfblood elements to him, but in terms of brains, he leans more towards his elvish side -- thinks past the Now more than some.)  Often respected, but less often *liked*, with few true friends.
Background: The younger son of a very wolfblooded father and a slightly more elfblooded mother, grandson (on his mother's side) of the tribe's last healer (who, in Blacksnake's youth, went insane and had to be killed, following which the tribe was without a healer for 750 years, until just recently).  Has an older brother, One-Leg, and a younger half-brother, Suddendusk (both still alive).  Always ambitious (and with a high opinion of his own worth), always wanted to be a leader in the tribe.  Recognized the much-older chieftess, Easysinger, and lifemated with her; had three children with her.  The first was Riskrunner, his favorite, a golden-child boy, died in his prime.  The second was Windburn, more wolfblooded and introverted; the two have always rubbed each other the wrong way, and both have been too stubborn to try to fix what's wrong.  The third was Chicory, a late-born girl with quirky interests.  He went a bit crazy when his lifemate died, but survived it and recovered.  Did not think that Windburn was a good choice as the new chief, but for various reasons, the tribe didn't agree, and Windburn has been chief fairly successfully for about 175 years as of the present.  

Links to Fanfics:

http://www.elfquestfanart.com/index.php?topic=31.0  ("Undecided")

There are a lot of fics linked to his Character Information Sheet on the RTH site:

Particular ones showing him "in action":

http://www.rivertwine.com/storypageview.php?id=150 ("Doing Nothing")

http://www.rivertwine.com/storypageview.php?id=183 ("Fight or Flight, p1")
http://www.rivertwine.com/storypageview.php?id=184 ("Fight or Flight, p2")
http://www.rivertwine.com/storypageview.php?id=187 ("Aftershocks")
http://www.rivertwine.com/storypageview.php?id=242 ("Pieced Together")


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Re: Member Characters
« Reply #6 on: July 06, 2009, 07:12:08 PM »

well here is the first draft!

Name: Silentleaf

Appearance: bright reddish brown curly hair, generally worn lose reaching her hips occasionally pulled back from her face for hunting. very pale skin more often than not flushed from hunting. large almond shaped dark green eyes heart shaped face. curvy hour glass body sleek and agile.

Role:wepoon maker
Skills:skilled hunter tracker, has a small magic ability, able to bend and shape objects , perhapes more at some point?

Personality: exceptionally kind and warm hearted unlikely to say and unkind word, unless her loved ones are threatened. wise and thoughtful with a fierceness just under the surface. shehas a bright and cheerful laugh that is heard at every moment of the day or night, unless shes hunting then she puts on the game face and gets down to business. loves being out hunting, racing through the trees. she enjoys beautiful things flowers, soft leathers the smile of a love mate, though she likes the companionship of friends and loved ones she protects her freedom. it is not an uncommon sight for her slip off on her own just to sit by a stream and listen and feel the breeze.
A Powerful sweet tooth with often as not sends her sneaking off to a secret berry patch or apple tree, she will always bring some back for the tribe but she has her moments of sweets greed!


Links to Fanfics:
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Re: Member Characters
« Reply #7 on: July 11, 2009, 12:00:13 PM »

Name: Savelle
Birth-tribe: Glider with a touch of wolfblood
Parents: unknown gliders
Age: Old enough to know better X3 it still doens't make her care, Immortal Despite the wolfblood

Appearance: Short a little taller then a wolfrider, Silver hair unless she it trying a new color then it could be any color really likes pink and purple and skyblue, usually  in Ringlets and can be long or short depending on what she felt like that.
Attire: nothing fancy definitly no feathers!

Role:Inventor mischief maker mostly just told to stay out of the way
Skills: expirmentation, she acts a null for most powers especially Winnowill's. which is why the hint of wolfblood persists. also extremely lucky.

Personality: Curious, mischievous, Honest, has her own code that she follows and doesn't care what others might think makes friends easily is loyal Speaks  her mind Doesn't go out of her way to anger Winnowill it just happens naturally...really.
Background: will think of that later

Links to Fanfics:

I have more and I will update this later
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Re: Member Characters
« Reply #8 on: July 13, 2009, 04:05:32 PM »

Name: Marut
Birth-tribe: Unknown, has been wandering all around as long as he remembers
Parents: he does not know, but he must have some wolf-blood in him, for his lust for hunt is so far unrivaled
Age: unknown, but he grows a beard whenever he goes to cold places like the Snowy mountains, so he must have some age already

Hair: semi long Silver-Grey hair that always points back, as if he had been looking out from car window when the car is moving maximum speed
Eyes: silvery-ice blue eyes. his gaze is somewhat innocent and playful, but somewhere deep in his eyes you can see sorrow and misery. his eyes tell that he has gone through lot. Marut has some lines under his eyes, it sometimes makes him look weary and tired. though when Marut starts chasing something, his eyes look as sharp as those of an eagle, crazed by the hunt.
Skin: Marut has very pale skin that tilts a little to yellow, almost cream colored (natural skin tone, but very rare)
Face: Marut has clearly oversized nose, that is very pointy, bridge of his nose is wide and tall, massive and tall nose

Appearance changes: Marut's appearance is greatly affected by the surrounding area, normally he is quite slim and has some bulk, not much but some, he is actually in very good shape and is a bit taller than most of the elwes. but when it gets cold, he shrinks a bit and grows more hair all around, he gets even slimmer and his eyes start looking as sharp as those of a wild animal. and if he is welcomed into a tribe, he has the habit of gaining more weight, he becomes quite pudgy. Marut is used on harsh life of an outsider, never having anyone by his side to aid him, so his body storages everything it can so that he may survive, so when he gets some food easily, his body still storages everything letting nothing go to waste.
Attire: Marut's outfit is made from leather from many different animals, he has brown, slightly red and sand brown leather patches as well as some white-grey furs on his clothing. he wears loose grey pants under his leathers.

Role: a wanderer who seems to chase the wind, stopping only when the wind stops, and then taking off again suddenly. he might leave without saying goodbyes, as if there was something forcing him on the long, endless journey.

Skills: Marut is good with his bow (nos as good as Strongbow, though) and he seems to be a survival expert, somehow he can live even in the most harsh and unbearable places. he knows a little about tans and he is able to carve wood and bone, but Marut's speciality is something unique, Marut is incredibly fast, unnaturally fast even, he can outrun a deer. Marut is also annoyingly good thief, he has kleptomania, and might steal even from his friends. Marut is always alert, his ears pick up the slightest of sounds and his eyes see the smallest of movement.

Personality: curious and active, he gets along suprisingly well with everyone, even though he is a loner, he tends to try his best to keep others cheered and happy, he cares about everyone and everything even about those that do not deserve it. Marut smiles rarely, he doesn't really want to tell about his past to others even though he usually likes to hear about the broblems others are having. Marut isn't really a fighter, if his life is on the line, he runs. but if someone else is in danger, be it a stranger or a friend, he protects them till the end.

Other notes: though Marut is an elf, he has five fingers, no one really knows why, he has even gotten into trouble because of it. overall, Marut is an oddball.

Images made by others: Thank you so much!
by Mischievous_valkyrie
by Amberfox
by Luna
by Afke
by Startear
by Mirror
by Nilla
by Czarine
by Treefox

Name: Cade Armot AKA Ice-heart
Birth-tribe: Bear-elf (though he seesm to be related to the same elves as Marut and Tomi, because he has five fingers).
Parents: Unknown.
Age: He doesn't look like it, but he is fairly young.

Appearance: Cade has almost white hair, with a small hint to yellow on it, (almost like Cutter's hair, but whiter and with a hint of gray). as an elf, he is a hulking giant, towering over all other elves, but still, shorter than humans, he has enormous and powerful looking hands with sharp claws. Cade usually looks amused but tired at the same time, his skin is very pale and he has little darker spots and dimples on his cheeks, the skin around his eyes is dark.
Attire: Leather pants and few spikes, he doesn't really enjoy wearing clothes at all.

Role: Village leader and a false god, he has a human village under his control and they all worship him, thinking he is the mighty Gotara himself. the village often fights with other human villages.

Skills: Cade is a bear, it is almost impossible to stop him when he attacks. he can take a lot of punishment and is incredibly strong. he also has this strange air around him, that sends shivers down your spine, even when he has that droopy smile on his face.

Personality: he is evil and wicked up person, who really enjoys seeing others suffer, but beneath that, there is some kind of warm bear side to him as well. and even if he doesn't show it, he grieves the fact he is the only surviving bear-elf, and cannot have a cub of his own. Cade seems to have some issues with women, and shows perhaps a little too much attention towards them.

The Bear within: Cade eats lots, and gets annoyed every time someone touches his food. he loves salmon and honey. if you want to avoid Cade, the best time to move around would be winter, for he hibernates through the winter.

Images made by others: Thank you so much!
by Amberfox

Name: Tomi Hushmore
Birth-tribe: Five-fingered elf

Appearance: Tomi is a shady character, always sneaking around in the shadows, though he has wise and sharp eyes, his night black hair is often tied like Cutter's hair. Tomi is very small. his head is about the same height as Wolfrider's chest. however, even though he is small, there is something about him that makes people nervous, and some Wolfriders think he smells like blood.

Role: Man of mystery, hiding in the shadows
Skills: Tomi is very talented with blades, he uses his daggers all the time. and he is so skilled with sneaking that it is almost scary. he also has some shapeshifting magic, but his magic is weak, he can turn himself into something that slightly resembles human child. he uses this talent when he sneaks into human settlements.

Personality: He can be a bit playful, but mostly he is very serious, Tomi likes to stay in the shadows and watch others from there, Tomi doesn't trust easily, so it is hard to get close to him.

Background: tomi has a huge X shaped scar on his left shoulder, he doesn not speak about it much, but he only says that the experience forever changed his life for the better, and adds, If you learn to glide with the shadows, you will never fear them again. It seems to be light that, for sometimes it looks like Tomi is more afraid of the light than the dark.

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Re: Member Characters
« Reply #9 on: July 15, 2009, 09:40:18 AM »

Name: Icemoon
Birth-tribe: wolfrider
Parents: maybe clearbrook and Treestump ?
Age: 24

Appearance:  she has very curly silver hair she generally but into 2 long braids (they stoppedat the end of her back) who are attached with 2 leafs at each braid.her eyes are big and sometimes looks sad.their color are turquoise and she's got freckles

she changes her costume very often, but i is usually in differents shades of blue, green and violet.
She likes to wear a brown belt.

Role:shapechanger and apprentice tanner
Skills: she has the abbilitie to resolve problems, and is a good listener.
   because of her great imagination, she's a good baby-sitter, and storyteller.

Personality:she's a dreamy elf and looks always callm . She's very curious and stubborn .
People think she's very vulnerable, because of her sad eyes, but don't make her angry !!!!
she can be incotrulabe

background: I've to warn: this is a fictionnal background

she was born in the holt by the recognition between Clearbrook and Treestump.
Unfortunatly, those two were too occupated by Treestump's new job, and Icemoon was principally educated by Moonshade and Strongbow.
She became a very good friend with Chitter and they finally became soulsister.

a day,when she was 15, she was very angry against her true parent. she repproached them to don't care of her and to be more interested by the metal than by her. and the incotrulable face of Icemoon appear. She leave just after her crisis in the forest .*
during some mounth the other packmates searched the young elf but they didn't find her.
She finally came back, after hearing one of Chitter's locksend... but in a wolf form !
Kimo spoke to her and she agreeded to return to her elf form.

she finally understood that her crisis were because of her power, and the wolf in her's awake, and it's it who direct her.

she forgave to her parents and now is friend with'em, and learn how to control her power with kimo.

-berit, you're the best !

here's a very old version

and some dollz:
[img width= height= alt=]http://kat.of-the-night.com/Upload/kat-equinn-icemoon.gif[/img]]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v477/Night_sea/roliavaicemoon1.gif[/img[img width= height= alt=]http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h286/kerewin/icemoonbasecopy.gif[/img]]http://i400.photobucket.com/albums/pp90/lysir/doll_Icemoon.png[/img[img width= height= alt=]http://kat.of-the-night.com/Characters/kat-gaia-icemoon.png[/img][img width= height= alt=]http://kat.of-the-night.com/Characters/Icemoonsilindorbasewithbg.gif[/img][img width= height= alt=]http://kat.of-the-night.com/Characters/icemoonmenewsha1.gif[/img][img width= height= alt=]http://kat.of-the-night.com/Characters/kat-sprite-EQ-icemoon.gif[/img]<img


Name: Brighteyes
Parents: Sunflower and Madhowl
Age: 14


hair : wavy middle of the back, blond
[n]eyes :[/b] almost rond and brown, with a bit of gold in it
skin :pale
face : rond, but like Brighteyes's in the beginning of teenage, her face's beginning to change a little .

Attire: she wears a brown vest with  some leaves on the bue border.
she's got a brown skirt who has a blue border too with leaves.
her boots are light green, as well as her armwear

Role: tanner in training and cub
Skills: swimming, running, having fun

Brighteyes is someone discret who never speak for nothing. She likes to be alone and to do what she wants, whenever she wants to.
she doesn't like people who are always after her
she's very stubborn and curious and her principal fear is to never being as good as she wishes to be.

Brighteyes was born in the shadow wolf  Holt.
when she was little,She was a real pain in your ass. She did everything to be liked, and did that not always in a positive way. She liked teasing her parents by saying secret things about them, but she  knew when she had to stop.She had a soft spot for the plainsrunners (indian elves), and thinked it was not fair she isn’t one of them.
now, that passion passed, and she accepted that she isn't a plainrunner but a wolfrider and didn’t wait long to show her love for making clothes and tanning. She learned fast and  get a passion for this. She trains hard to improve her skills.

Links to Fanfics: no for now


( the little girl with the green headband)
as an adult

the dollz:
[img width= height= alt=]http://shadowwolf.namepad.net/natacha_art.html[/img]

Name: Tide
Birth-tribe: Wavedancers
Parents: Unknown, the same as wavecatcher's
Age: 216

hair: Turquoise wavy long and slightly wavy
Eyes: very slanted, almond shaped and brown
face:  She has triangular face with rounded cheeks and pointed chin, a tattoo at eache sides of her face, under the eyes.
Build:  a long multicolored tail and under the sea and legged with long fins on earth.

Attire: on earth: an armless flowy light purple dress with a scarf and peals attched to it.
                   in sea: a bra with violet shells and the same scark plus a pearled belt

Skills: she has the capacity to be legged when she go on earth and tailed when she's in the water.  She gained  a wattershaper power when she get older, and had learned to use throwing knifes.

She's calm, quite reserved, but loves to play jokes, and under her innocent smile she hide a prankster's one.


(she lives during the antiquity time of the World of Two moon)

Tide is the what-if sister of Wavecatcher.
She was kidnapped when she was three years old by humans who saw her changing from a tailed cub to a legged one, and they were sure she was sent by the God of sea.
They led her toward a temple where an old elf, named Ulthay lived . he was a strong watershaper, and was too passing for a SeaSpirit.
When he died in a war, he gived to Tide his waterhaper powers.

(needs to be developped)


Edited by Foxeye on 7/15/09: Don't mind me, just turning images hosted at this site into thumbnails. ^_^ Oh, and btw, the first two images of brighteyes aren't working...I think the host has disabled hotlinking. :(

Edited by Icemoon on 21/à7/09:no pb ! Ithink now one of the image's working ....
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Re: Member Characters
« Reply #10 on: July 31, 2009, 12:20:23 PM »

Name: Wildfire
Birth-tribe: Wolfriders
Parents: Rayek and Ember
Age: Approximately 135 years (born mortal, but had it removed)

Appearance: Angular face (think Rayek, but slimmer), slim, not very curvy body, tan skin, yellow/orange eyes. Black hair with two red locks in the front which are sometimes hanging loose and sometimes tied up with two golden beads.
Attire: Undecided

Role:Hunter/magic-user, occasionally a wanderer
Skills: Firestarter, minimal self-shaping skills

Personality: Fierce and somewhat hostile towards most elves which can be troublesome combined with her firestarting abilities. She's easily ticked off, and definitely not afraid of a fight. She does however have problems knowing her limits, so if she's sufficiently angry she'd attempt to take on an army. She can be gentle at times, but usually only the first few months after she returned from a trip.
Background: Wildfire's magic manifested itself the first time she didn't get her way immediately which caused a small fire in the holt. As her temper-tantrums grew closer, she became a great nuisance to the Wolfriders, and the Wavedancers agreed to take her in. Here she became greatly fascinated with the Wavedancer's shaping of their bodies, ornamental as well as practical, and she vowed that she would master the art of self-shaping. She has had very limited success but during an extraordinary bout of anger, she managed to change the colour of two locks of her hair to red.
(I remembered the explanation! Yay! .. Though it's rather weak.. Ah well...)
After re-joining the Wild Hunt at an age of 23 Wildfire soon figured out that she would sometimes need to get away from the other elves. At these time she would leave for a period of time ranging from a few months to a year or two before she'd unexpectedly show up in the holt of the Father-Tree or the Wild Hunt the Wavedancer's beach or even the Go-Back's lodge. She always leaves unaccompanied except for her wolf-friend. Wildfire rarely visits the Father-Tree though, because of the unparalleled hostility between Cutter and herself. As of yet, their differences hasn't been resolved.

Links to Fanfics: None
(ignore that she's got red hair in the last picture. If anything, it should be black)

By mischievous_valkyrie:

By Nightsea:

I had another doll of her once, years ago, but it disappeared ;( I also remember a portrait of her made by Wolfeyezz which has also disappeared. Sigh..

I've probably forgotten something, but I'll edit this post as it comes back to me.
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Re: Member Characters
« Reply #11 on: October 15, 2009, 06:21:26 PM »

Name: Sundazzle
Birth-tribe: Thunderwater Holt
Parents: Deerprance (mother) & Chime (father, deceased)
Age: 161

Hair: Long golden hair with wavy curls, styled in multiple cornrows decorated with beads
Eyes: Bright blue
Skin: Dark caramel
Scars: Round scar above her left breast, calloused hands from grabbing rope
Attire: Cream-coloured dress, dusty-red sash, leather cinch, maroon breeches, cream-coloured leather boots

Occupation: Warrior, gatherer, initiator, fisher-in-training
Skills: Basket-weaving, armed combat, hand-to-hand combat, diving... is fur-tumbling a skill?

Personality: Mostly cheerful and full of mischief she's the Thunderwater Holt tribe's private ray of sunshine. Her way of saying hello is pretty much "Hi, fancy a tumble?", however recognition and settling-down are blacklisted in her book, and she promtly tries to stay out of romantic spectacles - though she usually ends up right in the middle of them anyway.

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Re: Member Characters
« Reply #12 on: December 22, 2009, 04:36:52 PM »

Name: Hotspur

Birth-tribe: didn't bother to set it

Parents: the chief and chieftess

Age: Variable, but for this purpose I'm using his kid version.

Appearance: The most notable thing about Hotspur, first and most obviously, is his skin colour.  I made him dark as a metaphor for being a “black sheep,” but have only really made that an issue twice so far:  once as a question about whether he’d be accepted next to his “normal” sister and again when his girlfriend opened a can of whup-ass on another girl for saying it made him ugly.  I made his palms and soles lighter colours than the rest of his skin, like many humans have.  But that was more to accentuate vulnerability than political correctness.  “Soft, pink parts” are a visual cue to the fact that a small part of his personality is unguarded. I never really wanted him to be African-looking.  His skin tone is based on Hawaiians or Indians.

His hairstyle goes two different ways:  either he lets it fall free or gathers the top and sides together into a ponytail that sits around the back of his skull in a bastardized version of a chief’s topknot.  This is just a little play on EQ norms, since he’s the chief’s son.  Also, the fact that he’s got red hair and green eyes (Irish qualities) counterpoints his otherwise Islandish appearance.  After a nasty conflict, he had to get a section of his hair chopped in order to get free from a tangle of thorns.  He asked a friend to even it out so he didn’t look like he had mange, and eventually he wound up with about one-inch all over.  Basically I got tired of the long, long hair of all the other holt elves and decided to rebel.  Nothing more than that.

His body is that of a young Bruce Lee, and he's a ripped little trouser-snake.

Attire: Clothing was always very important with this character.  The first thing I gave him were the vambraces (the leather straps around his forearms).  For those who don’t know, vambraces are basically primitive armour and I wanted him to be a fighter/hunter from the start.  

The open vest gives him a lot of freedom of movement.  The high collar also lets me shape his face if I want to give a specific look that the clean lines of his head might not fully allow.  The loincloth is a cord and one piece of leather with the ends fastened to the inside of the front and back.  It’s designed to look rather flimsy, and a piece of clothing that could be left behind on a moment’s notice (which the little streaker occasionally does).  A view from the side shows nothing but a band of cord between his ribs and ankles, and this gives him a distinctly wild look.  The severed animal tail on the back is the first thing he ever killed, and he wears that as a trophy.  Other Elfquestian kids hunt, but Hotspur takes a particular relish in personal trophies.  This is one of the more overt examples of his dark side.

I wanted to challenge myself by having him able to express things through his feet as well as his hands and face, so I gave him only sandals most of the time, tho he occasionally goes barefoot.  He has a few different "mood" outfits for various circumstances.

Role: heir apparent, but didn't want the job.

Skills: generally anything sneaky or violent

"Don’t give him anything heavy, pointed, sharp, poisonous, explosive, flammable, or that can be made into a sword or any other kind of piercing or projectile weapon.  In fact, if it’s not soft and cuddly, keep it out of his reach.” 

Created in 1995, Hotspur was the antithesis of the typical Elfquest child. He was mischievous, rude, aggressive, and violent and didn't care if anybody was offended by it. He was the chief's son, but had no aspirations to leadership and openly rejected the idea each time it was posited to him. Even as a kid he openly made passes at adult women because he was utterly convinced of his own attractiveness. In the first story I published on him, he'd been grounded for spiking his uncle's wine with a laxative. That set the stage for his reputation in that holt.

Years ago I did a fun little crossover story where my elfin characters showed up in the real world. Hotspur got accosted by an animal rights activist who tried to make him feel sorry for the poor raccoon whose tail he was wearing, assuming that it was a gift from an insensitive parent or uncle.  To which Hotspur replied, very matter-of-factly: "No, I killed it, stripped its skin, ate its meat, wear its tail for decoration, and used its bones to make weapons to kill more animals."  The activist's reaction is best left to the reader's imagination...

He's a delightfully creative and aggressive little s**t.  To put it succinctly, think of the most utterly insane thing imaginable, and then double down on it.  Odds are, he's already done it.

Background:  Hotspur was a "what if" character, the product of EQ canon Dart and Ember, had the two produced a kid. And anybody can tell you that mixing tabasco and kerosene ain't gonna get you Evian.


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Re: Member Characters
« Reply #13 on: January 02, 2010, 11:40:30 AM »

Name: Goldshine.

Birth-tribe: Wolfrider.

Parents: Unknown.

Status: Appears to be immortal, but still has her wolfblood

Age: 100, ( Appears to be 600 year old but because of the timeline, she hasn't age)

Hair: Long Gold/blond curly hair.

Skin: Light skin.

Eyes: Bright green eyes.

Attire: Her clothes are always green. She Wears in the spring and summer a green dress, In the fall she has a green jersey (a version of the dress) and pants in the colors blue, gold and orange/red (usually blue or orange). In winter the Clothes are the same as in the Fall, only she has Boots in the color Light brown. She normaly wears bee boots  ::)

Role: Plant-Shaper, Gatherer, singer, hunter, warrior.

Skills: Has a very strong sending ability, singing, hunting, Gathering, is an awsome plant-shaper.

Personality: Calm, cheerfull and gentle. A lovely Girl who loves life. She can be very stuborn and comes sometimes (because off that) in trouble. Even afther the attack of the trols and the humans, she is still very sweet and cheerfull. ever angry or sad, only if someone hurt her feelings. She is friends with everyone and is very loved by her tribe. Redlance Calls her * Child of mother nature* because of her magic and love for the plants and trees.

Dollz by Tynami


- It is unknown who her parents are. (Her parents died in the same way as the parents of skywise did)
- She was 15 when she has Recognition with Wolfmoonsky, her best friend and now soulsister.
- Always loved the trees and plants. was 20 when she found out she was a plant-shaper. Redlance teaches her how she should use her magic. She is now even an better plant-shaper than Redlance.
- Got into trouble when the tribe was attacked by the trolls. She was captured by one of the trolls but luckily, she was saved by Wolfmoonsky and Skywise.
- after the trolls attacked the tribe, Became one part of the wolfriders apart. Goldshine was one of them together with Skywise, Wolfmoonsky and many others. She just hopes that the tribe will be one again. The tribe were Goldshine
is in now is called *the Riverwolfs*
- Goldshine and the others do not know that their part of the tribe are in a sort of timeline. One day by the wolfriders are 100 years by the Riverwolfs.
- She became a Lovemate of Skywise, 50 years later by the Riverwolfs.
- 250 years later after they were attacked by the trolls, they were now attacked by the humans. There are many dead and there were many missing elfs. Goldshine has just survived and hopes that she will see her soul sister friends and lovemate again.
- 200 years later, Skywise came back and has changed.
- Skywise wanted to leave the tribe for good but couldn´t because of Goldshine. There came a lovely moment between the two (and maybe they have Recognition each other). Skywise is really in love with her and wants GoldShine to be his lifemate to the suprise by everyone.
- 250 years later after they were attacked by humans and 500 years later after the attacks of the trolls, came all the missing elves back. Also Wolfmoonsky came back and she has now an completely new look.
- In he future, Goldshine and Skywise have two cubs (a boy and a girl)
- In the future, the humans will attack again and captured many off there tribe, alo Goldshine an her cubs. When the humans captured her, she saw something but doesn't know what. Everyone who weren't captured are goin to find the an brin them back home. ( the end off war was one year later, almost everyone came back but some off them died. Goldshine and her cubs survived
- Afther the second atack, Came here a new tribe. They have kind off strange clothes, so you can not see how they look like. They wont say who they are. Skywise callled them * strangers *.  The strangers help them to get the other elfs back. Afther the end off the war, Goldshine has a strange feeling about the Strangers * as if she knows them * (In real The strangers are cutter and the other wolfiders but they do not know that)

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Re: Member Characters
« Reply #14 on: June 13, 2010, 05:41:09 AM »

allright, I'll do one for Terra.

Name: Terra
Tribe: Wolfriders
Family: Moonshade and Strongbow are her foster parents, they found her from the woods with her sister, Laluna when she was very young. Dart thinks of her as a big sister. Terra as well as her sister are members of the family, tough she gets into fights with stronbow for she is as stubborn as he is. Terra is very close with her sister, Laluna.
Friends: Terra and Marut are very good friends, they are both very relaxed together and share an understanding about everything. Terra also gets along with Rayek, even though Rayek makes her very angry at times.

Appearance: Terra cannot be mistaken for someone else! she is very curvy, she looks both very feminine and cute, Terra has more hair than anyone in the tribe, her hair is curly and as weird as it sounds, green. she has big eyes that are enchantingly pink, Terra naturally looks like she has some make-up, her eyelids have a pale violet color and lips are pink. her hands and feet are very small.
Attire: Terra usually wears a simple brown dress that is made from leather like her the bands on her wrists and ankles. the dress has few white fur balls hanging from it. Terra wears other clothes too.

Role/skills: Terra works as the village healer, basket maker and gathers food like berries, she is also a good hunter. Terra is incredibly talented with magic, unlike many others, she has a variety of spells. she controls fire, she heals and she has the ability to change into wolf form.

Personality: Terra seems very happy and lively, even a bit dumb, but the truth is, she isn't any of these, she isn't really happy, but doesn't want others worrying about her, she might be a bit tired and Terra is suprisingly wise if you see past her act. Terra actually hates the humans a lot, but tries to fight againts her wrath, Terra is sometimes a bit too wolf-like so others might think she is a bit crazy.
Background: Terra has had lots of trouble of the humans, she has seen her friends getting killed by them, her home, or her friends homes destroyed.

By others
by Icemoon
by Mirror
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Re: Member Characters
« Reply #15 on: August 15, 2011, 02:25:33 PM »

Name: Lilac

Birth-tribe: Unknown, possibly of Go-Back heritage

Parents: Unknown

Age: 51

Appearance: Pale skin. His height is the same as the Go-Backs, which makes him being mistaken for a child when he is in the human settlements. Brown hair with bangs sticking down to his eyes, rarely longer than to his shoulders. Slightly curly in wet weather.

Attire: As a child he used to wear red pants which went to under his knees, with yellow decorations at the bottom. As an adult, he usually wears long sleeved shirts. He usually wears dark colors, like black, blue and brown, due to a lot of hunting during the night.

Role: Elf-slayer

Skills: Weapon wielding and tracking

Personality: A very arrogant elf, sure to boast his skills to anyone within the hearing range. Twenty years of preforming his grim profession has earned him a good night vision and is an excellent tracker. He is quick to anger and looks down upon those around him. Yet he cares deeply over bond beasts.

Background: Lilac keeps his own counsel regarding his own past. What is known is that the group he lived in was always on fairly friendly terms with humans. He did not take up his elf killing before he was thirty years old, in exchange of cider humans make. Prefers the one made of pears over apples, but will take what he gets.   

Links to Fanfics: http://www.elfquest.com/social/index.php?do=/forum/-5/startear-s-corner/view_481672/



Name: Ekah (Stone's Light)

Birth-tribe: Sun Villager

Parents: Moonshade and Ahnshen

Age: 534, born a year after Ember and Suntop (Final Quest age)

Appearance: Slim, rather bony body with small breasts. Her skin tends to be a little darker than Ember, since she spends a lot of time in the sun. She inherited her father's golden eyes. Braids her hair after Sun Folk tradition.

Attire: Ekah stuck mostly to green and light gray while living with the Wolfriders at Thorny Mountain. In the short period she lived in Sun Village as an adult, she used orange and blue, with various scarves to protect against dust. She saved the other colors as night duds. Currently being on Venka's Quest, she is wearing brown with pink undershirt.

Special possessions: She always keeps a pendant she stole from a troll in the Troll/Elf war.

Role: Mainly a hunter, but being the daughter of Moonshade has given her a dair knowledge of tanning and helps when there is much to do. (Will be further updated when we know more of Venka's group)

Skills:  A good tracker, she is a very capable hunter.

Weapon: She is skilled with the sling shot. Average spear. Mediocre archer and clumsy swordwielder.

Personality: Ekah is usually a friendly spirit who goes along with mostly anyone. A misunderstanding between herself and Strongbow, interpreting his comments of Wolfrider supremacy as demeaning and passive aggressive insults against her. Interpreting this as criticism has made her very defensive whenever she thinks someone is coming with criticism, and this does cause tensions, as other elves think this means she doesn't trust them enough.

Background: Ekah was born to Ahnshen and Moonshade a year after Ember and Suntop. She spent her years being very carefree and loving her life in the village. When Savah's spirit was captured, she was not very keen on leaving her father and the village. But it was not after Dart said he was going to stay that she considered that she could refuse. But upon looking at Strongbow's face she grew too frightened to say anything, and has since that felt scared of him.

When the Gliders kidnapped everyone, she bolted right away, and ended up in together with was with them, and wasn't introduced to them before that. Had a lot of fun investigating the air tunnels. The other big thing that happened in her young life was in the troll/elf war. She got along with the Go-Back children, though she found them a bit serious. When the trolls attacked the lodge, she attacked back with ruthless energy. At one point she picked off a pendant she found at a dead troll, and has kept ever since, either at her side or around her neck.

After the troll/elf war, nothing big happened in her life, before Rayek took them all to the Sun Village, and was picked to go to Thorny Mountain. This time she put a big fit, not wanting to go at ALL. She was forced to go though, and once again barely managed to not get kidnapped. This is also when her conflict with Strongbow escalated, as she slowly started turning her response from fear to anger. Despite this, she grew up mostly being a bigger sister for both Tyleet and Venka.

After the Palace came back, she went to the Sun Village, staying there until the humans got back. After that she went with Venka. Was told about Chitter in sending by Sunstream, and is excited to see her little sister.

Links to Fanfics:


Done by others




Name: Cone (Nicknamed Moodkiller)

Gender: Female

Birth-tribe: Wolfriders (Skyfire's time)

Parents: Sprig and Nightdancer

Age: 28, born in 3419.

Appearance: Grey eyes, with brown shaggy hair. Wears it in a ponytail to keep it away from her face. Ironically, it usually falls out, giving her a bit unkept look. Oval faceshape. Little on the tall side for a full wolfrider. Strong runner, as she hasn't had a wolfriend in a few years. A few scars on her shoulder, usually hidden by her clothing. 

Attire: Summer: Long sleeved green shirt. Fur vest on top of it when temperatures drop in the summer. Buckskin trousers. Winter: Fur jacket of sorts, wears her trousers down into her boots. Gloves with open fingers, would prefer full ones but it hinders her archery, and taking big mittens on and off is too time consuming.

Weapons: Bow is her forte, but carries a knife made of flint, in case she needs to cut strips of meat or finish a job.

Role: Huntress

Skills: Average at sending. Skilled archer and a good runner.

Personality: Used to be a fairly cheerful elf, rather curious of life. Little on the slow side in wits, she rarely told either the High Ones or the ones arguing against them off, despite thinking both could be rather ridiculous.

After the death of a wolfriend she was quite heartbroken. Grieving quite longer than what most Wolfriders do after loss of a wolfriend, she turned snappish and was often in a silent, yet grumbling mood. She often takes this out on others, and feels pleasure when she ruins other's days. Thus, she has been nicknamed Moodkiller behind her back.

Background: Cone was the second child between Sprig and Nightdancer. Was a curious child, always exploring the trees and heights when she had done the useful things. Thus, she was named Cone. Didn't bond with a wolfriend before she was ten summers old. He was low ranking wolf called Rill. Both of them usually found the chase a lot more fun than the actual catch.

When Cone was twenty five, her wolfriend stepped into a rabbit hole during a hunt, and fell. The fall surprised the rider, throwing his rider off. Rill broke his leg and neck. Cone merely scraped her shoulder. Taking the pelt was a tradition even then, and she did so. Proved to not be so smart. Her den smelled like her deceased but dear friend. She tried to launch her grief into hunting, but without a wolfriend, she often had to either ride behind another, or run. Of course, Cone grew stronger and a better runner, but still, everywhere she went, something reminded her of her friend.

Grieving longer than what was considered normal; a few grew annoyed by her depressed mood. Thus, a few verbal spars happened between her and others.  Her mood grew sour, taking out resentment and unfairness out on others. She even took great pleasure when it worked, despite all it has ended with was verbal and physical spars, hurt feeling and sour moods. Has been reprimanded often by her mother and the chief. Has been called Moodkiller behind her back.

Fanfics: None as of yet









Name: Silverfish

Birth-tribe: Frozen Mountain Trolls, currently living with the Plainsrunners

Parents:Mushroom and Gruttlekraw

Age: 156

Appearance: Curly black hair, keeps it long and sometimes braids it.

Attire: Blueish black pants that he rolls up when he fishes. A simple brown shirt on top. Only wears shoes in winter.

Role: Fisher, gatherer and reluctant prankster

Skills: Fishing, really good at using the spear. While an adequate hunter, he prefers his prey having fins. He is pretty bad at horsemanship, and prefers to walk if possible.

Personality: A friendly guy, you can always count on him helping you no matter what troubles you. This “i will help you” personality earned him the loyalty and friendship of notable prankster, Quill. He has been described as lacking in ambition and somewhat passive. He does try to take blame when Quill's plans go awry, but the tribe has learned that he is rarely the mastermind behind.

Background: Silverfish is the offspring of Mushroom, one the many women that lived their lives in the women's quarters, and Gruttlekraw who took interest in her for a short while. His father had little interest in raising children, and would only pay attention once the sons he fathered when they were old enough to join the military. However, before that happened, The Palace War swept the troll tunnes. Mushroom was spying on how the war was turning. Having witnessed the way her own people had treated the Forest Trolls, she was terrified of what Picknose and his rebellion might do in retaliation to their oppressors children.  Gathering a few supplies, she told her son to follow the river. She would come and pick him up once it was safe. That was unfortunately the last time they saw each other.

Silverfish followed the river until he reached the end of the tunnel.  It was there that he met the Plainsrunners, a nomadic elf tribe . When it became clear that his mother was not going to come pick him up, they took him in, despite some disagreement internally. He quickly befriended Quill, and the two have been best friends ever since.

Silverfish has sometimes expressed desire to go up the tunnel that he came out of to find out what happened to his mother. So far he has just left it to talking.

Silverfish has a notch on his left ear, from a longtooth during a hunt that went badly.

Links to Fanfics: None as of yet


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Re: Member Characters
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Name: Firefly
Birth-tribe: Wolfriders
Parents:Redlance and Nightfall

Appearance:Pale, with green eyes, and brown hair. She is about the same height are her Mother, and similarly lean. Her hair is short, cut close to the base of her head at the back, and is done in two braid at the front that reach midway down her breasts. Her hair is straight for the most part and she lets her bangs grow any which way until they stop her from being able to see then she’ll cut them. Her breasts are fairly large, around a c-cup as far and human cup sizes would go.
Attire: Her main colour in clothes is an orange/beige type of colour. Though, her clothes always contain some type red. The leathers she wears consist of a hooded jacket, stomach bindings, gloves that reach 3 quarters up her arms, pants and boots.
Her jacket has short sleeves, and only reaches part way down her stomach. The front in tied together with strings. The hood and the sleeves have a border of green and red. Her stomach bindings are a simple plain white, and her gloves are just a plain red. Her pants are tucked into her boots, and are the same orange/beige colour as the jacket. Her boots are the same red as her gloves.

Role:Hunter, Magic User
Skills:She is a Firestarter, good at tracking like her father, and has excellent aim.

Personality: She feels a little out of place so she tends to be pretty quiet. She equally sends and speaks, not wanting to lose either. She is friendly and will take whoever is willing under her wing and teach them all that she knows. She can be tender and loving, like the embers of a fire, in the hunt she rages like a fire few of her age group can match. She avoids fights if she can, not that they happen very often. She loves her tribe with everything she has, and would do anything for them.
Background: She was born of ‘true’ (Not Healer induced) recognition between her Mother, Nightfall, and Father, Redlance. She has grown in the shadow of the palace, knowing Shuna in her short human life. When she reached 7 turns of seasons her ability presented itself.
It was during a deep winter she was bundled with the aging Shuna because a strong storm hand sealed the entryway to the troll tunnels. While the bitter cold nipped at them both and she could feel Shuna shivering under her (Firefly being in her lap) she wished for a fire for fear that Shuna would die. It erupted from her hands like a spring heating them both until the storm had subsided and the snow from the Troll entryway could be removed. She then was taken under Savah, and Timmain’s care to learn to control her abilities.
Since then she has felt alittle at odds with her tribe, if only for the fact that fire was a deep rooted fear to the tribe, and the wood. Though her family nor her tribe has shunned her she can’t help but feel out of place. She has strived and succeeded at been an excellent hunter for the tribe, through the tutelage and encouragement of the entire tribe. She has become the lovemate of Dart and Kimo, though, she yearns for recognition and a cub. This not being unlike her sister, Tyleet whom she barely knows because Tyleet is with Ember's tribe of wolfriders.

Also, she has gone through a few wolf friends her current one is softpaw.

Links to Fanfics: N/A
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Re: Member Characters
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(Gah, I'm so bad writing this stuff) Post is likely to be updated  more then a couple of times.
Name:Beyond, Biyion (name given to him by the Jenhna tribe), Yon-Yon (what small children call him).
Former names: Mischief, Strife, Warmaker, Yin-Sa-Ci.
Birth-tribe:The Timeless.
Parents: Zharo (High One) and Darkfire.
Age:6322 (When Blue Mountain fall)

Appearance:Hair: Short, reaches down just past his shoulders and curls ever so slightly at the ends. Orange-reddish. (more orange then red, honestly.)
Height/Build: Very tall, much taller than modern elves. Near High One height, half a head shorter then a High One would be. Eyes are green (and fairly unfriendly looking) and he's rather pale looking. Has large patches of purple colour around his eyes.
Attire:Very colorful, leaf green and purple:
Hat: More or less a jester hat. Depending on how young and mischievous/villainous he is, the more tails it has. The current one has 3.
Neck/throat scarf: Purple, looks a bit ripped up.
Torso clothing: (Tunic) Just one piece of cloth, very lose, shows off his side. A 'double belt' holds it in place.
Shoes: Really long, kinda like the ones Strongbow uses.
Has a little decorative laughing face just beneath the shoulder part of his tonic.

Role:Troublemaker, replacement Chief if Darkfire is out of the Holt and in charge of driving hostile humans out of the Timeless' lands. Also one of the tanners/tailors of the tribe.
He used to be actively cause the hostile humans to go to war with each other.

Skills:Immensely good at causing strife and unrest among human tribes. Very good at stalking,tracking, observing. Has patience to study a subject for days. Has a rather big knowledge of poisons, drugs and is able to use pressure points.  Is also an absurdly fast runner and rather acrobatic.

Personality: More often then not seen with a wicked smile, Beyond is a manipulative trickster who's greatest joy in life is to cause chaos, strife and unrest among humans. (Never goes crazy on his own tribe) For the most part Beyond is content with simply making hostile humans argue and manipulating them into doing either very stupid or silly or life-threatening things.

Beyond is in charge of driving hostile humans out of the Timeless' lands, something Cheneah ordered him to when he was a youngster. He takes this position very seriously.
To his own tribe, Beyond is simply a mischievous troublemaker.  His Recognized mate, Uli is the only one who knows him past his mischievousness.   
Despite being over 6000 years old, Beyond seems to maintain a youthfulness about him. He tends to get along better with the much younger elves then those his own age or older.


-Was born in Two-Spear's time.
-Used to have a odd and incredibly strong phobia for Preservers, but he recently conquered it.
- Beyond hates bears with a passion.
-Beyond tends to adore and have a close relationship with his sisters and the total opposite with his brothers. 
-Felt ignored by his mother and had a rather rocky relationship with her for a very long time. It's gotten much better in later years.
- Spent 10 years living with a human tribe.
- Uli and Feannec are the only people who know his soulname. Uli knows it through Recognition while Feannec knows it because Beyond gave it to him.
-Can be incredibly cranky when he's sick.
-Has 'off' periods were he were wears black and orange cloths and hardly does any mischievous stuff. Some have lasted for over 30 years.
- Adores elfin and troll children.
-Beyond has two abilities : Levitation ability. It's used so little Beyond tends to forget he has it. It functions more as an reflex-ability, that kicks in whenever he's is danger of falling to his death.
The other is Shadow wandering, a power he dislikes using, but has mostly mastered. It has a bizarre chance of transplanting him some random location.

(I only recently got around to drawing characters in fulbody) Top One show what his shoes look like.

Another set of clothes he has. Colours are black and orange.

Cat coat, and Sleeper.
Art by others:
[Limit reached](Berit)
[Limit reached]
[Limit reached][Limit reached][Limit reached][Limit reached][Limit reached](Startear)
(White haired edition)

[Limit reached]

Name:Tananek, sometimes mispronounced Tanatek.

Birth-tribe: A unnamed tribe of elves that were either half goat or simply had altered their shape to look like it. He was born a very sickly child and his Timeless parent, Res stole him away a week after he was born, when it became clear the mother’s tribe would do nothing to save the child. Tananek grew up with the Timeless and has never shown any interest in his mothers tribe or spoken about her.
Parents: Res and an unnamed Satyr elf. The grandson of Arehe.

Age: Born in Freefoot’s time. 4227 years old when Blue Mountain fall.

Appearance: About a head taller then your typical Wolfrider. Leanish, well built. Has the Timeless insignia tattooed on his left shoulder.

Attire: In warm seasons he hardly wears anything.Prefers to be mostly bare chested. He likes to wear thin thread ropes as decorations. In colder seasons he wears ponchos. His furred legs keep the cold away nicely. His horns are often decorated with threads and small, colorful stones. His eyes are very bright lime green, hair is black. Has 3 silver rings around the end of his tail.

Role: Maker of arrows and spears. Hunter of birds, collector of plants and mushrooms. Often entertains or babysits the tribe’s children, who are often the ones to decorate his horns. Can often be found painting figures on walls and making decorations for other people or feasts.

Skills: Very good leaper, climber, excellent marksman with bow and arrow. Good at getting at hard to get plants.

Personality: Oddly quiet and shy for a Timeless. Known for being very patient and very good with children. Seems to be rather fearful of Wolfriders due to hearing about their more wolfish ancestors and believes they’d try and eat him.

Background: Res at one point left the Shadowgrounds and went exploring and ended up with a case of amnesia after an accident. He some time later met a satyr elf and ended up Recognizing her. Little is known about their relationship, because Res refused to speak about it. All that is know, is the fact a Res, who was slowly getting his memories back, stole a very sick Tananek from his birthtribe and left the satyr-elves a week after his birth, and managed to get back to the Shadowgrounds and get his son healed.

Tananek was utterly accepted by the Timeless and his childhood was happy, secure and peaceful.
[Limit reached]By others:

Name: Res, later adopts the word ‘Capricious’ as a last name.
Preserver name: Nearlyhighthigh-highthing.
Birth-tribe: Bridge child between the Timeless and a tribe called Bailon’s Children. Belongs with the Timeless.

Parents: Arehe and Jirora.

Siblings: Cidurcir (older sister),Shatter-sun (younger brother) and Ta (younger brother).

Children: Tananek (son), Vair (daughter),Anyai (daughter) and Vayka (son).(Possibly others) 

Lovemates: Res has several lovers, both female and male. They ones known are Charring, Ice-Cinder,Zarvee, Reivah, Blackstone and Sleeper.
-Of all his partners, Charring and Ice-Cinder is the one he to spends the most time with.

Res is not an entirely easy person to get along with, but he guards his family and friends fiercely and tends to develop very deep bonds with people he cares about.
- Ice-Cinder, Charring,Darkfire, Zarvee,Beyond, Uli, Shadowcaster,Shadow-Dancer, Raivah, Blackstone, Charring, Rixanna.
- Res seems to hold Chenah in high esteem, and even invokes her in exclamations. ‘Chenah’s bloodied spears’ and so on.

Age: He’s 5551 by the time of the Blue Mountain’s fall/Palace’s disappearance.

Appearance: Res has a glider-ish height (would tower over wolfriders, but is nowhere as tall as a typical Timeless) and has a rather waifish build.
Res has dark brown-reddish hair that (typically) reaches his knees. It’s rather shaggy and wild looking.

Attire: Res styles himself after the High Ones. He wears a pale,white-ish blue robe. Underneath that, he wears a dark loose neck shirt and matching trumpet pants. He wears a metal headdress that ends in a upside down triangle that is adorned with a green-turquoise-ish jewel. (Likely Amazonite)  Also wears a necklace that is just more or less one long thread decorated by 3 small stones.

Background: Res was born 3791 years after the crash of the High Ones and showed signs of being able to return to their former glory and in turn be able to make the small palace crystal sphere Bailon’s tribe were in possession of, regrow to the point of becoming a space-ship once again.

Bailon’s Children, his mother’s tribe are incredibly fixated on returning to the stars, but lacked the powers and cared very little for the consequences for turning somebody into a ‘one goal, one reason in life’-puppet. By saying his parents he had died, they managed to hide away Res for 10 years, brainwashing him into believing his fate and place was to be the one to return them to the stars. He was set to work on developing his magic with the help of a palace crystal orb in order to consolidate power, with next to no contact to other people with the exception of the High One who came up with the plan in the first place, Bailon himself.

He was found by Darkfire at the age of 9 and torn out of a trance-like state, and told how everybody had been told he had died. This revelation enraged him to the point where he ‘called’ (siphoned) all the magic out of the crystal orb and out of all of Starsfall (home of Bailon’s Children), murdered Bailon and destroyed his very soul when he showed up to defend/explain his actions.

Res has never shown any remorse over the murder of Bailon, and has an almost overriding hatred towards his Children and has been known to attack them on sight. Resulting in Darkfire assigning him two guards to keep him from outright murdering them with his bare hands. His guards are  Zarvee and Feverdust.

Res likes to go on jaunts that can last up fro 2 to 3 years. He’s know to end up in absurd situations/having weird adventures, sometimes because his curiousness overrides any common sense he has, other times because Abode just seems out to get him.
-On one jaunt he hit his head, lost his memory, found a tribe of satyr-elves and had a child with one of them.  When the child was born sickly and they showed no signs of trying to save it, he ended up starting up starting a small war with them and abducted the child.
-While visiting the Silver Hills trolls, he managed to drive back an invading group of Guttlekraw’s trolls when they attacked.

Personality: Res is generally a bit of mixed bag and can be fairly unpredictable. He can come off as cold and dismissive. He’s observant,intensely curious, but is known become almost over-the-top theatrical in his body language and expressions when arguing, stressed,angry or just stalling for time.
-When it comes to magic, Res tends to overrun everybody. Even High Ones.
-Despite his level of magic, Res has a bizarre fondness for physical violence and will be the first one to throw a punch or demand violence happen.
- He enjoys brawling and arguing. He doesn’t seem to care if he wins or loses.

Role: Res’ original role was to become the ‘one who would get Bailon’s Children back to the stars’.
His current role is to teach. Part time explorer.

- Working with the palace crystal the Timeless are in possession of. Res claims it’s a bit of a obsession he can’t get rid off.
-Spending time with his children, family members, friends.
- Visiting the Silver Hills trolls.
- Teaching.

Skills: A magic user nearly equal to a High One prior to the crash. Res has several powers thanks to Bailon’s scheming, but has expressed he only really wants one ability. Healing.
Res’ magic powers are:
- Rockshaping.
- Energy bolts.
- Soul Fire.
- Levitation/tossing of items/telekinesis. (Think spears being tossed at high speed. )
- Res’ Sending ability is strong enough to be extremely harmful to humans.

Weapons: His powers aside, Res owns Bright Wrath, a sword given to him by the king of the Silver Hills trolls as a reward for driving back an invading group of Northern trolls.

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Re: Member Characters
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(I'm much worse, Nilla, I never write profiles for any of my characters...)
This profile is what I have so far on this character, many edits and changes could happen and I will update with a final version. Her appearance and attire will foreverly remain the same.

Name: Shadowtree
Birth-tribe: The Outcasts
Parents: Gentlestream and Akram
Age: Only around 50-60 years old

Appearance: Wispy dark brown hair, a little longer than shoulders. grey-blue almond shaped eyes, full lips and a pointy nose (Think Moonshade). As tall as a wolfrider male, maybe a few inches taller. Very child-like face even through maturity. Curvy build.
Attire: Typically wears a blue off-the-shoulder shirt thats tattered and worn to the point where it no longer covers her stomach. Blue leather pantswith feathers across the top and brown leather boots with fur on the top. Has a gold earring in both ears.
In later years she has an outfit change with a sunvillager style strapless dress/shirt that is pink and gold bands on the top and bottom. She then wears tan shorts that go to her knees and dark brown ankle boots.

Role: Hunter/Gatherer. She doens't do much else.
Skills: Excellent sender, great with animals, she watches over wolf pups from time to time. Treeshaper.

Personality: Outgoing and spunky. She loves having fun, even though it may get her in trouble from time to time, she'll never do anything to hurt anyone. She'd rather be jumping through the trees than running on the ground, she loves teasing other elves, though its mostly her mother, and she loves making new creative games to entertain herself. She's a very imaginative elf and at night she loves to stargaze, dreaming about other worlds. Though the downside is she likes to know everything about the world around her, including the people. She's stubborn and likes to pry to the point of annoyance, and she has a weakness for hats.

Background: Her parents were born in the snow mountains and travelled often. They recognized once settled down with the Outcast tribe in the plains. A few years after Shadowtree was born, the tribe began moving again. They passed a band of humans and were chased out of the plains and into the mountains. There they met with the Timeless and settled in rock dens around the area. Though, being a treeshaper, Shadowtree created her own tree den where she settled in with her mother and father. A few years later, while hunting, the humans found Akram's hunting group of three, and to save the others he sacrificed himself as a distraction so they could run away. Two years later, Nasya was born. 25 years later, Shadowtree became lovemates with Arehe.

Links to Fanficshttp://www.elfquestfanart.com/index.php?topic=337.0




Name: Nasya
Birth-tribe: The Outcasts
Parents: Gentlestream and Akram
Age: 25

Appearance: Long curly brown-red hair, golden brown eyes and could be the twin of Shadowtree when she was growing up. Full maturity though, she is a few inches taller, and thinner build. Her face has a Heart-to-square shape to it with wide almond shaped eyes and a button nose like her mother's (Think ember).
Attire:A pink leather long sleeve vest and tan leather shorts with thigh-high fur boots. She has gold earrings.

Role: Nasya is one of the younger elves, so she doesn't have much to do. She mostly is the party elf.
Skills: Nasya is a Glider, other than that she has no skills...

Personality: Nasya is a sassy elf you do not want to cross. She seems sweet at first glance but after a few minutes of talking to her, you notice the attitude in her voice. She is not spoiled but she grew up tough and fast, with no other children around she either stayed with her sister or with the Timeless, though mainly Beyond. She is deep in the "Light up every night" customs of the Outcasts, so pretty much every night is a good night for her.
Background: Nasya was born approximately 10 years after the settlement in Timeless territory. Beyond and Shadowtree immediately brought her into the world with a celebration. Nasya grew up with the Trickster Beyond, learning many of his bad habits. Once she turned 25 she became close to Beyond's son, Shadow-caster, and soon became lovemates with him. They had a daughter named Spider.

Links to Fanfics: None
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Re: Member Characters
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At the moment I'm working on the CIS of my elf (self) Deergrace. Hopefully I can manage to finish it by end of tommorow  ::).
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Re: Member Characters
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I have never, ever been able to write good character sheets.  I know in my head how the character is and that's about it  :lol  But I attempted Neve.  Background coming soon!

Name: Neve
Birth-tribe: GoBack
Parents: Unknown, related to Urda one way or another, maybe.
Age: Several hundred

Appearance: Pale skin, even while in the Sun Village as she keeps most of it protected with arm covers and leggings.  May occassionally turn pinkish on cheeks when out in the sun too long.  Dark hair kept short which occassionally may behave itself and look styled, otherwise has a habit of sticking out in various places which she ignores.  Eyes are dark, a bit more narrow than other elves, but the pupils and iris large for the narrow shape.  Nose is small and a touch upturned at the end.  Left side of the mouth turns up just a little, giving an appearance of perhaps a cynical or sarcastic nature.  Stature is neither tall nor short, body shape trim, small chested and not much of a rear,   not exceptionally slim nor athletic
Attire: Go-Back attire retailored for the warmer weather in the Sun Village.  Soft grey top and shorts make up most of her outfit.  Pale fur sleeve caps are kept upon her shoulders to remind herself and others of her birth tribe.  Arm and leg covers in a dark wine colour are used to protect her pale skin from the sun as she did not enjoy the first time she was burnt and never intends to go through that again.  A thick belt with a metal buckle hangs from her waist to keep her chosen weapon (one that looks like a large yoyo) close at hand.  The only decoration she chooses to wear is a flower in her hair, a silent mark of the tribe she now lives with.

Role: Warrior/Protector
Skills: Handy with her yoyo, she can still use a range of other weapons in true Go-Back fashion.  Not much else in skill, but she will not walk away when asked for help even when she has no idea what she's doing.

Personality: A bit mild mannered for a Go-Back she will still protect others when is needed.  She still remembers hearing the words "elf does not kill elf" and seeing how other elves have acted towards one another fighting no longer sits well with her.  But having been raised a Go-Back boredom strikes often and sitting still is not something she cares to do.  If someone needs assistance she will help, often not knowing how or what she is doing, which can lead to a few injuries that might have been avoided if she had taken the time to ask "how".  She is quite well behaved all in all considering, but there are times when she will just speak her mind when she can no longer stand the idle chatter or silly talk that goes on.   
Background: True to the GoBack belief that you do not own a child, Neve does not know who her parents are.  She was raised by many, taught their beliefs, trained as a warrior as they all are. 
During the fight for the palace Neve was still a young warrior, never questioning the way she was raised or trained.  The call of the Palace was just as strong to her as all the Go Backs and fighting the trolls to regain it made sense to her at the time.  Living through the war and then the few years later when Rayek came and destroyed their lodge Neve's mind began to think differently and she was beginning to understand the strange conflict she had been living with for years. 
Along with a few other elves she left the Go Backs to see if they could find something else, something they may be missing.  Urda scolded her for deserting them, not waiting for the return of their chief, but Neve told her that waiting around and doing nothing was against the way she was raised.  If she and her group were to find Khavi they would tell her where the rest of the tribe was and would most likely return with her.
It actually took them many years to come across the Sun Village, after Khavi came and went and several years after the disappearance of the Palace.  What happened during those years Neve won't speak of, simply giving a shrug when asked.  Her decision to remain in the Sun Village was based on a few things - the constant wandering would end, the Little Palace was there, and there wouldn't be fighting every day.  Even with life a bit dull the village could be worse.
When Khavi returns attempting to steal the Little Palace Neve sides with the Sun Villagers, ashamed her birth tribe has come down to this.  She remembered from years gone by hearing that "elf does not kill elf" so why should the tribes fight against each other?  She remains with the Sun Villagers, not yet deciding to return to the Go-Backs.     

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Re: Member Characters
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Oh my word..... It has been years since the last time I made my own character..... I'm going to have to put some thought into this.... ???


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Re: Member Characters
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Name: Dawnswirl
Birth-tribe: Wolfriders
Parents: In flux atm.
Age: Young Adult

Appearance: Somewhat tanned for a wolfrider as the holt is a mixture of five tribes, hair is red and yellow at the same time, not like Ember's, but like the colors of sunrise, all mixed in together, it's fluffy and wavy and usually braided into one or two tails. Small hazel eyes, a straight nose and a boyish body type, very slender and not very lady-like.
Attire: Usually wears big shiny leather boots, a hat or scarf of some type and a skirt or dress with a sleeveless black top. Uses a lot of feathers to adorn herself. Wears furs in colder weather and a jacket, wears only her dress in warmer weather.

Role: Hunter/Storyteller in training
Skills: Hunting, gathering, music, specifically singing, stringed instruments and the flute. She is being taught by her Great grandsire Charmer to be the holt's new storyteller. Skilled at archery and swordplay; uses a longsword in combat but the bow to hunt.

Personality: Shy but strong in her convictions, she tends not to speak out in council meetings or the big gatherings of the tribes. A generally very happy elf who likes experiencing the world around her. She enjoys being around others, especially just sitting and listening to everything; songs, music, gossip, it doesn’t matter to her. Can’t dance to save her life. She has two really big left feet when it comes to that. Still, she enjoys parties and celebrations. She is starting to come out of her shell singing and storytelling but is still shy of performance. Prefers hunting in big groups, because she has a big fear of being separated from the others. 
Background: (Mostly TBA) Bondbeast: Snowshag.

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Re: Member Characters
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Well, I'll give this a shot.  Sorry, can't figure out how to attach to this.

NAME:   Amberfox
RACE:   elf
GENDER:   male
SOUL NAME:   not revealed
KNOWN BY:   himself, Raptureflight (mother), Desertmoon (soul brother)
CUB(S):   none
AGE:   627
HEIGHT:   5’11”
HAIR:   blonde, mid-calf length, slightly wavy, very thick, bangs, wisps just over his ears that curl upward and outward
EYES:      emerald green, wide, slanted, large
SKIN TONE:      pale
BODY TYPE:   thin but muscular
MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:   blonde mustache, unusual height, high cheekbones, angular facial features, deep almost mesmerizing voice, almost always smiling
CLOTHING:   light grey-white pants that flare out from knees
JEWELRY:   silver ankh on silver neckband, copper amulet on silver chain necklace, silver and turquoise ring, occasional other pieces
WEAPONS:   longsword, knife at hip, spear
ABILITIES:   strong sending, animal bonding, magic feeling, hypnosis through singing
SKILLS:   warrior, hunting, tracking, singing, dancing, scouting, trickster, quick thinking, plays lute and lyre
FAMILY:   Raptureflight (mother), Whitestag (father, deceased), Desertmoon (step-and soul brother), Nightwind (stepfather)
ORIGIN:   Forestdwellers Holt
PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:   Amberfox was born in the Forestdwellers Holt to Raptureflight and Whitestag.  His father was killed while Amberfox was still very young and his mother lovemated and eventually lifemated with Nightwind, Desertmoon’s father (the two had been lovemates before Nightwind Recognized). Amberfox and Desertmoon took to each other before Amberfox could even stand and they became soul brothers almost instantly.  Was given “permission to leave” the Forestdwellers by their current chief, Lord Lightrain.
   Amberfox is about as playful and carefree as one can get.  He can find great amusement in everything and it’s often wondered if he could ever take anything seriously at all.  Can’t resist a challenge or temptation and will always charge into it laughing and at times without thinking.  Loves to pull pranks on humans and feels successful when they scream for help.  Utterly quick at devising schemes and solutions, which are not always very realistic.  Will drop everything for his soul brother, who generally is by his side.  Amused by and enjoys the attention of his hunting buddy, Fiercecry.  Considers virtually everything a game and prefers night and to send. Nocturnal (though can wander around in daylight if need be) and prefers to send (will speak if must).  Life's too short; have fun!

COLORS\SYMBOLS:   silver and white\silver ankh resting on copper amulet
   HUMANS:   great fun, especially when they scream for help. Gives him something to do to alleviate boredom. Knows some language and superstitions.
   TROLLS:   Has encountered both hostile and friendly. Amused by them.
   PRESERVERS:   fun to sic them on others!
   OTHER ELVES:   generally friendly towards. Will fight if must but will try to avoid killing (unless there’s no other choice).

BOND BEAST:   wolf
NAME:   Equinox
GENDER:   female
COLOR:   dark brown


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Re: Member Characters
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I have soooo many characters I RP with, but ShineBright is me as an elf  ;), kind of....

Character's name: ShineBright

Race: elf
Gender: female
Pure/Animal Blood (If Animal, Specify which): Pure-Blooded, though born Wolf-Blooded
Soulname:  Ura
Known by: TBD
Age: Born in 556, Immortal, 3th generation elf after the High Ones

Life/Love-mate :  she is a free spirit, trees with who is willing, no rules! But hopes one day to have a lifemate who believes the same.
Cub(s): none
Parents:  Mother, Laneah, deceased (pureblood), Father, Silver, deceased (part wolfblood)

Height:  6'3
Hair:  long, halfway her back, curly golden-yellow, she wears it in different styles, 2 tails, down or with a headband of sort, depending on the season!
Eyes:  Green/Blue
Skin Tone: medium tan
Body Type: Curvy, but did developed little muscles from running and swimming.
Marks/Scars/Outstanding Features:  3 Scars on her right upper leg, done by a mountain lion

Clothing: Boots up to her upper leg, in the summer she wears a short skirt and top, in the winter a long tunic lined with fur.
Jewelry: Necklace with shells and teet
Weapons: Bow and Knife
Special Possessions: Her necklace and a headpiece made by her mother, which she keeps save in her den, only to look at from time to time.

Tribal Position (Hunter, Gatherer, Tanner etc): She is a Tanner, Gatherer, Herbalist and Hunter
Abilities(no magic): she loves to try new trades, but because her mother was a healer with limited powers and because she has been alone for many, many turns of the seasons, she has learned much about herbs, plants and their healingpowers!
Magic (Does not include sending. If not able to send, please say so):  Treeshaper

Personal History and Information
Personality: Open minded and will stay friendly to you, even when you don't deserve it. But she will not get you get closer then what she wants, not until she thinks you deserve it (again).
Tries to see the bright side of things and is eager to learn. Fun to be around, but is a good listener and the whole tribe knows it.
Likes:  Scouting for plants and herbs, loves to cook for the tribe, specially during a festival. Goes on the hunt and helps fishing, but is usually found in and around the holt.
Dislikes:  There isn't much she doesn't like, but lying would be number one.
Personal History Information: Mother was a pureblooded elf, firstborn after the High Ones, who Recognized a hunter from The Hunt. They met after The Hunt left the Wolfriders and he stayed with her for several turns, but could not bare the looks of her familymembers any more and left to find his tribe again. It is not sure if he ever found them, but as long as he was in sending range they kept contact, her mother cried for days after contact was lost. She never wanted another lifemate or lovemate. Laneah was a healer and a hunter who was mortally wounded while on a hunt, ShineBright wanted to help and found plants she thought could help her. But Laneah was too weak and couldn’t heal herself, not even when ShinBright offered the plants.
This made ShineBright want to know everthing about plants and herbs and their healingabilities. While searching she discovered her own magic, treeshaping.
Fears: loosing her newfound friends.

Knowledge/Opinion of
Humans:  Thinks the humans are funny to watch, which she does. Over the many years she can still get surprised by them and she can't help but wonder what they will become.
Trolls:  Respects them and knows the elves need them, like they need elves.
Preservers: Wonderful! Funny and very useful, they help her preserve her herbs and seeds.
Other Elves: On her many travels did she meet other elves and she stayed with several for long periods of time, but the cry made her want to help whoever was calling.

Other Information:
Bond Animal:  had many wolffriends, but at one time stopped searching for one. It became too painful to loose them, although she will honor the bond once it is created.
Pack rank-(if appliable ):

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