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Author Topic: Tigerstripes (Quite long)  (Read 4980 times)


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Tigerstripes (Quite long)
« on: April 14, 2009, 12:03:46 PM »

A Skyslayer production.

Hello! Sweetwater here!
I said this would be up by this week sometime, so here it is...
Just wanted to explain Skyslayer Productions a wee bit better. Skyslayer is an anagram of Kessy and Lyra (my best friend and I’s nicknames.) We created this story and soon put it on an rp site and were soon joined by three other people. Thus Skyslayer Productions was born.   This particular clip-it, was written by 5 people, and we are quite proud of it!

Cast O’ Characters (important ones at least)
Cianna- Dark brown curly hair, cut at her shoulders. Green eyes. Aunt to Copper, Half sister to Dew. Magic- Premonition. 
Copper- Dark brown wavy hair, orange eyes. Chieftess daughter of Dew and Shadow. Magic- farsight
Dew- long dark brown curly hair, blue purple eyes. Mother to Copper half-sister of Cianna. No magic
Eaglehawk- light brown hair, green eyes. Brother of Falcon, son of Gentlepalm Magic: finding.
Falcon- auburn hair, green eyes, brother of Eaglehawk son of Gentlepalm magic-healing.
Feather & Iridia- bright red/orange hair, freckles, small and identical twins. daughter of Flicker.
Firefly- Strawberry blonde hair, blue/purple eyes, daughter of Spirit. Magic- magic sense.
Flicker- Bright red/orange hair, mother of Blaze, Feather and Iridia. magic- light shaping.
Gentlepalm-light brown/silver hair green eyes, mother of falcon and eaglehawk magic-herbal healing
Ironhand- found when he was a baby, taken in by Tigerstripes clan, he’s actually a wolfrider. Blonde hair, blue eyes, strong.  Excellent fighter.  Magic-metal shaping.
Shadow- light blonde hair, copper eyes, a large scar spanning across his left eye. Father of Copper. No-magic
Spirit- champagne blonde hair, purple eyes, mother of Firefly. Magic- speaking and see spirits of the dead.
Twotales- bright blonde hair, green eyes. Magic- weather shaping.

Princess Kyoko- Ruler of the clan, long black hair, dark eyes. magic-hypnotism.
Jett- Best friend of kyoko, light blonde hair, magic- farsight
Lady Novella (Nova)- Lady in waiting and protecter of Kyoko deep red hair
Kamaria- black hair, bright blue eyes, servant of Kyoko. magic- rock shaper
Sir Anekea- leader of the knights, father of Kamaria, Black hair, blue eyes.
Alassea- blonde curly hair, blue/green eyes. Servant of Kyoko magic- windshaping
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Re: Tigerstripes
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Chapter 1 – The challenge
      Dews brown ringlets fell to her waist as she tossed them at the young males in the clan. Her younger sister Cianna followed behind mimicking the bounce in Dews step. Their tigers kept up easily, completely hidden by the vast grassy hills. On and on the land seemed to go… the only landmark at all different was the small river that ran near the Callow Clans burrows. Yes burrows. The clan created small burrows in the hill side.  Shades of browns, and yellows graced the elves bodies in this tribe.
      Dew smiled and approached the boys a woven basket under one arm, her hips swaying seductively. None would have guessed that she had a child and raised her on her own. Her daughter Copper, named for her orange eyes, the only good thing that came from her father, Dew liked to think.

     It was fifteen years ago, in the late summer when the ‘accident’ occurred. A tribe council… all were present. Dew wasn’t the youngest in the tribe, but she certainly behaved so, capturing all of the men’s hearts easily. Easy going and care free, refusing to believe anything could go wrong.
     Dew sighed impatiently, next to her younger sister. She wanted to dance, to run, not to sit here and listen to their chief’s crazy words.

     Chief Shadow, who sadly, had never been right in the head since he was responsible for his fathers death at age 20.  This certain night he was explaining how a rock had told him that fifteen years from then, ‘a orange fire would come quickly in the fall, and he would fail.’
     Most of the tribe rolled their eyes impatiently. It was outrageous… rocks didn’t talk. Plus it was fifteen years away. “Nothing is set in stone…” whispered Dew with a giggle, causing the tribe to look at her a chuckle sweetly.
     Shadow whipped around and felt his voice caught in his throat when he looked in to Dews blue and purple eyes. The strongest wind hit him and he felt as though he would tumble backward. A pain struck his chest and he felt a hunger in his stomach, a need for the beautiful elf.
     Dew fell silent, as tears formed in her eyes. No It couldn’t be! Not him! Not him! Dew tried her hardest to look away as their souls searched together for each others soul names. Dew shook her head and silently whispered “No”.
     “You are dismissed.” Shadow spoke slowly and harshly. “All except for you…” he said pointing and Dew.
Cianna looked to Dew worriedly and was reluctant to move, but with a persistent poke from Firefly, Cianna stood and touched her fearful looking sister once before leaving.
     “No!” Stated Dew impatiently.
     “What?” Questioned Shadow reaching out to her.
     “No! I refuse! I refuse this gift!” she screeched standing. “I won’t be yours!” It was very childlike to think she could refuse the Highones bidding but she would have to try. “I won’t! Don’t come near me!” She stated darting away quickly.
     “Dew, it is a wonderful gift, the Highones have told me so…” whispered a voice behind her. Dew turned quickly to see Spirit. Spirits long corn silk blond hair was entangled in her fingers. She was the younger sister of Shadow and possessed a powerful and rare gift. Her name had not always been Spirit, but ever since she began speaking and seeing ghosts it had been.
     “Hush!” Squealed Dew moving cat like away from Shadow and his sister.
Shadow growled out a warning.  “You can not deny this. You will bare me a son.” He commanded angrily.
     Dew let out an ear piercing scream of frustration and turned on her heel storming away from her new mate. “Never!” She screeched running towards her tribe to spread the news quickly and beg for protection.

     It was a full moon phase before strong beautiful Dew gave up. She was physically sick, unable to keep anything down, unable to sleep, she just wanted out. Dew sat in the middle of the females of the tribe, different colored grasses woven in to her ringlets. “I will join with him” she whispered unhappily her hands folded in her lap and her sunken eyes fixed on a pebble on the ground.
     Gentlepalm rubbed her own swollen belly with a smile. “It will be worth it Dew…” She sighed and as her blue eyes floated around the group, she tossed her sterling hair, and patted her stomach when her cub kicked with in her. “You’ll be a great mother.”
     Dew smiled, Gentlepalm had always been sweet. Kittens were plentiful at the moment. Flicker had little Blaze and was pregnant again, along with Gentlepalm. Twotales was going on her 7th year and Firefly and Cianna were going on 12 years. It was a lot to live up to.
     “But I don’t want to be a mother!”
     All eyes went to Dew and it became quiet. Cianna moved closer to her half sister and patted her shoulder. Ortega, their mother, had died in child birth. First giving birth to Dew with her lovemate then recognizing some years later and giving birth to Cianna. Both took after their mother and held a striking resemblance. “Why not Sister?”
     “Because I don’t want to loose my way of life!” Dew said shaking off her sisters hand and forming her full lips in to a pout. “You all are my witnesses when I say this! I will join with Shadow yes! I will bare his child! Will we be mates? NO! I swear to the Highones! I will not loose my life and I will not mother this ‘son’ of his.” She demanded.
     Gentlepalm smiled knowingly and nodded. “Of course Dew.”
     Dew huffed and stood. **(Shadow!)** she sent not using his soul name for it left a horrible taste in her mouth.

     The joining was quick, once it was over Dew dressed herself feeling a large amount of relief, as if a weight was lifted off her shoulders. She left quickly heading back to her own burrow and crying in to her sisters shoulder and matching ringlets.
     Time past quickly. Shortly after the joining Gentlepalm gave birth to not one… but two kits. A strong male, named Eaglehawk, and a gentle male healer named Falcon. Then six seasons later Flicker gave birth to two identical red haired sisters named Feather and Iridia

     Dew often found herself fishing more then usual staring over her swollen belly at her reflection and feeling a sense of disgust. It had been decided (behind her back) that Flicker would feed the baby if Dew rejected it, as she had said. Spirit would care for the little boy with help from the other mothers.
When the day finally came at the end of the warmest moon phase. When dusk was cool and the nights even colder.  Dew crawled in to her burrow with help from Gentlepalm and Spirit. News spread like wildfire and soon the entire tribe waited outside the underground den expectantly. Shadow was the last to hear and quickly joined the tribe waiting for the arrival of his long awaited son.   
     When the two moons reached the top of the sky Dew let out a last scream and fell silent. Their was the laughter of the two other females when Dew muttered. “That wasn’t so hard…”
     Gentlepalm wrapped the babe in a soft piece of brown leather and cradled her against her chest. “Dew would you like to see your baby…?” She questioned.
     Dew sighed and held out her arms willingly her motherly instincts kicking in slightly. She cradled the baby sweetly. “Why isn’t it crying…? What is my baby…?"
     Gentlepalm sighed and exchanged a quick look with Spirit. “Your baby is very healthy and strong, just quiet…” She said with a smile smoothing out the hair around Dews face.
     “What is my baby? A boy or a girl…?”
     Spirit swallowed and looked at Gentlepalm. “It’s a girl…”
     Dew burst in to quick laughter and gripped her baby. “haha! Oh hes not going to like this! Well better go show her off to the tribe…”
     Dew began to get up but Gentlepalm gently pushed her back. “Spirit will do that love, you need rest.”
Spirit took the baby away from Dew and crawled to the opening pulling open the leather flap and stepped out in to the moonlight. Dew growled and crawled to the entrance of the burrow. “I told you this baby won’t slow me down!” She said pulling at the flap and laying down so that she was half way out, already exhausted. Cianna was by her side in a heart beat.
     Spirit glanced behind her briefly and went to her elder brother first. “Shadow, I know you were counting on a boy, but” Spirit opened her arms to show him the small girl. “It’s a girl…”
     “So its dead then?” Questioned Shadow seeming to ignore the babe.
     “No Shadow… it’s a girl, a healthy baby girl.”
     “What a shame! It’s a really pity loosing it.” He said turning from his sister. “Well there is always next time.”
With that he walked away, leaving Spirit staring opened mouthed after him. She looked back at Dew who was leaning against her sister also open mouthed. For the first time ever, no tribe member knew what to say except for the little newborn.
     She cried, and for some reason it tugged at Dew’s heart strings. “Here bring her to me!” demanded Dew holding out her arms wide. Spirit wandered over still speechless and placed the baby in her mothers arms. Dew held the child close to her body purring until the baby stopped its wails. She gazed down at her daughter, a pair of copper eyes staring back at her. She was quite cute and for some reason Dew felt a pull stronger then recognition. Maybe she could have her life and be a mother too? Change was in the air, and. to Dew, the child was the most beautiful child that have ever graced the tribe.
“I shall name you Copper, for your beautiful eyes my little kitten.” She began. “and since he hates you, and I love all that he hates I love you!” she glanced up at the tribe in front of her. “ignore what I said earlier…”

     Over the next thirteen years, Dew remained her flirtatious carefree self and yet kept her daughter close and raised her well. Now Dew sauntered towards the boys, she had gotten her figure back shortly after having little Copper and was confident that someday she would be a beautiful chieftess.
     Dew jumped and looked to see Shadow coming out of the brush near by. Their eyes connected and to Dews horror, she felt the storm again in her body and she back away slowly. No! not again! One child was enough! Copper was her life! She wouldn’t have another child! She ran back to the deserted burrows with out saying a word to the boys.
     To her surprise Shadow ran forward and grabbed her wrist. “We will have a son!” He scolded folding his hands around her neck.

     Copper nudged her three year old tigress, Teazer in to a run. Named for her behavior as a cub when given a piece of meat. Copper ducked down lower, so she could go faster, gripping her three rabbits by their back feet. Her chocolate brown hair rippled behind her as Teazers breath quickened as she ran from the hunting party.
Only thirteen and Copper was already beautiful and talented. As children of recognition and chieftain lines often were. A magic had developed in her over he past few years, that made her talented in hunting, searching and watching. A talent called ‘far-sight’: She could see further then any of her tribe, simply by using her magic. She took after her mother with her feather soft brown hair tumbling down in waves and beautiful features. Inky black stripes graced her milky skin, helping herself and her tribe blend in with their tiger kin, and help them stalk their pray in the long grass that was their home. Coppers most stunning feature however did not come from her mother, but from her father, Shadow. Her eyes. Pale orange in color that darkens according to the moon, her eyes which inspired her name.
   **Mother!** She called excitedly. **Mother! Where are you? You’ll never guess how many rabbits I got! I beat Eaglehawk!** Over the past four seasons Copper had been training with the weapon maker Ironhand. All so she could beat the head hunter Eaglehawk, young for his age but the best hunter in the tribe. It was no secret that both twins had begun to fancy Copper, so no doubt Eaglehawk had let her win.
     **Mother!?** Copper called leaping off of her tigress and heading in to the den closest to her. She found her mother lying on her side in front of her. “Mother? Why are you sleeping…?” Copper slowly reached out her hand and touched her mothers pale skin prepared to gently shake her awake. Copper withdrew her hand quickly. She had never felt anything so cold before in her entire life. She gasped and reached out again. “Mother! Mother Please!” She said feeling tears in her eyes. “MOTHER!” She squealed and pulled Dew over on her back. There around Dews neck were dark bruise marks in the shapes of hands. Her eyes were open and lifeless.
     Coppers hands flew to her mouth and she screamed. Tears were falling now. **HELP! SOMEONE! Help me! Please! FALCON!!**
     The soon to be sixteen year old healer looked up from the tiger cubs and towards Coppers panicked send. **Copper? Copper what is it?** he questioned, standing and running toward her.
     **Its mother! I think shes….just get here!** Copper could feel her heart quickly breaking. He let out a stuttering breath when she felt someone’s hand on her shoulder.
     “Come Copper…” whispered Firefly pulling her young cousin out of the den despite her protests. “Falcon and Gentlepalm will take care of it.” Though in her heart, Firefly knew the horrible truth. The facts of the matter was that they couldn’t do anything it was far to late. Firefly pulled Copper in to a soft embrace as Copper cried out of fear, loneliness, anger and sadness. The poor girl didn’t understand.
     By this time, Copper wails had brought the entire tribe to the den. When Falcon arrived he rushed in to the den looking no where else, his mother at his heels. The minutes ticked by like years for Copper, eventually her tears were joined by her aunt Cianna’s. Firefly held them both tightly as they sobbed.
     Falcon reemerged under his mothers arm. “Copper…” began Falcon opening his arms to her. She flew in to them in a heartbeat. His arms coiled around her and kissed the top of her head silently. “I’m so sorry.” He whispered.
Gentlepalm shook her head and swallowed. “I hate to say this, but beautiful Dew is dead… murdered by the looks of it.” She felt a large amount of anger swell through her. It was horrible! Dew was so full of life’s fire. Yet here she was, dead.     “Copper, Cianna, I’m sorry there was nothing we could do.”
     Riverrock and Quickwing exchanged glances. “We were last to see her alive I think…” Quickwing said sadly feeling his own tears. “Shadow went after her…”
     Cianna looked to Spirit slowly. “What does she say? What does my sister say?” Questioned Cianna impatiently, moving away from her age mate to approach Spirit.
     Spirit looked from Cianna then to her daughter Firefly asking for some sort of protection. “I…uh…”
     “Who did this to her?” asked Cianna calmly, though their was an angry fire behind her eyes, and tears streaming down her face.
     “Let me find her alright?” Spirit said backing away, going over to a near by hill and taking a seat. **Copper, she doesn’t want you to cry anymore, she loves you too much. Cianna she wants you to promise to watch over Copper and help her grow up. Shes sorry she can’t be here… and…. Shadow!** Spirit gasped and fainted from the shock of Dew’s ghost shared her last memory with her.
     Copper calmed considerably suddenly and moved away from Falcon. She marched right up to Ironhand. “Teach me one on one combat! I’m going to challenge him for right as chieftess.” She said raising her chin up high.
Ironhand glanced down at his wolf shaped necklace. It was the only thing that was left for him when he was abandoned and adopted by the Callow clan. He didn’t blame Copper at all. He would not have done any different if he had been in her place. Shadow had been like a father to him for a time… but now that he was a murderer, everything had changed. He nodded once, his face stoic, showing no sign of his sympathies for her.  “Yes, but sleep first Kit. You’ll need the rest.”
Falcon approached Copper from behind and placed his finger tips on her temples, gently sending his magic through them. Copper instantly collapsed in to his arms. He easily picked her up and carried her to his own familys den.
He didn’t leave her side, no matter how hungry he was. Eaglehawk kept watch over his brother and Copper making sure that Shadow didn’t come back to tie off loose ends.

     Copper swallowed as she approached the flattest clearing in the Callow Clan’s land.  She glanced down at the weapons strapped to her body.  A quiver full of arrows graced her waist, a dagger on her right calf and two small swords behind her back, the blades freshly made by Ironhand the day before.  She carried her bow tightly in her hand.  Everything she had learned to use was present.  It had been three full days since her mothers death, two days ago they had burned her body. Shadow hadn’t even bothered to come. Copper had spent the last three days training constantly.  Not sleeping or eating… she was weak to say the least but she didn’t seem to show it.
     Cianna walked next to her niece, easily carrying a spear. It was Copper’s weakest weapon, but if all her other weapons were knocked away Cianna would toss her the spear. Though Cianna had told no one but Firefly, if young Copper couldn’t finish the job Cianna would. It wasn’t in the rules, but Cianna considered them guidelines more then anything else.
Spirit had managed to lour her older brother out of hunting and in to the flat opening. He waited patiently with his back to the approaching tribe.
     “Shadow.” Began Copper standing up as straight as she could to show that she meant business. She never called him father unless she wanted to annoy him. He turned and stared at his daughter unimpressed. “You killed my mother, and the tribe has past judgment. You may either leave, or you can fight me for the right of chief. If I win, you must leave and never come back, if you win, I will be with my dear mother.” She spoke calmly with little emotion in her voice, she was so nervous.
     **(be calm kitling)** sent Ironhand.  Copper glanced to where the strong warrior stood, taking a slow breath to steady herself as he had taught her.
     Cianna and Firefly exchanged glances and stayed firmly by Coppers side.
     Shadow burst in to laughter and shook his head, pointing at Copper. As Spirit backed away to join the rest of the clan watching from the hill side. Copper seemed unfazed. She simply stood still and remained emotionless.
     “Well cub, we shall battle then. You will be with your dear mother soon enough.” He chuckled again and shook his head, drawing his sword and inching forward.
     “Knock him dead…” Whispered Cianna kissing her nieces head. “literally.”
     Copper swallowed and nodded as the elves moved away from her. She laid her bow and quiver on the ground before her, drawing both of her swords, setting back into position. Her fingers twitched and a strange feeling spread over her, not fear, nor nerves but excitement.  Perhaps she would win.
     Without warning, Shadow charged, bellowing a war cry.  Copper leapt to the side and out of the way well before he could reach her. Youth and quickness were on her side, giving her the advantage for the moment.  She rolled on the ground and was just about to stand when she saw Shadow’s sword coming down on her.  Without conscious thought, her arm moved, her own sword turning aside the blow, her ceaseless training paying off.  Shadow moved back from her, setting back in a guard position and Copper was able to stand.  Another clash of swords and Copper dodged to the side once more, her left handed blade caressing Shadow’s unprotected side, leaving a bloody slice in his flesh.  Shadow, felt the place with his free hand, and finding blood trailing across his fingers, he looked at Copper with a dark rage in his eyes.  He began to charge again, a mad fury upon him.  He struck at her again and again, each strike coming as fast rain, but his sword strokes were sloppy, his madness robbing him of his skill.  Copper seized upon every opening he gave her, nicking his sides, arms and legs with one of her swords while the other turned aside each of his strikes.
     As the battle raged on, Copper felt a strange fire with in her. Her tigress blood was serving her well and her body was quick. She needed to do this! For her mother! For her tribe! They couldn’t have a killer amongst them! It was her duty! Her blood line.
     Copper let out a small scream when Shadow’s sword nicked her right arm, and she shrank back from him, watching as the blood spread through her sleeve.  The one thing her training could not give her, the one thing Ironhand could not teach, was how to deal with pain.  Her arm swiftly went numb, even as the blood dripped in warm trickles down the inside of her sleeve.  She dropped the sword she held in that hand and inched backward, looking up to see Shadow lunge at her again.  She blocked out of instinct alone, the wound on her arm sapping her concentration and confidence.  Her eyebrows furrowed against the pain, her breathing going from a steady in and out to a quick gasping, panic rising within her.
Shadow chuckled and kicked out, catching Copper in the stomach so that she flew backwards.  Copper landed with a thud and a groan.  She huffed and sat up slowly, pushing her brown bangs out of her face. She swallowed hard, gripped her wounded arm tightly. She looked behind her shoulder and inched towards the bow.
     “I guess we know who the real chief is!” he stated, bowing and laughing. “No cub can—AHHH” He wailed suddenly when an arrow hit the back of his left shoulder. He stumbled slightly, then caught site of Copper crouching, another arrow knocked to the bowstring, ready for firing. “Swords only you little cheat.” He roared, racing towards her.
     “Guidelines Shadow! Guidelines!” Cheered Cianna, clapping her hands.
     “Swords only.” Copper stated pulling out her dagger as he raced forward. She grabbed the tip and aimed it easily. With a light flick of the wrist it, went spinning towards him, landing in the dead center of his right shoulder, eliciting another wail of pain.  This time he fell back, stumbling. Copper stood and picked up her sword once more from where Shadow had tossed it, wandering over to him easily.  Shadow turned to run and get a better footing but there stood a giant tigress in his path.  Dew’s bond, Glitterfur, her teeth itching for his blood and her own revenge.  There she stood, snarling, blocking his way out.
     Shadow pulled out the thin dagger slowly, gasping at the pain it caused. Copper raised her swords and twisted them around his, tossing the long sword away. Copper could no longer feel the pain in her arm, she was winning. WINNING! She raised her foot and kicked him down onto the ground. She placed one foot firmly on his chest and placed her blade to his throat. “I win… leave now.” She took a step back.
     Shadow stared into his daughters eyes, a fire was flickering in them.  And, as he gazed at them, his own words came back to his mind, ‘a orange fire would come quickly in the fall, and he would fail.’ He had heard the insane prophecy all wrong.  Here was the orange fire, in the tigress’ eyes and now he had failed. He rolled over and quickly began to run from his home and tribe. So ashamed, he should have just slaughtered the orange eyed girl in her sleep.
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Re: Tigerstripes (Quite long)
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Chapter 2
The decision.

     The young striped elf cub of thirteen, tightened her grip on her swords until her knuckles turned white. She was watching him run, run away from his daughter. Her orange eyes where barely visible behind her large black pupils allowing her to see farther... It was her gift, her magic...

   She was sure the small elf form in the distance was beyond the view of her tribe-mates. Coppers mind went blank, she wasn't sure what to do now. She hadn't expected any of this to happen, her throat felt tight as she held back tears. She figured that one day she would take over the tribe, but now? under these circumstances?  He had killed her mother, she had trained for three days with Ironhand and then challenged.  She hadn't expected to win, in fact, she hoped he would have beaten her senseless so that she could just be with her mother.

     At her challenge she had carried in every weapon she had known how to use. She was so scared she could hardly move at first until he sliced at her arm, threw her down then laughed. It was in that single moment that she remembered everything he had done, everything she had learned, she became the tigress that was in her blood.

     It was swiftness, youth and anger that won her the battle. By dodging his weapons and blocking them with her own, finally kicking him down and placing her sword at his throat, as he lay helpless did her elven side take over, and instinct subside. She had banished him, and let him run.

     But now here she was, a Chieftess and asking 'What now?' She hadn't thought through what might have happened had she won...

     The long grass blades tickled her knees and legs, as her large ember colored tiger nudged her. Copper loosened her grip on the swords and allowed them to drop out of her hands, the pain from her arm flooded back as she gasped and gripped it, then stared at her bloody hand as she turned towards her tribe.

     Cianna ran forward, never prouder of her niece. Today she'd seen revenge been brought for the sister she had loved, and by an elf no older than 13 - if that didn't make her proud she didn't know what would. She'd not even been able to predict this, she hadn't seen it coming - she'd been all ready to slaughter that...thing...if he should have overpowered Copper, but alas no need.

     She pulled Copper into her, hugging her tight, then stood back. "All hail Copper, our new and loved Chieftess!" she called before bowing respectfully, "Now someone get her a healer!"

     Copper let out a small squeak at her aunts tight hug, and chuckled lightly. She froze at the bow and then rubbed her arm again, Chieftess Copper.... it did have a nice sound. She blinked her orange eyes and then glanced around at the gathered elves.

     Firefly had been sitting on the hill a little ways away, watching the battle but now that Cianna had hugged Copper. Firefly took this opportunity to jump on her cousin.

     Copper could see Firefly out of the corner of her eye as she braced herself for impact.
"Copper you did it!" Firefly squealed hugging her cousin and nearly causing Copper to tumble over from the force.

     Copper let out a moan of pain as she glared silently at her cousin "Firefly go find Falcon!" She moaned staring at her arm. "ow..." she whispered as she turned back to the gathered elves.

     Firefly bounced away muttering something about "Well she picked that up quick...already making commands!"

     Falcon moved from a group of elves over to Copper when he heard her plea. He was still young and his healing powers were maturing more and more every moon.  He kept his gaze away from her eyes, not trusting himself to be able to look at her beautiful face from this close.  He occupied his gaze instead with glancing over her wounded body.

     **(The things I need are in my hut.. We'll need to go there.)**  He wanted to heal her in private in case he couldn't do it or something.

     Copper jumped slightly when Falcon appeared beside her, she giggled and brushed a few strands of hair from her face as her cheeks reddened slightly. **(alright)** she glanced at her arm then back at him noting his gaze not meeting her eyes.

     Copper glanced at her aunt with a small smile. Copper liked Falcon and Eaglehawk, they were some of her age mates and not to mention the most adorable boys. Eaglehawk was handsome but there was something about Falcon that she also liked. She herself was just coming out of cubhood and was starting to look at them a bit differently.

     She cleared her throat **Firefly c'mon back, Falcon found me** she sent to her cousin. Then glanced at the tribe. "Falcon is going to go patch me, up... might be very gruesome, we will be back." She again stared at her aunt wide eyed.  Cianna put a hand to her niece's face then stood back to let Falcon take her back to his hut. She turned to Firefly, a saddened smile forming on her soft lips.

     "We're going to have to help her through this. She's young yet and will make a brilliant Cheiftess but even the best of us need guidance now and again" She shook back her glossy, curled tresses - so much like her sisters. In the happiness of Copper winning, it was all too easy to forget that she would never see Dew again.

     Falcon was greatly relieved when she agreed without questioning. As ecstatic as he was to be near her, he was terrified as well. Especially about the alone part. He waited for Copper to get on her tiger in case she needed help. His thoughts were like ripples in a stream, fervent and wild.

     Copper groaned slightly as she attempted to climb on the back of Teazer. She yelped in pain and fell, causing the gathered elves to jump forward.  Ironhand was there first. He scooped Copper easily into his muscular arms and placed her back atop of her tiger.

     Falcon mounted his own tiger and stayed close to his new Chieftesses side. As they headed up and around a hill to Falcon’s burrow.  Ironhand accompanied the healer to the door of his home.  He looked down at his student and new Chieftess, then spoke, gracing the occasion with one of his rarely seen smiles.

     "You fought well cub." he stated, laying a hand on her shoulder. "I am proud to call you my Chieftess. Take good care of her Falcon."

     Copper grinned happily at Ironhand from atop of her tiger's back. "Thank you." she said with a large smile, this was a big thing coming from her teacher. She climbed off of her tiger and crawled in to his den.

     Then she touched her bloody sleeve. She tugged at the end and then yelped in pain... she was sure she needed to get her arm uncovered but Highones that hurt. She pulled out her dagger and gently began to cut the threading. He just had to have hurt her right arm, her left was practically useless. She gasped in pain as the cool blade cut a bit of skin on accident.

     Falcon glanced back to her in concern and took a step towards her when she gasped. **(careful..)** he said sternly, but not unkindly. **(Would you mind sitting over there..?)** He gestured to the comfy looking pile of furs in the corner. He filled his arms with bandages and creams and such and then made his way over, laying everything on the ground while he waited for her to get situated.

     Copper bit her lip and managed to unstring her sleeve from the rest of her shirt and slide it down her arm easily. Then followed his hand movements **(of course.)** then with that she went to the furs, flopping down on them with a sigh. She loved the way the furs felt and how they smelled... it calmed her quickly.  After looping one of the furs around her stomach. She glanced at his bandages and then sat up a little bit offering his her bleeding arm.

   "Can you believe I actually challenged?" The moment she got this out her eyes became very wide as the realization of the matter kicked in. "Falcon.... I'm chief now! I don't know how to be chief!! What am I going to do? Oh Highones!!!" She squealed, burying herself in the furs forgetting about her painful arm.

     Falcon smiled at her, taking her arm gently and starting to send healing energy into her wound. As she pulled away a bit to squirm around, he gazed at her curiously. "Yes you can Copper. I know you can. You're strong, everyone likes you. You will be a great Chieftess." He reached back out for her arm, carefully, and once more sent soothing energy to the angry looking slash.

     Copper blinked and looked to him, Highones he was cute. She felt the soothing feeling spread through her arm as the tissues mended again. "Yes, but I have to make life changing decisions..." she sighed and cuddled his furs gently, glancing around his hut. "Would you be horribly sad to leave this place?"

     Falcon concentrated on healing her arm, thankful her bone wasn't broken because he was sure he couldn’t do that.  She was too distracting.  He swallowed, looking up at her for a moment as she asked her question. "I don't know...it's my home." He paused, not sure if he wanted to add the next part or if she would think it was silly... He gazed at his hand on her arm as he finished. "I know I'm safe here. That no one can pick on me or make me look like a stupid little cub.." He kept his gaze down, worried she would laugh or something.

     Copper smiled warmly at him when he glanced at her and then her orange eyes focused on the fur in front of her, hanging on his every word. Copper giggled slightly at him and leaned over so that her head knocked against his shoulder. "But your not a stupid little cub!" she sighed. "If anyone is a stupid little cub its me!! I do know though it is home but... its just I have a feeling there is something better out there... someplace where we don't have to hunt day in day out for some food... where we don't live like field mice."

     He glanced to her, blushing at her small compliment. He steadied his voice, hoping it wasn't too gushing as he spoke. "Well if anyone is going to lead us to a better place, I know it will be you Copper." He felt his blush deepen and he glanced away, back to her wound. He picked up a small jar and opened it. He smoothed the light blue cream on her arm and then set the jar aside. Falcon took a soft cloth and wrapped it around her arm, always careful and gentle. The bandage was just to make sure the skin healed properly and wouldn't scar. Falcon hadn't completely mastered making the skin flawless part yet.

     Copper let out a long deep breath and then watched his long hands fix her hurt arm. It felt better, not totally well, but better. She knew what she had to do… she just wasn’t sure how to do it.

     The sky was streaked with brilliant colors, dark shades of crimson to light shades of salmon, the sun was peaking just over the hills, casting a long shadow on the small elfess a top her large tigress.

     The young Chieftess was staring at the golden shine that was radiating from her tigers fur in the light of the setting sun. To the nervous Copper, the sky didn't seem any more beautiful then any other night, the breeze that ruffled her brown hair wasn't any more soothing. She finally looked up to her tribe.

     "It has been five generations since Chieftess Calmwind ruled.  In her time, food was plentiful... She was the first girl in our line of leaders and not one has occurred since her rule... But now that has changed." She took a deep breath. "A lot has changed since her time, not only is food no longer plentiful but our clan is much smaller. So I purpose that we move. Move from this place...to find a better one." she glanced around at the tribe unsure of what they would do.

     Firefly crossed her legs as she leaned against her orange tiger. She would always be loyal to her cousin no matter how weird it was to call her chief. She had always felt a bit out of place. She tossed her strawberry blond hair over her shoulder and leaned on Cianna gently, entwining their fingers.

     Spirit sat up and stared a Copper her lavender eyes narrowed in to slits. "Copper are you insane?"

     Ironhand sat still in the back of the gathering, one leg drawn inward to his chest, idly drawing a whetstone along the blade of the unfinished sword that rested on his raised knee. The taciturn elf said no word and there was no sign on his impassive face that told of his thoughts. However, at the words of Spirit, the sound of the stone on his blade cut off abruptly, causing the nearest of the clan to look back. His face was still impassive, but he was obviously less than pleased with the discourteous words. After a moment, he returned the stone to his blade, completing the stroke. But, in the silence that followed, his quiet voice sliced into the discussion with the ease of a well honed knife.

     "I will follow Chieftess Copper where ever she leads us." He said with finality, testing the edge of the sword with his thumb, "And all should do the same. She has earned her leadership by right of combat and her judgment is far clearer than her father's ever was."

     Cianna twisted round to look at Ironhand and gave him a soft smile, before turning back to the crowd, "I agree with Ironhand. Copper could well be the best chief...well Chieftess...that this tribe has seen, we must give her a fair chance to prove so. We all know she can't be as bad as our last one! I stand with Copper!" She rested her head on Firefly's, giving her hand a soft squeeze.

     Copper smiled softly at her teacher and aunt.  What would she do with out them? She felt a little stronger knowing they were behind her... but Spirits words cut deep. Spirit was one of her elders, one of the wisest of the tribe, her fathers sister... she was suppose to listen to her.

     Firefly winked at her younger cousin. "As do I! She has already proven herself in my mind. I trusted her since she began to understand what it meant to be unlike her father. If Copper says we leave, then we leave."

     Spirit had another idea however, she stood and came to stand in front of Copper, turning to the tribe with a sweep of her blond hair. She didn't want to leave! She was scared and feared for her life. She liked living where they did. Besides if they stayed her sick brother might be able to find his way back.

     "Hush daughter...You know no more about life, then our child-chieftess. Its safe here, we know the land... we know what to eat. We could all very well die if we leave where we are familiar! We have no idea what’s out there..." she crossed her arms "I say we stay."

     Copper dismounted her now growling tiger easily. "Don't you understand Spirit? Yes there will be dangers but there will be dangers if we stay as well!" She bared her teeth, and reached for her sword. "Sit down Spirit, We have heard your view." Copper snarled, a bit to harshly.

     "I'm not sure why I held this council.... we are going. At dawn, bring only what you need."

     Spirit glared and took her seat again, she focused her gaze on her daughter Firefly as well. More loyalty to her cousin then her own mother.
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Chapter three
Storm mountains.

   Copper patted Teazer forward, her fingers gripping the soft orange fur tightly. It was almost dark and they had yet to find a place to hide. The huge mountains looming in front of her, didn’t lighten her spirits in the slightest. The clan had traveled a full moon phase across the vast grass lands. When Copper had seen the mountains in the distance she had hoped that they were full of trees and food. But alas they were bare steep rocks.
      Copper had chosen to ignore the looming thunder clouds over head for a while now. Her thirteen year old body quivered as a damp wind ruffled her hair. She tilted her head up and stared at the dark clouds swirling and snarling at her small band.

      She swallowed unsure of what to do… She had made her first decision as chief to venture out of their safe, and flat lands. Now look what she had done! Lead them straight to what she had heard Falcon call the ‘Storm Mountains’…

      Firefly glanced at Cianna and urged her tiger forward, jumping off its back and landing next to Copper, as Cianna did the same. Cianna was lost for words, she trusted her niece, but she too was not sure what to do. She felt slightly to blame knowing that Copper listened to her, and Cianna had agreed to leave. Her green eyes danced to Firefly, her closest agemate, and then up at Coppers face.

      She looked very pretty when serious, so much like Cianna’s sister Dew. Same dark rich hair color, same stripe under her left eye and face structure… Though Copper was a different soul. Braver then her age should permit. Her orange eyes were fixed upward as if hoping the walls of the mountains contained her answer. Her jaw tensed when Cianna laid her hand on her leg.

      Ironhand walked along off to the side of the long column of tiger-mounted elves, his long stride keeping pace with the clan.  Of all the elves in the clan, he carried the heaviest pack on his back, the leather satchel filled with his weapon making supplies.  When they had set out, several elves had commented that he was bringing too much, but he had kept up with the rest of the tribe all the same, making light of his burden.  Nor did he seem to mind the whipping wind, standing in defiance of the coming storm.  Currently he was keeping watch on the terrain as they passed and, seeing that the Chieftess had stopped, he stared off back along their course. All was still and silent out on the plain, and he looked up as thunder cracked over head. His stoic expression did not change at the sound, but he pulled the hood of his green cloak over his head, then walked back to the column, climbing up on the stone so he stood next to the young leader and her friend on the rock.

       “Copper…” began Firefly, loudly over the cold wind that forced her sunset hair out of its tight braids. “What is your word chieftess?”

      Copper glanced down at Firefly, then at Ironhand and Cianna, she bit her lip and slowly pulled her ember eyes up at the fair frame on a rock near by. The long blond hair of Twotales swirled around her small frame, so dainty that it seemed the wind could easily knock her off her feet so she would come floating to the ground like a feather. Her milk white arms were thrust upwards, her hands spread wide and her fingers tense as magic flowed through them. Her face was hard and serious, her breathing slow and deep. Sweat was beginning to form on her hair line. She blinked quickly trying to remove the hair that had flown in to her eyes, she didn’t dare move her hands at a time like this.

      Copper waited a few seconds before sending out a small telekinetic plea **Twotales?**

      Twotales drew her leaf green eyes from her magic to stare at her young chieftess. Younger then her, and already a leader. **This storm is bad Copper… magic created this storm, and it is only that magic that can remove it… I’m sorry.** She lowered her head and dropped her arms.

      **You tried…** sent Copper calmly. Watching Twotales as she scaled back down the rocks to join the group by her leader.

      “I don’t know…” Copper began slowly

      “Shouldn’t have left the Callow….” Sang Spirit tossing her pale hair over her shoulder. She stared at her daughter unhappily, she hated that her loyalty ran deeper with her cousin, then with her own mother.  Spirit gripped her stomach as it snarled at her and glared up at her young Chieftess. “Now what?”

      Cianna cast a look as dark as the clouds to Spirit, **Fine then go back and starve!** She open sent so that the whole tribe would be able to hear her. **and good riddance!** her brown locks twisted around each other as she spoke and turned back to Copper satisfied with the silence that followed her threat.

      Copper felt her eyes watering with tears. She looked down at her chest and let her eyebrows crease.

      “Copper…” began Firefly.
      “No, no she’s right… we shouldn’t have left.” Copper whispered, nodding, and letting her hair fall in to her face.

      **(Easy there, Kit… The tribe looks to you for leadership now, be calm and so will they.)** Ironhand trilled, lock-sending with the young girl.

      "May I suggest Copper, that we find a place to rest, and get some sleep while waiting for those clouds to lift a bit?" asked Cianna sweetly, stroking her niece’s hair.

      "Chieftess, I never seen the like of this storm before," Ironhand began, his voice quiet so it would not carry beyond the pair he stood beside. "And I do not like our chances out on this plain. I must agree with Cianna, we need to find shelter. Perhaps in the mountains themselves?"

      Copper continued to stare up at the flashes of light, and cliffs made in the mountains. The pupils of her eyes expanding to see what her tribe mates could not, altogether she didn't know what she was searching for... a break in the clouds? Something past the mountains?

      She shivered slightly when a blast of wind hit her back, and she became quickly aware of the tribe mates around her. She turned to face them, pulling her hair behind her ears nervously. They were all older then her, and much wiser.

      She looked at each as they spoke and felt her cheeks loose some color. "Right, I say we spread out find some sort of shelter...Hopefully as Ironhand suggested in the mountains... a burrow of sorts." She stared past them to look at the tribe gathered below.

      "Cianna..." she glanced at her aunt. "You and Firefly go that way..." she nodded to her right gently. "Ironhand you and I will head to the left. Twotales, you can choose to follow one of our parties, or watch over the tribe while we search. Eaglehawk..." She stared at the good looking male with a small smile. "assemble your hunting party, see what we can eat around here if anything..."

      **Stay close, don't get separated, and if you find anything send to the rest of us.**

      Firefly couldn't help but smile at Cianna and nudged her slightly. It only made sense that agemates would go searching together! "Yes Chieftess."

      Cianna nodded once in acknowledgement of her order, then turned a grin to Firefly, taking her hand and running quickly direction she had been pointed. Nothing was as bad as it could be as long as your agemate was there. It was like having another body, another part of you, so closely connected that it might as well be the same person!

      Firefly giggled as she ran after Cianna. This was rather fun now! Embarking on an adventure with Cianna. Firefly grinned and slowed slight. "Can you sense anything that is going to happen? Are we gonna win this game?" She questioned treating it more fun then anything else.

      Cianna rolled her eyes and stared at her age mate. "You know it doesn't work like that 'Fly." she chuckled and continued to glance around through the heavy rain.

      Firefly shrugged her shoulders and whipped the rain from her forehead and squinted. "What is that? Where is Copper when you need her sharp eyes?"

      Copper watched them leave and sprung Teazer in to action following in there example. She didn't even bother to see if Ironhand was following, he could keep up. Her eyes scanned the mountain slopes.

      Ironhand strode off after his Chieftess, increasing his pace to keep up with her. It wasn't more than a few minutes before the pair were on the lower slopes of the mountains, but the storm was breaking overhead, curtains of rain beginning to fall. For an hour or more, they walked on through the storm, looking for shelter. But then, as they entered a mountain valley, something in the air made Ironhand uneasy. He looked all about for a moment and then sent to his Cheiftess, narrowing his thoughts to a bare whisper, lessening the chance that they would be overheard.

      **Cheiftess, there is something about this place I do not like. All the hairs on the back of my neck are standing on end. **He said, his hand on the hilt of the long, hand and a half sword in his belt. He was still staring around at the silent valley, peering through the sheets of rain. **I feel like there are eyes upon us.**

      Copper shivered slightly as the rain pelted at her face, she two was watching through the sheets of rain, seeing as far or as close as she possibly could.

      Copper felt Teazer tense beneath her as she bared her sharp teeth looking around and listening intently to all sounds.
**I know... I feel it too. Teazer is on edge as well... I don't like this... **

      Twotales nodded and scratched behind Gingers' ear and he moved over to the small party of Elves that lay waiting for news of what they should do.

      Spirit took a seat next to her tiger and scowled in the direction of Copper. "Can you believe this? A cub getting a cub to watch over the tribe." she scoffed staring at them. "What are we suppose to do? Just sit here?"

      Twotales shrugged. "Maybe she thought you were a better choice."

      Spirit watched Twotales as her mind swirled past her. Copper was still a cub and the only connection she had to her brother, she could lighten up couldn't she? Since Firefly wasn't very much of a daughter anymore perhaps it was time to let revenge go...

      Spirit felt a few raindrops fall on her silky hair and she shivered, she stood and held out her hand for Twotales. "C'mon little one, can you block this rain from me for a few moments....? There are spirits in these mountains... I can see them, spirits of everything..."

      She smiled and padded over to her, grasping her hand. Ginger followed, he seemed to do that, no one really knew why. Was it that he was over protective, or that he was in love with her?  No matter, Twotales created a barrier around them and diverted the rain from falling on them.

      Spirit kept Twotales close as she approached the mountain. "There are so many, I don't have a good feeling about this... lots of death here." She swallowed the large lump in her throat, and forced a lock of hair behind her ear.

      "The rain seems darker and heavier too around here. Where are you leading me?" Twotales said, looking at her. She heard Ginger start to growl and petted his head. He nudged her leg and stayed close beside her.

      Firefly huffed slightly when she climbed the slick rocks in to the cave above she peered inside her cat eyes widening so she could see in to the dark better. "There is a steep drop, it shouldn't be hard to get down, nor to get back up, It looks large enough to hold us all." With that she jumped in to the darkness.

      **Chieftess!!! We found shelter! Follow Cianna and I's trail!!** she sent quickly.

      Copper turned at the send, though it was silent to all but her tribe it was as clear as someone calling her name. **Lets head back... No point in looking any further in this weather.**

      **As you wish Chieftess.** Ironhand stated, still watching in the silent valley. **Go on, I will watch behind us.** As the young Chieftess walked back down the trail, Ironhand gave the mountain one last suspicious look, then followed.

      Copper patted Teazer in to a run, she could hear Ironhand’s steady gate behind her as she ran back up to the top of the last of the range. The already gathered puddles splashed on to her legs. She huffed and pressed herself to the orange fur beneath her.

      **Cianna and Firefly have found shelter! we are to follow their train, which may be impossible in this weather. Stay Close, Eaglehawk we need your finding skills, stay with me!** She called when she saw the shapes of elves and tigers through the rain.

      Spirit heard the send and ignored it. Twotales and her could catch up once she found and talked to these Spirits. The Mountain felt weird and she was prepared to find out why. Spirit couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching them. She glanced back quickly to see that the whole tribe had followed Copper and now were out of site.

      She glanced at Twotales and then gasped at the shadow behind her. "T-twotales...."

      Twotales turned very slowly at Spirits warning, only to see two elves crouched above them, pure white fangs dripping with rain water. It happened in a heartbeat, not a sound was heard as Twotales and Spirit were bound and knocked unconscious…

      Copper and her tribe followed Fireflys sending and their quickly diminishing scent. At the site of the cave Copper felt herself squeal with excitement! Leave it up to Cianna and Firefly to find the perfect place to rest. Copper was the first to enter the care leaping down out of the pouring rain. She wrung out her hair and sighed.

      “Flicker… can you…?” Copper trailed off motioning to the cave around her.

      Flicker shook her wet red hair feverishly and then raised her hands in to a cup and allowed light to spread out of it, casting long shadows across the walls of the cave as Copper quietly counted the heads. Two were missing.

      “Has anyone seen Spirit and Twotales?” She questioned glancing around at the tribe in case she missed them.

      “They went close to the mountains…” explained Gentlepalm. Copper swallowed and went to the edge of the cave wall climbing up the steep surface.

      “They will be fine Copper...probably just taking their time… come rest.” Cianna said sweetly lying down with her head on her tigers stomach. She opened her arms to her niece and once Copper was settled, Cianna folded her arms around her gently. Copper hadn’t realized just how tired she was until she was safe in her aunts arms.

      Ironhand sat up a little straighter and took a seat on a nearby rock, leaning against the wall. **I will stay awake and watch over the tribe. Sleep young one.** he soothed drawing his sword.
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Chapter Four
The Nightstalkers.
     Kamaria took a deep breath as she approached the Princess. Her heart was beating a million miles an hour, her black hair had been tied back with a brown ribbon and she was gripping a goblet she had been shaping for a week now. It had been shaped from crystals and she had spent day in, and day out, etching swirls all around the glass then adding a thin bit or purple crystal in a few of the grooves.

      "For you, Princess..." She said not making eye contact and kneeling before her. She gently held out the goblet, as an elfess named Nova approached, she checked Kamaria briefly to make sure she hadn’t stashed a weapon of some sort.  Nova had fiery orange curls that fell casually around her shoulders. She had bright brown eyes, and wore a purple ribbon with a small key around her neck.

      Princess Kyoko took the goblet she was presented with eyeing it cautiously while turning it round in her delicate hands. It was of course exquisite work, she'd come to expect nothing less. She turned it round twice more before letting her lips curve up gently. Her black hair fell swiftly around her waist and her dark eyes shown with a little pleasure.

      "Thank you Kamaria, you will not go without reward" she inclined her head towards her slightly, showing that Kamaria was dismissed should she so wish.She handed the goblet to one of her nearby servants. "Go, fill it, I'm hungry and I sense I shall need all my energy soon - break it, and your life will pay the forfeit..."

      Kamaria's heart nearly exploded as The Princess complemented her work, and told her of an award. The Princess smiling at her was enough. She had been noticed, by the Princess!
"Thank you M'Lady! Thank you!" she said bowing and gently scooting further back from the glaring Nova.

      "My lady.." said a soft voice, then Alassea appeared out of the shadows.

      Nova watched the scene unfold from her place next to the thrown, her hand rested on the hilt of the sword, ready for anything. She turned her face and stepped instinctively closer to Kyoko at the sound of Alassea's voice.

      Alassea looked over at Nova coldly. **What? You frightened of me?** she sent to her, then looked out over the edge at the little party on the ground.

      Kyoko tilted her head with an expressionless to look towards Alassea, she remained like for several minutes before asking."Yes Alassea, what is it that you want?" She was very aware of Nova's presence now and quite grateful for it, she knew she'd always be safe with her around...not that she couldn’t take care of herself...just that if she could get away with not getting her hands dirty she was all the happier!

      Her eyes lifted very briefly from the girl whom had spoken and searched for the blonde haired boy she was always pleased to see...so far she was to no avail, but she was quick to look back to the other girl, keeping on her guard at all times.

      Nova remained planted next to the Princess. **Not even remotely Alassea** She growled slightly with the send. "Answer M'Lady's question..." she began glancing around the room to see if there was any other threat she caught the Princess glancing around and she smirked, knowing exactly who she was looking for.

      **(I do believe Jett is feeling under the weather today...)** she lock sent so that only Kyoko could here.

      Alassea rolled her eyes. "I just acknowledged myself. If our lady wished me to do something, that's what I'm here for, isn't it?”

      “Enough!" Kyoko barked at the two "Alassea, go about whatever chores you may have still to do!"
Kyoko was feeling tense...she didn't like it...more tense than usual - something was afoot.
**(Nova, whom I am looking for is of no importance to you and you would do well to remember it. Now all being said and done, I have a strange feeling...there is something I do not like. I would like to keep all of the tribe as close as possible today - which includes Jett, whether he is ill or not. I cannot protect members of the tribe if I do not know where they are.)** She too locked her message keen on keeping privacy when it came to a certain Night Stalker.

      "As you wish, milady," Alassea said before walking back and was engulfed in shadow. Once away from physical presence, she punched a wall in frustration. She didn't know where this anger came from, but there was only one Night Stalker she knew who could calm her down, and so went in search for him.

      Nova felt a little bit of anger towards the Princess but dismissed it quickly. "It will be done M'Lady, If you do not mind, I would gladly assemble to guards and alert the look outs to keep eyes high, the air is unusually still." She removed her hand from the hilt of the sword and looked around suddenly.

      The castle belonging to the Night Stalkers tribe was made up of many many rooms for each elf or family. The higher you got the nicer and bigger those rooms were, showing your status within the tribe. Of course the 1st room at the very top was reserved for Royalty and the prettiest, biggest, shiniest thing you'd ever seen! Kyoko's room - that however was not where she was headed. She was going in the direction of the 4th Room on the top floor - which was still pretty impressive as far as things go. Decadent was the perfect word for it. The second room was given to Kyoko's guards, the 3rd to her ladies and the 4th belonged to Jett Dakin. The closest friend she'd ever had...also her secret...though apparently not so secret to Nova…crush. She'd had feelings for Jett for longer than she could remember, though she never knew exactly what to make of those feelings. The thoroughly confused her, and so she chose to ignore them.
Now her heart was beating fast as she knocked on his door - a privilege only he would ever receive - usually she'd just go in.
      "Jett? It's Kyoko...I heard you weren't feeling well...are you ok?" She called dropping all formalities that she usually spoke to the tribe with.

      Jett sat straight up in bed hearing her voice at his door, his blond hair clinging to his sweating face. Stupid fever, stupid cough, stupid nonexistent healer.

      "Princess!" he cried flopping back down on his pillows and staring at the ceiling. "You heard right M'Lady.... I would hate for you to get sick from me..." or hate for you to see me like this.... he said as loudly as he could.

      "Oh don't be silly Jett...I have enough people to do my work for me if I do get ill!" she entered his room smiling softly which quickly faded when she saw the mess he was in. "Oh god Jett...you should have sent for me!"

      She rushed over to his bedside and perched on his bed brushing the hair that was stuck to his forehead away so she could feel his temperature...or at least that's what she told herself.

      "You're amazingly hot, Jett" she exclaimed then realized her mistake and quickly corrected herself "I mean...you're burning up! How long have you been like this with no one to keep you company?!" The thought worried her more than she liked to admit...she felt guilty!

      Jett was honestly to tried to protest when she came to sit beside him on the bed. He swallowed when he felt her cold fingers on his forehead, her hands were usually warm.. why were they so cold? was it just him?
Jett didn't want her to feel bad, so he swallowed and shrugged. "I don't know...Kamaria was in here a while ago...brought some water, then told Nova i think..." at least thats who he thought it was...looked like her.

      "Well at least someone's been keeping a check on you...I'm so very sorry Jett. I should have been here looking out for you! I only just found out - Nova told me. I wish you'd have let me know." She shook her head feeling like she was revealing too much. Perhaps she couldn't help it - it wasn't wise to bottle up ones feelings after all, and strangely...maybe even twistedly he happened to be looking very good. His face was flushed and his hair damp, and he was altogether crying out to be taken care of - it was really quite irascible...
      Then Kyoko scolded herself for having such thoughts...maybe she herself was sick? Mentally sick?...But this wasn't why she had come.

      "Jett, you're obviously ill and in no state to go anywhere so I shall be with you all night. I sense something is wrong, though I don't know what, but I need to protect all tribe members - and when some aren't as strong as others I need to make sure I am there to fight for them...I hope you dont mind that I'll be here all night?"

      Jett smiled "Oh I wouldn't want to worry you..." He relaxed slightly and gently took one of her hands in his own, her skin felt good against his. "If you wish it Princess then you may stay as long as you like... But if something does go wrong, please go and do your duty, the others in this tribe are far more important then my petty illness. But if it does bother you then get a guard to stand outside my door, I'm sure I’m well enough to lift a bow if it comes to that!"

      He closed his eyes slightly. "could I trouble you for some water...?"

      His skin, though damp with sweat felt good against hers...the mere touch of a hand and Kyoko could feel herself get flustered. She bent down and kissed is forehead lightly like her mother and father used to when she was ill, not really taking into measure how that kiss could be perceived, then begrudgingly took her hand out of his in order to stand up and walk to a small stone basin the had newly been filled with water - she knew this as she ordered the maids to do so everyday. She took out the goblet that had been newly made for her and filled it - not caring that it was beyond priceless - this was Jett and he was more important than a goblet!

      "Jett, you would worry me no matter what the circumstances. I've been your friend for many years and I think in that time, I have earned the right to worry about you a little...have I not? Your modesty astounds me Jett...you are just as, if not more, important than the rest of this tribe and it would hurt me more to lose you than any of the others. All being said, if I am really needed than I shall go, but the tribe is strong and will hold together under threat of attack - we have many brilliant fighters, as you fully know. And yes - I could get a guard to stand outside, but apart from being impersonal...all they would do is stand outside - they wouldn't take care of you."
      She turned back to him, unable to look him in the eyes when being so open with her feelings. Her walk was careful but graceful as she walked back to his side and placed the goblet in his hands.

      "Now, drink..." she ordered softly

      Jett furred his eyebrows slightly at this kiss, unsure of what was meant by that... It could mean anything and his head was full of too much fever fog to spend time trying to figure out women or kisses. Heck, he couldn't figure them out at the best of times.

      It was like she was speaking in slow motion her words seemed to take forever to make any sense.
He opened his eyes when he felt the cool goblet in his hands, he gently raised it to his mouth and drank it, the water felt so amazing on his throat. It even made his head feel a little less fuzzy!

      He took it away from his lips and stared at the goblet, her words about him being more important didn't register. "beautiful goblet... very fitting for you." he said touching it.

      "Jett, you know you don't need to say nice things like the rest of the tribe...you have no reason to suck up to me, you already have my friendship. Even when you're ill you still manage to flatter people huh?" she shook her head smiling...if she had believed in his words they would have made her giddy with happiness and longing, but she took them only in jest.
Still she found herself longing for them to be true...for him to mean his words as she did hers...but then she was never entirely truthful with him...never told him of her feelings so why should he? Because she was the princess? That just didn't quite cut it somehow...
      “Jett...I've been thinking...well it's just that I..." Just that I what? Like you? Like you a lot? Love you even?...He was ill and this was the last thing he needed to hear from some jumped up princess! But she needed to say something. "I...umm...you mean a lot to me Jett. I hope you feel better soon..."

      Jett blinked, and took another drink of water, it cleared his head a bit. Jett continued to marvel over the glass, but managed to look at his reflection and winced. God, how could Kyoko like him? Now that he looked this horrible? All those years of trying to impress her, all those years of worshiping her, even in secret just went flying out the window.
He listened to her words, and didn't concentrate on them as much as on her tone. The words got jumbled with his fever but the tone was easier to hear. He gently took her hand again. "You mean a lot to me too." he whispered with a raspy voice. more then you will ever know.

      Kyoko's heart fluttered erratically at such a simple move...just him holding her hand was...well heaven! A paradise where only they existed...if only.
      She squeezed his hand slightly "Thank you Jett. I hate to see you ill like this, it makes feel very guilty. If I was as ill as you I'd look truly awful, but somehow you manage to pull it off - I'm extremely jealous..." she smiled to show she was teasing about the jealous part. Really she wanted to tell him how she longed for him...how her entire body and being longed for him, but that would not be thought right of by a lady and certainly not by a princess...would it?

      **Princess! Princess Kyoko!** called Nova excitedly. **We’ve found some intruders! Tiger bonded elves by the looks of them! Your word highness?**

      Kyoko cursed quietly and looked to the door that Nova was standing outside of. **Capture them, and when they come too…Send them to me.** She ordered listening for the foot steps to disappear when she stared down at Jett she noticed quickly he was no longer with her, asleep or unconscious… she wasn’t sure. She stroked his damp skin and exited the room, her long dress ruffling behind her.  

      One by one the nocturnal elves slunk in to the open cave to spy on the new comers. Coming closer and closer each time, finally a brave elf with jet black hair wandered forward and raised Gentlepalms hand to his lips very gently biting her hand releasing venom in to her veins causing her to become unconscious.

      The Nightstalkers made their way around the tribe biting each with such precision and silence that no one could pick up on their movements. Finally the group ended on the last remaining elf. The strongest of the group, the only one with out tiger stripes gracing his body.  Sir Adelmo Ainakea slunk forward and with the quickness of a snake bit down on his neck, pressing his fangs in as deep as they would go.

      Ironhand let out a yell and instead of falling unconscious, he grabbed Ainkea by the scruff of his neck and thrust him down on the ground, banging the Nightstalker’s head on a rock, hard enough to daze him.  Ironhand grabbed at his sword and as two more sets of fangs bit his shoulders. He shook these elves off at well and throwing one against the cave wall, letting the familiar fire of rage swell within him.

      “Who are you?” he questioned allowed. “Copper! Copper!” he called impatiently getting no response.

      “She is gone just like the rest of your tribe! Right beneath your nose!” cried Sir Ainkea, feeling Ironhand’s stone strong hand grip his throat. Ironhand tightened his grip on him even as the venom made him feel a bit weaker. He shook slightly as he held Sir Ainkea aloft.  “I’ll kill him! Release my Clan!”

      The scouting party of ten, licked their lips, their tongues rolling over their teeth and instead of doing as he said… they sprinted forward, each grabbing a part of Ironhand, and sinking their teeth in to his flesh.  The venom was coming fast now.  Ironhand felt his legs fall out beneath him, and to his shock he couldn’t catch himself.  He released Sir Ainkea, as he braced for falling to the floor. He extended his arms, and too his horror they curled under his body when the cold cave floor hit his face.

      Suddenly sleep sounded very appealing to Ironhand. He fought against the sensation but his eye lids were too heavy. Ironhand tried to force himself to stay awake, but at last he collapsed in an unconscious lump…
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Chapter five
The awakening

   Darkness surrounded Ironhand when he woke next, the burly elf feeling as weak as a cub in the aftermath of so much venom flooding his body.  It was utterly dark around him and it took him a moment to realize that it was because a cloth had been bound across his eyes.  A gag had been stuffed into his mouth and he sucked in a slow breath through his nostrils, detecting the familiar currents of his tribe around him, mixed with the scent of stone around him, and there, under it all,  the faint tinge of metal.  He smiled to himself despite the gag, for he knew the strange elves had made a mistake.  He had been dumped on his back, his hands bound beneath him by heavy chains of iron.  The touch of the cold metal on his skin made the grin grow wider.  He tried to tap his magic, tried to bring forth the high one’s gift that lived within him, but his mind was still too foggy with the venom’s kiss.  Drawing a much deeper breath into his lungs, he summoned his will to the task at hand, ignoring his body’s demand that he lay there.  Gradually, with agonizing slowness, his mind sharpened.  Every breath sharpened his focus, calmed his mind once more, and then, he felt it, the familiar cold tingle within his arms.
   Reaching out with his magic, he touched the iron manacles on his wrists, caressing the cold metal.  Smiling, he concentrated, bending his will on the iron, and like an old friend, it responded, melting from his wrists into a puddle on the stone floor.  Grinning, he brought his hands from behind his back, yanking the cloth from his eyes and spitting out the gag.  Gradually, his great strength returning, he rose to a sitting position, his eyes taking some time to become adjusted to the dim light.  The bars of a cage surrounded him and beyond that, another one of a similar sort.  Within that cage, there were other bound up lumps, which he had to assume where his tribemates.  None of them were moving.  His eyes were not as keen in the darkness as the rest of the tribe, but it hardly mattered, his sense of smell was a little sharper.  He could hear the footsteps of guards outside his cage and he took a moment to check himself.
   All over his body were small bite marks that were painful to the touch, the buckskins he wore bloody around them.  The familiar rage began to grow within him once more, burning off the last of the venom’s fog.  Now fully awakened, the elf reached out and gently touched the bars of the cage.  An evil grin twisted his features when he felt what they were made of.  ‘More metal…’ He thought, ‘Excellent.’  With but a thought, the bars liquefied, draining into a puddle at his feet.  Hearing the guard’s foot steps starting to grow louder, he reached deep with his magic once more, some of the metal coalescing into a cylinder.  Hefting the makeshift club, he moved out of the space where his cage had been.  The guard ahead of him must have seen him, for he let out a cry of surprise.  More footsteps and calls sounded in that direction and the guard lunged at him with a spear.  Ironhand bashed the spear aside with his club, then lunged forward, his fist connecting with the guard’s head, sending him flying.  More guards rushed into the room and Ironland let out an incoherent bellow of anger and began to charge them.  The guards were surprised to see him free, much less to see him charging them.
   Within a moment, he was upon them, laying about him with the club.  He knocked two guards to the floor before the rest got smart, falling back, their spears like a winter thicket before them.  Several circled around the elf until he was surrounded by spears.  Nova spoke up from behind the circle of guards.
   “How in the blazes did he get out of his cage?” She asked, surprised.  Exactly how he had gotten out became clear a half second later when the guards found the points of their spears melting right off the end of the shafts.
   “He’s a metal shape…!!” Cried one of the guards before his voice was cut off by Ironhand’s fist, knocking him out of the circle.  Ironhand swung his metal club in a wide circle around him, bashing every guard he could reach with it, but they were too many for even him.  There was a confused melee for a few moments, and then there was a pile of at least a score of guards lying on top of the escaped prisoner, and even then, the burly weapon maker was still struggling, several of the guards receiving blows that felt like hammers on anything that Ironhand could reach.  Finally, Nova moved in and quickly bound the struggling warrior with ropes, tying his arms with many knots.  Finally, his arms immobile, the warrior was dragged upright by the guards.  One started to move in to bind him further and received a viscous kick to the groin for his trouble.  The guards holding Ironhand shoved him down to his knees and the warrior was finally subdued.
   Sir Ainkea pushed his way through the crowd of guards, looking around at the destruction.  Several guards lay about the chamber, knocked out cold, and many of the rest sported new bruises.  The knight ignored the guard who was laying nearby in a fetal position, swearing at the top of his lungs and clutching between his legs.  He walked up so he stood in front of Ironhand once again.  Then, he knelt to look into the elf’s face.  There was something about this one that was different than the rest.  This one’s face had a more wolfish cast to it than the rest of the tribe.  The knight leaned forward, lifting the necklace hanging around the metal shaper’s neck.
   “I just might have to keep this.” He said, admiring the ornament.  Before he could react, Ironhand snarled, his head darting forward in a quick motion, catching the knight unawares with a headbutt.  One of the guards responded by bashing Ironhand on the back of the head with the butt of his spear, knocking the elf out.  Reeling, Ainkea rose to his knees, tasting his own blood on his lips.  Snarling at the bound elf, he spoke once more.  “This one only seems to be safe when he is unconscious.  We will just have to find another way to hold him…”  Motioning to the guards, to pick up the captive, he walked into the prison once more.

      Copper awoke with a start. She gasped when she tried to open her orange cat eyes and felt a tight cloth over them forcing them closed. Her tongue caressed something smooth in her mouth… Copper quickly realized it was a gag… she was bound as well which explained by she couldn’t moved her arms or legs.

      She moaned and then quickly got a telepathic message. **Ah Copper good of you to join us.** sent Spirit impatiently.

      **Spirit? Where is Twotales? Why didn’t you two come when we sent.**

      **Captured Chieftess, same as you…** sent Twotales quietly.

      **Whose here? Who can hear my send?** Copper quickly questioned trying to sit up realizing her feet were bound too. She was quite relieved when she received a send from each of her tribe. Her clan of 22 elves

      Firefly flailed her hands about greatly slapping someone’s body part impatiently. **Who am I touching?**  She questioned.

      **ow ow ow!** Sent Quickwing trying to shy away from her slapping.

      **Bring your hands to mine!** Firefly demanded. She had an idea, that was probably the most brilliant idea at a time like this.

      Quickwing couldn’t help but laugh slightly at he scooted around and followed Fireflys demands. He finally was able to intertwine their hands briefly, before Firefly squirmed away and began to play with the knot on his bonds. **almost…there! Your free! Now undo me!** She demanded impatiently.

      Quickwing laughed and pulled off his gags, before undoing his feet. He shook his head and moved away from Firefly and undoing Eaglehawk first, then Riverrock… his two best friends.

      **Puckernuts!  Quickwing!** Squealed Firefly flailing about on the ground and screaming in to her gag.

      Riverrock untied the person closest to him which happened to be Blaze.  Blaze, hearing Firefly’s plea crawled over to her and quickly undid her bounds as she struggled against them. “Shhhh Fly…” he whispered starting on undoing her feet.

      Eaglehawk stood and glanced around at the squirming elves. Finally his green eyes settled on the prettiest little elfess in the clan. He sauntered over to Copper and pulled the cloth off her eyes, when they fluttered open he stared in to the orange color, charm oozing from every pore. He gently pulled the gag from her mouth, then folded her in his arms to undo her bounds.

      Coppers heart skipped at beat at Eaglehawks movements. She could feel her cheeks flushing with color, she couldn’t deny the desire to hold him back…. But as quickly as he had gotten there he was gone again, undoing her feet. Once those were untied he caressed her face with his hand. Then moved away, glancing once at his brother, whose face seemed a little paler from the display.

      Copper blushed and cleared her throat, crawling over to Falcon to peak through the bars of the cage. **Ironhand?** she questioned gazing into the darkness.

      **I’m here chieftess.** he said, sounding over all very upset and unhappy.

      **Where are you?**

      **In a separate cage… Oooh this one is a metal shaper, lets put him in a wooden cage!** He said in a sarcastic tone of voice,  mimicking the elves.

      Copper couldn’t help but giggle as she felt around her boot for her small throwing knife. Her eyes had adjusted now, by expanding to take in what little light there was. **Flicker help me**

      Quickly to Coppers happiness there was a sudden light, showing in Ironhands face, as Flicker came to her side. Copper laughed at the sight.  Ironhand sat unhappily, legs crossed, COVERED in rope.  Not an inch of skin could be seen from his shoulders to his hips. She quieted her laughing when Ironhand growled at her. She sucked in a breath until her ribs were showing and squeezed through the bars. She drew her throwing knife and pushed her hair out of her face.

      She wandered over to the cage and reached her arms through, cutting the ties as quickly as she could.  Soon, in no time at all, Ironhand was free and Copper was sliding back through the bars.

      Ironhand then raised his leg and in one swift motion, kicked out one of the bars of his cage. Again and again, until he was able to saunter out of his cage unfazed. He ran his fingers though his tussled hair and stood to his full height. “Everyone stand back.” He stated, cracking his knuckles and stretching his arms to warm them back up.

      Copper moved to the center of her clan and took Feathers hand in hers. She leaned on her friend and finally managed to look around at the doomed room. It was like a giant circle more then anything else, a perfect grey color, with a low ceiling. If Ironhand or Eaglehawk raised their hands they could probably touch the ceiling.

      Coppers gaze drifted to the magic radiating from Ironhand’s fingers. The bars around them melting quickly like ice in the afternoon sun. Copper grinned and stepped forward, jumping over the puddle that lay at her feet. She hugged Ironhand who looked semi awkward patting his small apprentices back, no smile on his lips.

      Copper went to a rock in the corner and dragged it out with some difficultly till it was in the middle of the room. She climbed on top of it, and clamped her hands behind her back. The rock didn’t make much of a difference, she was the smallest of her tribe, so naturally it made her look like the normal height of her tribe.

      “We need to get out…” She stated looking around the room, one way out… the door unless…. She looked at Ironhand hopefully. He went to one wall and touched it.

      “Its stone…I can not wield it.” He said, disappointed, leaning against it and crossing his arms.

      Copper sighed… and kept her hands clamped staring at her feet. She tried to calm herself…’alright think girl… what do you need… our tigers and our weapons… we need to find them… we need to…find…!’ Her eyes brightened suddenly and she looked up at her clan. “Eaglehawk… You can find the tigers… and our weapons… we can’t very well fight a battle with my throwing knife.” She grinned and looked proudly at her tribe.

      Firefly grinned happily at her cousin. “Wonderful thought Cheiftess.” So it was obvious, use the finder to find the things they need. But the fact that Copper thought of it herself was a good sign. “I’m so proud of our baby.” Admitted Cianna nudging Firefly sweetly.

      Eaglehawk took a seat and took a deep breath going in to a trance like state. “Our weapons and tigers are together. Just down the hall way, if we get out turn right…it’s the first door on the left.”

      Feather skipped forward, always happy and spritely. She went to the door and pulled on it quickly.  It didn’t budge. She tossed her bright red hair and tried again… no luck.

      “Ironhand” She whined.

      Ironhand moved forward, emotionless. Pausing at the door and pressing his ear to it. Before he could place a hand on the door he jumped up on the ceiling above it like a spider. Copper imagined the only reason he could stay up there was that he was holding on to what small metal there was in the rock. Copper quieted and listened carefully for any sounds that were issuing from the door.

      Sure enough, 6 elves were present outside of the door. “Well, all but one of them was very easy to capture.  Just a simple bite and out they go.” Said one plainly. Copper glanced at the bite mark on her hand. “One however was not going to go down with out a fuss! Took 13 bites.” Copper looked impressively up at Ironhand and scooted a bit closer to the door with the rest of her tribe.

      “It’s the huge blonde one.” Added a second elf.

      “Right, so we locked him in chains… he was the first to wake and he melted right through the chains and cages. Turns out he is a metal shaper!  We had to move ALL of the elves in to another room and put them in a separate cage. As the strong one fought with all of his might. Took 20 of us wrestling him to the ground. Then Nova was able to tie him up with rope. Now he’s safe in a wooden box tied with rope…”

      Copper had to choke back a laugh, glancing at Ironhand who was smirking, and looking proudly down at his tribe. Copper felt an arm slide around her waist she looked over to see a grinning Cianna.

      “Attention!” Came a booming male voice from out side of the door. This caused the guards to stiffly straighten up. Sir Ainkea approached with his hand placed firmly on his daughter Kamaria’s shoulder.

      “Sir Ainkea, Miss Kamaria.” Said the guard.

      “Princess Kyoko, wants to know the progress on the prisoners.” Began Kamaria her silky voice quiet. “As soon as they wake, you are to take them to the thrown room.”

      “Princess…?” Whispered Firefly. “Do you suppose that’s like a Chieftess?”

      “Aye Miss we shall check right now… Everyone stand back.”

      “Bet you guard duty for a week that blondes out of his cage again…”

      “You’re on!”

      “Open the door” growled Sir Ainkea.

      “I don’t want to open the door and see what we might find!” Said one guard to Kamaria. “Who knows what it may be… they could all be dead, or still asleep, or gone! Though I doubt the last one, there is no way from them to get out of those…” He paused and looked in to the room when another guard pushed it open. “cages…”

      “Hello.” Began Copper a smile tugging at the edges of her mouth… it was fun to have listened in, and now to watch their faces realizing that the cage was…gone. The elves that had been inside were all out of their bonds and staring at them aimlessly.

      Kamaria was the first to speak. “Heh, you were saying.”

      Sir Ainkea hushed his daughter impatiently. “You are to follow us. Cause any problems and I have permission to kill you!”

      Copper and the rest of her tribe looked at the elf dangling from the ceiling. The 6 guards followed their gaze and let out a startled yell as Ironhand dropped between them. “Not if I have anything to say about it!!”

      “Ironhand!” snapped Copper. “Stop! We don’t need any more trouble.” She commanded.

      Ironhand looked saddened slightly and bowed his head, walking though the crowd back to Coppers side. The Nightstalkers exchanged glances and scanned Copper up and down. She COULDN’T be the Princess! Kyoko was young sure… but not as young as this little one, and yet she was able to call Ironhand away. Perhaps they were mates… but again she looked awfully young.

      The Nightstakers backed their way out of the room and waited till all of the Callow Clan had exited the room, then keeping them in a tight room, walked them through the tight hallways.

      It all looked the same Copper noted, slowing slightly so that she could walk more in the middle of her tribe then the front. Which Cianna and Firefly seemed happy with leading. Ironhand brought up the rear of the group. Copper slowed until she was between her two favorite brothers. She wrapped her left hand around Falcons which caused him to blush slightly and turn his face away from her to ‘mutter’ something to Blaze. Her other hand threaded with Eaglehawk’s who looked equally surprised. He however smirked at his friends who stared at him jealously.

      If it hadn’t been for the clan’s keen cat eyes they wouldn’t have been able to see anything in the dark tunnels. Plenty of twists and turns, hills and slopes, and even a circular path that Copper could have sworn lead them in a circle. Finally there was a light from an opening in the long tunnel.

      The Clan entered and gasped the pupils of their eyes went in to cat like slits at the sudden light. It was a huge circular room, of sparkling silver. The floor was a hard pearly white stone of some sort. But above them was the most beautiful thing of all. A dome of crystal twinkled above them. Colors the Clan had never seen before. It was hard to determine how thick the crystal was, but there was light coming through it, which Copper assumed must have been sunlight. Where white floor mirrored the colors of the crystal, and when she stepped on it the color appeared on her foot, then on her clothes. She smiled in amazement and exchanged glances with the tribe. Who all seemed to have different colored shines in their hair.

      Coppers gaze then feel on a small stair way leading to two thrown like chairs, that matched the rest of the room. On each step down there was room for another two chairs. The royal court.

      Kamaria who had been leading the group bowed low and deep and motioned for the other elves to do the same. Copper looked confused but bowed was well that caused a ripple effect in her tribe.

      Her eyes focused on the woman sitting in one of the throws. She wore a dress unlike anything Copper had ever seen. It was silky in appearance and deep rich purple. It fell in huge waves around the elfess’s body. On top of her head was a silver crown entangled in her black hair.

      “The prisinors M’lady.” Said Sir Ainkea.
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Chapter Six
Princess Vs. Cheiftess
    Kyoko’s gaze scanned each ones face. The stripes on their skin was unmistakable, bonded with tigers how very interesting. “Who is your leader?” She questioned her voice still and emotionless.

     Cianna and Firefly looked back at Copper who swallowed and began to walk forward. Eaglehawk looked to Ironhand and with a nod between them also headed to the front stopping next to Cianna and Firefly. Copper slid between her tribe mates and to the edge of the steps where she bowed again, sure that’s what she was suppose to do.
     Nova shifted uncomfortably, gripping her silver spear. She stared as the girl approached and stepped from her place next to Kyokos thrown. Down one step to protect her better. Growing up Nova was meant to be a lady, though she dreamed of being a knight like her brother. When the King and Queen held a competition for a person of nobility to protect their only daughter Kyoko, Nova entered… and won. She became Kyoko’s protector and lady in waiting. She took her job very seriously.

     Kyoko looked at Copper and felt a smile creep up her emotionless face. She laughed, a laugh that reminded Copper of their creek going over pebbles. “Is this some sort of joke? You are but a child little one!”

     Copper sat up quickly and didn’t seem shocked, she knew this would happen. “Yes, I am a child, but I am also the leader of the Callow Clan.” Copper tilted her head slightly.

     “Don’t lie!” Nova hissed pointing her spear at Copper.

     “We mean you no harm, nor did we mean to stumble in to your…territory.”

     “YOU will speak when spoken too!” Nova snarled coming down a few more steps.

     Eaglehawk jumped forward with a tiger like roar, crouching between Copper and Nova his green eyes perfect slits. “YOU won’t touch my chieftess!” he growled.

     “ENOUGH!” Barked Kyoko. “Nova!”

     Copper rested her hand on Eaglehawks shoulder, causing him to raise up to his full height and grin at her sheepishly. She smiled back and turned to Kyoko. She remained quiet.

     “well, well, who are you?” Questioned Kyoko a soft smile forming on her lips as she examined Eaglehawk. He was adorable.

     “Eaglehawk.” He stated flirtatiously, giving Kyoko his most charming smile. He was going to help Copper out as much as he could.

     “Take them back to their cell… Except for you.” Commanded Kyoko staring at Eaglehawk, obviously affected by his charm.

     Copper looked to Eaglehawk helplessly. “No!” she commanded her heart beating hard in her chest. Her breath quickened slightly.

     Eaglehawk turned to face her and gently cupped her face in his hands. “Copper” He soothed **( I do not think she means to harm me. This will help you—us. Let me help our tribe.)** he lock sent pressing his forehead to Coppers briefly and then released her.

     Copper blushed and then stepped away and headed back to her tribe and to Falcon, who was staring at his feet. On their way back to the cell Copper didn’t even bother to try to pay attention to where they were going. She was far too worried about Eaglehawk to care.

     When they reached their ‘cell’ Ironhand was forced into a very small wooden crate. “Get out of that!” one of the guards said, fearfully locking the top of the box. Copper laughed and waited a few minutes after they left to race over and try to pull the box off of her teacher. No luck.

     Feather joined her along with Feathers identical twin, then Eaglehawks gang. After about an hour of trying, Copper and her group headed away with a sigh, giving up. She took a seat and leaned against a wall. She pulled her knees to her chest and smashed her eyes in to the caps of her knees. She hadn’t really had time to mourn after her mothers death.

     First she was so determined to defeat her father. Then she felt the need to be perfect and strong for her tribe over the plains, then they were captured, and now her friend was saving them all by doing who knows what! It was two moon phases ago that they left and she couldn’t hold it in any longer. She let out a shuttering breath, as tears escaped her eyes. She felt so small and empty. She needed her mother, her soft and warm mother. Copper wrapped her arms around her legs and felt the skin of her legs becoming damp.

     “Copper… You alright kitling?” came a soothing soft voice from beside her… Gentlepalm. Her sweet hands very gently stroked Coppers brown hair.

     Copper shook her head still squishing her eyes against her knees.

     “Cianna…” called Gentlepalm quietly as if trying to not draw attention to the crying Chieftess. “I believe this is more your territory.”

     Cianna looked over confused then seeing Coppers shakings shoulders she crawled over. She curled in to the spot next to her niece and wrapped her arms around Copper. Picking her up slightly and placing her in to her lap. “Kitten what is it?” She questioned soothingly also stroking her hair. Firefly soon took Gentlepalms place and listened carefully.

     “Why did she have to die?” Copper questioned her voice hardly audible because of her tears.

     Cianna understood immediately. She simply held Copper tightly unsure of what to say next.

     Spirit was staring longingly at Cianna silently wishing she could also hold Copper like that. Spirit felt a large amount of guilt. Copper was her niece! Blood should have come first, above pride. She wrapped an arm around the sleeping Twotales and paused. “Your mothers very proud of you Copper, she’s always going to watch out for you.”

     Firefly smiled at her mother. “You see, We all loved Dew, just as we all love you… and I am sure she hates to see you crying like this. You’ve been a wonderful Cheiftess. You get better day by day. You have avenged her death, and now its time to concentrate on life.” Firefly said kissing the top of Coppers head.

     In the silence that followed, there was the sound of nails scratching at the ground and Copper looked up confused. The sound continued for several minutes then Firefly jumped about two feet in the air.  Something was coming up through the floor right next to where she had been sitting.  The something began to emerge a moment later. First a hand, then two, then Ironhand’s blonde head appeared. “Success!!” He cried triumphantly, sending Feather into a mass of giggles.

     Copper couldn’t help but laugh slightly as Ironhand slithered out of the hole. She whipped her tears away with her hands and then began clapping for him. She swallowed and leaned on Cianna further. Closing her eyes and sighing, Falcon crawled over and pressed his finger tips to her hand. Cianna felt Copper relax as she drifted to sleep.  

     Eaglehawk followed Kyoko and Nova up the never ending steps, past floors and rooms. He was somewhat relieved when he saw the end of the steps. A huge platform, stood in front of large double doors. It seemed to be made out of some sort of stone that was pearly white but held colors of pink, blue, green and purple sparkling with in it. He stared open mouthed at the door as two servants opened the double doors for them.

     Once inside Eaglehawks green eyes grew wider. It was the same stone on the walls, ceiling and floor, but everything in side was pale shining silver. There was a huge, what he assumed, was a bed. With white furs and silk draped over it. Eaglehawk was soon distracted when he realized Kyoko had called his name.
     “Yes?” he questioned

     Kyoko giggled and picked up something strewn on a chair. “Nova leave us.” She stated impatiently. Eaglehawk didn’t even have to look to know that Nova had done what she was told. “I’ve never down this before, but you must understand, anyone in my kingdom would kill to be asked what I’m about to ask you.” She stated taking off her purple robe to revile a lighter purple dress that clung to her curvy from. “I understand you and your Clan are bonded to tigers.”

     “You understand correctly.” He grinned tossing his brown hair out of his face.

     “Well, Eaglehawk… Will you be a companion of mine, an ambassador to your tribe… Will you be my tiger?” She questioned offering him bundle of fabric.

     Eaglehawk didn’t miss a beat, anything to win Coppers favor. Besides the Princess was simply stunning, and if she wanted him then, Highones, she would have him.. so why protest? “I would be honored.” He flashed her another smile and spread out his new clothes on the floor to examine them.

     “Good!” She said excitedly, forgetting completely about Jett for a time. Eaglehawk was a new and shiny toy. He was exciting and thrilling. “So was that baby really your Chieftess?”

     Eaglehawk stared at the clothes. Black pants he could handle… no shirt… that wasn’t a bad thing… but the thing that intrigued him the most was the…collar. It was black and silver with a silver chain coming off of it… When she said tiger, what she meant was pet. Eaglehawk glanced up at her and quickly began to take off his shirt, to a. show off his body, he wasn’t head hunter for no reason, and b. to see her face when she eyed him up and down.
“Oh yes! It wasn’t a joke. She really is, and a fine one at that!” He said starting on his pants.

     “You like her I see.” Kyoko observed, feeling a little bit of a sick pleasure out of the thought of torturing the Chieftess by having the boy she liked as a slave. Teach her for speaking out of turn. “She was rather pretty wasn’t she?”

     “Oh, yes I like her.” Eaglehawk said pulling on his new black pants. They were soft like the fur on baby tigers, or Coppers hair. “She’s very pretty, but nothing compared to you…” He charmed.

     Eaglehawk clicked his tongue as he put on the collar. Once it was secure he offered her the chain. “shall we?”

To be continued (dun dun duuuuuhh)
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