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Author Topic: Elfquest fanart RPG 2 - the land of ice  (Read 7398 times)


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Re: Elfquest fanart RPG 2 - the land of ice
« Reply #600 on: June 04, 2020, 03:18:17 AM »

"N-No! I don't want you to perish... not everyone is against you here. That is why I'm offering my help. Like you helped us when you let us in during the storm." Laluna tries to convince Wander of her sincerity. She looks disheartened for a moment when Wander just keeps walking, but she decides to follow him.

"Do you have a place to go to..? I think it would be better if you stayed and we searched for another holt. After all, it is your home... and we are in better health to search for a new home than you. The others seem to be thinking of exploring the surroundings anyway."

Laluna knows that Wander won't survive outside for long. She hopes that by convincing him to stay at the tower, she might have a chance to heal him with Stormvex.

(Laluna's persuasion roll: 5!)


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Re: Elfquest fanart RPG 2 - the land of ice
« Reply #601 on: June 04, 2020, 05:07:52 AM »

 Moondrop watches Marut walk away, feeling slightly betrayed that the new feeling of belonging he had inspired in her doesn't seem the be shared. But, as he seems set on caring for Wander, who she is no longer comfortable being around, perhaps it is all for the best. Dealing with all these other elves was giving her a headache, anyway. It would be good to get away.

**Yes,** She answers Runedance as she joins him. **Let's go.**
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Re: Elfquest fanart RPG 2 - the land of ice
« Reply #602 on: June 04, 2020, 07:40:50 PM »

(They are not on the top of the Mountain, but on a cliff that has a strange pole, there is still some way to the top, it is a mountain after all!)

Toad rubs his shin...

"They did gather bones and skins and they took them to this tent they had.. but I am not sure why... the skins often belonged to their own tribesmen who had wronged them in some strange way... or to those who tried to get away from the tribe..."

Yare suddenly vomits aggressively and holds his head, starts to sweat...

"T-That... that thing... t-that pole! it's... it's driving me mad! my head hurts!!..."

Yare let's own a scream and falls to the ground, he whispers...

"S-Something... i-is telling me to... kill you!! m-make it stop!...."

Ironglory knees down next to Yare and tries to get a hold of him! the pole somehow is doing something to Yare, and then suddenly, Antaka sees the snow turning red as blood! and something whispers to her...

"kill kill kill KILL KILL KILL!!..."


Wander looks at Stormvex and sends openly...

**but... near you... I'll be more capable of hurting you... even if you tied me up, I can still shape the stone... I... I don't know... what to do...**

Wander also looks at Laluna... for a moment he looks so lost, hurt and clearly hates himself... he reaches his hand to touch her but pulls away... fearing he will harm her again somehow... but then slightly nodding to Laluna...

Marut stops for a moment and looks at the all of them...

"Well... I can stay here with him... someone has to keep an eye out... and besides... he needs someone to help him... so you can all go..."

Marut seems eager to leave the group for a bit, he is a loner and all the social interaction clearly makes him wary and cranky... he notices this himself too... Marut looks at Stormvex and everyne...

"sorry... there are so many new faces... and I'm too used to living on my own... I didn't mean to offend you... I just.... think I'm coming a bit old..."

Marut scratches his beard...

"I just want what is good for everyone..."

Wood fox jabs...

"Well, OLD MAN! I bet it's best for us young and fresh individuals to go and do stuff! you sit your old butt here!..."

Marut smiles and nods... then says...

"... really... I'm sorry... may I have your forgiveness?..."

He looks at everyone in the eyes... it's clear that he means what he says... Mehadrin suddenly screams so that the whole opening echoes!...

"L-Look! there is something headed straight for us!... and everyone feels that they are losing their mins! it is a snow rabbit bigger than a bear!! it is clearly rushing in for an attack!..."

Marut stares at ti for a moment, that is not normal at all!...

Wood fox whispers...

"What in the knot is going on!?!..."

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