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Author Topic: Westering Holt  (Read 1452 times)


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Westering Holt
« on: March 26, 2018, 05:24:43 PM »

Back in 2009/2010 there was an unfortunately short-lived holt by the name of Westering Holt.  The founder's timing was bad for starting this holt because both of us were in the midst of a major moves, job searches and changes, family emergencies, and for me, college while working a full time job.  As well as our commitments elsewhere in Pern fandom.

Needless to say, Westering Holt did not last long. 

But time passes and things change.  Now, with the conclusion of Final Quest and the realization that we never really let go of our Westering Holt characters, Kris and I have decided that this could very well be the right time for Westering Holt.  I'm done with college, neither of us is in the middle of a major move, and neither of us is active in any other fandom. 

Our old forum is still up.  The original RPs are still there.  We are trying to reach out to our original members (btw, if you are one, can you please email me?), but fortunately our closure happened at a point where there is still a lot of room and opportunity to get in on the 'formation' of a new holt.

So, with that out of the way, what is Westering Holt?

Just as Two-Spear led his own branch of Wolfriders-turned-Gobacks on a different path, there were other times when the tribe went two separate paths.  Sometimes in peace, sometimes not.  During one of those peaceful partings, a chief led a group of elves and their wolf-friends to another holt.  Time passed.  Encounters with humans, initially rare, increased.  Never enough to send the Wolfriders to find a new holt, but often enough to keep the memory and threat of humans fresh in Wolfrider minds.  But overall, peace ruled within the tribe.  It grew in number as their father tree grew in size.  After many generations, when only the Howl Keepers knew about the origin of Chief Sureshot's holt, the Wolfriders found themselves too numerous for the surrounding forest to safely support.  With both hunters and gatherers having to go further and further afield to supply the needs of the tribe, Chief Sureshot concludes the only way to keep the tribe and the forest healthy was to reduce the Wolfrider population.  It was time for another parting of the tribe.

But who among his children could he entrust with such a dangerous endeavor?  With more than one among them capable of being an effective chief, how to choose?  In the end, the choice was obvious if not easy.  With three sons willing and most able to be a chief, it was the youngest daughter who seemed to grasp all that being a leader of Wolfriders entailed.  It was young Stormfire that needed the least guidance on the more subtle responsibilities of being chief.  And for the more overt qualities, he entrusted his friend and closest advisor to give her the guidance that he could not.

And so the tribe parted, with tears and with eagerness to see what wonders the larger world held for them.

Come join Chieftess Stormfire and her band of Wolfriders as they finally, after a long trek, discover their new home!

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