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Author Topic: The realm of my non-art (depression and scary stuff included)  (Read 4607 times)


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My first post on my other art is a very old comic I did back in 2010. After the tragic death of my mom due to malignant cancer, my grades started to decline as well as my already poor social skills. The only way I was able to vent out my feelings was with drawing. The result was a collection of short stories under the title "My insane tales", which I've then posted on a now dead website called comicstars.de. Caution, this entire comic is written in german, not a lot of you would be able to understand it.

First story: This tale is about my french teacher and how she was the bane of my existence. In the end I made a portrait of her being depicted as a demonic creature.

The second story is about the funeral of my mother and a recall to the events at her deathbed.

the third story is an illustrated adaptation of an essay I wrote for german class. It's about a psychotic boy who meets a brutal end as punishment for his actions. VIEWER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED!.

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