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Author Topic: Nilla tries her hand at writing  (Read 7884 times)


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Nilla tries her hand at writing
« on: July 02, 2012, 03:35:21 PM »

Well. Eh. I'll try and post stories here. Feel free to point out any mistakes. =)

DestinysGift asked me to write a story about how Arehe and Beyond interact.



Arehe knew Beyond had taken up following him again.

The orange haired trickster might think himself utterly unnoticeable, but his older brother knew he had gotten a tagalong the second he had passed by the third thee on the passage that lead to Fire-Rock.

Beyond was without a doubt a good tracker, stalker and anything in-between when it came to humans, but when it came to his older brother, his own brand of discipline seemed to slip his mind at one point or another.

In this case, it was most likely one of Uli's apples fault he kept slipping up.

Snapping a thin twig there, kicking a tiny pebble there...They were all well known reasons for why he slipped up.
Small tells of recklessness, eagerness, he just couldn't seem to repress when his  oldest brother was involved.
Growling out loud as he lounged towards the object of his absolute annoyance was new, though.

If Arehe could have been bothered to shake his head at his brother's recklessness, he would.
Problem was, he had given up those small actions long ago.

Arehe dropped his spear a second before his belligerent brother reached him.

Beyond's arms didn't even manage to encircle Arehe's shoulders before the much older elf grabbed his left arm and reached the other arm back, grabbed hold of the other's hair and threw the trickster over his head to land a good five feet in front of him.

Beyond screeched as he hit the ground. He spent a  short second just lying there, blinking a couple of times, likely wondering why he was staring at the sky all of sudden.

*You're getting worse at this game.* Arehe sent tonelessly, causing the other elf to winch and hold his hands to his head.
'Nrgh! Yes, truuuue...'Beyond groaned out, tilting his head back to look at his stoic brother. 'But I honesty blame you for my lacking tackling skills.' He sent him a smile that would have looked like a snarl to anybody else.

Arehe stayed where he stood, regarding the grounded trickster with a barely raised eyebrow.

'Not going to ask why?' Beyond asked, mimicking Arehe's barely-there expression.

*No.* Arehe replied, reaching down after his spear, never breaking eye contact with the green eyed trickster.

'Whyyyy not?' Beyond nearly whined, rolling over to sit cross legged on the ground, pouting at the other elf like an over sized child with garish colored cloths.
*It's a waste of time. You hardly need reason for what you do.* Arehe replied though sending, standing up right again, narrowing his eyes at his brother.
'Oh pffff! How you lie!' Beyond hissed at him, waving a hand at him, almost dismissively.

'A waste of time would be trying to explain it to you!' Beyond jabbed, tilting his head to the side, glaring up at him with a smile.

Arehe rolled his eyes for short second.

*Beyond, what do you want?* Arehe sent, eyes still narrowed.

Beyond held one hand to his head and waved the other at his brother.'Do stop sending and speeeeak. Your thoughts are like sharp icicles!' Beyond drawled, hanging his head, orange hair hiding his face.

Sighing and going very much against his better judgment, Arehe walked over to his troublesome brother, bent down, grabbed his chin and forced him to look at him.

'What do you want?' Arehe asked hoarsely, bearing down on Beyond.
Beyond's expression was eerily blank for a second, but it quickly broke in to his usual smile.
'Weeell, you see...'Beyond started, as his hands snuck up and grabbed hold of Arehe's shoulders. 'I'm so very bored, and I think I want to waste my time on keeping you company!' He added gleefully and before Arehe could move away from him, Beyond had moved his right leg and somehow placed a foot on his older sibling's chest.

Arehe managed to growl out a curse just before Beyond lurched back, pulling him along and vaulted the larger elf over himself, giggling hysterically. Arehe lost both his hat and his spear in the fall.
He landed not far from his brother, who had gone back to lying on the ground, face tuned towards him with a savage smile.
Arehe tipped his head back to narrow his eyes even more at Beyond.
'What? You tossed me to the ground, isn't it only fair I be allowed to do the same?' Beyond asked cheerfully.

Arehe bared his teeth, reached over and none to softly smacked his brother on the side of his head.
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Re: Nilla tries her hand at writing
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2012, 08:43:31 AM »

Start of a fic DestinysGift got me working on. Feel free to point out any mistakes. =)

Noon, near the opening known as Bailon’s Pass, the way in and out of the Shadowgrounds.

For a short second, Arehe quietly wondered which gem stones the jewelry maker, Ceedea, had actually wanted him to find for her.

Then it occurred to him, she really should have been a bit more specific when she had asked him to spend a whole day cracking up parts of the mountain range that surrounded the Shadowgrounds, looking for gems she could use in her little trinkets.

A massive slab of rock melted and moved away, reveled five or so rough looking Skygems, that Arehe quickly snapped up and placed in a bag he had beside his feet. The rock fell back to its original place and he grabbed the bag of gems and moved over to another part of the mountain side, not sensing any other gems.

As he moved, he opened the back to see which gems he had actually managed to find up till now. He had barely bothered to actually look at them as he found them. To him, Ceedea had asked for pretty and useless stones and that was what he had been picking up.
Six Skygems, seven Thorngems, ten Dreamgems, three Icegems, one Firegem, four Grassgems…Arehe grumbled, and closed the bag. A couple more, and it would have to do. If it wasn’t good enough, he’d drag Ceedea out of Fire-Rock and have her help finding the damn gems.

He came to a part of the rockside that looked oddly discolored to his eyes. He dropped the gem-bag with little care for its content. The gems were hard little things.

The rock parted under his hands, reveling only more discolored rock. Grumbling, he dug further. Still more discolored stone.
The sun moved, unnoticed by the rockshaper, over the Shadowgrounds, and still more discolored rocks surfaced. A bewildered looking mountain goat, perched on a giant rock came sliding down the rockside’s face as the whole thing began to move and churn.

An hour later, the mountain side was still moving and churning.

*Arehe, why are you making the mountains dance?*

The sending pulled the almost entranced rockshaper halfway back to his sense.

Looking up, he saw two eyes that were the same color as his own. They were just far kinder and warmer.

They belonged to Dahka, one of his brothers.

*What.* Arehe sent, gawking at him with wide eyes, blinking a couple of times as the other puzzled looking elf waved at him.
*The Mountains…*The pale haired elf started, pointing upwards the cliffs.
*What about them?* Arehe sent back, still blinking.
*You’re making them, eh, dance.* Dahka answered, sounding worried.
*And you’re ripping them to pieces.*He continued.

Looking around, Arehe realized he had torn half of the mountain side to pieces and twisted the rest into odd looking spires.
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Re: Nilla tries her hand at writing
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2012, 06:24:51 PM »

Part two:

Dahka, a gifted glider, hovered above Arehe and grabbed his arm, and dragged him up from the crater he had mindlessly created.

‘What were you doing? Making some kind of underground entrance?’ Dahka asked curiously, letting go of Arehe as his feet came back to flat ground. Arehe looked up at the defaced mountain side, shook his head and searched the ground for the bag of gems.

*No. Ceedea asked for gem stones.*Arehe sent while turning over couple of big rocks that had tumbled down from the broken cliffs to retrieve his spear. He must have tossed it away at some point.

‘Oh. Were you looking for a particular big one? ’ Dahka asked, pointing to the crater.

*No. The rock was discolored. Thought there was a big pocket of gems or crystals there.*

‘I thought you could sense crystals and gems?’ Dahka asked, looking puzzled.

*I can.* Arehe answered.

‘Then why…’ Dahka started,  still pointing at the crater. Arehe shrugged.

*There could have been gems there a long  time ago. Marakka could have taken them…*Arehe sent, his head suddenly snapping to his right, eyes zeroing in on a rather large boulder and made his way towards it. As he did so, Dahka couldn’t help but notice his brother’s voice became a bit rougher at the mention of the other rockshaper.

Arehe  placed his hands on the boulder and leaned over it to see a large mountain goat lazily munching on his bag. ‘Arrrh. Give me that…’ He growled out loud and reached for the bag, engaging in a short tug of war with the goat.   

‘Do you want me to take them to her?’ Dahka said, gliding over to him as the goat released the bag. Arehe glared at the goat, which just ‘baaaah’ed at him, and attached the bag to his belt.

‘No.’ Arehe  continued speaking out loud, voice sounding like ice and rocks.  ’Still need a couple more gems.’ Arehe looked up at the sky to find out just how much time he had wasted on tearing into the rock wall.

‘But…the bag looks full.’ Dahka said and craned his head to look at the gem-bag.

*It’s not enough. Need four more…* Arehe sent, looking at the rock wall he had twisted and broken. With a shake of his head, he seemed to decide to leave it alone. Then he looked at another part of the cliffs and started moving towards it.


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Re: Nilla tries her hand at writing
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2016, 01:28:02 PM »

I, eh, managed to get started on a Elfquest/Inquisition crossover.
Title: The Continued failings of High One Technology.
Somebody messes around with some of Res’ magic ‘someday-these will-help us-leave-this-forsaken-planet’- crystal orbs while he’s working on them and they do actually end up working. In a chaotic and not at all helpful way because it transplants Res to Thedas.
To the soon to be destroyed Conclave to be precise.
Because you never know where the High Ones went and where they left their artifacts.

You can read Res' profile here: http://www.elfquestfanart.com/index.php?topic=77.msg4306#msg4306
‘Get out.’
'You know what, Ressa?’
'Res. My name is Res. Not Ressa, not Resling, not Reska. Just Res. ’
'You spend entirely too much time working with magic. It’s going turn your mind into slush!’
'Thief, I swear. If you touch anything, I’m going to skin you alive.’
Flying Thief’s laughter told him there would be no negotiation with the aggravating Mistsinger.
The elf woman slapped one of Res’ three crystal orbs out of the air, much to his barely restrained ire.
The palace crystal hit the floor, shattering, it’s glowing pieces clinked over the floor and landed around his feet.
One of the other orbs seemed to sense the it’s sibling’s destruction and hurriedly sank down to Res’ shoulder, fully breaking a stream of magic that been passing between all three orbs. 
It should cancelled out the magic entirely, Res thought later, in a different place.

Really, he shouldn’t have been surprised.
The ancient, semi sentient, but often harebrained technology of the High Ones was known to completely and utterly fail the ones who used it.

Within seconds the magic seemed to fade before violently coming back into view. It arched like lightning inside his small away-from-Firerock-den before making contact with the shards at his feet and the orbs around him, making them shine brighter than the daystar.

Res lost sight of his den as a pale, multi-coloured light engulfed him. Everything seemed to become drawn out, endless and ever reaching, shattering the laws the two mooned world had slammed down countless ages go.

The magic sang with absolute chaos, extreme intent and violence as it reached out, further and further, until it made contact to something equally ancient.
Everything shifted violently, and Res realized to his growing confusion that there was no floor, no roof, no walls. Just a near eternity of movement and colours.

When the light and magic finally dissipated, Res was nowhere to be found, leaving a dumbfounded Flying Thief alone in the den.
Her hazel eyes flickered around briefly, wondering if she had just started a war with the Timeless.


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Re: Nilla tries her hand at writing
« Reply #4 on: February 24, 2016, 12:56:09 AM »

Title: The Continued failings of High One Technology.
Reporting Error: Overshot by a galaxy, or so.

Somewhere along the line, Res had covered his ears and his shut eyes.

Light and magic crashed around him with a cacophonous noise, as he suddenly felt the ground return under his feet, causing him to stagger and stumble.

‘Thief, you absolute crag!’ Res snarled as he managed to regain his balance and opened his eyes, expecting see the obnoxious Mistsinger.

What met his eyes instead, was a wall with large spiral-like decorations.
A wall made from a dark stone the Timeless didn’t use in their buildings.

He was standing in a rather wide hallway that was well lit by torches.
Res looked around for second before slamming himself into the wall behind him and flatting himself against it. Hand instantly going to the sword, Bright Wrath, that was fastened to his left leg.
He wasn’t in his den anymore.
He likely wasn’t even in the Shadowgrounds anymore.
He looked up to see one of the small orbs hovering well above his head, spinning quietly.

Res briefly wondered if he had somehow been 'moved’ to the Palace of the High Ones, but shot down that thought as soon as he came up with it.
The stone he now had his hands on was cold, dark and held none of the traits that the orb above him did.

His rockshaping powers seeped into the rock and told him that he was deep inside a massive, ancient building, a temple.
His powers couldn’t reach far enough to tell him where he could get out, just that there were many walls and rooms between him and the outside.

Scowling something fierce, he looked up at the orb again.
'Come down here, you idiot!’ He hissed angrily at the it, causing it to drop down.
Res hastily grabbed it and held it to his chest.
He took an unsteady breath, calming the faint spikes of panic he felt in the back of his mind.
Where was he?
How had he gotten there?

Res lifted his hands from his chest, staring down at the slightly luminous orb with the expression of a vexed parent.
Wild, unstable magic had brought him here. That much was obvious, thinking back on the magic stream Flying Thief had disturbed with her recklessness.

The shattered orb had functioned as a platform of sorts, while the two whole ones had been power and direction, driving him to the next platform. But what had functioned as a platform in this strange place?

Res looked down to the spot where he had appeared moments ago.
There, in the floor was a circular decoration. And framed by intricate stone carvings, was a rather large, round disk of crystal.
It looked well worn, but it shone just like the small orb he held.
That explained how he had gotten there. Res stopped himself from asking himself why it was there for now, and looked from the crystal in the floor to the one he had in his hands.
'Take me back this instant!’ He hissed at it, tightening his hold slightly.

The orb’s colours shifted slightly, while the disk grew a bit brighter, but nothing else happened.
Res’ hands shook slightly as he realized he was stuck. The two crystals didn’t have the capacity to send him back.
Before panic could set in, noise reached Res’ ears, forcing him to focus on it.

Echoed voices filled the hall, seemingly coming from all around him.

They were a mess of tones, almost continuous and definitely human in origin.

’- I swear if one of them looks at me the wrong way -’
’- It’s our divine right to-’
’- actually think they’re people? Ha!’
’-should just have locked them in their towers and burnt them.’
’ -why not just kill them all? What’s the real harm?’
’- Andraste, I pray-’
’- I went to Tevinter once-’
’-shouldn’t the Divine be here…?’

Res shook his head, stopped focusing on the strange voices and started focusing his problems.
Mainly getting back home or staying away from whoever the voices belonged to.

Looking both ways to make sure no one were on their way, Res moved back to the crystal disk and crouched down beside it.

Letting go of the orb with one hand, he placed it above the disk, making it shine even brighter for a brief second before it seemed to lose it’s hard surface and become fluid.

Res moved the orb from his chest and released it to hover above the glowing matter.
Guided by his hand, the fluid started moving up towards the orb, the matter slipping around the sphere, before merging with it, slightly increasing its mass.

Res slipped back to the wall as the crystals merged, focusing on which way to go. The path to the right seemed to split off into two new paths, while the left path on had one.
Res didn’t get much of a choice, as he heard footsteps coming down unseen stairs to the right.
’- You think the Mage-Templar war is actually going to stop? There’s so much anger on both sides.’ Someone said, a woman, by the sound of it.
’ Well, it’s possible?  Ambassadors from both sides showed up. That’s something at least.’ Another woman answered.
Left path it was.

Res took off, with the orb in tow. He just managed to get to the end of the hallway and turn around the corner when the women got off the stairs.

The orb nearly slammed into the end wall before it corrected it’s path and preceded to bump into Res, much to his eye-rolling exasperation.
The new hallway was much like first, only with fewer torches, leaving it darker and cold.

As carefully as he could, Res made his way through the dark hallway, with the orb in tow.
There were more strange symbols and intricate carvings on the walls. Odd statues of a valiant looking human woman and a miserable man holding his head, dotted the hallway.

Soon he came to the end of the hallway. Two large double doors in his way.
Placing a hand on the wall to his right told him there was a large chamber behind the doors, and that he was no closer to finding a easier way out. He still couldn’t 'see’ which was the right way out, only that he had been moving deeper into the building.
Res growled under his breath and turned around to go back the way he had come from.

'Now is the time for our victory.’ A deep, dark, male voice rang out, causing Res to stop in his tracks, turn around and look back at the double doors.
’Why are you doing this? You of all people?’ A woman asked, fear and confusion clear in her voice.
Res, without conscious thought of doing so, moved back towards the doors.
'Keep the sacrifice still.’ The male voice spoke up again. Res went cold as the word 'sacrifice’ reached his ears and still without thinking, placed his hands on the doors. He barely managed stopped himself from pushing them open. Worry warring with curiosity over what to do.
'Someone help me!’ The woman yelled, as some odd sizzling, crackling noise reached Res’ ears.
Res ground his teeth as curiosity won out over worry and sensible fear, and made him angrily push open the doors.

There were several humans inside the dark chamber.
Four of them were dressed in odd blue and silver armour and stared into the distance with incredibly empty eyes.

An old looking woman dressed in a red and white robe and an oddly large headdress, was being held up in the air and bound by what looked like red magic.
In front of her, holding a dark, green glowing orb, was a tall, sickly thin and bizarrely mangled man.

'I see…you have taken to sacrificing your own elders now? ’ Res said shakily, as everybody turned their heads towards him. Res hastily looked from the blank eyed people to the man and woman.
'What…precisely are you doing?’ Res continued a second later, his insane curiosity dooming him further.
Before anybody could answer, the woman tore her arm out of the red magic and knocked the green orb out of the malformed man’s hand.     

Res couldn’t decide if it was because he had simply abandoned the tiniest amount of common sense at that point or it was just his insane curiosity that made him move and reach out for the orb as it clanked it’s way towards him.

He regretted picking up the dark orb instantly.

Absolutely foreign, screaming magic shot up his left arm, quickly followed by intense pain that forced a scream from him.

Res barely had time to notice that the malformed man was flying towards him before everything became engulfed by green light and the floor underneath his feet disappeared once again.


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Re: Nilla tries her hand at writing
« Reply #5 on: August 22, 2016, 08:40:31 AM »

Takes place during Kings.
Note: The Timeless live on a moving island that can dive underwater. This is possible due to them being ridiculously magic rich.


‘We got hit by what?’ Res asked loudly, disbelief evident in his voice.
‘A bird!’  Beyond answered down from Fire-Rock’s lower, mostly empty plaza, tone completely serious.

Res looked up at the colossal magic shield that was stopping the entire ocean from crushing them and surrounded their mobile island.

It was still very much in place and they were still very much underwater.
Res looked down to his uncle, his left eye twitching slightly.
‘Beyond. We’re under water.’ He said numbly, his hands tightening around the stone railing he was leaning against, fighting down an ancient panic of failing his people in the same way the Circle of Nine had.
‘Brilliant observation,Res!’ Beyond said, this time more cheerily, but as unhelpful as ever.
‘No, I mean, we’re under water! How in Chenah’s bloody spears did we get hit by a bird? Also,what kind of bird is so damn big we can feel it slam against our island!?’ Res exclaimed in frustration, not understand how they could first crash into an insane, misshapen whale earlier that day and now get hit by a freakishly large bird.

Before Beyond could answer, Bright Frost, a dark skinned, silver haired healer stepped up beside him, lightly slapping the taller elf on the arm.
‘It looked like one of the birds from Blue Mountain, Res. The Glider’s birds.’ Her voice calm and soft, ignoring Beyond’s mock outrage at the slap.
Res’ face collapsed into confusion at that point.
‘What? How...why was it out here? We’re in the middle of the sea?’ He asked looking from the healer to his trickster uncle, hoping they for some reason had the answer.

‘Maybe it was trying to cross over to new land and got exhausted? There is fierce storm raging up there, you know.’ Beyond guess and shrugged while keeping his eyes on Bright Frost, seemingly determined to catch her hand should she try and hit him again.

Res shook his head wildly and opened his mouth to argue,but was interrupted when the air in the plaza nearly exploded with magic as the area’s glowing Palace stones’ light became as bight as the sun and the living hivemind of the Timeless roared to the surface with a sending that would knocked their seven High Ones off their feet.

They were no real words in the sending. Just an sense of intense outrage and fury that was, bizarrely, aimed at something in the ocean.

‘WHAT IN DEIRRAN’S GREAT SICKLE IS GOING ON?!’ Beyond yelled, his hands flying up to cover his ears, as if that would somehow help against the hivemind’s insane mindtouch.

Bright Frost was quick to grab the much taller elf as the physical force from the hivemind’s sudden emergence nearly succeeded in knocking Beyond down.

‘I think the hivemind is attacking something?’ Bright Frost said, as she steadied Beyond. Her eyes flew back up to the baffled rockshaper who was staring in the directing of the Grand Gardens, where all the energy was being focus.
‘Res! Are we being attacked?’ The healer called out, hoping to catch his attention.
‘No, but you’re right.The hivemind is attaching something!’ Res replied with a voice like steel and kept his eyes trained on the gardens as he started moving down the stairs that lead down to the lower plaza.
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