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Author Topic: Destiny's Stories  (Read 138896 times)


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Destiny's Stories
« on: June 26, 2012, 10:02:33 PM »

Well, I promised Nilla I'd post the story we are writing here. Here's a bit of an introduction to it, think of it as a warm up to the upcoming stories. My stories can get pretty long and if you guys think it shouldn't be posted here, I'll remove it. Constructive criticism is welcomed!


A small stone flew through the leaves and imbedded itself into an ancient redwood tree. A small girl was walking, kicking random twigs and pebbles. She let out a soft sigh and looked at the night sky. The moons were full and bright, blocking the light from the stars. Suddenly she stood up straight, eyes alert. A motion in the bushes behind her and she melted into the shadows of the trees.
   A rabbit hopped across where she was just standing. She relaxed and picked it up, struggling to hold it as it wiggled and squirmed in her arms. She began to pet it and it calmed. She knelt and set it free on the ground, watching as it ran off into the cold autumn night.
   The humans rightly named her for her skill, she can become just a shadow in the trees, her mother joked with her about it but soon the name stuck.


Warning! These stories may contain mature content!

The Understanding By DestinysGift and Nilla! :D
The Understanding is what happens when two elf tribes misunderstand protection as mistrust. The Outcast tribe had been living with the Timeless for only a few eights, but they still shared everything with them. However, the Timeless aren't so open. They don't want to scare the Outcasts. This story is about how the two sisters, Shadowtree and Nasya, bridged trust and understanding by falling in love with two of the Timeless. Beyond's son, Shadow-Caster, quiet and reserved, can't help but find something admirable about the outward and sassy Nasya. Beyond's brother, Arehe, became cold after his first recognized mate killed herself before the child could be conceived (Merely seconds after recognition) and when the second recognized mate, Jirora, killed herself three days after giving birth to their son Res, Arehe took the blame on himself and so he no longer wants anyone else to become too close to him. Shadowtree see's through that coldness and finds a caring elf who just needs help coming out of his shell, and see's something more beautiful in him than she could ever imagine.
DralelBy DestinysGift (Very sad tale.)
Dralel is a human in line to being the new shaman and possibly the new chief of his small village. Only 25 years old, he thought that the forest near his village was calling to him, that the spirits had a message for him. The shaman urged him to go into the forest and receive the message, despite the dangers. There he meets a girl, one unlike any he's seen before. He mistakes this elf for a spirit. He tries to talk to her, but he can't understand her language. She gets scared away by hunters coming to find Dralel, and he doesn't see her again. Until many years later, he's old and sick. His son carries him out into the forest one last time so he can be with the spirits and finally, after  years of waiting and searching, he finds his spirit woman.    (Language guide: http://www.rialian.com/elven-language.htm)
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Re: Destiny's Stories
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2012, 10:03:46 PM »

The Understanding

   I jumped up and grabbed hold of a branch above me. If I was going to be alone tonight, might as well have some fun.

   I jumped to another tree, swinging from the branches, running faster than a rabbit, flying faster than any bird, landing lighter than any feather. I felt all my muscles release their tension and I smiled to myself. Every time my hands touched another tree, I felt the shock of its life energy, but it was welcoming. I felt one with the world around me like, for the two eights of my life, I always have. A breeze blew and I landed onto a high branch. I sniffed and found a familiar scent.

   Huffing came from the ground below. A huge pile of fur moved around right beneath me.

   Ah, a bear. Probably looking to find food before its long winter sleep. I jumped into the tree ahead, following it. I had nothing better, might as well work on hunting skills. The bear moved slowly, stopping every so often when I jumped to another tree, then continued walking. It wasn't as fun as swinging through the trees but it passed the time. It was much better than dealing with Beyond and Uli.

   I shivered, and not from the cold. Beyond's son, Shadow-Caster, had just returned from a long hunt with some of the others.

   I jumped to another tree.

   He and Nasya seemed to have gravitated towards each other. I guess I should be happy for her, it would be her first love mate, our tribe didn't have many males and she didn't want to take a female mate.

   I jumped to another tree and stopped as the bear began chewing on a berry bush.

   I guess I should take a mate too. I sighed. I could never relate to any of the elves in our tribe. None of them were magic user's, except father's sister. But even she is way too much older than me. Her mind wasn’t exactly... steady.

   The bear began to move again so I stood.

   Maybe... One of the timeless could understand?

   The bear stopped. It became alert and I froze. Has it found something to hunt? Or does it feel threatened?

   I jumped to another tree and below was a long path. I didn't think humans were in this land but it looked like this path was traveled often. I heard footsteps below and hid into the leaves. Was a human coming? Was there more than one? Would they try to find our new home?

   The footsteps were light and slow. I peered through a small parting and my eyes widened.

   It was an elf! The bear prepared itself to charge. It was one of the timeless, if I recalled it was Beyond's brother, Arehe. The bear launched out of the bushes and I gasped, unable to move.

   No elf should die! Especially not from a bear!

   I began climbing out of the tree but it was too late, Arehe had prepared his spear and was on defense against the bear. The bear began to circle around him, and then it suddenly stood up on its back legs and let out a roar. Arehe jabbed his spear at the bear, he managed to cut its chest before it began coming down to pound him into the ground.

   I covered my mouth and put one hand to the tree. I had to do something! I summoned up all my energy and called to the life of the tree.

   Come on! I just need to stop the bear, just so he can get away! Vines began to wriggle out from the branches, they snaked their way down the tree and towards the path. Toward the bear and Arehe. The bear reached up its paws and swiped it fast at Arehe, he couldn't get back in time, the claws dug into his arm and torso making him fall to the ground.

   He choked out a gasp letting out a feral noise, much like a growl, deep and hoarse like the bears. The vines caught hold of the bear’s paws and tightened, trapping it there.

   Good, now run! I thought, unable to send with all the energy I was exerting. He didn't move, he didn't even seem to notice, instead he took his spear, an almost smile on his lips, and he thrust it into the bears side, not stopping until it hit the heart. I cringed as the bear fell to the ground. When I opened my eyes Arehe was pulling his spear out.

   I was used to being around elves with wolf-blood, they acted like complete savages in a hunt, they were less than elves, they were more like wolves themselves. But there was just something about this pure-blooded elf; it was like he was more savage than the wolfriders, and yet... all the more beautiful.

   He picked up his hat and dusted it off, placing it back on his head. He looked at his arm and down at his left side shrugging like it was nothing, then looked down at the vines. His eyes searched the trees and bushes all around, so I hid. They darted to where I was and stared intently for a long time. His eyes... They were an intense blue, colder than ice, and just as piercing. His long golden hair moved in the night breeze, disheveled under his hat, and he took a deep breath. Slowly releasing it, he turned and continued walking.

   I slowly stood and stared after him. Never have I seen one of the Timeless in such a way. They always seemed just... Proper. Maybe a little too proper. I thought it was only Uli and Beyond that were normal. They have another side to them.
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Re: Destiny's Stories
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2012, 08:17:57 PM »

The Understanding

   I walked back to the new-Holt, dazed. I ignored the loud howling coming from Beyond’s stone hut, I guess they were making fun of wolfriders, and headed straight for my tree-Holt. I lifted the curtain, Nasya was not back yet, but mother was fast asleep in the furs. I shrugged out of my clothes and lay on the furs with her.

   â€œHello mother,” I whispered in my high-pitched voice. “I’m back.”

   She smiled and hugged me. I covered myself with the furs and settled in for the cold night. The morning came and I awoke from the groans of my sister, dragging herself into our den. I looked up and she had her hand to her head, rubbing her eyes.

   â€œLong night?” I giggled at her. It was early still; the sun was just barely passed the treetops.

   â€œUli’s dream-apples will really get to you!” She said in her smooth melodic voice. “When she wants to celebrate, she really… really… Celebrates!”

   I laughed again. Beyond must have been happy that Nasya finally chose his son as a fur warmer, for seasons we’ve annoyed him to death but now that those two are love mates Nasya will be kept busy. I sat up and ran my fingers through my now tangled hair. Sometimes I wished I were like mother. She didn’t care about her fur warmer, many of the Timeless didn’t mind being it for a few nights.

   Its not like I didn’t try though.

   I put on my shirt and pants, not bothering with shoes for now. I walked out of the den and headed for the Outcasts. Our tribe wasn’t completely awake yet, but I knew an elf that was always awake early in the morning. I climbed the cliff dens, crawling into one in particular.

   â€œGood morning, my dear friend!” Carah smiled brightly, her green eyes sparkling. “What news this day?”

   I smiled back. Carah had long hair that was like a white baby rabbits fur. That was what originally drew me to her. Everything about her reminded me of a baby rabbit, from her small nose to her large steady eyes. Though the sun tanned her soft skin, it only made her more beautiful.

   â€œNasya chose a mate,” I said quietly. “Beyond’s son, Shadow-Caster, Uli and them were celebrating all night with her dream-apples.”

   â€œShade and Sweet water to them on this joyous day,” She studied my face. “Is there something else you came here for?”

   I looked to her. She was younger than me by only a few seasons; I watched her being born, her young eyes seeing the world for the first time. Now those eyes seemed older than mine. She knew me almost as well as my mother knew me. But she wasn’t a magic user, so she could never have that understanding. That was why being mates failed. But I still enjoyed her company every so often.

   â€œLast night I saw one of the Timeless,” She raised an eyebrow. I sighed and continued. This time in a silent way, I sent to her.

   He was attacked by a bear, Beyond’s brother Arehe, how he fought was unlike anything I’d ever seen. I just can’t describe it… I sent her images of what I remembered.

   Beautiful but scary… She sent back.

   I nodded. There’s another side to the Timeless that they aren’t showing us, one that could be marvelous and awesome…

   And dangerous.

   I shrugged.

   â€œOnce you were curious, nothing ever stopped you,” She smiled. “Good luck, watch yourself though, there’s something off about them… All of them…”

   I snickered. “You worry too much!”

   With that last word I crawled back out of the den. When I was outside I sniffed the air, stretching. I wonder what he would be doing… Arehe, he would probably need a healer after that incident. I looked at each of the Timeless’ healer’s dens. He wasn’t at any of them. I didn’t tell them who I was looking for, though. Beyond had been in a grumpy mood for the last few days and if he knew I was looking for his brother...

   I turned to my father’s sister, Aaliyah. She was the only healer left even though she was in the Outcast tribe.

   â€œNo I haven’t had any Timeless here to see me… However,” She said nonchalantly, she was working on some sort of healing potions and sorts when I walked in. “I have had lots of Outcasts coming in, more tripping off the rock dens each day, you may want to speak to either of the Timeless ones who shape the dens, see if they know who you are looking for and ask them if they can fix the dens once you find them?”

   I nodded and left her tree den. Once outside again, I shivered. She seemed normal on the outside but if you knew what had happened to her…

   I saw at the corner of my eye a tall mass of dark tan leathers and auburn brown furs. I turned and my heart almost beat out of my chest. There was Arehe, his arm wrapped with bandages and his still spear stained with the bear’s blood. How he walked, how he carried himself made a small ounce of fear stir inside of me, but with it was also respect and awe.

   He was now carrying a small empty bag that I realized he had with him last night, though it was full at the time. He was heading back towards the cave dens of the Outcasts so I followed him. Was he one of the rock shapers she was talking about?

   I climbed above him, following him in the trees. It was more natural to me to stay silent that way instead of on the ground. The trees started growing smaller on the rocks, I had no choice but to climb down and follow him through the cold stone. I was sorry I didn’t wear my boots.

   I treaded carefully, silently, staying hidden in the rocks. He didn’t seem to know I was there, or if he did he just didn’t care. A sort of courageous glee started building. I was getting good at stalking my prey. If I could follow one of the Timeless and they not realize that I was... I was getting really good.
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Re: Destiny's Stories
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2012, 12:17:09 AM »

The Understanding

   We reached the top of the cave dens and I stopped, thinking we were done climbing. Instead we climbed even higher, up towards the cliffs above, up into the mountain.

   Many times I thought I would slip and fall, but many times I didn’t, thanking the high ones each time. We passed all the lower cliffs, climbing higher into the more jagged edges. Finally we were almost halfway up when he turned around, glaring.

   You’re acting like a lost puppy, Outcast. What do you want?

   His sending was annoyed, cold, and distinct. He was climbing to get rid of me, hoping I would give up after long. He wasn’t trying to be mean about it, he just wanted to be alone.

   I’m sorry, I just… I wanted to talk to you, I… I didn’t know how to approach you…

   Yeah, well, I’m here now, what do you want?

   I looked up slowly, carefully. He was staring at me, his expression annoyed. But it seemed like forced annoyance.

   The Outcast cave dens… People keep getting hurt on them-

   I know. I was on my way to fix them when I sensed you following me. Anything else?

   I looked at his arm, an idea striking me. “Hey, what happened to your arm, did you hurt it?”

   No, its fine.

   He was trying to lie in his sending. “Are you sure? I think you should go to a healer to have it checked out…”

   I didn’t ask you.

   I flinched back, that sending was a bit painful. It felt like running into a wall of ice; he was trying to make me leave. Well, I’m stubborn so I’m going to stand my ground!

   â€œIt looks like a human did that but… there are none around here are there?” I looked up at him. He shook his head ‘no’. “Then, an animal?”

   â€œWhat do you want, Outcast?” His voice was just as deep and as hoarse as his growl was. He sounded more frustrated than annoyed now, compared to his sendings. I took a deep breath and stood up tall.

   â€œI saw you get attacked by the bear last night,” I stared into his eyes. “I was just making sure you were okay.”

   His glared. I didn’t need the help you know.

   He knew I was the tree-shaper. Alright, might as well tell him. I’m sorry, I saw the bear attacking and I just couldn’t stand there and do nothing…I was worried, so I wanted to make sure you were okay. I shrugged, smiling up at him.

   I’m fine, you may have been here for a few eights of seasons, but the Timeless can take care of themselves. He turned and began going higher up the cliffs, I think now for the sake of just climbing.

   Maybe, I followed him and he made a movement like he was rolling his eyes. But the Timeless don’t have to be cold towards us. You can trust us; just let us prove it!

   He paused, looking back to me slightly puzzled, then his face went back to being his cold expression. He climbed up onto a ledge and began walking up a gravel trail. That’s just how the Timeless are, He was getting farther away, and I was struggling to keep up. I really wish I’d worn shoes. It’s hard for many of us to trust after what we’ve been through. Nothing really against the Outcasts but its just who we are, you can’t change it.

   But Beyond and Uli trust us, they learned that we just want to live in peace, away from the past we suffered just as you, I slipped and cut my leg on a rock, we were getting really high up and I didn’t like it. We just want to understand and learn and live… We want to share and love, why can’t the Timeless share that with us?

   Not all of us are like Uli and Beyond.
He turned and started walking back down the gravel trail. We aren’t the Wolfriders. We aren’t Sun villagers. We trust our way of doing things. In the time after the crash, my parents, my little group learned we cannot afford leniency or softness to those of this world. We became so close knit we couldn't reconcile with the remains of Timmain's group when we found it. We can very well be more cold hearted and more vicious  then the Go-Backs in battle, but we remain whole while they seem to have lost much of themselves, in more then one way. I think our long isolation might have...damaged us far more then we realize...

   I was feeling a bit dizzy. Don’t look down, just... don’t look down. Just like the Wolfrider’s, your way isn’t the only one.

   He stared at me then shook his head, turning and walking again.

   I tried to look calm, though inside I was cringing. I needed to get down from here, trees I can stand, and I trust my powers enough. But I can’t shape stone, there’s no way to save myself if I fall. I swallowed the fear, I need to know about him. I didn't know why, but I just couldn't leave things like this.

   I reached for a large rock, hoping to get good leverage to catch up. But when I tried finding a foot hold to push myself up, it broke off. I slipped, my grip released and I looked down. Puckernuts, bad idea.

   I was sliding down the rocks, faster than I could fly through the trees. I tried to grab onto the boulders around me or roots sticking from the ground. I couldn't grip onto anything, I looked down, a cliff was rushing towards me. It was smaller but still dangerously high. I closed my eyes and braced myself.

   A moment. I was in the air for only a moment. Then I felt hands grabbing my arms and then my back hit the front of the edge.

   What are you trying to do?!

   I stared at the ground below. And for some reason I couldn't stop staring, even as it convulsed and moved in an unnatural way. I swallowed,  my breathing labored. That was a close one. I was being lifted slowly, Arehe had saved my life.

   Congratulations, now we are even, Little Outcast.

   My feet touched the ground again but when Arehe released his grip, my legs gave way. My heart was still beating loud and fast, I couldn't even get my body to move. That is, until  felt stinging on my side and back. I reached an arm around to feel what was hurting and found the stinging was on my arms too. I looked down and found my clothing soaked red. Long gashes decorated my side and arms, I didn't want to know what my back looked like.

   I heard a sigh behind me. I was then being lifted again, this time onto Arehe's back.

   No, my blood will stain your leathers!

   He ignored me and started climbing down. I clutched to him with all my strength until we were finally on level ground. The ground stopped swaying and I could finally catch my breath.

   As he walked to Aaliyah's den, it being the closest healer's den, many Timeless and Outcasts alike stared. The Outcasts with worry, the Timeless with just a moments curiosity before they continued their day like it was nothing. Finally we were in Aaliyah's den, and she raised her eyebrows then smiled.

   â€œFound who you were looking for, aye?” She laughed, it was a dark sound.

   I slipped off of Arehe's back and onto Aaliyah's furs. They were soft and it was like how I imagine laying on clouds would feel. Arehe left the den without a word. Well, not only did I make a fool of myself but I also got hurt doing it. Puckernuts.

   Aaliyah bent and cut my leathers away from the wounds. I'll be needing to get some new ones. Then the work began.

   Aaliyah was careful not to touch my skin, but I still felt the warmth from her hands. Soon, there was no more pain, only just the sweet relaxation of a Healers magic. I could feel my skin begin to mend, the dirt and pebbles fell out of the wounds and onto the furs. The warmth was soothing, it made me tired. I hadn't gotten much sleep and so it was just much more easier to close my eyes and just rest so I could mend...
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Re: Destiny's Stories
« Reply #4 on: July 14, 2012, 11:39:56 PM »

   I knew I had done wrong, I knew I would be in trouble, but something about this night... The forest had been calling to me, I even talked to the spirit man and he said there was something waiting for me out there, hidden. Tonight, the two moons full, I knew tonight would be when the forest would want me to join it. So I tied on my favorite leathers and took my spear in hand, moving silently into the trees, away from the small still sleeping village. The owls in the forest called quietly and I heard screeching of devil-birds far in the distance. It was warm, summer had been long this year and with it brought a drought, killing many of the crops. We had relied on hunting much these few months, it was good that meat was plenty in this  land. Even when we shared with...

   I heard a noise to my side. I froze and turned, my spear pointed. I heard giggling and the sound was at my opposite this time, I whirled around, eyes searching the night. I saw a dark shadow moving through the trees. More giggling. I looked around me, unsure where it came from. Then suddenly something dropped from the sky and landed in front of me. The figure stood, slowly. It was a feminine silhouette, hair gently wisping at the slightest of movements. Her eyes opened and they shone brighter than any star, than the moons, brighter than the day sun.

   They were a pale blue, as if she was blind, but the way she was staring... I knew she could see me. She watched, her head turning to the side. Her hair moved to reveal large winged ears, like bird wings or maybe like a fox's...

   She giggled again, I rose my spear away from her. She was short, only to my chest. She had a round, childish face, her eyes big against her face like an owls. She smiled, her teeth whiter than the clouds in the sky.

   She wasn't wearing much.

   A fabric tied around her chest didn't even reach passed her ribs, she wore small pants, barely reaching down her thighs. She was barefoot.

   â€œWere you the one who called to me?” I asked her, my voice shook. I couldn't help it. Her white skin was absolutely perfect, she looked like a child's doll... No, like a spirit goddess.

   â€œIrrre yooo.... Kah.... Kahrrr... Kahll...” She mimicked. Her nose scrunched up as she struggled with the words. Finally she just smiled. Her voice was like a birds song on a spring day. It was high-pitched and monumentally beautiful. Finally she put one hand to her chest and said, “Astarii.”

   â€œAre you a spirit?” I took a step closer and she jumped back. I slowly put my spear down and stayed low, showing my empty hands to her. “I don't mean to hurt you! I just want to know who is calling me.”

   She thought for a moment. The crickets sounded loudly in the woods. Finally she took a step forward, smiling once again. I couldn't help but smile back.
“Where are you from, spirit?” I asked quietly, hoping she would understand me. Spirits knew all languages, the spirit-man told me. He communicated with them often, they told him when the rain came and how to heal someone.

   She laughed. “Litkai Na... El' ela.”

   â€œI don't...” I shook my head. Her language was so strange, but beautiful. How her voice curled at each word... “I don't understand.”

   She raised an eyebrow, a very human gesture. “Ela-ishtel.... Ame... E elashta-shiri...”

   I recognized some of that sentence... “From the heaven?”

   She blinked, turned her head to the side then nodded.

   Suddenly she became very alert. She looked passed me, her eyes going wider. “ANAlalai!” She cried, pointing behind me. I heard shouting and I saw torches of the hunters from my village. I turned back to her and reached one hand.

   â€œNo its just,” I said, trying to sooth the frightened spirit. “Its my people...”

   â€œANALALAI!” She screamed again, it was the most terrifying and heart breaking sound. She began backing away from me then she turned and ran into the forest, melting into the darkness.

   â€œAre you alright, Dralel?” The head hunter asked, his hand gripping my shoulder. I shook out of his grasp, picked up my spear and turned to face him. He was just a bit taller than me, and had more muscle than I could ever have. But he had hardly any brains, and that made him a terrible chief candidate.

   â€œI'm fine, it was nothing, I just needed a walk.” I growled, I began walking back towards the village, the other hunters turning towards me, questions on their faces.

   â€œYou know, someone as weak as you should not be out here by yourself.” He called, not meaning to be offensive, just stating a fact.

   â€œI know.” But I wasn't alone.

   I met the spirit woman. And she was beautiful.

   I hadn't seen her again for many moons, despite how many times I went into the forest and called to her. Seasons passed, I became chief and Shaman of the tribe. I grew old and my bones brittle. But I still walked into the forest when the moon was full. I needed to see her again, the spirit woman.

   Finally, my body became weaker and weaker. My soul could no longer stay trapped in the rotting flesh. I had my son, the new chief, carry me out to the forest for one last time. It was day this time, I knew my end was coming near and I wanted to see her one last time.

   As my son laid me on the ground, in a bed of soft pines, I sang to myself old songs our people chanted. Prayers to the spirits for good fortune and well-being. My son turned and left for the village. He knew I was going but he respected my wish to be alone.

   Suddenly I heard laughter, softly in the trees. I closed my eyes as the air around me was filled with a beautiful chirping that could only be made by the one I knew as the Shadow Goddess. Then I felt something brush against my skin, soft like a feather. When I opened my eyes she was there. Her hand against my cheek.

   â€œYou haven't aged a day...” I whispered, smiling. She smiled back and then began singing the old song I was singing but in her language. I closed my eyes again, just listening to her voice. When she was done she laid a kiss on my forehead. I opened my eyes again and laughed softly. “I am very old, so is that song. I have only been around for fifty years but I bet you have been around for many more.”

   When we had met I was only a boy. I was the age of twenty-five, half my life gone already but I was still young and had much ahead of me.

   â€œWhere are you from, Shadow spirit?” I asked once again.

   She tilted her head to the side and laughed softly. “Aqofeltu...”

   She looked up at the sky and smiled. “Where are you from?”

   I gasped and she turned to look back at me. She spoke in my language, I began to cry. Coming from her voice... It was more beautiful than anything I could ever imagine. Our language now seemed ungodly, it was filth against her tongue. I did not deserve to hear her speak in our way, but in my last day, it was more than what I could ask for.

   â€œAshtae astarii... My people are of the stars,” She smiled, sadly down at me. “While I was born of this land.”

   I nodded. “But why so sad, my beautiful spirit?”

   She began to cry. “I live on, countless years ahead of me, no one to spend that time with... Then I find you, loyal human, you waited years for me, I waited too. I didn't want to face your people again, I was afraid. But then I watched you age, your children born and your children's children. I still lived on.”

   I looked up at the spirit. She cried and cried, she was watching me all these years. As I waited for her, she was always with me. I smiled up at her.

   â€œHuman aren't meant to live forever,” I whispered. My voice rough, I coughed. My body felt weaker. “I've lived long enough to see you again, and that is all I could ever ask for.”
She tried to smile, she tried to laugh.

   â€œSpirits should never cry, not for a human like me.” I wiped a tear away from her face and smiled. “I love you, my spirit woman.”

   She smiled, still crying. “I love you, my human.”

   I laughed, then began coughing. Blood escaped my lips and I wiped it away. She took my hand and held it to her face.

   â€œWho will I have?” She asked me.

   â€œI'll always be with you, my spirit. I'll join you in the spirit world. We will see each other there.” I rested my head against the tree I was propped up against.

   She laughed. “I hope we will. Thank you...”

   â€œYou were a shadow in the trees when I saw you...” I whispered, closing my eyes. “And that was all I knew you by, I never knew your name...”

   â€œThen call me.... Shadowtree.”

   I nodded. “Shadowtree, thank you for everything you have given me.”

   â€œThank you..... Dralel.” She said. I opened my eyes again and beamed a smile at her.

   â€œYou know my name...”

   â€œAnd you shall be remembered,” She pressed her forehead to mine. “Dralel, Spirit-man, old chief, and the one who danced with the shadow.”

   I closed my eyes and felt her warmth. My breath came slower and slower.

   â€œGaya, chev,” She said. Somehow I understood all of what she was saying. “Harani A'kaheyla de'shanuay.”

   She kissed my forehead again, and tears fell onto my face. “Isatar.”

   â€œI Satanas.” I managed to whisper. The rest was barely a breath. “Hole asin, halae-han.”

   She began singing again as I fell into the deepest sleep I'd ever had.
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Re: Destiny's Stories
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The Understanding

   I must have fallen asleep for a long time. When I opened my eyes the sun was coming out of its hiding on the morning horizon. It would be day soon. I stretched carefully. My skin felt slightly tighter. It was healed but there was always that weird feeling after you get a wound... Its like your body needs to readjust to its new health again before you felt... well, right. But I was weak, not even healing could make up for how much blood was lost. I'd be on the mend for a while. No more fun in the trees.

   I sat up, looking to my leathers. I would definitely need new ones.

   I grabbed one of Aaliyah's black fur's, it was her largest pelt that had come off a bear, and tied it around me. That should do for a few days. I needed a bath though, there was blood still caked to my skin.

   I walked out of the healers den and looked around. Not many of the elves were out. Good, I might have the baths to myself, for once. I skipped checking in with mother, she'd worry too much, I couldn't handle that right now. I started walking towards the springs, wondering idly where Arehe was. That was nice of him to take me to a healer. I guess he is a bit caring under that cold act.

   As I walked down to the water I began to hear loud giggling and splashing noises. When I finally got a clear view of the hot springs I saw Nasya and Shadow-Caster. Shadow-Caster sat on the edge of the springs while Nasya was wading around.

   â€œI never knew hot water could feel so good!” Nasya smiled up at Shadow-Caster. “Come, join me!”

   Beyond appeared from out of nowhere behind Shadow-Caster and pushed him in. “Yes, join her!” He laughed.

   Shadow-Caster resurfaced. He faced away from Nasya, a savagely menacing glare directed towards his father. Beyond looked at his son's face, stopped and a smile grew, it went from ear to ear.
I shuddered then grimaced. I wanted a bath alone... Looks like that would never happen.

   Shadow-Caster lunged after his sire, moving near impossibly fast, and grabbed Beyond's tunic, driving him into the water. I began walking closer toward them as Shadow-Caster pushed his sire's head into the hot spring. He held him there for just a moment before releasing him, then breaths deeply, his expression hidden under his now dark, soaked, and matted hair. He climbed back to sit on the ledge as Beyond resurfaced, laughing hysterically. Nasya swam to Shadow-Caster and began a silent conversation with him, by the way her expression was changing, you could tell they were sending. She giggled.

   â€œYou kind of deserved that, Beyond!” Nasya laughed.

   Beyond looked up, pushing his wet hair from his face, a smile still plastered there.

   â€œAh! Why, little Shadowtree!” He lifted his arms, and I couldn't help but chuckle. His smile turned devious. “You look as though you tried to wrestle with a bear!”

   â€œNot quite, friend,” I smiled and sat on some rocks on the edge of the spring. And you should know not to call me little! I added silently.

   He chuckled. “Oh but dearest, you are little! I'm much taller than you'll ever be.” He wiped away the running war paint from his mouth.

   I tried to look offended, but failed by smiling.

   Nasya glanced sideways at Beyond. “You know... I'm coming to realize something... Beyond pretty much deserves any kind of punishment every time he opens his mouth.”

   â€œThat took you long enough.” A hoarse voice came from out of no where. I looked around but didn't see who had said it. But I knew the familiarity of it. It was Arehe.

   I felt a brush of wind, Arehe was behind me. He moved towards the basin of the spring and Beyond's demeanor changed. His expression was blank, but then it turned oddly serious. He titled his head to the side, locking gazes with his elder sibling and paused. Nasya's eyes narrowed at the newcomer. She'd never met him before now.

   She swam over to me and pulled lightly on my hand. “Are you going to join us too?”

   I was about to shake my head no when Arehe sent to me. You should really wash off, you can't stay forever like that, and its better to have your sister help.

   I did something very childish. Something that I might pay for later. I stuck my tongue out at him. Arehe just shook his head slightly in response, without breaking eye contact with his brother. He quickly made to grab Beyond's upper arms and hauled him out of the basin and held him at arms length. Besides chuckling darkly, the soaked trickster made no move to get out the others grasp.
“Leaving so soon, Beyond?” Nasya smiled, devilishly.

   â€œYes,” Arehe said. His voice shocked me again. There was something about it... “He is.” Arehe finally let Beyond's feet touch the stone ground. “I've been told something he might have some interest in.”

   Beyond, remaining still oddly silent, looked up at his brother and tilted his head to the side again, raising an eyebrow. I mentally shook myself. Curiosity then sparked and I stared at the brothers, listening intently.

   Beyond finally broke his silence. “Aaaand that would be?” He asked quietly, straightening himself.
“Do you remember the Nidoyara tribe?” Arehe let go of his brother but still held on firmly with one hand.

   Beyond blinked  a couple of times. “Seeing as I once stayed with them for 60 years, yes, I have a hard time forgetting that part of my life.” He said quietly, his expression becoming one of apprehension.

   You need a bath. Arehe hadn't moved but he was still sending me orders.

   Make me. I smiled devilishly at him. Mother always said I had a certain reputation, I was happy to uphold it.

   Arehe turned and gave me a sharp glance. He looked back to Beyond, pointing a finger at him and mouthed 'stay there'. Beyond raised an eyebrow, with another quirk of his head he oddly obeyed. Arehe started walking back towards me, I swallowed.

   Arehe reached out and lifted me as easily as he lifted his brother and lowered me into the spring. I looked back at him, puzzled, but he was grabbing Beyond by the sleeve and walking out of the hot spring area.

   I flicked the water, Puckernuts.

   I untied the furs and let them float to the edge of the rocks. Nasya gasped and I groaned.
I forgot she was still here.

   â€œWhat in high one's name happened to you?” She grabbed a cloth and lifted my arm. I rolled my eyes. “You look like you were almost made a meal out of!”

   â€œIt wasn't like that, dear sister.” I laughed. But she didn't ask any questions, instead she just scrubbed. I knew she would pry the truth out of me sometime but not today.

   â€œNo wonder you were asleep for so long!” She growled.

   I moved away from her. “How long was I asleep for?”

   â€œTwo days. Why?”

   That didn't make sense. How could I be asleep for two days? What did I miss while I was asleep and why was I even asleep for that long?

   Nasya wrung out the cloth and the water stained red.  I watched as it washed down the rocks and into the ground. Could I have been more hurt than I thought?
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Re: Destiny's Stories
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The Understanding

   Nasya went back with Shadow-Caster to Beyond's Rock hut, and I walked to face the wrath of Gentlestream. I dragged myself into the tree den and looked around. Mother looked up from a bowl, where he was mixing berries into paste, and gasped.

   â€œWhere have you been!” She flew across the room and flung her arms around me. “Aaliyah told me everything! What were you thinking!”

   I sighed and listened to her lecture about my fear of heights and how I should be more careful... The usual stuff that happens. When she was done she hugged me again.

   â€œI was so worried,” She went back to her work. “Nasya is no longer denning with us, and when you were gone for two days I just...”

   I know, and I'm sorry. I sat next to her and watched her work slowly. Its just... I've no one anymore, Beyond had all his time for Uli and Nasya was with Shadow-Caster...

   This isn't about Beyond and Nasya though. She stared at my face a long time. You followed one of the Timeless up the mountain, you could have been killed. And what were you following him for? If it was just because of Beyond and Nasya, you know that you have a family in our tribe who are more than willing to keep you company without any dangers.

   I looked up and caught her gaze. I can't tell you what it is about him but... I just need to know him.

   Her expression turned blank. She swallowed, then looked back at her work, the paste was almost done.

   Just be careful, cub. I don't want to lose you too.

   I nodded and hugged her. I didn't feel like resting and now that I was clean I would need to talk to Carah again. Beyond was going away but I still needed new leathers.

   Carah was working outside, scrapping at a pelt she just recently received.

   I have work for you, Carah.

   She turned and saw the furs. What happened to your clothes?

   Needed some new ones. I giggled, kneeling by her.

   Alright, what do you need? She sighed, raising an eyebrow.

   I told her the kind of clothes I wanted and she nodded. I also requested to borrow one of her blades. I didn't want to get mine from Mother, thankfully Carah said yes.

   It would be complicated to dye them but I'll have my mother show me how to get the colors you want.

   I smiled. Thank you,  dear friend, I knew I could count on you.

   I didn't have much else to do so I walked.

   The forest was different today, the cloudy almost-winter day made the leaves seem a darker hue. I touched the base of a giant and ancient tree. I felt the life of it deep inside. For some reason, that spark wasn't as inviting as usual. It didn't feel like a friend anymore, it felt like something I was missing.

   Missing... What could be missing?

   I knew the answer before the question appeared in my mind. I closed my eyes, pressing the heels of my hands against them. What was wrong with me?

   Despite how weak I felt, I needed to move. I quickly scampered my way up the smallest tree nearby and sat on the highest branch. It was only half the size of the other trees but it was enough to release some of the tension. I thought it over then finally stood. I took a few steps back then went for a running start. Soon I was soaring. My hands touched the bark of a branch but my fingers couldn't catch on in time. Instead I landed with my feet onto a branch just a little ways from it.

   That's when I heard crying. I slowly scrambled back down from the tree and followed the quiet sobbing.


   â€œOh, Anfisa, what has happened, now?” I threw my arms around her small frame and she shook her head.

   â€œThe same as always, dear Shadowtree,” She looked up at me with her large brown-green eyes. “I fear that Amare might begin wonder who his father really is...

   â€œThough he has a right to know, nothing could be worse than finding out your father is.... is...” She broke off into sobs again. My memory flashed back to a time when she had a laugh, contagious and as high and sharp as the sound of the bells on Beyond's hat.

   I hugged her again, I hated what happened to my tribemate. Her and Innah had been so close...
“Go to Gentlestream, she'd help you in anything you need, dear friend,” I advised her. “I suggest you stay away from Liev for the time being.”

   She nodded, standing slowly. “Thank you, your mother has always been so much of a help...”
I walked her halfway back to our tree den and watched her walk the rest of the way back. Anfisa didn't deserve to be treated like.... Like.... A human.

   I shook my head.

   I've had very few distractions today. I needed more. I couldn't go back to the others, and I couldn't be in the trees. Maybe hunting...

   Hunting what?

   Hunting deer. I decided. I ran through the forest, staying light on my feet, and headed towards a small pond where the deer usually stopped to drink. I slowed as I could hear huffing noises and small footsteps in the meadow around the pond. I crept low and slow towards the far end of the pond. Sure enough, there was a group of deer around the pond. They were grazing and drinking the water.
The largest buck was going to be my target. I pulled Carah's blade out of one of the bindings on my side. It was a basic knife, but it was sharp and it could get the job done. I began circling around to him when suddenly all the deer became alert. They looked away from me so I prepared to pounce.

   Suddenly a spear came out of no where and pierced the buck straight in the heart. He fell and the other deer scattered. I jumped into the trees to avoid being trampled. I cringed at the slight pain in my back. I think the wounds went to the bones... Ow.

   I bit my lip to stifle a whimper as two figures came to claim the kill.

   My eyes widened. It was Arehe and Beyond!

   They checked the deer, sure that it was dead, they began cutting hunks of meat out. I turned away from the sight. Killing and eating, I was fine with, but anything in between I could never stand. Seeing the animal being mangled...

   Suddenly,  Beyond's laughter chased away the nausea that was building. I looked back to them, they had turned the deer's stomach away from me so I was spared the gruesome sight. Beyond was apparently laughing at Arehe, who's expression was one of someone close to losing his irascibility.
The small walk with his brother was testing Arehe. I smiled, I couldn't help it. Arehe's expression made me want to just climb down and...

   I stopped. I shook my head to clear the thought. Focus, Shadow.

   â€œWe'll roast these later,” Arehe grumbled. His voice felt like a wave of cold ice over hot flames had washed over me. “We have to hurry.”

   â€œStuff to do, brother?” Beyond grinned wide, it was his mischievous grin that always used to make me excited and joyous. But now, it only made me a bit sullen.

   Arehe glanced at Beyond, who broke out into laughter yet again. Arehe growled to himself then stood and began walking again.

   I watched them walk away and then I was alone, staring at the dead carcass. My thoughts were waring with each other until after several moments I finally carefully stood and followed them through the trees.

   They hadn't gotten far when I caught up with them. I dropped silently to the forest floor, stepping along quietly beside them. I wondered where they were going, I haven't been around the land much so I didn't know where all the roads led to. Arehe and Beyond were chatting idly, seeming about nothing in particular. So instead of focusing on them, I focused on staying silent. If I listened too much, I would begin to get distracted and they'd find out I was there.

   When I glanced at them to see what way on the path they were taking, I saw Beyond kick his foot out to trip Arehe. He had been silent for a while, I guess it bothered him. Arehe stumbled for a moment before reasserting himself. Arehe reached over and shoved Beyond who laughed loudly. There were a few instances like that, whenever Arehe got quiet Beyond did something to get a reaction out of him. Somehow, each time he got Arehe, Beyond seemed surprised through his maniacal laughter.

   The path followed up and around a small hill, once at the top Beyond slowed behind Arehe, then he tackled him down the side of the hill. I covered my mouth to keep from gasping but I jumped into the trees and followed them as they rolled down to the bottom.

   Beyond erupted into a fit of giggles as soon as the stopped rolling. He ended up rolled on top of his brother, who was laying on his stomach, looking around for something. Arehe reached for his hat and sat up, grumbling, making Beyond slide off his back.

   Beyond smiled up at Arehe, then worry came across his features. “Brother, is something wrong? Typically, I am only able to get you once, however...”

   â€œYou're bound to get lucky once in a while...” He growled deeply.

   Something in his voice struck a cord in me. He seemed... Off, distracted at something. They stood up and I hopped back up the hill in the trees. The managed to climb back up the hill at a slow rate and when they finally got back on the path, Arehe grabbed Beyond's arm and twisted it behind his back.

   â€œSo you don't get any ideas.” Arehe grumbled. Beyond smiled his wicked grin and I covered my mouth to quiet the giggle that bubbled out of my throat. Beyond looked up and around, he must've heard me cause he looked into the trees, staring into my eyes.

   I put one finger to my lips and whispered, “Shh”. Beyond blinked, eyes wide, but he nodded slightly. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I missed moments like these when he was my friend and he was fun. There hasn't been to many of them for a while, since he has been around Uli more often.

   Before I could cherish the moment more, they were walking again. Arehe was pushing Beyond forward, holding onto his arm. I followed behind them, still in the trees. Where were they going? I wondered. I knew I wasn't supposed to be following them, I was supposed to be distracting myself from them.

   I looked passed them and saw, carved in the nearby mountains, what looked to be some sort of village. Beyond was staring at Arehe, trying to wrench his arm free but Arehe was staring at the city with an expression as cold as stone. More so than his usual expression. Finally Beyond looked at the city and he visibly seemed worried. The closer they got, the more anxious he became.

   They walked through the mountain pass into the village. Arehe let go of Beyond and went to talk to another elf away from him. Beyond's back was to me, but the tension in his stance was unmistakable. He was going to fall apart. The humans must've died out in this village. Though, I've had some bad experiences with their race, I knew that there were some here that only wanted to please us. This was one of those tribes. Never have I seen such a mass death amongst the humans like this. It was hard to even stomach.

   I couldn't let them know I was here, I had to wait in the forest outside. I wished so much that I was there with my dear friend. He began walking to the houses. I watched as he walked farther and farther away. My heart hurt to see him doing so, I knew each house he would go to would break him more. Dear Beyond... He shouldn't have to see this.

   I sat in the trees, waiting. Soon Beyond came out of the final house and the look on his face made me start to cry. A black haired elf followed close behind Beyond, I only slightly recognized him as the other rock shaper who fixed things around the Outcast dens. Though, he was a bit cold towards us.

   The black haired elf had purple eyes, and he seemed to coordinate the colors of his leather to that. He wore purple and dark gray. He was now standing near Arehe, his gaze locked on him. They talked as the black haired elf leaned against one of the houses. From the looks of how they interacted, those two were furmates or lovemates. The sight of it made my heart drop, and I turned to return home.
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Re: Destiny's Stories
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The Understanding

   What was I even doing here? I thought to myself. “Making a fool of myself.” I whispered as I jumped through the trees. I made it back to the Outcast dens without getting lost or sidetracked. I walked to my mother and I's tree den. She wasn't there so I started shaping. It was a bit of a struggle today, shaping usually took most of my concentration but since my mind was on other things, I couldn't shape the wood how I wanted it.

   I started making a bow for myself, but it turned out too twisted to be used. So I created another horn and shaped a deer into the wall of our den. Slowly my mind became focused on shaping only, and I became engulfed in the creature I was making. I heard a small gasp behind me, when I turned in the Nasya and Gentlestream, they had just returned and they had baskets full of fruit and vegetables.

   â€œWhat in high one's name is that?” Gentlestream raised an eyebrow and Nasya started laughing.

   â€œIt looks like beyond when he wears that cursed cat costume!” She put her basket down at mothers working table. She came over and admired my work. “Though, you do realize its taking up half our den because of how big it is, right?”

   I turned my head, looking at the work I'd done. Huh. I guess I made it too big, I didn't know I was doing that. I began shaping again, but this time the creature was flattening back into the wall. As I worked and practiced shaping different things, Nasya helped Gentlestream cut up the fruit and vegetables. I wondered if there was going to be a celebration tonight, but what for? I shooed that thought away. Outcasts hardly need any reason to celebrate. They just do.

   â€œSo tonight the Outcast tribe is having a fire and feast.” Gentlestream smiled at me. Well, that answers my first question. “Nasya is due for a child in two seasons!”

   I blinked. There was the second answer.

   I didn't know how to react. My little sister, barely the age of 40, was with child? Finally, joy came up and I smiled to them both, I stood and jumped over to them, squealing.

   â€œI'm so happy for you!” I hugged my dear sister tightly. Her long dark red-brown hair curled around her shoulders and rippled down her back. Though, we only looked slightly alike, our personalities were different. We used to be close... But now, it seemed we lived seperate lives.

   And now that she was going to have a cub, it seemed our differences were more than we expected.

   â€œShadow-Caster is less than excited but I don't mind,” She smiled. “I'm so happy that I had been blessed with a gift like this... First I found my perfect lovemate, now I'm to have his child! Nothing could get better!”

   I felt a twinge of envy for her. She had everything any elf could ever want or need. But I threw away the envy. I would be thinking like a human if I continued with that. As they worked on the food for the feast, I decided to get my celebration outfit from Carah. I always danced when there was a fire. Tonight would be no exception.

   Carah brought my outfit out of her den, last time Nasya had tackled me and the leathers snagged, ripping the side. It was plain tan leather that started at the armpits and ended just at the thighs. I usually wore decorations with it, my hair would have beads threaded into it and necklaces and bracelets would weigh me down, but I didn't mind it.

   As I was leaving Carah's I ran into Beyond. His shoulders sagged and he kept his gaze low. I couldn't help myself, I hugged him tightly when I saw his face. It surprised him but after a moment he hugged back.

   â€œAre you okay, Beyond?” I pulled back and glanced up at my dear friend. His hair was stuffed in his hat, which hung low over his eyes.

   â€œYeah, fine, I'm just going to... Change.” He mumbled, he looked anxious to leave so I let him. I sighed as I watched him leave.

   The night gradually grew darker. Gentlestream helped me with the golden celebration paint, she created different elegant shapes all along my shoulders and arms. She helped finish it by trailing the shapes to my face and ended at my eyes. As soon as I had all the different gold jewelry on, we walked to the celebration site. Nasya was there waiting for us, along with all of the other Outcasts.

   Nasya was wearing a long flowing pink dress made out of some silky material. It tied under her breasts and wrapped over her shoulders. Her arms were bare of fabric, but she wasn't one for jewelry so instead she had the same marking as I did. Her hair was tied up, which I knew she wasn't happy about, but she looked beautiful and it made me so proud of my little sister.

   A pile of wood sat in the middle of the circle of elves. Food was all around us, some elves were already eating but some waiting patiently for the celebration to start. The fire-maker's of the tribe stood. Gentlestream took Nasya's hand and began to speak.

   â€œHere we are,” Her voice calm and sweet yet so strong. “To celebrate the wondrous gift bestowed upon my daughter, Nasya. Through joining with one of the Timeless, they created a life together. This life will strengthen us as a tribe, it is a spark of hope that one day we can return to the glory we once were.”

   There were some cheers amongst the elves. One of the ones to cheer was Innah. She was sitting with Liev and her sister Anfisa. Anfisa was holding her son, Amare, who was eating some fruit.

   â€œLet our voices be heard all through the lands and into the stars!” Gentlestream smiled, raising her and Nasya's hand. “Let us sing, cheer, and dance on for the next generations of elves to come! Let us one day return to our ancestor's dwelling, and let them see that we live in their names!”

   A cheer rose up through all the tribe. The fire-maker's converged on the pile of wood. Soon flames sparked and they retreated to let the dancer's in. Eunice, a small elf with long dark hair that was straight as a needle, was dressed almost the same as me, but she wore hardly any Jewelry and had her hair free of ornaments. Ceilidh, a darker skinned elf with bright green eyes and bright red hair, wore a lot more jewelry than I did, but also a lot less clothing. Her body was curvier than mine, so she had a lot to show.

   The three of us looked at each other and I nodded. We took our places around the fire and then our tribe began to play music. Gentlestream began singing along with it and we began our dance. Eunice's dance was shy at first, like always. But soon she gave into the music and she looked like a humming bird hovering over a flower. Ceilidh's dance was purely savage. It was like a wolf on the hunt, tracking its prey and running with the pack. She was purely confident in herself and that brought a whole different feeling to the celebration.

   I kept my dance different from the other two. While they danced with their bodies or their minds, planning their movement, or seeing how much they could go, I danced with my heart and soul. I blocked out everyone from my mind and let the music flow through me like water. I soaked it in and I began my dance. I stayed light on my feet, thinking of how I felt gliding through the tree's and when I was on the hunt. Though Nasya had obtained our father's gliding ability, I still had been given the grace that allowed me to move like I was floating off the ground.

   I turned and moved with the music, panting and sweating in the heat of the flames. I heard Anfisa quietly singing along to Amare, who was watching with innocent curiosity. Olmah sat with her daughter, Carah. She was clapping along and cheering while her daughter played a stringed instrument. Riyaz, one of the fire-makers, beat some skin drums we acquired from the humans. Liev played a flute as Innah watched him, giggling.
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Re: Destiny's Stories
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(I admit at some point I lost my inspiration and was constantly asking Nilla for pointers... Woops, but I gained it back... Some of it. ::))
The Understanding
   I smiled, feeling all the care of the world slip away. Earlier troubles seemed like nothing now, I felt like I could go on forever just happily in this moment.

   But of course, when I turned to the forest, I slowed my dance. Eyes were peering through, watching. I recognized the form of the shadow. Arehe was watching our celebration. I slowed to a stop as he walked away. My carefree feeling slipped away and everything seemed real again. Too real.

   Nasya looked at me and sent. What's wrong?

   I can't, I'm sorry. There's something I need to do.

   I raced into the forest to follow behind Arehe. My legs and arms were getting tired and sore, but I didn't care. I had something I needed to do. I soon caught up with Arehe and reached for him.

   Arehe! I sent to him, he turned around and I touched a hand against his arm. He was so much taller than Beyond... Which meant he was way more taller than me. Though, my height was between a high one and Gentlestream's, who was from go-back decent, I still didn't even reach his shoulder.

   What is it this time? He raised an eyebrow.

   When our eyes met the air caught in my throat. He had such clear icy blue eyes, they were very piercing and cold. I had to remember what I was going to say, but when I did, it blurted out in a rush.

   â€œI know you may not like this, but I can't help but want to know you,” I looked down, concentrating on my words. “I want to be friends with you.”

   He scoffed and turned around. He began walking again and I followed.

   â€œI'm serious!” I called after him. “You've not many friends, from what I see, and I find you... Interesting. You seem... lonely.”

   â€œI'm not.” He chuckled without amusement.

   â€œYou seem like it,” I gripped his arm and looked up at him. “Your sendings are so cold. You don't want any body to get close to you.”

   â€œThen why are you trying?”

   â€œBecause I want to.” I smiled up at him. “I want to see you smile!”

   â€œWhy?” His eyebrows drew together. He moved away and my hand fell back to my side. “Why are you doing this? To me, it seems like you're the lonely one.”

   That sentence stabbed into my heart making me cringe. Tears were threatening to fill my eyes. “Maybe I am.” I whispered. “After all, I'm the one who keeps following you...”

   I seemed to be talking to myself now. He just stared, listening with one eyebrow raised. “I used to have Beyond and Nasya... But they've gone with their own mates. I used to have Carah but I couldn't... She didn't have what I needed.”

   I wiped my eyes. Why was I crying in front of him? My paint was going to get ruined...

   Arehe shifted in front of me. I cleared my throat and looked up at him. He seemed... Uneasy. “I'm sorry, I should go...”

   He didn't say anything, he didn't move. I touched his hand and it was warm... No hot. He was burning up. “Arehe...?” I whispered. He looked down at me but didn't seem to see me. He looked like he was trying to focus. “Arehe, are you alright?”

   â€œF... Fine.” He mumbled, his deep voice seemed to be more hoarse than before. He took a step back and tried to turn. He was swaying in an awkward way, so I moved closer in case he needed to be steadied.

   His eyes darted to the trees around us, as he put a hand on his forehead seeming to try and steady himself that way.

   â€œArehe,” I said nervously. “What's wrong?”

   His body seemed to be heating up more, I put a hand to his cheek to see if he could focus on me. But he kept watching the forest around us. He sent to seemingly nothing, I knew because it was an open sending. You don't belong here! At first I thought it was aimed at me, but seeing him focused away from us proved otherwise. I looked around to see if there was someone with us but I saw nothing. His next sending hurt, not because of what he was saying, but because of the force behind it. Almost a black-sending. You chose death! You didn't want anything to do with me!

   Suddenly he picked up his spear. You won't have to choose again!

   He threw his spear into the darkness, hitting nothing but the underbrush of the forest. He staggered then collapsed, I tried holding him up but my strength failed me, I fell to my knees with him.

   â€œA... Arehe?” I whispered, fully panicked. He breathed, though it was weak panting, his eyes were closed and he seemed barely conscious. I moved his golden hair from his face and his skin burned under my fingers. I looked around, wondering who could help me get him to a healer. No one. The Outcasts were at the celebration, not that many of them would help to begin with.

   Maybe the Timeless? But where would I find them... Many are already in their furs or having a celebration by themselves. I had to do this myself. I slowly stood, I put Arehe's arm over my shoulder and lifted carefully. I was still weak from the accident but I tried. Somehow, I felt this was my fault. He should have gone to a healer long before now. Was it from the bear attack that made him like this?
   I pulled him up, he registered this fact and used what strength he had to stand up. Most of his weight was leaning on me, but I could handle it. I breathed out slowly, shakily. I looked up at him, his head lolled on his shoulders and his eyes were fluttering.

   â€œOh, Arehe,” I choked. He lifted his head a bit but then it fell again. “We're going to get you to a healer!”

   â€œNnn... o.” He grumbled.

   No healer? “We have to do something! You're a mess!”

   â€œD.... Den.” Den? He wanted to go back to his den to rest.

   â€œI can't go up the cliffs to your den!” I said hastily. “You can't go to your den by yourself either!”

   Then an idea hit me. I shifted him so we could walk. “Hold on, Arehe.” I whispered as we made our way to my tree-den.
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Re: Destiny's Stories
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It would help greatly with your story's readability if you would put in paragraph breaks.  :)
The sorrow of the elves is that
The things they love must die...
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Re: Destiny's Stories
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It would help greatly with your story's readability if you would put in paragraph breaks.  :)
Okay, I'll edit the format in the original to make double space, because a lot of the time I copy and paste it into here and just make minor edits.
I'll fix the rest of them when I'm not working.


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Re: Destiny's Stories
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(At war currently with writers block... For this story only. Hopefully I can finish this soon so I can post the others, hope they are a bit more readable, I tried my best to fix them. I'm sorry if this chapter doesn't make sense, if I recall I wrote it during a busy time... Was never really home when writing it...)

The Understanding

   As I gently pat a wet cloth against his forehead, Arehe slowly stirred awake. His fever had gone down drastically over the last few hours, it was a struggle to get him here, but I managed it. Gentlestream still wasn't back. She must've spent the night with one of the Outcasts.

   â€œHow do you feel?” I asked him quietly, putting the cloth back into a bowl of water.

   He said nothing, he only stared at me. I place a hand to his forehead and he cringed back. He wasn't burning up any more, but he would still need a healer.

   As I was trying to make him more comfortable in the furs, he had closed his eyes and drifted to sleep again. I took this as a chance to look for Aaliyah. By the High-Ones, she was just outside the tree-den. I managed to hop over to her quickly and I touched her shoulder.

   â€œAaliyah, I need your ability.” I said as she turned.

   â€œYou and every other elf here,” She grumbled darkly. “Everyone is sick from dreamberries and dreamapples. They were up all night, drunk and rowdy.”

   â€œI think this is a bit more important...” I shifted my weight to my other foot, uneasily. “I've someone who's... Well, its bad.”

   She raised an eyebrow but nodded. I was thankful that she took her healing job seriously. I led her into the tree den and to where Arehe lay unconscious. Aaliyah smiled to herself.

   â€œA real job,” She whispered as she place her hand to Arehe's forehead. “Why did you not have one of the Timeless take care of him?”

   â€œI was too afraid to leave him,” I admitted. “He was so bad last night... I was afraid he wouldn't last until morning. It was hard to get him here.”

   She nodded, ending the conversation. She began her work. She had  amazing healing abilities. I heard that she had a skill surpassing the black snakes. I stretched my muscles involuntarily. Well, that was what I heard from my mother. Though, I think she purposely lets us heal part of the way on our own. That way we don't go... Soft.

   â€œDone.” She smiled triumphantly. “He will be better after a moments rest.”

   â€œThank you, so much!” I hugged her and she hugged back awkwardly. She left the den to take care of the careless Outcasts.

   I decided to let Arehe rest by himself. Gentlestream won't be back for a long time, so that gave me a while to collect new water from a small brook. As I was walking back with a large water-skin filled, I noticed a tall elf out of place.

   She was looking around frantically at the Outcast dens. She seemed slightly nervous to be here, so I walked up to her, trying to make her see we were no harm. “Are you looking for something?”

   She didn't speak but instead sent images and feelings. Golden sun, yet cold as the night moons. Her furmate. Blue eyes like the sky, but iced over like a pond in winter.

   â€œArehe?” I pieced together. She nodded. I motioned for her to follow. As I put away the water, she stood looking around the den.

   She sent again, images of a tree being shaped, magic flowing through it. Then she sent an image of me.

   â€œYes, I shaped this, I'm a tree-shaper.” I smiled, proudly. She smiled back, sending the same images of a tree being shaped then herself. We smiled at each other for a moment before Arehe moaned quietly.

   The girl looked surprised the fluttered over to him. I prepared the wet cloth again and brought it over to place on top of Arehe's head. The girl took it from me and did it herself. I felt genuinely surprised at first but then I relaxed, remembering that she was his furmate. I sat down at my mothers working table a little ways away from them. She seemed to be sending to Arehe, who was waking up fully. She looked to me questioningly then sent.

   â€œYes, I've had a healer come. He'll be fine.” I answered back. She looked relieved then turned back to Arehe. There was a pain in my chest, it was uncomfortable... It reminded me of when Beyond started being with Uli again. He would avoid me at all costs, then when I finally found him...
   I shook myself then stood. I left the den to let the two be alone. Arehe was out of my reach. He already had someone.

   I walked just to pass the time. I came to the brook that I had filled the water-skin at and I sat watching the stream ripple passed. After a few moments I heard movement behind me. I turned and saw the girl, Arehe's furmate.

   She sent to me feelings of gratitude. “You're welcome.” I said quietly. She knelt next to me and we looked at each other. “Will you be taking him back to his den?”

   She shrugged. Something struck me of what he sent, and I hoped that this girl new the answer. Though, it seemed she didn't know words. I sent to her what I remembered of Arehe's sendings. She looked oddly surprised but she seemed to know. She sent back pictures. Pictures of a girl with hair trailing down her back the color of snow. Her eyes, almost the same silvery color, were cold and distant. Worse than Arehe. She seemed to be turning a small bird to ice in the image.

   â€œThat was what he was seeing?” My eyebrows drew together, my eyes widening. The girl nodded. “Why?”

   She sent something more. It seemed to make my head ache. It was something stronger than anything I'd ever felt. It was a pull towards someone, a spiritual connection.

   â€œRecognition?” I choked out, gently rubbing the side of my head as if to massage out the pain. This was the second time someone's sending was causing a mind ache. I wouldn't want to try for a third.

   She nodded. Then I was seeing coldness. Darkness. It scared me, it was something that I would never think to feel in my life. I felt like my spirit was drifting, lost some where in the world. No, not my spirit, the spirit of the one Arehe recognized.

   â€œShe... She died?” The girl in front of me nodded. And then I understood. She had taken her own life. I couldn't help the tears that began to fall.

   â€œArehe, oh dear...” I whispered to myself. To have that done to you... How could someone reject a recognition like that? The scar it would put on ones spirit... No wonder Arehe is so cold. I wiped my eyes free of the tears that were forming. “He...”

   â€œWhat are you telling her, Danahree?”

   The rumble of his deep voice startled me, I hadn't sensed him approach. I looked up and his icy gaze was locked on the speechless girl, Danahree. She stood and stared at Arehe, I stood too. She must have replied to his question because he grimaced.

   â€œThat isn't something she's supposed to know!” Arehe growled quietly. He seemed to be able to stand okay, after all he walked down here. But he still seemed a bit out of it, he was still swaying a bit as he stood.

   Danahree stepped closer to him, she pressed her long fingers against his chest and glared into his eyes. She must've been sending to him because Arehe cringed back, then stared into her eyes he finally sighed, his eyebrows drawing together.

   A few moments passed, we all stood in silence. Questions started forming in my mind, questions I had to ask Arehe. But could I with Danahree here? I looked at her, she was staring expectantly at me. Yes, I felt obliged to.

   I looked to Arehe and took a step forward. “I understand... A bit better now.”

   Arehe looked at me, one eyebrow raised. My heart jumped and I quietly continued. “Arehe... I understand you... A little more. And that was what I wanted...”

   Danahree seemed to be between smiling with joy and frowning with worry. Arehe turned to face away from me. I took another step forward. “You know... It's not your fault? Arehe... You're good... In a way, your very kind. You shouldn't have to be so cold and alone...”

   Arehe turned and began walking away. I took a step forward as Danahree stared after him, her expression full of sadness. “You can trust me, you know!” I called. My eyes were filling with tears again. “I wouldn't hurt you! You can count me as a friend!”

   He paused then continued walking. Danahree smiled sadly then went to follow him. I stood there by myself for a few moments. My heart dropped and the tears fell with it.

   I had tried to make friends with the other Timeless... But it seemed to fail. Maybe I didn't have anyone anymore... No one wanted to share my company...

   I wiped my eyes and started walking back to the tree den. I was tired, I had been drained completely of any energy... I just wanted rest. Danahree would take care of him, I knew that I didn't have to worry about that much.

   I curled into the furs, I had cleaned them up before I reset the cot, and as I closed my eyes the tears stopped.
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