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Author Topic: Image Embedding  (Read 3502 times)


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Image Embedding
« on: March 03, 2009, 12:04:25 PM »

There is an easy mechanism for including your images from the gallery into these forums. 

Instead of using the [ img ] tags, you can use the [ smg ] tag.  Like so:

Code: [Select]
[smg id=51]
Which results in this:

Like with the gallery, you can click on the thumbnail and it will expand into a moveable, enlarged image!

It will not, however, zoom larger than 500 pixels wide. So if you want to show a larger image, you'll need to use this:

Code: [Select]
Which results in this:

How do you get these strings? Easy! Look at the three fields at the bottom of your image.  The first you can copy/paste to embed, the second you can copy/paste to produce the second sort of picture, and the third is if you want to give someone a url to your picture.

[img width= height= alt=]http://www.elfquestfanart.net/MGalleryItem.php?id=75[/img]

A warning, though...this site does not allow hotlinking! So to link the image to someone, you'd be better off using the url for the item in the gallery, and not just the item itself. Depending on the browser, the hotlinking protection may prevent the latter from working.
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