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Author Topic: Requesting C/C - Recommended Guidelines  (Read 7567 times)


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Requesting C/C - Recommended Guidelines
« on: March 11, 2009, 10:30:49 AM »

C&C Rating system</font>
Post shameless borrowed and modified (with consent) from Studio MMO

What is C&C?
Depending on who you ask, C&C or C/C stands for either constructive criticism or comments & critique.    They both generally mean the same thing; asking your artistic peers to look over your artwork and offer suggestions for changes or improvements.  Every artist has a different personality and it's often dificult to tell how someone will handle having their artwork picked apart, so this C/C Rating System has been developed so artists can let you know what their comfort zone is in receiving critiques. 

For those who don't specify a C/C level, assume Level 1.  For those who wish a specific level of critique, just post it at the end of your "this is my new picture" post.
Example: Requested C/C Level: 2

Level 1: "Be Kind" (Default)
Offer up some advice on what should be changed, but go 70% "what's right," and 30% "what could be better".  This should be the default for all c/c requests, unless otherwise specified.  Also, using the sandwich method is helpful at this level.  Sandwich the "what could be better" comments between two "what looks great" comments. 

Level 2: "I'm Learning"
For those who are venturing into some unknown territories - anime from traditional, comic from still-life, you may become a bit defeated if people only told you what's wrong, and frustrated if all anyone said was "I wouldn't change anything!"  Level 2 is the "turning point" - more critique than compliments (60/40).  For those giving the C/C, make sure you add details as in what you think needs to be changed, not just "it doesn't look right."  Technical inaccuracies, such as weaponry, anatomy positioning, clothing details, and hands/feet/eyes should all be included in commentary.

Level 3: "Into the fire"
You're comfortable in your style, and you've been doing it for a while, but you've been staring at the same freaking piece for six hours and it all looks like a blur to you.  You know it's good, and you want hard critiques on what's missing, looks wrong, looks weird.  Those giving critiques need to step it up at a Level 3 - no more vague comments like "it's a bit too dark."  Instead, try making detailed and specific suggestions, such as "the color contrast between the background and foreground need to be better balanced so that the main focus point of the character stands out."  Look at anatomy, foreshortening, color balance, shadowing, lighting, effects ... the whole enchilada.  Specifying Level 3 also means that you want more critique than "It's great!" posts.

"There's no crying in baseball!"
When you step up to a Level 3 in C/C, you should be ready for people to take a harsh eye to your art.  If you don't think you can quite handle it, don't feel bad going to a Level 1 - 2 for awhile.  Everyone needs to hear what's right sometimes.  Should you step into a Level 3 critique, whatever you do, don't take it personally, and be ready to possibly look at redoing an entire piece based on the comments - if you feel like it!  Remember overall, it's your art!  If you don't feel like taking some of the suggestions or comments, you don't have to incorporate them.  It may be something you consider as part of your style.  No one should ever lose their unique style to make it more technically accurate.

For those doing high level critiques, make sure you can back up what you're saying.  Know how light works, how to use perspective, or what the anatomy would really do.  Don't ever be mean or unkind.  If you think you're getting too negative, re-read what you're going to post and think if you can balance it out with a positive comment.  If in doubt, take your post and cut it in half.  If the first half is received well, post the second half later on.

Level 2.... uhh... 2.5?

Don't feel bad making up a level like 2.5 - the guidelines are just that - guidelines.  If you want something a bit more specific than a Level 2 critique, but you know it's not quite to the point where you're ready for a full Level 3, go Level 2.5. 

Backhanded Praise

"Wow, you're so good -- I hate you!"

"Gah... your work is so great, it makes me want to never draw again!"

"I'll -never- reach your level of talent."

Of course, we know that no one means anything truly harmful when saying some of the things listed above. Take a minute to think about it, though. Comments like those have the potential to make someone feel shy, embarrassed, or even regretful about posting their artwork. The words "I hate you" are pretty strong, even if they are said as just a friendly expression of a healthy amount of jealousy.

Let's all make an effort to keep our positive comments just that -- positive. Sometimes, we might start feeling like a talented artist can't be burned, but they can and will burn just as hotly as someone brand new. Let's focus on making sure everyone in the community feels welcome, encouraged, and thanked for sharing what they have to offer with the rest of us.
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Re: Requesting C/C - Recommended Guidelines
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2009, 06:09:36 PM »

Thanks for the commenting guide!  Leaving good feedback is so very hard to do sometimes!
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Re: Requesting C/C - Recommended Guidelines
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2009, 04:29:40 PM »

Very cool, Foxeye! Thanks for being so welcoming to writers as well as artists. (Thanks to your hubby, too.) I'll post my (one and only, so far) EQ fic and anyone who wants to is most welcome to leave a Level 3 critique on it. Maybe that'll spur me to finally finish it up.  :D
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Re: Requesting C/C - Recommended Guidelines
« Reply #3 on: January 29, 2010, 04:45:10 PM »

Thankyou for posting this its really a fantastic thing to be able to have my worked constructively Critiqued
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