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Author Topic: Thunderwater Holt!  (Read 4223 times)


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Thunderwater Holt!
« on: October 14, 2011, 04:12:54 AM »

Hello together.

I am setting this up for a fellow Hold Admin who’s looking for players for her forum based ElfQuest Rollplay.
The Holt mainly operates over the board. We share art, stories and of course the main focus is on the RPG. Thunderwater just celebrated it’s 5th anniversary (but don’t fear, people gladly will help you to catch up on important stuff – just ask ^^ ) .

Check out the Forum here: http://thunderwaterholt.freeforums.org/index.php

Admins are : Crescent , Icebird, Redshine and Drakleaf

The Setting:
Thunderwater Holts takes place at a Tropical setting. Palms, Jungle and an Ocean to play with.
The elves living here are colourful pure-blooded and mostly easy going elves. Life has been peaceful, for the most part. There is a trolltribe close by they now and then interact and trade with. More of a problem is the human tribe who showed some hostility against the elves.

The tribe:

Actually the holt curreltly is the home of 3 tribes.
The Tunderwater Elves
The seaside Elves
And The Wanderes

Thunderwater and Seaside live together at the moment after the home of the Seaside elves was destroyed by a Tsunami. Since two years the survivors and the Thunderwater elves live together and learned they actually share a history, way back.

The Wanderes are relatively new and didn’t meet up with the other two tribes yet. Unlike the Seaside and Thunderwater elves the Wanderes are used to a rough surrounding. They are a relative small group who, like the name suggests are wandering through the world, riding horses and facing snow and cold, such as heat and hunger. (No magic elves here)

It can be played in all of these named Tribes.

The Story:

At this point in the game the tribe of Thunderwater and Seaside is pretty much one. After a near death experience Century, the chief of Thunderwater, decided to go for a quest to look for the palace.
He took a few elves and began a journey on a ship travelling from island to island to find answers in the souls of his ancestors. The tribe split and now back at their home, his daughter Softglow, a young girl took over the duty as a chief in his absence.

Back at the home, now Softglow has to deal with the thread of a tribe of hostile humans, who just killed a member of the tribe, while some still try to cope being separated from their family and loved ones who went with Century.

The Wanderes are just started and so we are still in the “Getting to know you” game, where they just can go out again after a 2 day snowstorm. 

If you are interested to get to know these elves and their world, please visit the forum, resist and contact either Crescent , Icebird!


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Re: Thunderwater Holt!
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2011, 04:43:41 AM »

Current Adoptable:

Thunderwater Elves:


2003 years old Immortal, Love/Lifemate: Deerprance, Kits: Flight & Lonerider.

Darklance has black hair, dark hazel eyes, and pale skin. He is an expert with the staff, and once took down eight bucks on his own in under a minute. He prides himself on his hunting and, if brought to talk about it, he is extremely haughty about how many tribemates he has initiated. Of course, many of them are now deceased, but more than one remain, whether they will admit it or not. He has a particular soft spot for his lifemate’s friend Mismatch, and her Recognized, Matchflare.

He was devoted to his lifemate Giftgreen, and was terribly crushed when she died; he keeps the wooden necklace she made him by his heart at all times. He is fiercely proud of his son Flight, who reminds him of the best qualities in himself and his late Recognized. His relationship with Lonerider is more complicated, and often leaves him puzzled and concerned.

He is well known for his wit, but he can often be sarcastic, or taken as arrogant. His lifemating with Deerprance has softened him somewhat, and he is very conscious of being good to her and Chime’s daughters.

He was a good friend to Chime and Deerprance, and when Chime died and Deerprance withdrew into herself, he couldn't take it and determined to bring her back to herself. From then on they eventually became loving lifemates.

Currently he's on the boat with his chief.


803 years old. Immortal, Hunter, Love/Lifemate: Calliope, Kits: Kitt (Adopted), Parents: Darklance(M) , Sibling: Lonerider(M)

He has reddish hair and green eyes, and lightly tanned skin, and resents being the brother of Lonerider, who was mean to him as a child and shunned him as he grew older.

He loves his lovemate Calliope dearly, and wants to lifemate, but isn't sure how to say it.

Flight is a good runner, and is the fastest in the tribe, resulting in his name. He gets very angry whenever someone strikes a nerve, like his kinship with Lonerider or similar, and tends to sulk a bit when things don't go entirely his way. He loves kits, and doesn't understand why Eveningstar and Century's kit being outside of Recognition would bother anyone, and is a firm friend of his chief.


5003 years old, Immortal.  Elder/Story Teller, Love/Lifemate:  Cascade (F), Kits: Mismatch

Being the eldest of the Thunderwater Holt has earned him the title of “Storyteller”. He is only three generations away from the first-comers and is tall and regal. He has violet eyes and silver hair. The kits of the tribe like him, for even though he is the tribes elder, he still loves to play around like a young kit.

The memories of his parents are lost in the mist of the many years he has. He enjoys good times with his tribe. He had a lifemate once, Sea, but she died in a great storm and he has refrained from taking a mate since. You can now see him spending much time with his apprentice, Nightdawn and the two have become very close.


553 years old. Immortal, Archer, no living family,

Panther has very dark brown hair and almost black eyes, and is a champion archer. He is silent in his steps and conservative in his words, not angering but showing his point when he feels he must. He is very polite to everyone, but has a hard outer shell that only a few people who are close to him have been able to crack.

His relationship with Rushingwater has no real love in it, it is mainly for the title, and Panther knows this. They are no match, they are opposites, but Panther lives in sin hoping that sparks will truly fly between them one day.


 603 years old. Immortal. Jewellery Maker, Love/Lifemate: Deepswim (just was killed) Kits: Flitter, Parents: Mossberry (F)

Seashell is the most beautiful one of the tribe, with brown corkscrew curls and bright green eyes, but she doesn't realize it. She is calm, modest and kind to everyone; she also shares a very close bond with her mother. Seashell is the devoted lifemate of Deepswim and the doting mother of Flitter.

She has an uncontrollable habit of collecting seashells, to the point where Tanfall started making her clothes with pockets all over for her to fill. And each time she goes shell-collecting she always fills them to brim. Sometimes she even hunts them down on the sea floor.

She makes the jewelry of the tribe, not just from seashells, but from coral, mother of pearl, feathers, and crystal shards.

Seaside Elves :


902 years old. Immortal, former Chief of Sea Side Holt, now mostly weaponmaker, no living Family, Closest friend Adria

Jade has lightly tan skin, ebony hair and emerald colored eyes. He became chief at the young age of 66 when his chieftess mother was killed by a spotted cat attack against the holt. He grew to be a stern chief and detested pranks more than anything.

When young Coralsand decided it would be fun to play pranks on him he grew angry and when he couldn't take it any longer he reprimanded her severely. This didn't solve anything except for Coralsand to become more attached to her stern chief.

One night after Rumbleclam insisted on making him partake in a dreamberry eating contest with him he woke up in his den in the company of a decadent Coralsand. To his complete horror he had learned from Coralsand that he had just finished initiating her. Jade was not one to share the furs so easily, he had always wanted to wait until he found the one he loved and often went centuries without a single roll in the furs.

They had decided to remain friends after that but not too much later they were sharing furs once more. However they stayed on a friendly level, not ever becoming anything more than that. Then one day she was gone. Sharktricker (Coralsand) had left against his advice with her brother Magpie, and Cascade to search for their friends Oceansong and Swiftflow during the season of storms.
It was only after she was gone that Jade realized how much he had cared for the young pest and hoped that one day she returned home safely. And slowly, time has helped him move on. The past year, he adjusted back into the roll of chief and remained reclusive in the furs, still waiting to find the one he would love forever.

One day a Tsunami hit the island he and his tribefolk inhabited. Everything was destroyed and nearly everyone dead save for him and 3 others. They immedietly set out to the sea to find some sort of shelter and safety. After a few weeks the group was seperated by a storm and he was left alone with Reefedge where they finally washed up on an island.

Jade is currently having a hard time fitting in. He is a tough character to play and involved in bigger plot being made (yet it's still open if that plan will be carried out. Please ask the admin about it)

The Wanderer:

(Sorry no picture yet)
713 old immortal, Weaponmaker/Carver/Guard, Lifemate-Serrah,

Look: Golden yellow hair with even lighter highlights from the sun, Pale blue eyes, Lean and agile, with long muscles (think distance swimmer or long distance runner), Round face that makes him look younger than his years, strong chin, and a mischevious grin.

Caydin was a quiet child and he grew into a quiet and slightly surly adult. He prefers to be left along to carve in bone, or craft weapons rather than socialize with the group. In his own mind, Caydin in instrumental in the survival of their small band because he makes, repairs, and sharpens the tools and weapons they use. He may spend just as much time on the decorative aspects, but each item is deadly and as near to perfection as he can make it. The more mundane things such as gathering fruit or vegetables really don’t matter to him, and he would prefer not to be bothered. But he loves to eat and often has to wash the juice of whatever his last snack was off the item before he can present it to the owner as complete. The upside of this is that the carvings end up a darker color than the surrounding bone quickly and the pieces look magnificent. Caydin hates to be interrupted while working, and prefers to take his turn at guarding alone. He’s not a loner, he is just painfully shy, and the daily babble of such a small group gets on his nerves.

Caydin makes an exception to his hatred of being disturbed for Serrah, his lifemate....and Zeed. Otherwise, he may never eat since he can't cook.


Some of the Information are a little older. Please ask the Admins for more actual or the current situation. Also contact the admins for possible changes for your comfort Level


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Re: Thunderwater Holt!
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2011, 01:46:46 PM »

Here we have another bunch of new adoptables for Thunderwater Holt.

Thunderwater Elves:


55 years old. Immortal, Craftsmen-bowery/fetcher-woodworking, , Sibling: Bound (M), Nece: Snowfire (F), Newph : Slipstream (M)

Heartsflower is the last child of whirl and coral, who died when she was barely a teen. She doesn’t like to talk about them. Despite her sorrow over the parents she’s a happy and energetic person who loves nature especial flowers (like her name says). She has a close bond to her brother Bound, since they were close in age at the time of their mothers death.

She loves her Brothers son, Slipstream, and would go to the ends of the world to protect him. She also loves her niece Snowfire, but since Snowfire is much older then her, she isnt as close as she is with bound. But, Since Snowfire lovemated with Softglow, the two seems to be growing slightly closers.

Even though she loves the nature she is still Craftsmen-bowery/fetcher-woodworking. She is a specialty hunter of birds due to her making of arrows.
Heartsflower has never taken a lovemate because nobody really seemed interesting to her, she is always talking and dreaming about finding the one and only (witch is pretty strange for an elf,and she admits it) and how he or she should be like… she is quite a dreamer when it comes to love. She can act childish sometimes but when its time to be serious then she indeed is! She is always very flirting when she is talking with people but she doesn’t think of it as flirting, in her eyes she is just being friendly… Something that is little known about her is how ticklish she really is.


403 years old. Immortal, Huntress, Love/Lifemate: Darklance (M), Kits: Calliope, Sundazzle (F, Twins)

Deerprance is a very happy and bright elf with wavy blonde hair and brown doe eyes. She loves to spend her time springing through the rainforest and swinging on the branches and vines. She loves it so much she has set up little camps and huts all around the Holt and outside it so when she stays out frolicking too long she can go to the closets one and spend the night there.
She is best friends with Mismatch, and the only one who can find her after she runs away, as she is usually in one of her huts. Deerprance is very loving and motherly, and really can’t stand being alone. She surrounds herself with friends and loves everyone in the tribe immensely. She dotes on both her daughters undyingly and adores Flight, her lifemate’s son, for he makes Calliope shine with love. She has a soft spot for Highdive, Sundazzle’s friend and furmate, and hopes that one day Calliope and Flight will Recognize, and Sundazzle and Highdive will do the same. She fervently hopes that one day Sundazzle will grow out of her aversion to Recognition.

She feels emotion intensely; her heart was absolutely broken when Chime was taken around two hundred years ago, but now, thanks to her new lifemate, she feels truly whole again. When Chime died, she was so distraught she sealed herself into her den for many moons, until her good friend Darklance came in and convinced her to get out, leading into a love-filled lifemating.


857 years old. Immortal, Gatherer, Candlemaker, Love/Lifemate: on and off lovemate Lonerider (M) , Kits: Tanfall (M) ,

Stillmoon has black hair and silver eyes. She is has a slender build. She has a passive temperament and never opposes anyone for fear of a conflict. Quiet and reserved but she will, however, standup to anyone who is wrong in her eyes if it threatens the life of her or that of her kit, Tanfall.

Stillmoon recognized Shadewater and the bond was set. Sadly, he died not even a year later, falling pray to a Blood Flower. Stillmoon raised Tanfall on her own, not taking another mate during that time, because she did not want to forget Shadewater and the bond they shared.

SeaSide Elves:


12 years old. Immortal, Kit, Adopted Mother: Cascade

Bubble happened to be your average tomboy from birth. She prefered playing in the mud and looking after bugs with her father, then learning feminine ways of her older sister Foam and mother. Weaveweed had tried since the little girl was young to stir intrest in Weaving, but was rebuffed every time by the girls urge to follow her father into the ocean or jungle or whatever seemed to be 'fun'.

Weaveweed eventually gave up, and let her rough girl be, after all, Bubbles older sister, Foam, seemed to be intrested in the loom. Being the youngest member of the tribe did have its disadvantages, as she is always being 'babied' and tries hard to break from that, even though she is just two hands and three. She can be very willful and stubborn, but always fun to be around.

The Wanderes:

3,200years old. Immortal, Hunter / Protector / Scout / Jewelry Maker,

Vyrsha is a bit aloof and snooty. She doesn’t particularly like long winded conversations, and would much rather just ‘get to the point’. She loves showing off her skill, especially with jewelry making, and really enjoys when her tribesmates wears her creations. She enjoys joining and is not picky, hard to be in such a small tribe. She loves drinking, but has a very VERY low tolerance for it. Any fermented drink goes right to her head quickly, making her lose all inhibitions. In these moments she becomes very loud and boisterous and maybe a little naughty. She is a –horrible- cook, no matter how many times she tries (and it’s the one thing she really wishes she COULD do so she does try often). So much so that the others would rather starve then let her cook anything (she’s burned things while boiling them!). Though she is a good scout and tracker she gets distracted easily by ‘pretty shiny’ things, and will always be on the lookout for things to make into pretty things for her tribesmates.
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