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Author Topic: Rants, Bacon, & ****** - The Hidden Forum  (Read 4143 times)


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Rants, Bacon, & ****** - The Hidden Forum
« on: September 01, 2011, 11:24:13 PM »

Warning: The Rants forum is unmoderated!, except for...

The Two Rules

Rule #1 - No Personal Attacks on other Board Members.

Specifically this means that you do not tell another personal "F*** you, a**hole!", nor do you single them out by name.  Insulting by broad category doesn't count.


OK: "Redhead's can't drive for SHIT!"
Not OK: "Foxeye, you don't know a turn signal from your ass." 

Cuz then I'd be all ->  :woe followed by  :argh

Members who violate this rule may find any or all of the following consequences occurring:

- post editing to remove personal attacks
- temporary suspension of access to rants
- permanent loss of access to rants

Rule #2 - What Happens in Rants, Stays in Rants

Members who don't join rants don't WANT to know about rants. They don't want to know about our snits and peeves and drama. It bores and annoys and possibly upsets them. So leave all tussles in the rant pit, and revert to your friendly alter egos when you go back into public. 

Members who violate this rule may find any of the following consequences occurring:

- post editing/deleting outside of rants to keep drama from spilling over
- temporary suspension from posting on forums
- permanent suspension from posting on forums

In other words, you must be able to not take things said in rants personally. You need to feel that you can be friendly to someone elsewhere on the forums after they've just implied that you are a nerf-herder's earwax muncher.

That's not an easy thing to do, so step out of Grrrr , or a particularly offending thread, if it gets too hard.  Just like more dangerous sports, enjoying conflict involves a certain kind of personality.

Orientation & Guidelines

How do I gain access?

Join the AdultSwim member group, like so (be sure to reset your primary membergroup to Registered Member afterwards!)

What is this place?

The EQ fandom has personalities of all tribes. Think of the greater board as the Sun Village, and Grrrr! as Strongbow's cave. 

This is where you come if you want to:

- Rant
- Cuss
- Say things you'd be terribly embarrassed to be later held accountable for
- Stop worrying about offending someone
- Learn how to not be offended by someone else
- eat popcorn  (or bacon, if you are a carnivore)

It is also the place we send posts from the rest of the forums that become contentious.

Now...that's not to say there are no consequences to posting here.  There are always consequences to every choice we make and thing we say. Nonetheless, those who have chosen to be here are doing so with the understanding that strong emotions are part of the growing process. They either want conflict, are comfortable with conflict, or are trying to learn to navigate conflict better.

What Can I Post?

You can talk about pretty much anything. Except for The Two Rules, anything goes.

That means someone may talk about some pretty heavy stuff:


Course, if you do talk about these, it's possible some folks will go "Whoa, staying away from that!". So you may be shouting into the wind. Not much we can do about that.

Which leads me to my next suggestion:

How Should I Post?

Inside your post, as long as you follow The Two Rules, you can post however you like. Short, long, wall-o-text,b binary, hiaku, etc.

For the subject line, however, I strongly urge everyone to follow these guidelines to help some of us with lingering triggers to avoid the really painful stuff. Idea being that there are still folks here who are trying to figure out if they have the stomach for this, so it helps prepare them for what they'll find.

- If you are ranting, pre-pend your post with [Rant]. Feel free to be creative. Some examples:

[Mild Rant]
[Severe Rant]
[Political Rant]
[Drunk Ranting]
[Rant - Trigger Warning!]

- Use a descriptive subject line so that even the tougher-skinned among us can avoid things that are triggers to them. (I for example, am unable to keep myself calm about anything that relates to Rape.)

- Try to keep a sense of humor! Nothing is awesomer than finding yourself going from  :rant to  :rofl to  :hug
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