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Author Topic: children of the banished  (Read 3190 times)


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children of the banished
« on: May 21, 2011, 02:18:53 PM »

I created a group on the EQ web sight called children of the banished. I cannot draw and i need my characters drawn.

Also if you want to join their are characters available for adoption or you can create your own. They are now dwelling elves


Bond beast: Lioness named Firefrost- white, short hair, red fur around her paws.

description: brown hair,hair style like joyleafs golden green eyes shaped like moonshades, eyebrows like Leetah, , face shape and lips like Trueflight.

Age: Early 20's

Power: Rockshaper

Weapon: spear and small throwing knifes

Skills: Hunting

Personality: strong willed, mischievous, loyal to a fault. playful but a little closed off since her parents death.

Clothing: headband black. black cloths with purple trim. go back attire. arm band with hawk feathers, wrist bands. will update as I have Ideas

jewelery: necklace made from bear teeth from bear that killed her mother and father. peacock feather choker passed down from her grandmother,

other: scar on shoulder from bear attack


Bond beast: lioness named Featherfang, white with black on tip of her tail.

description: short, white hair styled like kirms, purple eyes shaped like leetahs, face shape like moonshades.

age: our equivalent of 40

weapon: bow and short sword

skill: non magic healer. weather with herbs and potions or fire and heat she can probably heal it.

personality: sweet and loving motherly to all children. takes care of orphaned Kajera and Redspear her own child. loves to explore and often ventures far to find her healing herbs and tools. A panther in the furs!

clothing: colors: white with dark green trim, wrist bands. will update as I have ideas.

jewelry: braided leather choker, Feather earrings, medicine pouch tied to belt,


bond beast: bear male brown, name: koji saved each other when they fell into a human pit. Traveling with Eda down to the Green lands to get herbs.

description: long, dark grey hair braided like clearbrooks. One long Brade in the back and two in the front one on each side, golden eyes, a scar cuts across his fase from the hairline down to his cheek bone and to the corner of his mouth.
It is a claw mark from koji when they were first faced with each other in the pit. tree stumps build, no face hair.

age: our equivalent of 100

weapon: two short swords

skill:hunter, elder, storyteller

personality: joyful, youthful for his old age, pikes mentality.

clothing: hooded coat and pants, head band with feather on the side, blue cloths with white trim, boots brown. will update as I have ideas.

jewelry and accessories: carries a small pouch for dream berries his bear helps him hunt down, carries a pouch with spark rocks.
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Re: children of the banished
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2011, 02:23:58 PM »

If you want to see more check out my group on ElfQuest.com or look in my blog entitled "calling all artists" their will be more characters posted.
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