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Author Topic: The Onkoro  (Read 3354 times)


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The Onkoro
« on: December 31, 2009, 09:10:21 AM »

   His father and mother, his brothers . . . were no more.

   Jeth wanted to collapse.  His stomach heaved violently and his head swam with the visage before him.  Rough fingers gripped his hair and jerked his head back as a sharp pain cracked at the back of his neck.  The boy fell to his knees in the snow, then forward, landing roughly on the cold, muddy ground as the world darkened around him.

*          *          *

   Less than half an hour later, blistering fires were all that remained of the man village which had rested so calmly at dawn.  Everywhere there were the hideous signatures of death; the distended bodies of men, women, and children too small to be of service to the Onkoro lay haphazardly in the icy waste that was once a home.

   Jeth's eyes, swollen from repeated beatings in the cold, bewildering night, stung with tears as he trudged forward in the snow.  When the initial slaughter had finally broken his people, the men had been slain one by one, their heads mounted on pikes along the boundary of the wasted village.  The women were taken, but he did not know where.  His injuries aside, he was a pathetic figure against the background of bleak white, weighted by hopelessness and exhaustion. Several other children, he assessed between the ages of seven and fifteen, were linked together at the neck on a long, ironbound corded rope.  They journeyed to the South and the East, many leaving bloody footprints in the snow.

   The boy wondered if he would ever know hope or freedom again . . .
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