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Author Topic: Poetry for the Fan Calendar  (Read 9157 times)


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Poetry for the Fan Calendar
« on: November 23, 2009, 07:11:13 PM »

Poetry Submissions for the 2010 Fan Art Calendar

Poetry is organized by the month for which it was written - check the 2010 Calendar Gallery to view the art for which the poetry was written.  The poems that appear in the final calendar are in blue.

Goes with Rosalie's picture of Kahvi

Poem by Jeb

The fight was over, the palace won
Still in my heart was the battle begun
Something was needed, something was gone
Without something to fight for, I couldn't hold on

My chiefdom challenged, I must win
But the truth that was needed was hidden within
Could the answer be lying in where I began?
Will peace be the prize now I know who I am?

Poem by Mirr

a quest for pride
chieftess, mother, warrior
dreamer and survivor
always along for the ride

Goes with Afke's picture of Nonna

"Nonna Remembers"
by Kristen “Wordgazer” Rosser

Outcast in the forest,
We were childless and alone.
One night, beyond the firelight
I heard a quiet groan.
Then you staggered from the darkness
To fall down like a stone.

Your wolf leaped out to kill us--
But I knew what we must do.
Your people had been good to me,
So I was good to you.

See now! Our tribe-- our children!
How our happiness has grown!
And it was you, my honored one,
Who opened our way home.

Goes with Valkerie's picture of Rahnee

Poem by Manga

She-Wolf has no name, no sense of self -
Or not, at least, one like her mother, an elf.

Timmorn the Yellow-Eyed, father and chief,
Has tapped her as heir and left like a thief.
She, the Omega, content simply to follow,
Now struggles to lead with a self that is hollow.

For others to follow one must be willing to lead
And She-Wolf is far too ready to concede.
There are others who feel as chief they’d do better
While She-Wolf feels chief-ship tight as a fetter.

There is strife in the pack and no one feels settled;
Hackles stay raised and feelings stay nettled.
What does she lack that will help her to lead?
Deep inside She-Wolf goes - and finds what she needs.

She-Wolf has a name and a sense of “me.”
I am Wolfsong. I am Starsong. I am Rahnee.

Poem by Leanan

I could call myself Stagslayer...
And it would say I slew a stag...
Is that my highest boast?

I could call myself Lonehunter...
And it would say I hunted alone...
Is that something to take pride in?

I could call myself Starcrossed...
And it would say many things...
But some of them might not be true.

Timmorn's Daughter they call me,
Spearbearer they name me,
Firstchosen I am,
but am I not more?

What is my name?
What is the secret inside me?
How come I need you to tell me?
Tell me...

Goes with Mournsong and Mirr's picture of Suntop, Ember, and Trinket

Poem by Jeb

What will I be when I am grown?
Leader of elves, a tribe of my own?
Holder of riches, on a golden throne?
Wielder of powers, finally shown?
What will I be when I am grown?

Poem by Tenderfoot

What will it be like to be all grown up?
Not to be treated like a half grown pup.

Will I be a princess with gold to no end?
Or a searcher or chieftess, surrounded by friends.

We can only wonder and listen to tales sung,
and wait for our time as we are still young.

Goes with Joyrider's picture of Redlance

Poem by Jeb

In the dark of the forest it slept inside
In the light of the sun it could not hide
Do I have the power in my hands
to make life grow in these dry sands?

Poem by Manga

My destiny had seemed delayed,
by fate or malice my gift waylaid.
Then through the sea of sand we marched -
I had never dreamed a land so parched! -
and in this land of bare rock and earth
my magic found its long-awaited birth.

Poem by Redhead Ember

Can you hear it?
The seed calls to you
Asks you to bring it
Into the light
This is your power
Your gift to the tribe

Poem by aurianfae

In concentration, deep meditation
He stares at barren, broken earth
Calling forth, encouraging new life
Striving to break the surface
Delicate little growing thing
Plant-shaper will care for you.

Poem by Tenderfoot

I always used to wonder,
what the others shared with trees.
Their deepest desires? Their secrets?
Or sweet, sweet melodies?

Now that I'm able to see its face,
I know I've finally found my place.

Goes with Foxeye's picture of Newstar and the Jackwolf rider

"A Happy Trade"
by Kristen “Wordgazer” Rosser

Weary of our fear and sorrow,
to this place of warmth we’ve come.
Peace today and quiet tomorrow
flow from the sand, the sky, the sun.
Folk of Sorrow’s End, we thank you
for what we’re free here to become!

Farming was all that we aspired to,
accepting what might come to be.
But when you came, we saw that action
could bring change-- our destiny
was in our own hands. Friends, we thank you!
Jackwolfriders now are we!

Goes with ElfTanner's picture of Dart

Poem by ElfTanner

Born of the Forest and wolf, raised by the sun and sand.
Was once a chief of Jackwolf riders, but now, I am where I belong.
I found my place amongst the Forest and Wolves.
At home, and at peace, with myself and my family.

Goes with Maya-Bell and Elea's picture of Nightfall

Poem by Tenderfoot

Mother, Father, I miss you so much!
I miss so greatly your loving touch.
It feels like I'm doing nothing but roam.
Is it true you're not coming home?

I feel so helpless, what shall I do?
There must be a place somewhere for me too.
But when will I get there? When will it be?
Will I ever get a new family?

Goes with Aurianfae's picture of Moonshade

"Moonshade's Sonng"
by Kristen “Wordgazer” Rosser

Whenever cubs are overbold,
“Go help Moonshade,” they are told.
To soak and scrape and pound a hide--
A trial the wayward must abide.

Yet this is work I do by choice--
I lead not, rarely raise my voice--
My hands they move, my fingers stitch,
My dyes I blend to colors rich.

Though being the tanner seems no prize,
At heart, on me the tribe relies.
Whenever perils must be run
My leathers bind us into one.

Goes with Bukittyan's picture of Scouter

"Watching" by ElfTanner

Sitting in the tree tops reveling in my duties
spying out stars, shadows and whatnots
Cub, the elders call me, young but needed few as we are.
I take my place looking near and far.
Watching over the tribe I spot a flash of yellow, golden
curls dancing amongst the star cousins in the meadow.
I watch her move like a breeze, my eyes are strong, she sees
me not in the shadows I sit alone.

Poem by Jeb

I am the eyes of my tribe
guarding their lives
where ever it is we may go
in a tree way up high
just me and the sky
while my true heart waits below

I am the eyes of my tribe
my sight is my pride
when I hear the call I'll be there
but when done at my post
the sight I love most
has blue eyes and sunny-gold hair

Goes with Sgaana's picture of Pike

Poem by Jeb

I've been watching, and I see that you're troubled
Come sit next to me, I've a story to tell
Of elves long ago, and yet so much like you
The struggles you face were their struggles too
There're here inside me, to help and to guide you
You'll never have to face it alone

Poem by Tenderfoot

Funny how it's the smallest things
that self-confidence to a lone elf, brings.

I had no talent, but look at me now.
Tribe's storyteller and master of plow.

And to think that even my little howl
could help a cub to once again prowl.

Goes with Firestorm's picture of Leetah

Poem by Jeb

“My children are of both forest and desert. So am I…now.”
Strange that these words come from me.
For so long I heard only the voice of the sun
the golden glow, the warmth on my skin
But in the quiet, the coolness of night
In the land of new green and white cold
I find the moon has a voice of its own
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Re: Poetry for the Fan Calendar
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2009, 03:43:40 PM »

Calling all writers!

For the past several years we have included poetry with the art in the Fan Calendar.  Anyone who wants to participate, please PM me to get ideas about themes/characters to write about, based on what the (secret) art submissions look like.  You can let me know which characters you particularly relate to, and I'll see if I can pair you with a compatible artwork.  I'll also let you know the approximate maximum length of the poem I can fit into that image.

Even if you don't normally write poetry, think about giving it a try.  Last year poor Wordgazer ended up writing half the poems herself.  Her stuff is great, but let's try for a little more variety this year!

Anyone?  I am ready to start assigning poems!
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Re: Poetry for the Fan Calendar
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2009, 10:55:47 AM »

I emailed you (or noted, I can't remember) and mentioned that I would be happy to try my hand at it, though I'd have to know who I was writing about first.


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Re: Poetry for the Fan Calendar
« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2009, 04:13:01 PM »

So sorry that I forgot you!  Acutally, I forgot that anyone here PMed me about the poetry - I thought it was all on the Scroll.

Anyway.... I'll send you a PM.  This is SECRET!


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Re: Poetry for the Fan Calendar
« Reply #4 on: December 12, 2009, 02:48:43 PM »

The deadline for the calendar poetry is Christmas!  I should have the calendar formatted by then and can just drop in the poems as they are chosen.

So it isn't too late to participate, just PM me!


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Re: Poetry for the Fan Calendar
« Reply #5 on: January 15, 2010, 10:19:29 AM »

I updated the first post with the poetry that was submitted this year.  Enjoy!


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Re: Poetry for the Fan Calendar
« Reply #6 on: January 17, 2010, 10:45:19 AM »

These are really cool. Congratulations to those who made it, but all of you did a great job!


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Re: Poetry for the Fan Calendar
« Reply #7 on: January 18, 2010, 02:47:32 AM »

You guys are so good with your words, some of these are so touching you make me cry. :'(
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Re: Poetry for the Fan Calendar
« Reply #8 on: January 18, 2010, 07:12:28 PM »

I'm so impressed with what you guys do with the short amount of time you're given to do it!  It's always cool to see the words that the pictures inspired in you.  I really liked getting to see the multiple entries here, too.  Great job by everybody!


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Re: Poetry for the Fan Calendar
« Reply #9 on: January 19, 2010, 07:38:47 AM »

What a wonderful and touching poems! I love all of them, but my fav is Tenderfoot's poem about Nightfall. It brought tears to my eyes, i can't stop thinking about it.
Thanks to all the authors for the magical minutes i've spent reading these beautiful poems!


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Re: Poetry for the Fan Calendar
« Reply #10 on: January 21, 2010, 05:08:30 AM »

Amazing and truly fitting poems. Touching indeed. My favorite might be jeb's Leetah poem, but I'm not sure. Need to re-read once more.


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Re: Poetry for the Fan Calendar
« Reply #11 on: January 29, 2010, 04:43:04 PM »

Those are all Great, Really love both the ones for  Rahnee they really appeal to me :)
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