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"Reunion - Ekuar has a vision of his long lost friends, Mekda and Osek"
This one was an entry for the Fan Art Calendar 2018, and was used for March 2018.
My favorite picture thusfar, the bittersweet moment when Ekuar (off screen) is reunited with the spirits of Mekda and Osek in the Palace, his chil…
 Views: 74
 Comments: 1
Dec 31, 2017
in My art
Funny Old Bird
"A funny old bird showing a tame bird to one most used to birds being outside in the wild."  :D
My first entry for the Fan Art Calendar, this one was selected to be the artwork for November 2017.
Pleased with it overall, but things got a bit rushed at the end, so not really satisfied with the backgr…
 Views: 75
Dec 31, 2016
in My art
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