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In What Really Happened In The Forbidden Grove - Posted Sep 05, 2011
Always wondered what Cutter thought of his hair suddenly coming back...XD
In Gullpester - Posted Sep 05, 2011
Never heard about them until toy mentioned them. But I have to say I like their design since I found this: http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/e/e8/2009_December_sylvari_02.jpg
In Shadow Haunt 5 - Posted Sep 04, 2011
Awww, poor boy.
Masterfully drawn.
In Shadow Haunt 1 - Posted Sep 04, 2011
I absolutely love your art style. O.O I'd wish I could draw cloths and hair like you do.
In Kahvi Sketch - Posted Sep 04, 2011
She looks so young and happy. O.O Very nice work!
In Yehyari - Posted Sep 04, 2011
 ;D Yup that's her I was thinking off.
In Gullpester - Posted Sep 04, 2011
 ;D I'm happy you guys like it. Must say I'm actually really bad at figuring out what kinds of hats my Preservers wear. They tend to look like they been made by their elves.
In Yawn-Sloth Sleeper - Posted Sep 04, 2011
I'm happy you like the corner sketch. She was very fun to draw since I'm not that good at actual poses. =)
In Skull hunt - Posted Sep 04, 2011
I try and make backgrounds but they tend to haywire on me. But I have been working on background late and hopefully I'll get better.
Lol, fairt-tale?  Awesome.
Thanks to both of you. =)
In Yehyari - Posted Sep 04, 2011
Hmmm,now that you mention it, I'm getting flash-backs to a specific woman from Star Trek. Guinan?

As for what got her so scared? I honestly don't know. She could be seconds away from a little group of humans.
In Sust, Chitter and Pool - Posted Aug 30, 2011
No. No no...Worst? What? No,he's...so dreamy and friendly looking. His expression and his long hair is just fantastically drawn and colored.

Sorry, I'll go away now...
In Sust, Chitter and Pool - Posted Aug 29, 2011
Oh gosh, your Pool...is fantastic.
In Eq movie screenshot - Posted Aug 21, 2011
XD This is hilarious! I'm kinda getting the feeling Leetah got another reason not to join with him.
And I love Cutter's expression. '.'
In Aroree - Then & Now - Posted Aug 02, 2011
Hideous? I love the design of the old one. Might be too lively for her, but it looks very nice.
In Firefly - Posted Aug 02, 2011
Ohhh, I remember seeing this on the EQ site. I like her design, the look of her cloths and the coloring. Her facial expression makes her looks very nice and friendly. O.O
In Chiefs project: Bracecat and Snowdrop - Posted Jul 13, 2011
I love the way you draw fur. And the colouring! o.o
In Illo for "Breathing Again" - Posted Jul 12, 2011
The pose here seems so more natural then the one in the  Bearclaw/Joyleaf picture.

I love the look of the leafs.

*Must read story now.*
In Cliffs of Jirora - Posted Jul 12, 2011
*Actually made this in a couple of math classes.* Thanks for comment! I appreciate it a lot.  ;D
I'm not good at drawing water or the like so I took an eraser to it to see what it looked like.
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