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In 'Discovery of the day. I can't sew.' - Posted Apr 23, 2018
Heheh, thanks! I love drawing High Ones but their clothes always end up giving me trouble.
In Hah! Catch Me Now! by Christoph Schilling - Posted Apr 23, 2018
Still can't see this one for some odd reason. =(
In Capricious head turn - Posted Jan 06, 2018
Argh I'd love it in an Egyptian style!
Prehistoric cave painting! Yes!
In Maruna - Posted Jan 06, 2018
I love the nose, it's very cute!
What kind of colours did you use?
In Following the Zwoots - Posted Jan 06, 2018
I love the colouring on the rocks Rayek's holding. It's so intense and so pretty! The gold to orange background is dazzling!
In Roughhousing by Berit Jurda - Posted Jan 02, 2018
Goodness I love everybody's expression here! Specifically Yif's! He looks ready to smack Rayek XD
But Urda also really draws my eye.
In 'It's about will.' - Posted Dec 12, 2017
Hehe! That's high praise!
In Tower elf - 2004 - Posted Dec 12, 2017
I feel like this is something I'd have commented on and I didn't? I love freakishly tall elves. I love the small details here!I wish I could draw something that tiny, yet noticeable.
In Vaeri to the rescue! - Posted Dec 12, 2017
Hehehe! It's so cute!
In Vaeri to the rescue! - Posted Dec 12, 2017
Such nice new clothes!
Btw, I love how you keep bringing back the frog.
In Laluna's Fall - Posted Dec 10, 2017
I'm dying over how cute this art style is! Really nice work!
In Aggitated Res - Posted Dec 07, 2017
Hehe! Nicely done! I like the shade you gave his hair here!
In Pretty scales - Posted Dec 03, 2017
Daaw! I love this art style! It's so cute!!
In Tomi's den - 2017 - Posted Nov 28, 2017
Hehe! Looks snug! I love the flowers surrounding it, like a little garden!
In Heights - Posted Nov 26, 2017
XD thanks! He was fairly difficult to get down, if I remember rightly.  Honestly Rayek gave me the most trouble. If it wasn't his height, it was clothes.
In Pancakes for Trinket! colored by me - 2017 - Posted Nov 26, 2017
Good colours for such a cute girl!
In Pancakes for Trinket - Posted Nov 26, 2017
Daaaw, she's so adorable!
In Hello Frog (lines by Berit, colored by me) - Posted Nov 26, 2017
Such pretty and strong colours!
In Behtia portrait - 2017 - Posted Nov 25, 2017
I don't know what you're talking about, she looks beautiful here! I love the colours here. They're so soft and eye catching.
In Hello Frog - 2017 - Posted Nov 24, 2017
Daaaaw, I love the frog and it's expression! Also love Laluna's pose. She looks very comfy!
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