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In Stranger in Blue Mountain - Posted Feb 20, 2020
In my mind Winnowill stealing souls and torturing them strikes me as thing she do, it's something she did because she could.
In Ankar - Posted Feb 20, 2020
Hey Berit! Good seeing you! ^_^ I have at least two fully realized gliders. Ankar here and Danahree. (Have some others too but I never could decide if I should make them) Ankar is true glider. Winnowill stikes me as a one off.
In Tackling? - Posted Feb 20, 2020
That is a good point Berit! XD I didn't even think about adding sound effects (I could barely make the hitting effect)

Beyond isn't really going to hurt him, he's just going to stop him from calling for help. (by sending blocking and physically manhandling him so he can't run away) There is a drawing after this, but it's just them laying on the floor with Ankar looking...*looking at picture* bewildered after Beyond managed to k-o him during a short sending battle. Can upload it yup guys want. =D
In Moonshade - Posted Jul 23, 2019
I'm amazed by her eyes! The background and her hair is really dreamy but her eyes are solid and clear. Very beautiful work!
In Lost Seven: Grim-Spring - Posted Jul 15, 2019
I don't get the notion the human was actually trying to kill him. They just thought there was something wrong with him and tried to cut his ear to make him 'right'.
In Flight - Posted Jul 01, 2019
'Those dreamberries went bad.'
'There's nothing wrong with those berries! He's flying!'
In Lost Seven: Grim-Spring - Posted Jul 01, 2019
That's what what I was going for! From what I have down, he's had several names over the years (He's on his fourth) and they tend to reflect something about himself/how he feels.

‘I don’t believe I caught your name when we were bringing your friends here?’ Shadow-Dancer said and sat down next to him.

The other elf chuckled and nodded. ‘I’m Grim-Spring.’

‘...very foreboding name, isn’t it?’

Another chuckle. ‘It fit once. Terrible season. Bad hunts, bad weather, accidents,snakes...' He pointed to his battered looking ear. 'Captured by a very confused human.’
In Our Holt #13: Lilac - Posted Apr 19, 2019
Such a grumpy and serious young man. I love his pose and expression, he looks like he'd like to relax, but can't. Very fitting from what I remember!
In Little Sun and Pyre - Posted Jan 01, 2019
Heh. I'm trying to get some stuff draw so I should have better/full clothes for Little Sun.
In Belonging by Startear - Posted Jan 01, 2019
Daaw, I've always had a softspot for these two and they look great here! I really like the background! The trees remind me of some of Wendy's early work and the sky is beautiful!
In Zombie Quest Mayhem! - Posted Dec 18, 2018
Hehe, I love the poses and choices of weapons! Almost looks like a cover for a comic!
In Wolf Spirit - 2018 - Posted Dec 18, 2018
This is really beautiful and I love the wispy nature of it. I imagine it would glow with a dark background O.O
In ‘Pyre, Pyre, his friend was fire…' - Posted Dec 14, 2018
Ohh! =D Didn't think even think about that! Might make a edited version! Thank you for the suggestion Czarine!
In TWD  ZQ Nation - Posted Nov 27, 2018
Ah ok! Should be fine then. Pyre can't set himself on fire or alter his shape (physiognomy?) into a being of fire state.
In TWD  ZQ Nation - Posted Nov 27, 2018
Could you explain external magic vs internal magic?
In MerMay: Haze & Farbright - Posted May 04, 2018
Aww they're so cute! I really like the art style here! It's really well done!
In Zarhan Fastfire - Posted May 01, 2018
It's all good, Berit! =D You'll colour when you can an will. I can't wait to see it!
In Zarhan fastfire by Nilla, colored by me - 2018 - Posted May 01, 2018
I love it so much XDDD good work!
In Mastle - 2018 - Posted Apr 25, 2018
Oho! I live her! The clothes merger and the big strong arms! Very nice!
In Marut hanging out with a ladybird - Posted Apr 24, 2018
Daaw, so cute! It's good to see him smile!
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