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Sketches and unfinished pictures of original Elfquest-characters. I have a naggin' feeling this gallery will grow quite large, as laziness/lack of time or inspiration keeps interfering with my works-in-progress... But I _do_ plan to finish these even…
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(Hi guys... remember me?  ;D *waves awkwardly at old friends after long absence*)

I heard these terrible rumors that the EQfanart site might be closed... so here's my little contribution to keep it active! I'll try to drop by and post something every once in a while. Much kudos to you awesome people…
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Apr 17, 2014
in Canon EQ characters
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Of portraits and WIPs
I made a sketch Tyleet (again...!) some time ago, and one of Rayek today.
Not really intended to be a pair, but I figured the colors and styles sort of matched, so I put them together.

Come to think of it, Tyleet and Rayek would make for an interesting pair. Her soft patience and gentleness + h…
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Sep 22, 2012
in Canon EQ characters
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Not adorable!
Inspired by Foxeye's comment on one of my drawings: "...Blacksnake looks slightly peeved that he's been adorable-ized."


(Eregyrn, I really do love Blacksnake's grumpy self! Don't hate me! :) )
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Sep 20, 2012
in Fan characters
Zoom Details 9
Drawing trees is fun! I should do that more often.

It's supposed to be Brownberry, but probably looks like Moonshade.
All my dark-curly-haired elves tend to look like Moonshade.  :P
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Sep 14, 2012
in Canon EQ characters
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Moonlight Maiden
You know I'm only in it for the sparklies.
And the shinies, mustn't forget the shinies.

The title is shamelessly borrowed from a 19th century poem talking about, yes, elves.
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Sep 14, 2012
in Canon EQ characters
Zoom Details 5
For Eregyrn.
Blacksnake is so much fun to draw!
He'd probably take that as an insult, though.

Bearded elves ftw!
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Sep 12, 2012
in Fan characters
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Getting to know the sweet Tah-Marien's OC, Changestone. ;D

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Aug 29, 2012
in Fan characters
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That's me.
Very sketchy me.
But still...!

Her name is Nomad, by the way. Details, story and more info will follow.
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Aug 27, 2012
in Fan characters
Zoom Details 11
Our tribe- pt. 3
Pt. 3 is finally up!

Beyond- Belongs to Nilla (sorry for messing up his anatomy, I will fix it, truly I will....I just needed to post this now, or I'll never get around to pt. 4...)
Blacksnake - belongs to Eregyrn
Goldshine - belongs to WolfMoonSky
Zoetgras -belongs to Afke
Neve - belongs to Branch…
 Views: 1876
 Comments: 11
Aug 27, 2012
in Fan characters
Sur, answer me -
A month ago, my world shattered - as I lost one of the most important and beloved persons in my life.
I'ts not true that "life goes on". Or, it does, but it's not the same life. There is a huge piece that will always be missing.

(It wasn't my lifemate, but this is the first motif that came to min…
 Views: 1953
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Aug 18, 2012
in Personal
Zoom Details 9
OCs and self-elves: SKETCHDUMP # 2
I haven't forgotten about the "our tribe"- project  ;D
Things are just going very slow...
Hmmmm, whooo might the anonymous lady in the middle turn out to be...?
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Jul 10, 2012
in Fan characters
Moonshade- again.
Just the colored version of a b/w sketch I posted some months ago.

So yes....I'm still alive and lurking ;)

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Jun 09, 2012
in Canon EQ characters
Zoom Details 8
Sketch thingies
After nagging people about posting more sketches (please do!) I figured I'd practice what I preach.

(Oh, and Joyleaf is crying because she's found out people refer to her as The Barbie Elf, The Baywatch Elf, and Dollie Parton of Abode.)
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 Comments: 8
Apr 03, 2012
in Sketches
Zoom Details 6
Blacksnake - for Eregyrn
Sceptical Blacksnake is sceptical.
Hope I didn't make him look too grumpy!

My part of an art-trade with Eregyrn.
Anyway, despite his less-than-enthusiastic appearance, Blacksnake was a very willing model and a joy do draw, so I finished this much faster that I though I would. (Coincidentally robb…
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Apr 03, 2012
in Fan characters
Zoom Details 13
Our tribe- pt. 2
Well,it only took...forever.. to get around to posting pt.2.
And it's still quite sketchy. Ok, very sketchy.
I'll clean all of them up before the grand project finale...  ;D

Kayel - belongs to Kael
Yereh- belongs to Foxeye
Laluna - belongs to Czarine
Terra - belongs to Luna
Marut - belongs to Berit…
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Mar 28, 2012
in Fan characters
Zoom Details 10
Lost in her web
I've had this portrait of Winnie lying around since Christmas, 90% finished...
It's like some of my pictures need a three-month-pause (or more) before I see what they lack. 
In this case it was more cobwebs and lots and lots of strands of hair ;D

Cobwebbrushes downloaded from obsidiandawn.com

 Views: 2067
 Comments: 10
Mar 21, 2012
in Canon EQ characters
Zoom Details 9
Most sketchy sketchdump ever
Behold the complete messiness of my rough pencil sketches.

These will become OC's for the "Our Tribe" project.
So yes, they will all get clothes, hair and facial features.
The only one which might be recognizable at this stage, is the guy in the middle. Might.

Oh, and, no- they're not suppo…
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 Comments: 9
Mar 20, 2012
in Sketches
Zoom Details 9
Nightfall in the sleeping furs
I'm on an EQ-high again these days...

Dunno if it shows, but I tried experimenting with a different sketching/coloring technique on Nightfall here.

Usually I just do the rough sketch and then go all color crazy, drawing everything on very few layers. And I never do "real" outlines. My messy brain…
 Views: 2064
 Comments: 9
Mar 17, 2012
in Canon EQ characters
Zoom Details 9
Tynami calendar art - for Katcombs
Katcombs requested this pic of her character Tynami. As always, I am notoriosly late in finishing requests and art-trades ... but I hope you like it!

Edit:Aaaaand the minute I posted it I noticed some mistakes; missing jewelry, body parts, and so on. Will repost updated version! In the meantime: C/…
 Views: 2056
 Comments: 9
Mar 13, 2012
in Fan characters
Zoom Details 14
Happy Birthday to us!
All together now...cheese!

I got the idea for this ...today...and I really wanted to post it...today (it being a b-day gift and all )...
(I love actually having a valid excuse for posting sketchy and craptastic stuff)

There were going to be lotsa more elf…
 Views: 1904
 Comments: 14
Mar 12, 2012
in Fan characters
Zoom Details 6
Once upon a time...
what's this I don't even -

I didn't really have any time to draw today, but suddenly this manifested itself during my lunchbreak. So please forgive the craptastic quality and complete and utter randomness.

Terra and Marut belong to Luna and Berit. And they're so much fun to draw! ;D
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 Comments: 6
Mar 09, 2012
in Fan characters
Zoom Details 10
Terra's new bikini
Trying out some new brushes and experimenting with a new coloring-style...and a new character as well - it seems Luna's Terra volunteered as model :D

As much as I like the characters of the Terra-verse, I've never gotten around to drawing any of them...until now!
I think my brain is stuck in pin-u…
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 Comments: 10
Mar 08, 2012
in Fan characters
Zoom Details 14
Our tribe - pt. 1
...the EQFA tribe  ;D

Now that we have our own holt (Maggies beautiful new site design) I'm even more inspired to draw it's inhabitants.
Still sketchy, but an improvement from the latest random sketchdump. And some new characters too.
Again, if anyone has an OC that they'd like to see included that'…
 Views: 31356
 Comments: 14
Mar 02, 2012
in Fan characters
Zoom Details 2
Calendar bonus art: Leetah
 Views: 1968
 Comments: 2
Feb 28, 2012
in Canon EQ characters
Zoom Details 12
OCs and self-elves: SKETCHDUMP
One of my big and fancy and totally unrealistic projects is to draw all the self-elves and OCs of EQFA.
At the current rate it seems I'll finish by easter. Easter the year 2050.
But here's a sketchdump for y'all :D
(Ok, I've already posted Silentleaf and Yereh, but, with sketchdumps ...the more, the…
 Views: 1999
 Comments: 12
Feb 23, 2012
in Fan characters
Zoom Details 7
Tyleet - then and now
Definitely not my first EQ -drawing - but that is my first digital EQ portrait.

The portrait on the right is part of a full-body pic of Tyleet I'm working on. It suddenly dawned on me that the face kind of resembles the old 2007- portrait, so I did some cropping, and...ta-daaa.

Gah, I remember b…
 Views: 2658
 Comments: 7
Feb 20, 2012
in Unforgotten Past
Zoom Details 6
Willowgreen by Mirror
 Views: 3192
 Comments: 6
Feb 20, 2012
in 2014 - Weekly Pin Ups
Zoom Details 2
Calendar bonus art: Sefra
A slightly improved version of an old pic.
 Views: 1914
 Comments: 2
Feb 19, 2012
in Canon EQ characters
Zoom Details 13
Curious Yereh - for Foxeye
Yereh being curious about something lurking in the shadows.
Hopefully she won't get a sunburn going out in the midday heat like that..

I really wanted to get this posted before Foxeye's "retirement" from the site. I started this a looong time ago. When Yereh still sported her old outfit, and befor…
 Views: 54365
 Comments: 13
Jan 18, 2012
in Fan characters
Zoom Details 5
I was sure I'd already uploaded this...??

 Views: 1909
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Jan 05, 2012
in Canon EQ characters
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