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In ElfQuest OCs for Others - Posted Apr 30, 2023
Ooh, I remember these! Still love the Laluna doll you made.  :love

Can I request a doll of Maruna? She's kind of a what-if character if Berit's Marut and my Laluna fused together. Here's a reference:

I can draw you a chibi of one of your characters in exchange if you like!  :)
In Departure by Saree - Posted Jan 01, 2022
There's so much to look at! I love all the plants, they make the scene so colorful!
In It's Warm Inside by Treefox - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Frosty! The den looks really warm and welcoming. I really like the lighting here, it's just what a winter night is like!
In The New Home by Startear - Posted Jan 01, 2022
I can feel how soft those furs are. I'm jealous of her toes, they look so comfy there! If only she would be so easy to please. :D
In Grasp Reflex by Rowan Procter - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Their expressions are adorable! I also like that the background is really simple, and how the light guides the viewer to the center of the action.
In A World Apart by Wildfire - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Ohh, those rays of light! <3 I can feel Winnie seething. :D
In Time to Take a Break by Czarine - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Minyah is probably my favorite sun villager. :D I kinda wish I had added some more to this, right now it feels a bit like a candid picture. I'm pleased with the comic-like shading though!
In Seaside Domesticity by ShujiE - Posted Jan 01, 2022
If this had audio, I'd expect seagulls! :D Lovely scene, everyone looks so happy.
In The Home is Where the Heart Is by ShujiE - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Somehow this feels melancholy and serene at the same time. Makes me think if this is a "calm before storm" situation, or if there's some secrecy. I agree with Maggie that the simple background works great in this!
In Father Tree by Rowan Procter - Posted Jan 01, 2022
I love all the small scenes in this! Everyone seems to have their private space, and some like to share it.
In Dreamberry Tales by April Suzanne Durfee Landon - Posted Jan 01, 2022
All that texture looks so delicious! *_* The fireplace makes the place look so cozy and warm.
In Cradlebaby by Berit Jurda & Czarine - Posted Jan 01, 2022
I had fun coloring this one! My favorite part is the background with the wrapped-up cocoons, I'm pleased with how the lighting turned out. Petalwing's enthusiasm is contagious!
In At the End of the Night by Saree - Posted Jan 01, 2022
I like how this looks cozy despite them being in a rocky cave. And it's so well lit too!
In Brace for Landing by Christoph Schilling - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Wow! This has so much going on! I love the sparkling action.
In In the Now and Then of the Father Tree by Leigh Davis - Posted Jan 01, 2022
This really oozes magic! I like the calm feeling this has. And yaay for having so many entries!
In Fartouch - Posted Apr 08, 2021
I too have those moments when I feel like there should be a background, but can't think of a good one. But this one works without it too! I'm so jealous how you can make all the clothes look so super soft...  :o
In From the Deep by Treefox - Posted Apr 07, 2021
I liked the nude version too, but the flowy fabric in this one is amazing! And I love the grumpy shark :D
In The Baker by Startear - Posted Apr 07, 2021
The kitty!!! :love The colors are so warm and lovely here. I can't unsee a bunny peaking from the bread basket! :D
In Shy Honorable Jirda by Ric Rijnders - Posted Apr 07, 2021
Run, bunny, run!! The weather seems really nippy!
In Playtime by Christoph Schilling - Posted Apr 07, 2021
They look so happy! Love the details, especially the scales.
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