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In Out from the Deep by Maggie - Posted Jan 05, 2020
This is gorgeous as always! Your lineart always impresses me, it bold and soft at the same time which is wonderful. Love the colours and the film grain-esque look really adds to the impression of it being underwater.
In Game of Elves - Posted May 30, 2019
Ohhhh nice! Ember on a dragon really tickles me, what a concept! Winnowill's outfit looks fab and very Night King-esque at the same time.
In Javelin - Posted May 30, 2019
Man, the hair is always a staple of your work. I really like your inks, you have a wonderful style!
In Leetah - Posted May 30, 2019
This looks pretty sweet, what program do you use? I'm happy to give some feedback, I hope it's not too harsh! I really like it, you're definitely on the right track.

The face: It's close, but there is a bit of an strange feel to it. Translating EQ features to 3D is difficult for sure and personally I'd deviate more from the original design to make it a bit more compelling in 3D, for example making the lips fuller and enlarging the nose. The ears could use a bit more detail, compared to the face they seem very simplistic from this angle at least.
The hair looks really good, the only thing I would maybe change there is to make it fuller, but that's not really necessary. More of a preference.

The clothes: The shading on the clothes draws a lot of attention. The boots look like satin, but in a very CG way. The beige on the boots confuse me as well, are they heels or flats?
I'd tone down the specularity of the skirt, it looks very plastic-y. As a sidenote, watch out for the skirt when you animate, you'll probably see a fair bit of texture distortion. I'd probably simplify the texture to something with a smaller pattern or a (not completely uniform) gradient, it'll be more forgiving if she's going to do twirls and dances as she does in the comic. Are you planning on simulating the fabric or handanimating it?
The design on the clothes is really pretty though, the top looks very nice! I like the neckline and the sleeves especially, very cute.

In general I'd "dirty it up a bit", add some imperfections and some grit to the textures. Not a lot, but CG shaders can easily become very flat if they're too smooth.

I can see that there's definitely been put a lot of work in this already, and I think it'll look brilliant when animated. Well done! I'm looking forward to seeing the more.
In A Wolfrider's Bond by Wildfire - Posted Jan 24, 2019
@Tah-Marien Thank you! I wanted to do 3D specifically because it would be something a bit different for the calendar, I always enjoy seeing people's different styles :)

@Yavia, I wish! I'd love to work on an EQ short! Honestly, I didn't really need to use that many programs, I could've done all of it in Maya and some of the "programs" I mentioned are smaller parts of Maya. Xgen is the built-in hair/fur/grass/etc system for example, and Arnold is the default render engine. A program within a program if you will. Thank you!
In Kahvi - Posted Jan 24, 2019
Thank you! I agree that the Go-Back's living environment probably helped shape her, and I really enjoy her character, don't get me wrong. She's just hard to like sometimes haha
In Captive by Tamarien Flaten and Czarine - Posted Jan 12, 2019
The colours in this are freaking cool, it's amazing. The poem fits wonderfully as well, despite your language barriers, you guys really made this entry shine!
Maybe next year should be collabs :D it's really cool to see how ideas and artists come together.
In Packmates by Sheryl Schopfer - Posted Jan 12, 2019
Ahh another sweet one.  Man that wolf is HUGE. Good thing they're pals!
In Dreamberries by Czarine - Posted Jan 12, 2019
This is gorgeous! I adore the colours and the scene and the ah. everything! Redlance looks so soft and kind here.
In A Lifetime of Love by Dreamweaver - Posted Jan 12, 2019
This is probably the EQ story I've reread the most over the years, it's such a stunning and heartbreaking moment. The illustration definitely shows that you poured a lot of emotion into it, it's very lovely.
In Belonging by Startear - Posted Jan 12, 2019
Ahhh this is so sweet! I adore these two and their bond, I'm so happy that you decided to illustrate it :)
In Past and Future by jaRf - Posted Jan 12, 2019
100-200 hours?? Holy smokes, you have a level of patience that I could never even strive for! That's incredible.

The result is really lovely, I'm particularly keen on the snake tongue & braid wrapping around him, that's a cool way of tying the past/future together. The snake looks scary but in a very cool way that jiives well with the image.

(and I agree with your FQ comment, some things definitely should've been left mysterious)
In Bonded (This is Home) by Christoph Schilling - Posted Jan 12, 2019
Maaaan this is beautiful! The blue palette works wonderfully and all of the parts keeps drawing the eye to more and more detail.
In Bonded Burdocks by Yavia - Posted Jan 12, 2019
Hahah this is awesome! Treestump has got to be in full "uncle" mode to stand for it, it doesn't look like it's the first time either   :lol
In Morning Glory by Treefox - Posted Jan 12, 2019
What a bold composition! The fact that Littletrill fills up this much of the picture really drives home how somewhat strange the bond is, he could eat Aroree in a mouthful! As always it's technically beautiful and the sense of motion is just   :love
In Soft Sunlight by ShuijE - Posted Jan 12, 2019
I considered doing these two for last years calendar, they do make a lovely picture. As others has said, this looks so warm and soft, it's really well done especially given the limited palette that you've chosen!
In Burden of Command by Rosalie - Posted Jan 12, 2019
Nice! I like the composition, the metaphorical as well as the very literal way that Kahvi and Cutter are standing to the side while the tribes are enjoying themselves.
In My Heart is Full by Maggie - Posted Jan 12, 2019
This is so lovely! I really admire your linework, it's a wonderful blend of soft and hard edges that looks so effortless but is so hard to achieve!
In A Wolfrider's Bond by Wildfire - Posted Jan 10, 2019
Thanks guys! I'll probably do a breakdown post with WIPs so it makes more sense at some point but here's the short version:

jaRf is right, it is a render. I just painted over it at the end because I ran out of time  :lol I decided to try some new programs and that was pretty timeconsuming. The characters are made in Maya & zbrush, their clothes in Marvelous Designer. Hair, fur, trees, and grass etc in xgen. It's rendered with Arnold and the final paintover was done in Photoshop. Because I took so long to mess around with xgen and MD, I had to skip all of the cool compositing, shading and texturing I’d envisioned lmao. It’s amazing that I work with 3D every day and I still manage to vastly underestimate projects like this. I learned a ton along the way though and even if the scope wasn’t quite right, it was a lot of fun!
In Brothers in The Hunt by Sheryl Schopfer - Posted Jan 05, 2019
Ahh this is so cute! Strongbow and his wolf, truly a bond worth depicting!
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