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Quick characters drawings created by using the EQ RPG template
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Sad Freetouch
So, I actually just wanted to try out my new sharpies to check whether they are waterproof or not... turned out that they're not waterproof.... ah well.
A sad Freetouch jumped into my mind. I liked to draw Moonshade sad, so I wanted to see if her daughter could look sad too. Freetouch has really gro…
 Views: 101
 Comments: 7
Nov 19, 2017
in EQ Art
Zoom Details 3
Kaslen calendar art
Ah, I wanted to add at leat something, so I decided to upload my final version of Kaslen after all. I am quite happy how she turned out. Loved to draw her robe and braids.
 Views: 2600
 Comments: 3
Feb 03, 2016
in EQ Art
Zoom Details 6
Quick Dart sketch
I actually could steal a couple of minutes to make a wee little Dart sketch. Just wanted to sketch a character, that is again not drawn that often and especially one that I have never drawn.
Maybe he's thinking of Kimo here? Some sweet, but sad memories? I think he must miss him sometimes, right?
 Views: 2928
 Comments: 6
Jul 09, 2015
in EQ Sketches
Zoom Details 12
Quarterly Art Contribution - Summer - Zhantee
So, I finished my contribution! I picked Zhantee as he doesn't seem to get much love at all... I always liked the little peaceful guy. I think he would have majorly enjoyed the short summer in the woods. So here he is!
Man, I enjoyed drawing this sooo much! Finally, my room is smelling of Copic mar…
 Views: 4023
 Comments: 12
Mar 24, 2014
in Quarterly Art Challenge - Four…
Zoom Details 8
Winnowill B/W
Wheee! I drew something! I had this black and white concept in my head and just had to get it on paper. Also a good chance to use the markers from Japan that Martoo kindly send me. I cannot say that this concept works they way I had imagined, but it was still a nice experience.
I wonder if this cou…
 Views: 6297
 Comments: 8
Feb 21, 2014
in EQ Art
Zoom Details 7
So, as Koji has expressed interest in seeing my old, old character named Moonflower, I am uploading this pic. This is from '95!! Actually, there must be an even older version of her somewhere... Originally she almost looked like Moonshade.
 Views: 5129
 Comments: 7
Jun 23, 2013
in Non-Canon Art
Zoom Details 15
Terra - inked
Oh gee, I really forgot about this little pic. Way over a year old, this was actually planned as a little collaboration between Berit, Czarine and me. Sadly, it didn't really go anywhere. So I figured I could just post it here to finally contribute something to this site again.
 Views: 5212
 Comments: 15
May 23, 2013
in Non-Canon Art
Zoom Details 16
 :faint I did it! I finished this picture! Seriously, I've been carrying this idea around for at least three years now! I was riding my bicycle and thinking of the EQ characters I almost never drew before and noticed I almost never drew Moonshade. Immideately, I got this idea of a more or less monochro…
 Views: 4790
 Comments: 16
Jul 20, 2012
in EQ Art
Zoom Details 4
Finally my PC has the power! I just like the fact that Windrider is actively sailing so much that I had to put a boat and water in there. The boat has aboslutely no realistic proportions, think of it more as a symbolic boat. I also didn't want the picture to get too big, so I kept it as small as pos…
 Views: 4529
 Comments: 4
Jun 12, 2012
in Thank You from the EQFA Commun…
Zoom Details 6
Windsong Sketch
Well, this a super, super, super rough sketch of Maggie's character Windsong. Again, I drew this while being on hold on the telephone. I am starting to enjoy such calls...
I wasn't sure if I should upload this at all, but since I kinda like her expression, I figured to do it anyway.
 Views: 4908
 Comments: 6
Apr 26, 2012
in Non-Canon Art
Zoom Details 17
Yahooo, I drew nilla's character Beyond! During the early Easter mornings I sketched away and came up with my version of nilla's highly interesting character. I so had this rather wild and strange pose in mind and am so happy I got it out on paper now. It was LOADS of fun!  ;D I exaggerated proportio…
 Views: 56874
 Comments: 17
Apr 11, 2012
in Non-Canon Art
Zoom Details 8
Marut Work Sketch
Haha, I just drew this little sketch of Marut with ballpoint pen, while waiting in the waiting loop of our energy supplier.
Did this without reference, but as it turned out recognizable, I figured I post it anyway. Scanned again with our copy/fax machine, hence the slightly weird quality.
 Views: 59841
 Comments: 8
Apr 05, 2012
in Non-Canon Art
Zoom Details 10
Cutter by Treefox
Original Quest
 Views: 6066
 Comments: 10
Mar 11, 2012
in 2014 - Weekly Pin Ups
Zoom Details 11
Jink Grid Art
Gee, I completely forgot that I've got one more grid art to upload as well. This was a sketch I drew to illustrate my idea of Jink to Wildfire and as I liked it somewhat I actually started to color it. Even though it's not 100% finished, it was useful for the calendar grid art.
As you can see, I hav…
 Views: 4867
 Comments: 11
Mar 03, 2012
in EQ Art
Zoom Details 9
Sefra by Treefeox
 Views: 6234
 Comments: 9
Feb 04, 2012
in 2014 - Weekly Pin Ups
Zoom Details 4
Shushen Grid Art
After finishing the Flood and Flower pic, I slept very little and tackled Shushen.  ;D After looking at some pics of him by Blair, I had the definite urge to make him look older than nine and much more manly, so I buffed him up quite a bit.
Because I thought of Berit's request for more wolves, I als…
 Views: 4831
 Comments: 4
Jan 22, 2012
in EQ Art
Zoom Details 4
Festival of Flood and Flower
Windrider asked me if I could do a pic that would fit the Festival of Flood and Flower and maybe also incorporate some of the slightly neglected Jackwolfriders. I did this within one night, with very little sleep.  :lol It looks a bit rushed and unfinished, but the dynamics are nice and it gave me a ch…
 Views: 4775
 Comments: 4
Jan 22, 2012
in EQ Art
Zoom Details 2
Pool Grid Art
This Pool was created specially for the grid art. I not also wanted to try again to color something digitally, I also wanted to try out a flatter 2D coloring. Man, he really looks nothing like Alies's Pool, though... Modeled him more after my own first pic of Pool.
He is such cutie!

Oh no! I just…
 Views: 4744
 Comments: 2
Jan 22, 2012
in EQ Art
Zoom Details 7
Voll Pinup
So, as Startear requested, I will also try to upload my grid art.
This is actually a "real" Voll pinup, as I had started to draw him for the calendar, when I had the idea to pass him on to my friend, so we could get more characters done.  ;D
I really like how he turned out. I think he looks like him…
 Views: 4832
 Comments: 7
Jan 22, 2012
in EQ Art
Zoom Details 9
Wing by Treefox
 Views: 4724
 Comments: 9
Jan 06, 2012
in 2014 - Weekly Pin Ups
Zoom Details 6
Sun Toucher by Treefox
 Views: 5746
 Comments: 6
Dec 17, 2011
in 2013 - Weekly Pin Ups
Zoom Details 8
Rain by Treefox
 Views: 4715
 Comments: 8
Nov 20, 2011
in 2013 - Weekly Pin Ups
Zoom Details 24
Chitter by Treefox
 Views: 5966
 Comments: 24
Nov 07, 2011
in 2012 - Weekly Pin Ups
Zoom Details 18
Vaya by Treefox
 Views: 4892
 Comments: 18
Oct 17, 2011
in 2013 - Weekly Pin Ups
Zoom Details 8
Nightfall by Treefox
Young adult (from "Wolfrider!")
 Views: 4814
 Comments: 8
Sep 20, 2011
in 2014 - Weekly Pin Ups
Zoom Details 6
Here is Coldfire for Windschatten for her Frozenleaves holt.
I actually made a step-by-step drawing for this, but putting this together will still take some time.
Hope you like him, Windschatten!
Edit: I know he looks a little awkward with this front view, but I tried to make a view that was good t…
 Views: 4487
 Comments: 6
Sep 18, 2011
in Non-Canon Art
Zoom Details 13
Aroree by Treefox
Chosen Eight
 Views: 5382
 Comments: 13
Jul 28, 2011
in 2012 - Weekly Pin Ups
Zoom Details 8
First Green
Wooohooo! I actually finished one of the ideas that I have been carrying around with me for ages. When this challenge started, this idea popped up into my mind immediately. I image that this is the deer that Kahvi left behind in the holt of the Wolfriders after she met Aroree and flew away with he…
 Views: 4715
 Comments: 8
Feb 20, 2011
in Animals of Abode
Zoom Details 6
Redberry and Somar (not ? anymore)
Oh, I had totally forgotten this one! This could also almost go to the "Now and Then" challenge... This was drawn in 2006, when I re-discovered many of my old pictures. These two are also from that jungle elf tribe. I have forgotten what the name of the guy was...  :P
Anyway, these elves use the exot…
 Views: 4774
 Comments: 6
Jan 07, 2011
in Non-Canon Art
Zoom Details 7
Moonshade Sketch
Ayoooha! My first sketch in 2011! I grabbed a piece of paper to do some notes for work, when I just started sketching Moonshade. This is actually a sketch for a pic that I had in mind for ages now. I wonder if I'll ever be able to draw the real thing. Drawing felt so good, I really didn't want to st…
 Views: 4772
 Comments: 7
Jan 03, 2011
in EQ Sketches
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