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Holts / Crossing Paths Holt
« on: November 10, 2017, 12:45:13 PM »
It had been a calm night, but suddenly thunder and lightning filled the Sky, the humans were terrified and in the midst of the storm a mountain came down from the sky.

This is how the High Ones came to the world with Two Moons. But not all is known what happened. A small group regained controle over the Palace and in their effort to fly to the stars again they crashed again. Defeated they worked on a safe haven, created mountains to hide the Palace. Still they wanted to reunite all the elves again and in one final attempt they crashed for the last time in the mountains covered with snow, the Frozen Mountains.

In their failure the ground where the Palace had landed the second time held an imprint of it's magic, here this "Pool of magic" would wait for the Palace and it's masters to return.

The Pool of Magic was still quietly waiting to be reunited with the Palace when suddenly it heard it's Masters call out a Cry, they were lost, they were in pain, they needed help!
When the source of the Cry suddenly disappeared, the Pool was confused, was the Cry no longer needed? Were the Masters saved? It got no reply, but it kept sending out the Cry, because it needed answers.

Slowly elves picked up the Cry and started coming to the secluded land bridge, some arrived in small groups, others alone.

This is how our holt gets started.

Do you want to know what happens next, please join us on http://crossingpathsholt.boards.net/
We are still looking for new members who want to rp. Are you new at RolePlaying? No problem. We have a sheet to help you develop your character and a group of moderators standing by to answer any questions you might have.

We hope to see you soon!!

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