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Holts / Help and advice
« on: February 05, 2013, 10:34:11 PM »
Hello I am farly new to this site but i have be an fan of EQ for years.  I am kind of and still part of a Holt called SweetWater.  I have been talking to to other members of the holt.  And we want and need to Bring it back.  We were hoping to maybe make it an on-line holt like River Twine, cuz that is such a Assome job they are doing.  We have all ourbackground and stuff on disk.  We have old Artwork and stories.  The other members I have talked to do not know how to start an on-line holt.  They are not computer savy.  I need advice on what you guys like in an on-line holt.  How to even start.  We do not know how to make a web page.   Sweetwater elves are Wolfriders but not all have wolf-blood.  Infact Truelife is my PC in it.

I would be happy to get any advice or help on this matter.  Please and thank you:)

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