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Holts / ZQ Nation
« on: November 12, 2018, 09:38:08 AM »

And since this story style seems to be a tad bit different than people are used to - cast please feel free to ask [PM] me any questions, or concerns or changes needed for your character  ie   "Would your character have portrayed exhaustion any other way than described in the Introduction outline?"
A small synopsis of what you and your character are signing on for:  "Looking for a Story"

 A multiple character-driven [story by story] format. Open only for the Halloween/creepy season Sept- Nov. and  Instead of the classic write a paragraph and pass it on - You give input as to what your character would do in a given situation and the volunteer Writer or Group assemblies it into a Story.  Yes - play with in drawings.   No -   Not an RPG.   I do not know how to RPG.   This is Just a story once a year.  Something to evolve or not as time and interest permits.  Seasonal and all that.  A reason during the creepy season to join in on the smashing good fun.  - Do a little monster mash.  Draw some funny stuff or gory- you choose from the story.  It will have both.

 "I am just an  Illustrator/Scribe  who happened to fall in love with a group of  Gamers.  These people were wonderfully detailic about what their characters looked like- I drew my fingers off that first year - and was happy: Another odd duck who had found their flock.  So I know what RPG'ing is and I have seen it played and I am sure some elements are in here because everybody contributed to the evolution of our group. 

But not every member played, so the system had to work for all.  Hence . . .   the Conclave was born.  Easy to learn simple to run.  And people/writers/artist could run stories with respect to Persona Rights of a OC.  I learned/honored that gamers are very protective of their creations.  Understandably.  And what wonderful creations they were and we went on many adventures.  So in stead of looking for group, I should say: "Looking for a  Story"  that will inspire me and others to draw or write and with characters that I will want to play again and with - next year."

. .

AnyWhoot . . . Here is how it works broken down into four Posts > that can easily grow.

The Idea:

 When the question was asked this Halloween   "Which OC that you have ever played or would you invent for a Walking Dead/ Z Nation cross-over?"  And the character also had to fit the no-magic ping since the Story is paralleled to began at S9 E1 and the disappearances or sightings of certain types of Magic users is an existing mystery. Table the discussion that sending is a Magic for now and start with that as a given, please.

 This playing format is based on a Creative Conclave theory or a little like a  script writers guild.    Which means all things Hollywood can be parodied:

What that brings to mind for me is a trip thru Google to see what the Hollywood cast promotion poster  looked like on TWD for Season Four and see if I can use the format to do our Characters - fun stuff for me -   Or Story boards, character poses - really any thing that inspires you is a Win! . .  and then there is the character outlines and such . . .  height , looks , costume, stance etc. . .   Things to share in the Gallery - Whatsever.

Small, very action-packed, character driven episodes  lets keep it small - - with only a one story a year commitment - -  at only  13 available slots to fill out [or claim] or fill in per year - meaning any volunteer writer or artist can fill in a episode that has not  been claimed or written and has a empty slot. 
 So we have S1 E13  thru S9 E1  to fill. [Keeping with the spooky theme = chosen 13]  Only 3 slots have been applied for and submitted too so far.   Which is a really cool start!   I strive to only write two story contributions along with my Timeline and plot duties every  Season, if I have time for more, great.   If not I haven't let anyone down.  Story and characters can easily be moved forward by a very good script or two.   And a forty minute episode appears easy to format for me:  I can do that in less than  8  questions  and  within  ten  paragraphs.

 The AU paralleled the beginning of this season of 2018 TWD for it's currant start date. 

 Humans are infected, and the "theme" is TWD.  More forest regions because Modern times on a (?) larger world, just industry and cities / smaller towns spread more far apart than Earth, and for some reason the surviving elves cannot get infected or the animals on the planet either. In the first 5 yrs those that relied on Magic disappeared much faster, and to the horror of the others, there are few too none left in the Groups that they have encountered so far. . . encountered so long ago that they doubt they exist now. Could there be a group with magic users left?  We do not Yet know.  But many Traps have been left behind;  Horrors of dead man flesh and bone either embedded in rock or trees or  twisted in body.  Living dead masses that squirm and moan  and cannot move until bones break or flesh rots and they crawl upon the ground.

S2E6 (temporary  timeline slot)  "That first year or so..."     Seems to have been submitted as a backstory to a character.   So this really could work on a fixed Timeline with a 13 episode slot.   Two stories  per season from me would work  too move story and people  - one driven by characters and one by plot - just to keep it going, eh?    This story does not have all its characters yet.    ". . .  the rest of them"    Leaves it open for more characters to be in the beginning/season: or for Players to choose where they want to begin.  Since it is a seasonal/episode format you can choose to be part of the cast or have a guest appearance.  This story is not finished until all details have been added.  You watch the story grow - You add the meat to its bones.

  I still have a strange reverence for  "Persona Rights"  (And the Old Rules of Courtesy) so choose a character that you have the rights for and that you enjoy. No harm, can or will come to them, that you do not approve. You set the boundaries for your character, and I will honor them.  These stories do not have to effect their persona or timelines as you choose. (Zombies kill, story tellers should not)  Example:  Goldspice was re formatted to Goldsmash out of respect for River Twine and its chosen boundaries. [ I did not invent the character-only played her]

If you are new to fandom and missed all the beginnings for  "Persona Rights" and  "The Commandments of Fandom" or  "Conflict Courtesies"  I will gently school you.  I am surprised that these rights are not yet self evident.

. .

Art and Elfquest / "Follow the Bouncing Clay"
« on: April 16, 2014, 12:02:34 PM »

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