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Art and Elfquest / [Tools of the Trade] Paper
« on: March 30, 2012, 06:57:48 AM »
In many threads we have at one point always mentioned that the paper you use can really make a big difference in your artwork. So, I guess we should have a thread for paper.  ;)

What do you use, or rather, what do you prefer and why?

I prefer organic paper. My favorite of what I've tried is A5 sized Ellie Poo, which is made of elephant dung. Bought it in the UK. Since it is rather rough, I really love to use either inks or watercolor in it. With the former it gives a old fashioned explorer's book look, and with watercolor it swallows the colors nicely and doesn't curl in pain as printer paper does. I do use markers in it too, though I've been told it isn't wise. 

Chit-Chat / We've broken the fifth wall!
« on: March 11, 2012, 10:45:55 AM »
Welcome back everyone.

Art and Elfquest / [Tools of the Trade] Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens
« on: October 11, 2011, 09:10:00 AM »
Last time I had money, I got meself some Faber Castell Pitt Artists Pens. When it was family therapy week at the rehab center my father was in, I met this amazing woman who showed me her set, consisting of 48 pens. Which is the reason why I bought these beauties. I'm still in the learning process of using them, but so far very happy with mine. And I was wondering, are there anyone who has used them here? Like dislike and why?

I actually have one tip. If you are making something with black text on, like Aimless Renegade in Homestuck who wears caution tape all over him, apply the coloring first. The ink in these pens are, surprise surprise, wet. So they started blending the black pen writing, which isn't what I wanted at all.

Might not be a problem when making elfquest drawings, but worth mentioning anyhow.

Art and Elfquest / [Tools of the Trade] Copics
« on: September 21, 2011, 01:00:01 PM »
I first learned about copics when I lurked on the old SoC site in 2010. I've noticed people here use 'em, and I'm curious about the pro and cons, plus the techniques you guys are using.

The Other Art Gallery / Startear's Non EQ Corner
« on: September 04, 2011, 03:41:25 PM »
Well, i thought to myself... why not join the cool kids? Especially seeing that most of my art isn't EQ art. To tell the truth, drawing is something I haven't done on a regular basis since I was fourteen, which is six years. Now I'm drawing again.

Here are the first I drew.

Andrea (Needs a new name, she is of Spanish descent and there it is a male name.)

Eridan Ampora from Homestuck

The others were drawn after my father was put in rehab.

Donald Duck

Wayward Vagabond from Homestuck


Disciple from Homestuck

Feferi from Homestuck


Try at watercolor

Writers' Gallery / Shades of Smiles
« on: August 25, 2011, 08:17:32 AM »

Bowki does have eyes. He is only eight years old, but his eyes are sharp. He can see the different smiles and easily distinguish them. He can see other things well too, but it is the smiles he notices most. Especially those of his parents. All of them have the proud smile, the one they flash when he does something extraordinary. Like when his arrows hit their mark, and when he got to know Quicksnap. They also have the same smile when they comfort him. And then there is the smile in their eyes, the one reserved for when he does something he shouldn't and they try to be stern and fail.

Sometimes father get a distant smile. It isn't like mother's when she remembers something from when she was young.

No, it is a different sort of distant. Almost as if he is sad and tries to disguise it.

When Bowki sees that smile, he kind of wishes his eyes weren't so sharp.


Serrin knows what her recognized is going to say before he utters a word. The black haired female has always known this day would come. She has tried to prepare herself, but obviously failed. Because she can feel the sting of salty tears.

But what can she do? Dyrr cannot forget. He has moments when he does, well helped by their beautiful son. The flashes of peace and happiness are only temporary. So she hides her sorrow behind a smile as their foreheads touch. He is surprised by her action, by her simple understanding.

Then she follows her lifemate to the cellar where they first met.


Talmah doesn't have the heart to follow his lifemates down. He chooses to wait at the stairs. It is almost worse to see their backs as they slowly descend down to where the wounded sleep. But it leaves him free to let the tears roll down his cheeks.

It takes forever before his lifemate comes within his field of vision again, yet it is too soon before there is only him and her again. By then he has wiped his tears away, but she knows he had been crying. She always knows.

**I miss him too.**


Wing sees his grandson run from his parents hut and swing his legs over his wolfriend, before the youth takes off. By now almost everyone knows that Dart has joined the wounded in their sleep. He hopes his friend has happy dreams, free from the horrible images left from the war. Bowki who is full of smiles and laughter doesn't know about that, he knows nothing of those terrors. Of course his grandfather wishes he will never learn.

His lifemate puts a hand on his shoulder. "Leave him."

"He could hurt himself."

"Let him howl, beloved." She squeezes his shoulder. "He is only ten. Let him grieve. Let him howl."


Newstar finds the cub after the moons have disappeared behind the mountains. As she expected, he sits on one of the places which isn't occupied by a body in wrapstuff. He stares at the one she knows belongs to her friend.

She sits down beside him. He makes no move or sound to either acknowledge her presence. He keeps staring at his father's wrapped up body in complete silence.

"Father is wounded, isn't he?" Bowki turns her head towards her. "Like Kimo, only different."

His aunt cannot do anything but nod.

When they go upstairs, they pass the jars with the many pebbles. Bowki pauses for a moment. Then he bends down by the one where those which are reserved for the ones which doesn't mark time. He picks one up, and put it into the other one.

"Don't tell," he begs.

Newstar smiles reassuringly.

"I won't."

Art and Elfquest / Braided hair
« on: August 05, 2011, 03:31:46 PM »
I have a problem with drawing or making braided hair. Mostly in dollmaking, but the problem is that unlike with ponytails which I have some basic knowledge of how to do this.

Anyone who can help?

Writers' Gallery / Overcoming Fears
« on: March 01, 2011, 01:42:07 PM »
Here is one of my ongoing chaptered stories, which is a role reversion and a sort of worldpool tale. It was beta-read by faeriegirl on Scroll of Colors.

Chapter 1

There was this terrible scent lingering in the air, a scent no Wolfrider had encountered before. The forest had grown terribly silent everywhere around them. All of them halted as they came aware of it. They sensed something there, around them. Their eyes grew wide, scanning the area which the the two moons were unable to cast their light on. There was nothing which they could see, nothing which could tell the hunting party what was so close, yet so far away from them. It is not a wolf, deer or prey. Nor was it the cruelty of the five-fingers. But there is no doubt that there is something... something which screamed wrong to their elvin senses.

All of the wolves seemed uneasy. They tensed under their riders, ready to flee. None were as uneasy as Blackfell, whose dark pelt stood straight. He growled deeply, the sound did nothing to make anyone feel safer. They all drew their weapons, their noses widen to take in the foul stench, almost tasting it on their tongues.

Still, there was no way to locate the source for neither Joyleaf, Cutter, Bearclaw, Skywise, Nightfall, Treestump, Brownberry, Foxfur, Longbranch or Rain.

Rustling leaves and a shrill hoot right beside Skywise made him gasp. An owl had taken off in flight. Cutter inched closer to his soulbrother, putting a hand protectively on his shoulder. His heart pounded loudly in his own ears, almost drowning out all sound. It was maddening for the chief to be. He wanted to see the enemy, fight it, not shiver in the wake of it.

“Shh! Starjumper,” the stargazer whispered as the wolf growled fiercely. He leaned closer to the wolf, feeling safer when he did.“It- it's just an owl!” He told himself as much as the wolf. How anything could live here and be content with life was beyond his understanding.

“Look! Over there!” Joyleaf choked. The party looked up, to find the carcass of a wolf cub. It had been slashed by a paw, most likely one of a longtooth or a similar creature judging by the look of the scar. But something wasn't right. There were no scratches which indicated that the cub had come across the ones of a the huge cats. Nor had it been slain for the sake of feeding.

It was as if... it was as if this creature had killed for pleasure!

**I hope your skills won't be needed tonight, healer.** Cutter sent to Rain, not trusting his own voice. “So do I, young Cutter so do...”

Rain was never able to finish that sentence. Something shot out from the darkness so quickly that the Wolfriders could not catch a good look on it. There was a scream and the sound of something hard connecting to flesh. The metallic smell of blood was the next which came on them and... death. They had no chance to take in the loss, the thing attacked again. Foxfur stood frozen in horror as it came towards her, it's teeth casting a light on her. They closed around her, sharp teeth meant to crush animals far larger than elves.

Claws striked blindly, hitting Skywise in the arm. Loud snaps of bones breaking and... it sent!

**A skyfire lit up the forest. High ones were here a long time ago, their pain awoken. Twisting, bending shaping. Rivalry and smoke, cat and snake bound in fight. It was Change, it was Joining, it was Pain, it was Hatred and it had a name!**


Filled with nausea, the ones who could still use their legs ran away from the images. They stumbled and fell, leaped forward. Soon they were in the trees, clutching the trunk like cubs held their mothers. “Mother?!” Nightfall's cry was loud, steadier than she felt. Her stomach felt like it had turned to ice once more when she discovered that her mother was not there.

Nor was her father, Longbranch. His name rang through the forest too, cried out by his brother One-Eye

“Bearclaw!” Joyleaf and Cutter yelled in unison as Skywise called out Foxfur's name.

As her mind gradually became clearer, Joyleaf remembered to send.


There was no answer. She stood still in the tree, silent. **Grenn!** She tried again, her blue eyes feeling rather wet. A feeling of dread stronger than the one she had just encountered filled her. Never had he been so... so silent.




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