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5  Nightfall work-in-progress (Original Art)
5  Future Hopes (River Twine Holt Pics)
5  Aroree & Aurek (AEA Illos)
5  Leetah (first try with GIMP cloring) (EQ Art)
5  C/C? one of the nameless (Mischievous pencil works)
5  River Twine - whole tribe (River Twine Holt)
5  Shades of Shadow (ElfQuest Related Art)
4  Vaska (what-if daughter of Vaya and Pike) (EQ Art)

Members who rated at least one item

Faerydae (34 votes)
mischievous_valkyrie (26 votes)
Treefox (26 votes)
Farscout (24 votes)
Multimedea (14 votes)
Wildfire (8 votes)
LaMara (7 votes)
Blackbird (7 votes)
Frozenleaves (5 votes)
River Song (3 votes)
Foxeye (3 votes)
jaRf (2 votes)
Nevaratoiel (2 votes)
Afke (2 votes)
Icemoon (2 votes)
Icebird (2 votes)
Kitt (2 votes)
silentleaf (1 vote)
Siwan (1 vote)
Peacepine (1 vote)
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