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In Captive by Tamarien Flaten and Czarine - Posted Jan 17, 2019
@ jaRf   You slay me- Meaning you are so funny about Rayek.  Tell you what.  If you want a  line  drawing  to art with I would be honored by what ever your imagination plays with for the Glory of He.  However I do not think I have a black and white of poem and illustration together.  So it would take formatting for both.  And ask Czarine  about mucking with the color version, I'm ok.  But a new collaboration has an open door from my continent of our Planet.

[First> a deep bow to Staff - let us ask about printing stuff, eh?  I am out of date on copy right by forum and/or honoring eqfa]
In Update 65mm sculpture - Posted Jan 17, 2019
Your teasing, right?   I would Love to show people how to do these in their own style and medium choices, scale and characters.  I just cannot even figure out how to put a picture in the forum.  My computer skills are laughable and crude.

A few people have mentioned a chat room or something like that.  Maybe it would have voice and picture?  I do Teaching Mode better than people mode.  Again -the skill level needed with the computer is scary without a voice to navigate me through.

I would trade lessons with you if we could find a system.   The way you fixed Winnowil's eyes would have taken me a bout a dozen redraws to get right, I need help in the side to side and focus movements on eyes.  Nobody is left on the Site that used to help draw.  I got here too late to take advantage of that gift.  Maybe we could work it out?   You have already proven your patience and needed good humor for the exchange . . . and the talent goes without saying.

. .
In Packmates by Sheryl Schopfer - Posted Jan 17, 2019
Wolf/Cat   Similar -yet-so different.  The sending symbol and multiple greens for the forest are a nice color reminder representing the bond of wolf and rider.  Tender and true.  *sigh* Good choice of Strongbow.  He and Bearclaw seemed to have had the most intimately depicted relationships with their bond friends.

Here was the instant collaboration from my head:  Startear and Sheryl      I see wolf and cat pictures in my head on the same page.  They would most certainly compliment each other very well.  And both have that genuine feeling of  "ahhh, snugly love".  [The Worldpool of mind in Action.]
In Dreamberries by Czarine - Posted Jan 17, 2019
I just adore the Disney R cell look to this and the other piece.  It reminds me of my favorite disney movie - Snow White - and how the acetate/film boards were captured in moving progression to get through the forest.  Animation and ElfQuest need to marry more.  Love it.
In A Lifetime of Love by Dreamweaver - Posted Jan 17, 2019
So sad and so very touching!  Yes, I loved and reread this story of Skywise's parents many a time.  Firstly for the greedy need to absorb such new [then] and never seen art by Wendy- and again for the pure and sad place this story held for the Wolfrider's unknown history and survival rules.  The bond of child and parent, *sniff*, taken from each other too soon. What a touching reminder!
In Belonging by Startear - Posted Jan 17, 2019
This is so tender and sweet.  I can almost hear the loud rumble of Stubtail's purr and the happy sigh from Pike.  Great colors and a mood of happiness- what more is there ,really?  Perfect choice.
In Past and Future by jaRf - Posted Jan 17, 2019
I sure can see all the work you did.  Wow, so much on one page.  Everything works together in a circle -braids and snake tongue- how apropos for symbols in Tiers life.  I love the cat and the mountains they also say things about the future and the past bonds to me. Great color and format, you always surprise us JaRf. Wonderful.
In Bonded (This is Home) by Christoph Schilling - Posted Jan 17, 2019
What a great ending piece!   I am in awe that you could capture so much mood, and the contrast of beast bonds, with such a soothing palette of colors. Such lovely calm guardians they all are. What a challenge for you to take up!  This will be a great way to end the year, and think of all those around the our world that share something-different-put equally significant.  Wonderful choice.
In Reach of Love by Berit Jurda - Posted Jan 17, 2019
Ah, the joy in finding the perfect weapon.  A true Warrior's Bond.  So original and yet so understandable. (most of us have a likey for pointed and shiny things) The reflection is just captivating, but I love the color progression as well.  Berit you really put yourself into this one, for you have a love of weapons as well, yes?  Great originality.
In Bonded by Youth, Friendship and Mischief by Ric Rijnders - Posted Jan 17, 2019
Strange -I had to go into the {Fan Art Calendar} file to see this.  I am still smiling.  So much playfulness and fun here.  Just a wonderful day in the life-and a small portal into the fun and friendship these two share.

The treewee seems to be having the last word - or is that gesture - I imagine those little monkeys are more annoying than squirrels.  Great scene with a good color palette and focus.  I just want to laugh along. Thank you for sharing your art AceQuester!
In Two Prize Fawns by April Suzanne Durfee Landon - Posted Jan 17, 2019
YES!  I am so excited to see cubs with bonds as well in the calendar.  These two have a special place in tribelore as the prized fawns indeed; I agree to wanting so much more of how they saw the years passing.  The contrast of [then] wolfblood and magic was so enticing for a daydream or three about innocent adventures they would have enjoyed.

But wait- there is a Preserver in there.  Wow, missed that!  Almost like an omen of the future.  Sweet.
In Playtime by Czarine - Posted Jan 17, 2019
Czarine, you delight me with the variety of coloring skills you have in your talent arsenal.  And This scene, my,my.   That [moment] caught of Rayek's  seldom seen vulnerability and kindness.  And If I am remembering correctly the day of his healing, Yes?  Healer bond, gratitude bond, sun bond, gardening bond; there is so much here.  Seen and unseen. Bravo.
In Depths of Love by Tamarien Flaten and Solace Enterline - Posted Jan 17, 2019
I will thank you all for both of us.   This was a collaboration of talent and love.   A shared love of Elfquest and the first time I ever did a piece with my Goddaughter.  Solace did all the coloring and formatting (with a small touch-up in framing by Maggie) and I do adore how she caught the underwater feel and tone I was looking for.  Bless her heart. 

I do not know all the tech-tricks she performed, but her love of mermaids made this a wonderful platform to spring from. She was quite surprised when I called and asked if she would like to work on a piece with me for the EQ Calendar.  I learned so much about my art and myself with the two submissions.  So different, and sooo much fun!
In A Wolfrider's Bond by Wildfire - Posted Jan 17, 2019
The "photograph" feels to this makes it very intriguing.  You have too look twice, and then you stare at all the wonder and magic this scene evokes.  So different, so new.  And just plain wonderful as an addition in style and fun to the Calendar.  Variety also makes good sparks! 
In Brothers in The Hunt by Sheryl Schopfer - Posted Jan 17, 2019
The Strongbow is so reactionary and caught in movement so well.  But I just also love the wolf's expression of happiness and he looks playful.  I want to go hunting along.
In Bonded Burdocks by Yavia - Posted Jan 17, 2019
This is a wonderful reminder of all the responsibilities of a bond.   Oh boy do I hate taking those off my shoelaces and my dog.  Ember expression is so cute, with her biting her lip.  The colors are perfect and I just adore the look on Treestump's face.   
In Captive by Tamarien Flaten and Czarine - Posted Jan 03, 2019
Thank you.
@ Czarine - I think you were patience personified.   And the worldly reminder taught me not to leave any small fix ups for last, ever again.   Oh, I wish I could tell all the stories of language barrier vs the delightful failure of interpretation.    My favorite did involve one of the instances of slang - and not the one you think new cyber friend  - *Wink*.   I was trying to explain the different light sources for this piece and used a Movie reference from ET  (an old sci-fi kid flick form the 80's)  "about a heart light"   Instead of just a  glow from within Winnie [behind] Rayek, I got a heart under her chin!  which "I" did not even know was there in the design . . .    Sooo cool; two color elements for the price of one, it was the first of many lingual twists on the road to a very successful and fun collaboration.

You really did make me feel like a rock star.  And you have such a variety of skill choices for coloring.  This piece would have been much different in your other entries style.  Kiitos!

@Dreamweaver  -   Truer words there never was.  (and) Niiiice new avatar.  She glows with beauty and mischief.  Is there a bigger copy for the Gallery?

In Morning Glory by Treefox - Posted Jan 03, 2019
I want to fly in the sunshine and soar on the great winds!  This is the best Aroree I have seen in fandom, so far -really;  you out did yourself, Treefox.  So touching and lovenly  tender.  Bird and rider are so happy to see each other.  Rare indeed were moments of happiness for the chosen eight - but flying, ah  (to quote a different 'Verse; but apropos )  "You can't take the sky's from me."

Thank you for choosing Aroree and Littletrill.  There are so many more bonds on TWoTm to remember and explore, we could never get them all in one calendar.  So good to see your art again.
In Soft Sunlight by ShuijE - Posted Jan 03, 2019
Aaaawww . . .  Tender moment for the month of Hearts.  The dreamy quality to the background and surrounding colors is so perfect; soft and soothing.  Honest caring comes thru in the body mechanics and the slight lean from Mender shows his wonder in Dart as a mate. So sweet.  Beautiful choice, ShujiE.

The pose looks like it drew itself really - were there any troubles with the choice?
In Burden of Command by Rosalie - Posted Jan 03, 2019
The title seems to focus on the equally burdened leaders  ( I adore their identical expressions )- and they are in front - but the composition of the tribe in the middle and as the focus; is just so subtle a reminder that the welfare of the group is always first for a good leader.  It gives this picture a boost that the chilly air of January cannot dampen. And what a great way to remind us of family and friends gathering together during the lonely winter months.  The crisp line art and cool colors of the mountain peaks make them seem so protective; (mountains and chiefs) like they are stone guardians.
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