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In Yereh for Foxeye - Posted May 17, 2020
Timeless picture.  And that pose is amazing (-ly hard)  I have never tried graphite on vellum.  Great OC and background.
In The Adopted  ZQN - Posted May 17, 2020
@ AMBERFOX    Elves are beautiful, that is why we want to draw them.  Your elves are beautiful !  I wouldn't worry about what others think, so much . . . especially since you are two pen-tip sizes away from being the most detailed Inker I have ever seen;  Fan or Professional.
In Desk /Skylark Base study - Posted May 17, 2020
ALL originals.  The ones that are drawn in Lead (everything before 2000)  I am trying to see if I can copy and finish. . . but there are so many that I am overwhelmed.  This is when I need a friend willing to help along, I guess.

No AMBERFOX you are not the only art packrat.  Mine is limited to original art and supplies.  I have moved with only my Kitchen, clothes and art before *snicker*  I hope I can share more before the big bonfire (so to speak) Although it might be very therapeutic to actually burn them . . .
In Emoji Moonmirror - Posted May 17, 2020
You sure caught That casual feel well.  and that eel looks happy and very interactive.
In GoldSmash *RETREAT!* - Posted May 17, 2020
@ Treefox   Most appreciated, and heck Yes !    Do you want a bigger dpi copy?
In Skylark head study and birds - Posted May 02, 2020
I agree about the Hair.  Pony tails may add to the winged look; but I like her hair down better also !
In Skylark - pony tails! - Posted May 02, 2020
Lines > Yes.  But I still get over excited and ignore them sometimes. And I have a bad habit of shortening the torso's on the females (?) The face formula is given by Wendy under Animation References in one of the Gatherums.  And I am Glad I looked at that again @Czarine I found the eye movement radius information I wanted. It was there all the time.  Sheesh, do I feel silly.
In Skylark  profile and doodle - Posted May 02, 2020
Cub picture > should have had a word balloon saying   "So, what are we eating?"    Skylark was orphaned very young.  The tribe took responsibility for feeding her - of course - but she was always hungry.  She had an uncanny ability to show up whenever anyone was about to take a bite of Anything. (Batman like even) or (Joey, with a fork in his pocket). She had no elfin cubmates so the birds of her Namesake and a Preserver were her only childhood friends and she would eat bugs and worms, still does. She learned to communicate thru the skylark's birdsong and makes a great Scout. Loneliness made her sorta non-social except at meal times.

Games > What a lovely invitation.  I have only ever played a narrative Fan Club story.  I do not know how to play, do y'all teach?
ps  Toad could call her Worm-Eater. . . (snicker)  and  everyone  would have to put up with Rootbulb.
In Emoji Moonmirror - Posted May 02, 2020
I adore the underwater feel that you captured with just hair - then I saw the eel and wow... Is she an animal bonder?
In Wolfsway ZQN - Posted May 02, 2020
 WolfSway:  Reference to his Prey-Pacer type Magic:  The heightened ability of Sending that allows you to Link with many or link many minds, of prey or elf or both > in a visual and textural conclave of mutual output and emotional sharing. ALL could receive the images but your personal (character) sending ability will limit what and how much or how detailed is the information your character can perceive.
In Bones / Character sheet - Posted May 02, 2020
@ Amberfox - I love all forensic science; current example > it took about 8 hours to draw an action head shot of Goldsmash, but it took less than 20 seconds to figure out and draw/add the splash, intensity, and direction of the blood splatters. I was going to be a forensics illustrator but the computer put that road out of business, but if I was young enough to re-educate I would love to put clay on unidentified skulls in unsolved mysteries.  So the love of bones is there, always has been - hated taxidermy class, loved the medical coloring book.  Colored two. Plus bones do not move like muscle and body mass, if I get stuck > I put in the bones. I trust them. If that makes sense?
In Scan Me!  Desk  1 - Posted May 02, 2020
@ Treefox - ThanX - I usta believe I was the most proficient phone book cover doodler in the world.  I would Calligraphy anything.

@Yavia - {Silly markings, but cute, thanx.  Useful - I need to teach myself better shading. Thank you for noticing} ZQN- Needle answered that he would have mended and sewed everybody in the infirmary - and off I went to make (draw) the wounded list and a height chart.  Shadow's Whisper MIA disappeared into the shadows and I never heard from him about story again only character likeness. The Searcher must have went searching, MIA. And I may never know why Tomi was on point after Town and Softfeather seems to be in some kind of  bad trouble. Both MIA.  The wolves are in season and we shouldn't have brought the bitches and it seems Goldsmash and Flattop are heading toward a small horde alone.  Man, I really suck at being an StoryLeader I don't even know where my team is! Crud!

@ Amberfox - Goldsmash's hair isn't as cool, more puffy cloud than tangled shag, but I like it too. "They" have certain fighting advantages, it is true. ( She said slyly)
In SoftFeather  Character Study - Posted May 02, 2020
" Hold her own in a fight"   Well . . .  That I do not Know . . .  she was ahead of the party in the story -   And only the wolves know what happened.  I admit I am curious.
In ZQN  GoldSmash* bust - Posted May 02, 2020
 If you see my old stuff @ Deviant - I started out with a more 3D  bust for the  ElfQuest and SweetWater OC's. Back then my armature was a roofing nail or long metal screw.  For these versions, of a more 2D, I elaborated on a tutorial on Princess Charms by SugarCharmShop on Utube. Her version was about as big as a toenail.   But I could pause the steps and work in any size.  Mixing mediums I do on my own for detail and remove-ability.  Anyone can try it.  And yes your own style will come through - but that is the fun!

 What is available free for artist' out there is Amazing.  I can remember saving for a sculpting class in Montana that cost 1,500 dollars for 3 days. No room or board. I am very proud to say the last Teacher I had for about 12 total, three day classes, was from Seattle. Before WETA stole her away to sculpt Smaug for LotR, she taught molds, casting, sculpting the Human body and fantasy characters in 3 day seminars.  Worth Every Penny !

In You're in Inqusition now (crossover) - Posted May 02, 2020
I admit I also do not know the game.  But that sweet little pose just draws you into the picture off of the Gallery page.  Nice colors and a "wonder" to what she is seeing-cuteness.
In Scan Me!  Desk - Posted May 02, 2020
@ Treefox - I plan to scan.   Hope you are staying safe as well!

@Amberfox - Got the PM  Yay! for the mail delivery workers.
In Talno, revived - Posted May 02, 2020
Beautiful costume.  I really like the boots.  And choosing a no background on this made him really appear more to be flying.
In Bones / Character sheet - Posted Apr 09, 2020
@TREEFOX  - - thank you, dear.  Definitely more of a longer face, fun once I got the hang of it. All "this" happened just because I needed the upper left outline to finish another drawing.  I just cannot waste paper, still.
In In the woods - Posted Apr 09, 2020
Wonderful colors and the weight on the body pose is masterful.  An interesting character - and fun.
In Blue Jays - Posted Apr 09, 2020
I am so glad to see a full size of this drawing.  I have admired it tiny since the change-over of your icon.  It is beautiful, and I am a sucker for purple/violet/lavender eyes.

ps -"someone" would love  an NPC named Skylark.  
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