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In Elves on Thrones - Posted May 31, 2019
@Packless1: I don't think GRRM even know EQ. There are Direwolfes in his Story which are getting big enough to ride on, but I don't think it ever happen. (not in the show at least)
@Amberfox: It has been a lot of fun. I'm also aware that people who don't know the show can't say much about this crossover and for that I'm really happy you leave me a comment! As for the dragon's mouth, I took a Pic from Drogon as reference and draw fire and spikes over all the parts I don't know how to draw. In this pic the dragon meant to be Rhaegal with Jon Snow on top.
In Game of Elves - Posted May 31, 2019
Thank you all! Love your thoughts!
The deathrate in recent EQ may match the one in Gane of Thrones. Totally true!
The reason why Skywise makes that expression is a minor spoiler. Picknose aka Thormund Giantsbane is drinking Giant's Milk.
Love the poster for upcomming season Game of Elves idea a lot!
After coloring this I just thought of a maybe better fitting role for Winnowill - Cersei. That would have been hillerious wouldn't it?
In Elfself Embala - Posted Feb 12, 2019
Oh, I did comment the same pic of Prayer. Love the poses. The feet are cut off too in this one.
I do like your colors they are really very prominent.
In Bonded (This is Home) by Christoph Schilling - Posted Feb 12, 2019
Oh no, thanks for enlighten me! I did recognize Timmain but funnily never counted her as a Wolfrider. I always thought she is a High One and her son Timmorn was the first Wolfrider. Yeah, stupid me xD
In Dreamberries by Czarine - Posted Jan 22, 2019
So awesome! Adorable! The lizard really is wonderful  ::)
No, really, this is a beautiful work and I'm a little sad it isn't in the calendar. And it had Redlance in it  :love
In Bonded (This is Home) by Christoph Schilling - Posted Jan 22, 2019
Can't say anything new. I love the composition of the panels. It reminds me of Wendy's design of the pages, they sometimes connect like you did it here. Love it!
I'm just a little bit sad there is no Wolfrider in the back, as in the other parts.
In Playtime by Czarine - Posted Jan 22, 2019
For me it looks a little bit like Rayek is teasing Leetah and take her Toy away. Just a little bit.
Beautiful colors. I do feel the warmth of the dying day. The shadows looks great! Love it!
In A Wolfrider's Bond by Wildfire - Posted Jan 22, 2019
My first thought: is this a Promoshot for a 3D animated Short Film?
So many different Programs were used? Awesome! It's absolute amazing! Nice arrangement as well, they both do look a little tipsy and I love it.
In Brothers in The Hunt by Sheryl Schopfer - Posted Jan 22, 2019
They both look so happy! I love the bond you captured between them, the Hunting. Strongbow smiling - sigh - rarely seen but very nice.
In Bonded Burdocks by Yavia - Posted Jan 22, 2019
Thanks to all of your comments!  :love I was laughing while reading them cause they were all in my mind too while drawing.
I'm very happy to give you a laugh and also happy the pic is placed in April. It fits best there!
@jaRf My intention was that Ember is taking the burs from Choplicker and places them onto Treestumps Vest to get rid of them.
@Treefox I love this outfit too! Fun fact for me: it was more difficult to draw than I thought.
@Tah-Marien I hope your dog looks as happy as Choplicker if you're taking burs off his fur!
In Morning Glory by Treefox - Posted Jan 22, 2019
Love! I absolutely love your pic.
The pose of Aroree fits so perfectly! The Eye of Littletrill looks awesome. It just fixes Aroree directly, so precisely and I love the coloring and the sunlight.

I'm glad you did this bond! because that two were in my list of ideas first - but I don't want to draw so many feathers again like in my Lord Voll calendar pic. Your solution to do the feathers looks great!
In Zombie Town - Posted Nov 25, 2018
You're welcome! I love inspiration and had fun to draw this.
Thanks, but I don't wanna play a human in an EQ RPG. I just meantioned that, cause of the Question: Which of your elf characters will survive a Zombie apocalypse. No elf in my case.
In TWD  ZQ Nation Road sign - Posted Nov 25, 2018
I misunderstood - The wink - for there was no real statement, that I want to play a human. Just a mention in another Threat that there might be one of my human characters who would survive it so far. So I don't combined that two things or even get it and didn't react on your winks at all. Sorry.
And I don't wanna play a human in an EQ Zombie Apocalypse.

Now you finally have a different kind of infection for elves and some distinctioned low magic users, so the two fandoms have combined much better than before.
Nice, but there is to much that don't fit for me. I'm out of it.
In Happy Halloween - Posted Nov 04, 2018
Hahahaha! I totally forgot to add the "shaping" lines cause Redlance is trying to shape the pumkin to a fitable house for the whole tribe. But you're right, he needs to "Ommmm" indeed as everyone have differend wishes and is making trouble at the same time.
In TWD  ZQ Nation Road sign - Posted Nov 01, 2018
Sorry, I did not ask questions about the story so I can't be spoiled. I was just wondering, why you take elves and zombies if the characteristic elements are left out. You said so, both elements are mentioned in your posts: There will be no magic and elves can't be infected. Them are major characteristics of both worlds. If them are missed, I could rather read EQ or watch TWD separately. That's what I meant, no secret hints.

If you just fooled us with that statements I rather wait till all is ready and the plan is clear to follow.
In TWD  ZQ Nation Road sign - Posted Nov 01, 2018
Slip in
Ah, here are some information's to your "Zombieland" ideas.
It sounds nice but.. don't wanna be rude but... Elves can't be infected, so what's the sense in Zombies? The elves only must be carefull not to get eaten or beat to death. No difference to before. The nice danger to get bitten and turning effect stays out of this idea. And why no magic?  That's the thing that divides us and elves. If they can't use magic or don't have any, they might as well be humans. (If you don't wanna overpower them: Not every magic is helpful in every situation.) Hmmm, so, why elves? I like elves and zombies, but this two missing things don't combine them the perfect way. Just my opinion, no offence.
Slip out
In Happy Halloween - Posted Nov 01, 2018
Thanks to you!
In Zombie Town - Posted Nov 01, 2018
The word infected is chosen on purpose off curse. I have seen season one and two of Z-Nation, but lost interest in the third one. As I know what inspired you partly the first thing I wanted to draw was a Cheese...
I liked to draw it like a concept art thanks for the kind word on that. I wanted to give it more environment like plants, but don't know, how many years have passed in your "zombieland".

Yeah! The baseball bat would also be the first thing I would pic up! Even if it will last only 7 hits (Like in TLoU). Looking forward for your characters running in a scene like that.
In Zombie Quest Mayhem! - Posted Nov 01, 2018
This looks awesome! The colors, the perspective and the lettering are a real eyecatcher. Who will survive? Are you planning to kill some of the characters? Wow!
For the children's clothes, that might be the only ones that fit, or are your elves taller than wolfriders?
I think the blue haired one may trim the nails all through the bat, so that the points of the nail look out. Like it is now it may give a lot of skin damage, but to get in the skull might be difficult. And to get it out of the body afterwarts could be a problem too. I'm just thinking that and have no prove. ;)
Really nice. Will there be a threat in "holts" about this idea? The ZQ-Nation holt?
In Rustle full body sketch - 2018 - Posted Jul 04, 2018
Luckily no leaf or twig ever get hold in an elven shock of hair. With this mane there must be a whole forest in there. xD
No offence  :-*
I love the clothing and the coloring. And hornestly I really love her red bushy hair with the freckles.  ;D
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