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In Runedance, Winter Brutewear - Posted May 15, 2020
his hair isso long! I am very impressed with that he keeps his hair that long when he fights. I'd personally be very worried about my hair snagging on objects or enemies grabbing it. I love how playful and dynamic the pose is, and his boots must be so comfy!
In You're in Inqusition now (crossover) - Posted Apr 20, 2020
Thank you guys! :D Yeah, the expression was what drew me to this base. It is so bewildered and so good! Most bases just have them smiling sweetly, these have interesting expressions and poses. As for why I use paint, I just feel like it is the best for pixel art. Though tbh, it is the thing I started out with and I have only tried doing it with Gimp, and that straight up sucked. So in conclucioin, I don't know how to use other programs so don't listen to my biased ass on that. XD
In Emoji Moonmirror - Posted Apr 20, 2020
I like that eel. Or rather, I assume it is an eel? But yeah, there s a strange almost etherial quality to this. The hair, the eel and that expression. Great work!
In Old Clearbrook - Posted Apr 08, 2020
Wow, I am impressed! Even as a 14 year old you clearly had developed certain stylistic parts that we can still recognize in your traditonal art to this day! The design manages to be very sparkly but also fits Clearbrook's color scheme.
In Tyleet Portrait - Posted Mar 26, 2020
You know, I think branchscamper has a point. Not only that Tyleet looks like a ball joint doll, but that the most distracting thing is her top. It looks almost cartoony in contrast to the porcelain skin and the shine on her gold chain.
In Toad's lookout - 2020 - Posted Mar 18, 2020
Czarine is right, there is something very heroic about the piture. I think it is the angle, I halfway expect to see a flag in the backround.
In Emoji Crescent - Posted Feb 18, 2020
You know, if you hadn't said i was digital then I'd assume it was color pencils! This is gorgeous, love her flowy hair!
In Colourful Sleutel - Posted Feb 18, 2020
This is so cool! Love how peaceful she looks despite the very intense colors swirling around her. It looks like she is really enjoying music or possibly even flirting with someone?
In Horror in the blizzard - 2020 - Posted Feb 13, 2020
Oh my, wouldn¨'t want to meet that in the snowstorm or night when I can't see it properly!Love the eyes, it gives great contrast!
In Strongbow - Posted Feb 13, 2020
Yeah, it is funny how different our opinions are on different characters! And also why opinions are different. Like, even if I don't really like Ahnshen either, he is still interesting to me, because he actually adds a very interesting point up with wolfriders and Sun Folk, and culture. Yeah, he ends up objectifying and posing this ideal version of Moonshade, which is quite different from the real Moonshade, it is a part of the two tribes understanding each other, and he grows from it. Which you don't see that often. Also it was refreshing to see Moonshade do things seperately from Strongbow, as those two were so often in tandem.

In contrast, if Strongbow had only been the stern, quiet type then I wouldn't mind as much. My problem with Strongbow is that he very much holds himself above others, he judges the Sun Villagers for not trying to learn Wolfrider culture, while refusing (as far as we can see) to learn anything about the Sun Folk. I also really dislike the "he should just take her" line. I honestly have never forgiven him for it, even though I can see his positive character traits, like that he is a great father, and how loyal he is once you win it.

On the colors, i was actually going for the colors that awful bruises take about a week after, The yellowish green tinge, though I agree with that I could probably used more purple. Thanks for your comment!
In Tyldak - Posted Feb 13, 2020
Oh man, I had forgotten this oldie! I agree Berit, ballpoint pen art is a lot more challenging than other mediums, not only because it doesn't allow much mistakes (and add a lovely, scratchy quality) but they also limits what mediums you use for color, as wetter mediums like markers and watercolors (since ballpoint pens are not marker/waterproof.) Tyldak has the best and most interesting design, very eye-catching.
In The death of Nightstar - Posted Jan 29, 2020
Thank you guys! I was having mixed feelings about this piece, I think it is my most ambitious piece yet, and it didn't quite hold up to the idea in my head. But coming back to it, I'm super happy with that the emotion carries through. Can't find the fanfic file though, so I may have to write it up again from scratch.
In Anondraw - Ember - Posted Jan 28, 2020
I just love the painterly quality of this, it almost looks like acryllic paint! Great work!
In Wander out cold - 2020 - Posted Jan 28, 2020
I love the sketchy and yet somewhat painterly quality of this. Poor guy looks really tuckered out, like he had several rough nights in a row.
In Much Better - Posted Jan 28, 2020
Haha, this is great! I love how Laluna is so amused by the display while Antaka is trying to look very serious in her new duds.
In Emoji Dewshine - Posted Jan 28, 2020
She looks so cheeky here! It's great to see more of young Dewshine.
In Sexy Teir - Posted Jan 28, 2020
Haha, this is priceless! Love the duckface and how shiny he is!
In Berit’s Wolf - Posted Jan 28, 2020
I love the contrast between the warm palette and the intense stare of the wolf! I wonder who he is judging?
In Berit’s Wolf - Posted Jan 28, 2020
I love the contrast between the warm palette and the intense stare of the wolf! I wonder who he is judging?
In Choplicker's excitement! - 2020 - Posted Jan 28, 2020
Aww, I love Choplicker, he was such a great little wolf cub! He looks so happy and there is a dreamlike quality to this that is to die for! Excellent work!
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