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In Rose Picking Picknose by Yavia - Posted Today
This is my favorite of this year. Picknose being sweet and romantic, picking flowers! Even if the nasty elveses are making fun of this, it's really cute and sweet. I also love that his earings are flowers. You've drawn everyone's hands really well too.
In Venka's Gaze by Heidi Geist - Posted Today
This is absolutely stunning! I love how much contrast there is in this, her intense look and how she stands so much out from the background with the yellows and the more cold background. I also love her thick hair, I just want to run my fingers through it.
In A Cosy Morning by ShujiE - Posted Yesterday
I love how sleepy everyone is. That is also so many characters, you managed to fit everyone perfectly without making it feel crowded, I also really like the lighting you've chosen.
In Risentirsi by April Suzanne Durfee Landon - Posted Yesterday
That is quite the intense stare! I love the blues and greens and pinks contrasting with her pale skin and black hair.
In Cubs by Treefox - Posted Jan 24, 2023
Oh my god how did you fit so many cubs in one image?! It must have taken forever even with digital tools! The whole scene looks so warm and inviting, everyone looks to be having so much fun enjoying the time inside.
In Sticky Predicament by Leigh Davis - Posted Jan 24, 2023
This is such an Ember situation to get in, haha! But I do think you made both Ember and Suntop too pale.
In 21st Festival of Brush and Colours by jaRf - Posted Jan 24, 2023
I love this! Rayek makes such a good model, and I love how natural you made all the brushes! My favorite detail id Maleen holding the brush between her teeth, I do that too when I am thinking.
In New Wavedancers by Christoph Schilling - Posted Jan 10, 2023
Holy shit that is so many characters. So many details on all of them, from their individual ear shapes and the shading and ooohh... it's amazing. My favorite is how the kids are so bored that they're chasing each other XD
In Bee Care by Yavia - Posted Jan 10, 2023
This is really cute! Poor Bee, it's hard when your namesake stings you. Should have used smoke... of well.

I always kind of forget these two, to be honest. Their relationship is really sweet, just never grabbed me as much. You really did it justice and makes me appreciate it more
In New Beginnings by Saree - Posted Jan 10, 2023
Twelve months of cacti, now that is a theme, huh? I dig it!

I also dig this. You've invoked just how bright Sorrow's End really is, and as afke says, how they really got a chance to be themselves and free in the desert. Free in a way they were not in the forest. I also love the use of watercolors. 
In Portrait of Shenshen by Wildfire - Posted Jan 10, 2023
I really love this! Not only is it a fresh take but man, all those details! Invoking so much gold and different shades of it is really tricky. Can I also say that I love how you've reinterpeted her ears? Having them stand out like that is so cute!
In Where Did I Leave the Fly Swatter by Yeee - Posted Jan 06, 2023
My favorites are the ones kicking Haken's butt and the one trying to stomp on his leg =D It's so funny! And Haken's intense stare! You have a real knack for comedy, Yee =)
In Keep Out by Christoph Schilling - Posted Jan 06, 2023
I love just how intense this piece is! The glow as she is lit by the magic around her. Ahdri sure has come a long way since the beginning, huh? I am also impressed by the perspective you chose. It's so effective!
In Into the Woods by Maggie Atkinson - Posted Jan 06, 2023
Hey, you actually did go for Kimo this year! Nice! It really is very lovely, his eyes draw you in. The contrast with the ladybugs are a nice touch. I also really dig the texture this has, it almost looks like it was painted on a canvas.
In Victory by Startear - Posted Jan 03, 2023
Sorry, I misremembered, the arc was Wild Hunt. And yeah, most likely! Kahvi’s spear was decorated with teeth, so it might be a connection, even if Teir could not recall properly for a good while.
In Victory by Startear - Posted Jan 03, 2023
Haha, yeah it became more ominous when I just could not manage Kahvi’s face in such a small scale no matter how much I zoomed in. She always ended up looking like a utter clown, so I dropped it and blamed that the height and wind obscured her face XD

As for the Hidden moment. It’s Vaya’s Chief Walk! I was originally going to depict Chot and Door, but I quickly lost my inspiration, so I was reading the Hidden Years 2 arc while looking for new ideas. Apparently it is a tradition among the Go-Back girls to try to best Kahvi and steal a spear. Krim boasted that the only one who ever beat her record was Urda, which had some interesting implications when it comes to Vaya. So yeah, I wanted to show that. I changed the spear to a necklace, a smaller and probably harder target, die to Zazzle’s restrictions.  It is a victory over her mother, but her mother is still above… still the best.

The digital medium really worked for me this year, as I understand it better now and I was able to play with the brushes. It was fun to make.
In Dewshine Hidden Years era - Posted Nov 25, 2022
Yeah, those colors do not fit Dewshine, neither do I think that it’s likely that Moonshade had the time to dye the cloth in those colors? Pink is supposed to be hard, or so the anthologies claim. She also stick out on the plains in those colors, it is such a strange choice all around. =/
In Yet another dice lady - Posted Nov 24, 2022
She’s got quite the look! At first she reminded me of a burlesque dancer. That girl has some serious thigh gap, lmao.really love the bubbles
In hidden Hamun-Ra-Sedjet and her Zwoot - Posted Nov 24, 2022
Oh, this is really cool! Love how the personality shines through and how it contrasts the background!
In Older stone age - Posted May 05, 2022
I love how Beyond and Uli look like the sassiest goth siblings telling Little slark why they can’t go clubbibg with them. XD I am surprised with the horns, it looks good though.
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