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In Older stone age - Posted May 05, 2022
I love how Beyond and Uli look like the sassiest goth siblings telling Little slark why they can’t go clubbibg with them. XD I am surprised with the horns, it looks good though.
In Essence of Cutter - Posted Mar 23, 2022
That is quite an interesting picture, very unlike anything I have ever seen you paint/draw before. Kinda dreamy and otherworldly, I like it!
In Go Back Yak - Posted Mar 14, 2022
Love that shine in her hair! Looks like a really spunky character.
In Leetah - Mother of memories - Posted Feb 12, 2022
Wow, this is absolutely stunning. Resplendent comes to mind. I really liked this plot in the Final Quest, it suited her so well.
In It's Warm Inside by Treefox - Posted Jan 28, 2022
Oh, now that you mention it, I can absolutely see the troll mouth! I also really love the intensity of the blues and that winter landscape! Too bad about the program, it's always so annoying when it gives trouble.
In Grasp Reflex by Rowan Procter - Posted Jan 28, 2022
This is so cute! Love that expression on Tyleet's face. And also on the wife*s face, how she both appreciates it, but is also still a bit apprehensive of having the forest spirit in her house.
In A World Apart by Wildfire - Posted Jan 14, 2022
Love those rays of sunshine! I also like how dark old Winnie is, keeping her mostly in shadow to illuminate how... apart she is from the rest of her group.
In Time to Take a Break by Czarine - Posted Jan 14, 2022
I love the colors, and seeing Minyah in action! I love how you've depicted the harsh desert sun. And the widdle lizard! =D Amazing!
In The New Home by Startear - Posted Jan 02, 2022
Big thank you to Maggie for helping me finish this and giving some very helpful pointers! Due to some difficulties in my life and changing life situation where I found myself without a job and stuck in a cabin in the mountains, I had to go digital this year. It was a struggle, especially as I could not add brushes to my program, but the image looks so much better than it originally did. <3

As for Oddbit and her expression, no matter how cozy and warm your new home is, if you've been stolen from your home and find yourself kept in a place where as Gruttlekraw so nicely put it "females, of course have no place in battle - no place anywhere, save for breeders and servants." Well, you're not going to be impressed or see anything good by it. XD You'd probably be even more bummed.

I originally wanted to pay an homage to Odd Nerderum's "Etterpå": https://www.fineart.no/galleriobjekt/Odd_Nerdrum_-_Etterp%E5/356496 but I feared it would be too explicit for Zazzle, even if I had wrapped her in the fur covers. Not to mention hard to pull off with a new medium. So I decided to twist my idea around to be more PG.
In Seaside Domesticity by ShujiE - Posted Jan 01, 2022
It's really a shame that we didn't get more of Sunstream and this family enjoying their time as a family. I mean, I understand that they needed to move the... plot, I guess, forward. What I love most is how well you captured the sea. The sparkles and the waves are *chef's kiss*
In The Home is Where the Heart Is by ShujiE - Posted Jan 01, 2022
I love how the light is used in this piece. It's quiet and moody, and the textures on the rocks. It's a really lovely picture.
In Father Tree by Rowan Procter - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Wow, so many characters! It's so domestic, and I hope this years will be as calming balm as this picture is.
In Dreamberry Tales by April Suzanne Durfee Landon - Posted Jan 01, 2022
The details are really great in this. So many different and delicious textures, I just want to run my fingers over those rocks in the fireplace. Did you use gouache? Though I have always wondered about that shelf. Was it always there and became a convenient place to stick elves? Or did he build it as Cutter and Skywise slept, I wonder?
In Cradlebaby by Berit Jurda & Czarine - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Wow, those colors are amazing! And that little mouse is so cute, I just want to pet it.
In At the End of the Night by Saree - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Wow, so many characters! There are many interactions too, from the sweet measuring of Tyleet's white-streaked hair (though, how does her hair do that?! Pini's explain the magic to me) Yun and Mender playfighting, Scouter making arrowheads and Ember gazing into the dawn. Interesting that while their backs aren't fully turned against each other, they are at a halfway angle. But my favorite part is the Howling rock itself. You made it really look like a natural rock formation. It's also really nice to see traditional art in this calendar! =D
In Brace for Landing by Christoph Schilling - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Who, so many characters! I am amazed that you managed to fit them all in. I also really love the colors!
In In the Now and Then of the Father Tree by Leigh Davis - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Wow, this is an amazing cover! I love how etheral and almost fae-like Goodtree looks, and the tree connecting her and Redlance. What really caught my attention was the tree in the background, it's so pretty and painterly!
In Dewshine wip - Posted Dec 10, 2021
Treefox, thank you! You are right, she should probably look even slimmer. I think a part of it is the pose and the arms especially, I was heavily referencing the reference photo to make the stance as right as possible that I forgot to take into account how darn skinny she is. 

Yavia, yeah, right? I keep forgetting too, to be honest. And like, she does use daggers as well, like in Original Quest when she tried to help Scouter who got strapped to the zwoot, and in Siege when a dagger was her only weapon. But she primarily uses a bow when she can choose, both seen in the Palace War and in Wild Hunt.
In Kahvi Pin-Up calendar draft - Posted Nov 29, 2021
Wow, this is amazing! Those strong arms, I have always been a fan and to see them so wonderfully drawn! I love that seductive look, especially twirling that braid! Wonderful work!
In RayekIwearThisToProtectYou - Posted Aug 03, 2021
This is perfect. I am always amazed by your inkwork. The balance of thick and thin lines, the cross hatching is so delicate that I first mistook it for pencils.

The idea of drawing our faves vaccinating is brilliant. Though I am afraid that I thing my fave, Chot, might be an anti-vaxer...
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