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In Our Holt #13: Lilac - Posted Apr 20, 2019
Oh, my goodness! I never, ever expected anyone to draw my guy! And you drew him so well! I love his pose, how he is holding that taught defensive but also kinda cocky pose! And oh man, I live the colors on the rocks! Thank you, thank you!
In Bonded (This is Home) by Christoph Schilling - Posted Feb 14, 2019
I think what @kiwi241277 is refering to is that Timmain wolf is pregnant, @Yavia. Possibly with Timmorn. =P

Anyways, I love the blue palette, it works so well here!
In Packmates by Sheryl Schopfer - Posted Jan 18, 2019
I love how similarly our minds worked And how much you empathized the size difference, most elves are very tiny.
In Soft Sunlight by ShuijE - Posted Jan 05, 2019
What a tender moment you've captured! I love how you chose to color the background, the purple and orange looks great.
In Burden of Command by Rosalie - Posted Jan 05, 2019
I really like the way you create shadows on the mountain, inking and hints of color. It adds good dept and looks really good! I also, like Tah-Marien love how the groups they rule is in the focus, not Cutter and Kahvi.
In Brothers in The Hunt by Sheryl Schopfer - Posted Jan 04, 2019
I love the movement in this, Strongbow grabbing his arrow and the wolf having fun! Great work!
In Morning Glory by Treefox - Posted Jan 04, 2019
Man I love this! I always look forward to seeing your art. The movement, the bright light, the joy on their faces! You really cherish the bond between Littletrill and Aroree. Great work Treefox!
In Belonging by Startear - Posted Jan 04, 2019
Thank you everyone! I had great fun working on this. Bigger illustrations are still not something I'm used to but I'm getting there, I feel. I wish we saw more of Pike interacting with Stubtail post-Hidden Years. As for the background, I heavily referenced the backgrounds that were in Hidden Years. The way the artists made the trees, so simple yet fitting to the style was inspiring.   
In Male elf Laluna colored by Czarine - 2018 - Posted Oct 19, 2018
I rally like how you colored the water in this. You really nailed how the image of the body flows a little in the water.  The lighting is very soft and the blues are just perfect. It seems so quiet and introspective. I do wish that the frog should have been colored in a stronger green though, he is a little hard to see. But the image is great!
In Barbarian - Posted Aug 14, 2018
Hihi I love everything about this, the brightly colored huts, the way Cutter is hugging her butt, Ryek's stickfigure rage, and Leetah's surprise! This is great!
In shenshen - Posted Aug 14, 2018
This is very cute! You really captured her headshape and her hair. And the way her eyes glow
In Touch in the dark - Posted Jul 11, 2018
I love how creepy it is. The blue light is amazing. And the expressions are amazing, Rayek's blankness and Winnowill's amazing smirk, she's in control. It really adds to the image.
In Mehadrin full body sketch - 2017 - Posted Jun 13, 2018
He is hot.
In Serrin - Posted Mar 03, 2018
Nice to see more fanart of Serrin! I see you blended the look between her parents a little more than Blair did. I like it, though honestly I always enjoyed that she looked so different, it was refreshing. She looks younger, more seductive, I love that. Also man, that wolfsun symbol is great! It's tough to nail.
In Just wanted to draw magic scars - Posted Feb 22, 2018
I like how the only colors in this is the white scarring, and the speck of green in his eyes. Poor guy looks like he was awakened from his sleep, haha!
In Late Night with Ekuar by Czarine - Posted Jan 09, 2018
This is wonderful! You tackled the two different lighting sources wonderfully, and it's just so magical to look at. I'm also impressed that you managed to squeeze in so many characters without it feeling crowded.
In I Belong to Myself Now by Treefox - Posted Jan 07, 2018
I love the composition! It's bold to have Leetah in the middle, as the most colorful of them all. You still managed to keep Ekuar as the most visually interesting, practically pointing towards the new adventure! You also made the background so grey but with all of those troll faces in the archway!
In Roughhousing by Berit Jurda - Posted Jan 07, 2018
I think this is one of my favorite images for this year! There is so much going on here! The action, as Kahvi is swinging Ekuar around, the childlike glee and surprise on Ekuar's face, how Yif is pushed back, Rayek's indignation! And Urda watching this with amusement! Not to mention the warm light and the lively inking! Was it done with ballpoint pen? It looks blue in some places!
In Reunion by Jim Grimnes - Posted Jan 07, 2018
I'm happy to see Ekuar reminiscing with his old companions. Nice to see colored versions of how they looked like. I also like how you make the clothes fold look.
In A Dance to Remember by Wildfire - Posted Jan 06, 2018
Ekuar looks so sweet here! I was surprised you chose this matter, very original! I love the red tones. It really adds to the warm tones from the fire and amorous effect. And I just love how you painted the lady's leg.
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