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In Vuurhaar - Posted Oct 08, 2020
I hope you plan to colour this when you have some time. :D
In Inktober - Bulky - Posted Oct 03, 2020
This is AWESOME!
In Team Starcatcher - Posted Sep 10, 2020
I like Cutter's expression, it looks a little like Skywise is too heavy to lift. :P
In Uli - Posted Sep 07, 2020
Wow, the depth of colour in this is wonderful.
In Leetah Flyer WaRP - Posted Jun 11, 2020
I miss the old artwork from the original quest. Not to say that Wendy's work now isn't good, I just loved all the beautiful details she put into every issue at the very beginning. Thanks for posting this. :)
In Winnowill - Posted May 20, 2020
I love her chubby little leg. I want to bite it...haha. ;D
In Savah - Posted May 20, 2020
Very cute! Not something I would ever think to say about Savah.
In Emoji Moonmirror - Posted Apr 22, 2020
So pretty. ;D
In Clearbrook & One-Eye - Posted Apr 07, 2020
The cool/warm colour combo really suits this.
In Winter bunny - 2020 - Posted Mar 21, 2020
How can something look cute and evil at the same time?
In Bridge of destiny pie - 2020 - Posted Mar 21, 2020
This looks pretty delicious and creative. ;D
In Lord of nothing - 2020 - Posted Mar 10, 2020
The character I'm bringing in (soon) knows a bit about healing, so...maybe she'll be of some help to him.
In Covered in hair - 2020 - Posted Mar 10, 2020
No, no naughty bits. Actually showing bits ruins the fun. That's why we have imaginations. ;D
In Lord of nothing - 2020 - Posted Mar 10, 2020
I really like the title of this, it makes him even more intriguing.
In Covered in hair - 2020 - Posted Mar 10, 2020
Haha, this made me think of Gaston from the animated Beauty and the Beast movie. When he's singing about himself "And every last inch of me's covered with hair!" https://youtu.be/c9UemN-wT_g
In We shouldn't - 2020 - Posted Mar 05, 2020
I'm working on mine now. ;D
In Vok study - Posted Mar 05, 2020
I like the contrast of warm and cool colours!
In Laluna in a tree - Posted Mar 05, 2020
So lovely Czarine.
In Education - 2020 - Posted Mar 05, 2020
I like this. It reminds me a bit of characters from The Dark Crystal.
In Storm in the forest - Posted Mar 05, 2020
Ooh, I like this. Dewshine is the perfect complement to the willowy branches of the tree.
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