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In Smoes on a sunny day - Posted Dec 30, 2020
No way, she's much too shy to be a Piggy-type! :D Also, she's sitting alone; Piggy would like to bask in other people's attention, not the sun, haha.
Not sure about the colours yet actually. I'll use her usual clothes as a ref, which is mostly green and yellow. So I'm thinking yellow flower will suit better. :)
Thanks guys! Inking like this can feel straining on my hand, but I so love the result.
In Kitana in a tree - Posted Dec 30, 2020
Thanks :) It's fun to look for poses/references that are a little different.
In Daddy! - Posted Oct 24, 2020
Another old picture I fixed the lines of (2012-2020).
In Dayspring - Posted Oct 22, 2020
Ooh, great colours of dawn! It's so nice to see people tackle different lighting than just "daylight". ♥
In It'll be alright, Daddy... - Posted Oct 22, 2020
I was gonna make a new post, but then read in the description of this one I promised to replace it once finished, and thought that was a better idea anyway. The line-work of the sketch was awful, and it had always bothered me; I fixed it with a totally different pen.
You can still see the sketch over on the EMG Sketch Fest site: https://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestart.php?id=8671

Because I haven't drawn that many elf pictures in the past years, it didn't feel all that old to be honest. I have a couple more lying around that I might give a go as well. Some need fixing of the lines as well, and then will look a whole lot better.
There's things I'd do differently now, but in general I still liked it and saw its potential. Sometimes it's also good to just finish some things to clear your head. ;)
In Inktober - Teeth - Posted Oct 19, 2020
Always do these challenges on your own terms... and not on Gotara's. ;)
In It'll be alright, Daddy... - Posted Oct 17, 2020
Finally replaced the sketch with a finished picture for OC-tober 2020 (after 7 years!). ;D
In Vuurhaar - Posted Oct 09, 2020
Haha, perhaps in November ;D
In Vuurhaar - Posted Oct 08, 2020
It's been a while! I was very rusty. :D
Thanks ♥
In Inktober - Blade - Posted Oct 08, 2020
Ooh nice, shiny! I agree with the others, it really looks like a glow.
You did well on his character!
In Inktober - Radio - Posted Oct 05, 2020
Ah yes, excellent interpretation!
In Inktober 2020 - Fish - Posted Oct 03, 2020
I'm not doing inktober, but oc-tober, so drawing my OC's.
Which still means you will get to see them here, when they're EQ related characters. :)
Have fun with all the many art-obers out there, everyone!
In Inktober-Wisp - Posted Oct 03, 2020
Lol, be honest, we have all done this. ;D
In Inktober 2020 - Fish - Posted Oct 02, 2020
Happy fish is happy ;D
I was gonna say "Very unrealistic, Crescent would catch ALL the fish!" but it just looks so joyful to get away, haha.
In Mehadrin Collab 2 - Posted Mar 28, 2020
That is indeed a very beautiful rose! So much more depth.
But yeah, no more depth in Mehadrins skin... I understand your frustration!
In Mehadrin Collaboration - Posted Mar 27, 2020
I sometimes play around with various settings and contrasts, and then merge those scans in Photoshop, erase what's bad so the colour of the other settings pops up. I also learned a bunch of tricks from a colleague to edit certain parts of colour in a photo, that saves me a lot of frustrations (mostly with white not cooperating -- black and white no problem, but white and colours; are either yellow or blue).
If you wouldn't have said anything I wouldn't have noticed anything. We critique our own works the most. ;) I think it looks marvellous, rose and all.
In Bridge of destiny pie - 2020 - Posted Mar 19, 2020
Ha, that looks really nice! Did it taste of desert or dessert?
In Woodfox - 2020 - Posted Mar 16, 2020
And that's just based on his pictures and people's comments... I'm not even following the RPG. :D
In Woodfox - 2020 - Posted Mar 14, 2020
He looks like a calm lake compared to the dramatic storm that seems to be Mehadrin (who feels like he would drain me just by being in his presence :D).
In RtI, annotated (11) - Posted Mar 14, 2020
That gives us a bit of a timeline, thanks. ;D
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