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In MermayJune2023 - Posted Jul 06, 2023
Gorgeous :)
In Tyleet as a child - Posted Feb 06, 2023
Only the cutest Tyleet ever!
In Crouch - Posted Feb 04, 2023
Oh I love discovering new papers that work with markers, especially coloured paper. :D
Opens up so many extra possibilities. Just mix everything, use everything you've got! Leads to great things, as you can see.
He looks so serious, hope he's not too worried!
In 'What's that?' - Posted Jan 03, 2023
Well he's gotta stay true to his inner self somehow!
I think it's quite a fancy coat. :)
In Into the Woods by Maggie Atkinson - Posted Jan 03, 2023
Such a relaxed image to start with. And such a warm glance despite his icy coloured eyes.
Kimo always looks so inviting when you draw him. Like one can tell him anything, and he will keep it all a secret.
The texture is beautiful, and I think it adds to the warmth and cosiness.

@Treefox; you could always choose to display just the cover once the year is over. ;)
In Keep Out by Christoph Schilling - Posted Jan 03, 2023
I think this is my fave from this year.
The character, the story, the framing, the intensity, the skill.
I love it all.
In Where Did I Leave the Fly Swatter by Yeee - Posted Jan 03, 2023
This is so hilarious! :D I just can't stop chuckling.
There's two preservers that crack me up particularly; the blueish one making the face from between Hakens hair, and the purpleish one that is being stopped quite abruptly by the yellow preserver.
This is just wonderful, they're having so much fun. Sorry Haken. ;)
In Portrait of Shenshen by Wildfire - Posted Jan 03, 2023
It's nice to see some of the old themes pop up!
This is beautiful, Shenshen fits the Klimt concept so well.
And I love the way you mimicked the gold parts in your digital medium.
In New Beginnings by Saree - Posted Jan 03, 2023
Sorrow's End truly was the place where they all could finally let their guard down and just enjoy life and everything in it.
You convey this feeling very well in this picture, from Newstar exploring, to them sitting out in the open and in daylight no less, and Woodlock looking totally relaxed and laid back.
In Bee Care by Yavia - Posted Jan 03, 2023
Aww, our human buddies...
So glad you drew them, Shuna was on my wish/to do list as well!
In New Wavedancers by Christoph Schilling - Posted Jan 03, 2023
Had to zoom in on this one to see it in all its gloriousness :o
I mean... no words, what jaRf said, it looks like it could be an official poster!
Not just the amount of characters, but you still managed to get some action in there as well!
In 21st Festival of Brush and Colours by jaRf - Posted Jan 03, 2023
Good to have such a willing model, posing is hard!
And so colourful, I love it.
I feel like the hand in the front is ours, all the fan artists. ;)
In Sticky Predicament by Leigh Davis - Posted Jan 03, 2023
Ember used to be such a naughty kid, this picture is canon now, I'm sure of it, haha. ;D
In Cubs by Treefox - Posted Jan 03, 2023
Home and family was one of my fave old themes, and this picture shows exactly why.
Why would you want to be anywhere else? :D So much joy here!
In Risentirsi by April Suzanne Durfee Landon - Posted Jan 03, 2023
Oh wow, this is so beautiful and yet I feel so uneasy and scared at the same time. :o
In A Cosy Morning by ShujiE - Posted Jan 03, 2023
Is that Strongbow and his mama? I like seeing all these scenes from the before times.
And alllll those cubs! And all the sleepiness. XD
In Venka's Gaze by Heidi Geist - Posted Jan 03, 2023
Venka seems so hard to draw, like a deep pool that you'll always miss something of if you don't do it quite right.
How did you manage to draw her and make it look so effortless??
This is so gorgeous!
In Rose Picking Picknose by Yavia - Posted Jan 03, 2023
Haha, this is quite adorable!
Picky didn't always have many riches.
It's so nice to see it told how long ago this was, with Bearclaw in the background. :D
And damn those nasty elveses, as if they never did anything romantic for their lovelies.
In Victory by Startear - Posted Jan 03, 2023
Yes please, a little help in what we're looking at!
The picture seems to tell so much, but I have no idea what.
It seems that the necklace is to be passed on, and I can feel the icy wind blow.
In Leetah - Mother of memories - Posted Feb 11, 2022
So glorious! :o Really get this feeling of a calm all knowing power that Savah also had. She carries it well!
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