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In Talno, revived - Posted Mar 09, 2020
XD "Ugh, just figure it out YOURSELVES, you annoying short-people." XD I can legit hear it
In Floor(ed)coloured - Posted Mar 08, 2020
XD there's not that much real backstory to those two. Beyond gets displaced to Blue Mountain due to his powers acting up. This displacement puts him in a very dark mood due to some ancient history with Winnowill and he sets out to find her, but Ankar discovered him so he got sidetracked a bit.

I wouldn't be surprised or mind if they ended up as lovers XD my muse already ships them in a  manner since Beyond spends most of the time either hugging or holding onto Anker once he's gotten him under control.
In Save me! - Posted Mar 08, 2020
Heheeh I love their expressions! Art style is really cute here!
In Gliders - Posted Mar 08, 2020
Heheh, might give her that name since it's lots better than the name Beyond has for her. O.O
In Ankar - coloured - Posted Mar 04, 2020
Heh, I've been working on another one and got his skin colour to look a bit more reasonable.
In Kahvi doodle portrait - Posted Mar 02, 2020
Aww, it's nice to see Kahvi happy.
In Rellah study - Posted Mar 01, 2020
Rellah!! =D my favourite lady!
In Emoji Salt - Posted Feb 26, 2020
Ohh! I love his hair here, looks so wispy! Wonder what he's looking at?
In Ankar - coloured - Posted Feb 26, 2020
Heheh, that's why I kept working on it. I like the combo. I use Gimp!
In Heard on the vine - Posted Feb 26, 2020
Heheh. I don't have a scanner, it's taken with my phone. (I try and make corrections on my phone.)
In the Rose - 2020 - Posted Feb 23, 2020
XD I don't think these look wonky! They look strong, which makes sense since he's a dancer.
In the Rose - 2020 - Posted Feb 23, 2020
Pretty man! I'm really jealous over how you draw knees btw. ^_^ I hope you colour it!
In the Frog and the Princess - 2020 - Posted Feb 20, 2020
So rude, Toad, leaving him to dance all alone!

I really love Mehadrin's pose here! O.O
In #girlsnightout - Posted Feb 20, 2020
Daw, it's nice to see Moonshade happy. I'm really digging Clearbrook's clothes, they're very much her style.
In Floor(ed) - Posted Feb 20, 2020
I mean, he feels slightly bad for knocking out somebody who's mostly harmless. XD It's just his way of showing he's not out to really harm him.
In Floor(ed) - Posted Feb 20, 2020
In my mind Beyond quickly figures out what kind of person Ankar is during their little mind battle? He doesn't want to actually hurt him, he just wants to control the situation and that means getting control over Ankar. Here he's just making sure he's ok.

Ankar: Ow.
Beyond: -pets his head-

What happens after this is basically Beyond spending several hours telling Ankar what Winnowill has done to his tribe and what she's likely done to the Gliders' (something he only knows because Danahree fled Blue Mountain with one of those still Gliders). Ankar refuses to believe it while he's legit going over every-single indecent he's ever had with Winnowill. 
In Mehadrin bathing super collab - 2020 - Posted Feb 20, 2020
I mean
he's like 3 out my 4 extreme weakness! And the pose! He's gorgeous and he knows it.
In Mehadrin bathing super collab - 2020 - Posted Feb 20, 2020
Oh no, several of my extreme weaknesses in one picture XD Dude with long, red hair and green eyes. That colour is stunning.
In We shouldn't - 2020 - Posted Feb 20, 2020
Pffhahha! We've had one mix up with the speech bubbles that I remember seeing. Was in the end of Shards I think?  It was really weird, it was a woman saying '-fingers!!?' and one of the trolls Cutter had with him making a scary noise, ' BOO!'

Thar expression is dead on for Bearclaw XD
In 'Oh dear.' - Posted Feb 20, 2020
Heheh thanks. ^_^
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