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In Newstar - Posted Jan 16, 2012
This is really very lovely. So delicate!
In Lehrigen by Heidi Henderson - Posted Jan 06, 2012
Pants off. OFF says I!
In Pike by Jankit - Posted Jan 06, 2012
Love, love, love. Great feet (again)...and a great ass shot in general. Gotta love the coloring as well - great re-emphasis on the anatomy. :D
In Jink by T.V.V Vojira and Chris Taylor - Posted Jan 06, 2012
Jink! <3 For some reason I ALWAYS forget about her as a cannon character. Great choice.
In Rahnee the She-Wolf by Rachel Vardys - Posted Jan 06, 2012
Perfect character choice for your style! :D I love all the little details and the way you rendered the fur.
In Rayek by Leigh Davis - Posted Jan 06, 2012
Mega propps for drawing this character. In my opinion, he's one of the most difficult characters to nail. Love the glow on his palms. :D
In Little Patch by Saskia de Korte - Posted Jan 06, 2012
Love this. I especially love how much he looks like a human, instead of a round-eared elf.
In Mantricker by Holly Hutchison - Posted Jan 06, 2012
Love, love, love! Your work is becoming absolutely stunning.
In Tyldak by Kelly McKay - Posted Jan 06, 2012
Really difficult character, but I think you did a great job! The portrait especially is lovely.
In Brill by Jennifer Zyren Smith - Posted Jan 06, 2012
<3 Fishie!!!! A+ for ears. Those wavedancer ones are haaaard to draw.
In Behtia by Joselle Ho - Posted Jan 06, 2012
*cough, cough* Rendering one earring, and then using it five times! FTW!

@Maggie -- Best comment ever.
In Sandsparkle by Sarah Covington - Posted Jan 06, 2012
Love the delicacy of the features in the portrait! :D
In trio - Posted Dec 01, 2011
<3 At first glance I thought it was Dewshine, Pike and Scouter! lol
In Wolf-Tag - Posted Nov 28, 2011
May I also say that this is impressive because of the Wolf + Elf dynamic. Not to many artists attempt interaction with wolves, which is strange since it's at the heart of the story.
In Illo for "Breathing Again" - Posted Nov 28, 2011
oh yeah, and.... MOOSE! <3
In Ember Hunting - Posted Nov 24, 2011
I love how much detail the background has, it really looks like cohesive, flushed out piece. But I do wish there were a few more "resting" areas for the eyes.
In Eight of Diamonds - Posted Nov 23, 2011
PS. You guys aren't helping me with my dilemma.
In Eight of Diamonds - Posted Nov 23, 2011
He also has some shell codpiece... which I conveniently hid.
In Ember and Mender - Posted Nov 23, 2011
So adorable! I was always a Mender x Ember fan.
In Eight of Diamonds - Posted Nov 23, 2011
Gross....he has tadpool feet...
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