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In Playtime by Yavia - Posted Apr 13, 2021
Oh no! Little fox is gnawing on the fabric and tearing holes into it! Well, not to any surprise his home looks a lot like patchwork and most cloth is frayed. But it seems he's got skills and patience to repair. That's a nice combination of daily life, rare character and indoor scene with vidid colours and a lot of things to discover. ;)
In The Time of Flood and Flower by April Suzanne Durfee Landon - Posted Apr 12, 2021
Two and a lot of flowers! ;) An oasis in the desert! And it appears to be a mixed technique, water colours for some parts of the background and something more crisp for all the flowers! Good choice! Those are some vivid coloirs and interesting mix of shapes, the very different outfis as well as all the petals. I can nearly smell the herbal scents and feel the mild warmth of the close evening.
In Springtime Recognition by Heidi Geist - Posted Apr 12, 2021
One would think of a calm spring day in the woods, mild light in the green and some spots of light and sunrays in between, a bumblebee collecting some nectar... and then, all of a sudden, such a lot of excitement! The interesting thing is, that it could even be silent, maybe a gasp from Woodlock. One would wonder what they were actually planing, as Rainsong seems to just have been prancing down the tree, clinging to vines. And then eyes and eyes met. Boom! :)
Loud and silent in one piece, and maybe that is also the contrast between the two, as she looks more curious and lightly surprised, while he's obviously positively shaken.
In Between Moments by ShujiE - Posted Apr 11, 2021
Aww, that's a nice calm cuddle-in-the-trees scene. That light makes an interesting mood, the whole thing reminds me of autumn, hazy, foggy, bleak light, that makes you even more happy to cuddle. This is also one that does the trick with relatively few different tones.
In The Palace Dance by Amberfox - Posted Apr 11, 2021
One would wonder if this one is already FinalQuest timeline, with the troll in the background (and the fancy costumes)? One might also wonder if they fly-dance, maybe the palace enables them to. An interesting idea dynamically and colourful put into reality. And that's a lot of long nice hair. :) I also like that fairly triple contrast, the blue-violet vs. the bright orange-red and vs. green. Her hair also looks like a big comfy chair where she rests in.
In Vanilla by Christoph Schilling - Posted Apr 10, 2021
Wow, those are some spots of colour! The background is subtle but fits in nicely. And very good lines.
And I guess it's a futuristic one, too. I admit I hardly now the issues of Jink, Rebels and what they're called, but I wonder if there is also a touch of Star Trek and Star Wars into it.
In Alone Wolf by Maggie Atkinson - Posted Apr 10, 2021
Good idea to use the fireflies to put the two characters in a spot-cloud of light. Both have a very similar appearance in their colours, but clearly contrasting in body form. Also their focus of current interest is diverging for that moment captured here. She's discovering the world and he's caring for his little daughter.
Thus it is a calm but still interesting scene. And much done with relatively few tones.
In Rolled up character - Posted Apr 03, 2021
Looks a little like a male for of Amber. ;) And a touch of Redlance. Red-orange, green and full action.
In RPG Sunfolk dude #2 - Posted Mar 30, 2021
Fathertreeholt forum doesn't forget birthdays... ;)
In RPG Sunfolk dude #2 - Posted Mar 27, 2021
Yeah, he does look introspective. And his appearance could be described as androgynous, at least it appears to me as such. And maybe pottery is part of his "true calling", too? At least he seems to care for that little clay bowl there.
Happy birthday by the way?
In EQ RPG Sunfolk dude - Posted Mar 27, 2021
Ah, this is a good idea for a "true calling", lounging around and looking pretty. Hah! Suits me. ;)
In other news I am envious that some people just roll some random character traits and get decnt images done within a day as it seems.
In Lovers Quarrel (or Quarrel over love..?) - Posted Mar 24, 2021
He always looks good, he always does.  ;)
Still sad that so many artists seem to be no longer active. I remember some funny images back in these days.
In Cutter action shot sketch - Posted Mar 22, 2021
Ah, it has been open so often in the tab sessions... and still not commented. :p
I too like it. It has a flow, dynamics and he looks quite happy and ready for some mischief. :D
In "I Bite..." - Posted Mar 20, 2021
I'd say there's a fair bit of reminiscence to his father. Comes right after him.
I'm not sure about fanart for him, but I thought he was quite discussed when FQ was over. I didn't yet have the time to read my Stargazer's hunt comics... but if he shows up more often, maybe there'll be more fanwork about him.
But of course, it is always good to take the step ahead, and do it yourself if other's don't show up. ;)
In Elfquest RPG rolled up character - Posted Mar 14, 2021
That's a less common combination, at least it seems to me: tanned skin, but white hair and fur clothes. That lilac / dark blue cave entrance provides a good contrast for him and the plants add a nice frame.
In Talmah - Posted Mar 13, 2021
Indeed, the skin rendering looks interesting. It looks like crayon but I wonder how one would do that, more like dotting insted of strokes?
In Our Holt#22: Guess Who! - Posted Mar 13, 2021
That's a fairly modern look, somehow, of that delicate looking lady. Maybe it's the hairstyle? Anyway, good work!
In Our Holt#21: Kirat - Posted Mar 13, 2021
Ah, a Wendy-style plucked suede or other fabric suit, including these cute little feathers. And a dynamic pose. Beautiful line-work!
In Ember Portrait Sketch - Posted Jan 27, 2021
Ah, now this is a new rendition of Ember. Interesting! It does have a "modern" touch to it.
In Scene 4 Happiness - Posted Jun 27, 2020
Thanks. Maybe that was fanservice in advance? ;)
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