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In SoftFeather  Character Study - Posted Apr 11, 2020
You definitely need a good scanner for all this nice artwork. :)
In Ahnshen study - Posted Mar 29, 2020
Ah, the sun folk's tailor. A very busy man. A certain designer named Wendy always came up with new ideas and he had to bring them to reality. ;)
In Sabaku no Hana (I) - Posted Mar 29, 2020
I like both versions of her. Each technique has its own benefits. But how did you do that glitter on her skirt? Is that a covering white pen or did you just leave the paper free in these spots?
In Spar/Door family - Posted Mar 29, 2020
Indeed, those are some vivid colours. And an interesting mix of costumes, that predominantly seem to be of sunfolk style, but one can also spot possible forest folk or glider/blue mountain style.
That window-shaping is a nice idea so he's still on the image but we also have an elevated background scenery.
In Cutter and Zahleet - Posted Mar 29, 2020
I too get a little confused at first with gender swaps, the persons looks so familiar, but something is off, like somebody is disuising as a different character. It takes a moment for my brain to grasp. :)
Nonetheless it is a beautiful image!
In Buss drawing Rayek - 2019 - Posted Feb 09, 2020
Very good for a shaky bus-ride. And what is left in shakyness is put in his hair flowing in the wind. :)
I hope that I'll soon be able to switch to train to get to work. It's a fair amount of time that I could use well.
In Out from the Deep by Maggie - Posted Jan 06, 2020
So FQ reched you finally. ;)
A usually calm elf in a calm scene. He might be asking, hey, do you want to come with me discover the new calendar? :)
I'm surprised with what limited palette people can create impressive art. There is some drop-spotted texture on his skin, which reflects the little sparkling air bubbles in the water surroundings. Interesting.
In Resillience by Berit Jurda - Posted Jan 06, 2020
You're really into Go-Backs. A dynamic pose that speaks for stubbornness and not giving up. Head-forward into battle.
In Memory of Times Past by April Suzanne Durfee Landon - Posted Jan 06, 2020
Oh, that must've been fairly long ago... Well, one never know when she became what she is now, but here she might just be watching this multi-formed-multi-coloured creation with a somewhat finicky interest that Voll is presentig with pride. The choice of colours is also interesting, the egg is - while colourful - still soft, he's clothed in a b/grey/w scheme but her green dress stands out, plus the colourful petal dots in her hair. Thus, she might try to shine stronger than the egg.
In Wrong Side of the Pit by Sheryl Schopfer - Posted Jan 06, 2020
Yeeees! Hah! Look who's totally complacent and at peace with himself. ;)
And those are definitely the cutest EQ trolls I've sen so far. Just Cutter doesn't seem to value and enjoy the flight as much as he should. :D

> manicure
In the original scene it also looked like he was inspecting his fingernails while Cutter was down in that pit.
In Nightcrawler by Berit Jurda and Czarine - Posted Jan 06, 2020
That's fierce, mean and intense! You better don't stare back too long or it will jump right out of the screen! Eeep!
Very good collab work!
In In the Bliss of Now by Leigh Davis - Posted Jan 06, 2020
That's one comfy-cuddly looking scene! The light keeps a nice and warm focus on the couple, wrapping them in, like the furs; but I also like the slightly uncanny contrast with the blurry background and the wolve's cool-coloured eyes. But thus both seem protected from any possibly nasty surrounding. (I know, the wolves a part of the tribe, but still, they make some eerie contrast.)
In Catch by Yavia - Posted Jan 06, 2020
Teheh, looks like the Sun-folk girls made a good catch, but woe! Are they going to quarrel over their prey? Poor wolfie looks confused with the situation. Very intense mix of colours!
In Back to the Beginning by ShuijE - Posted Jan 06, 2020
Ah, sometimes resetting things might be good. ;)
That's an interesting composition, which keeps focus on Skywise; even the palette is reduced mainly to his tones.
I wonder whom he might be looking at. Is that a general glance back towards the village maybe, where the other elves dwell while he's in solitude looking at the stars? Or is somebody nearing?
In Mending by Czarine - Posted Jan 06, 2020
That has an interesting comic-style look. And much is going on! And it covers a good time-span of characters, from Cutter-cubs over the old marrieds to some which now no longer wander the forests of the world of two moons.
It's a bit hard to read Bearclaw's expression, it might be a bit ambivalent.
Hard to believe Nightfall also was a child once. ;) She does look less fierce than usual when depicted later.
In Find Your Name, Kitling by Startear - Posted Jan 06, 2020
Ah, I already suspected some character that has its origin in the past. Now that looks like someone's up to a surprising challenge at late evening. I still might have some white spots on my EQ knowledge I see.
In You Realize This Is My Bed, Right? by Wildfire - Posted Jan 04, 2020
I hardly ever had any relation to the "future EQ", but that does look funny. I haven't even a clue about who's who. And they do have a mix of modern appearance but also some "old school / medieval" touch. It even strikes me as a bit decadent, but then, I shouldn't be such an old gloomer and declaring every over-alcoholized party as decadent. ;)
It's an interesting light composition, a bit ambivalent between morning and evening, though the scenerey with the party makes me think of the morning sun already rising.
Those sparkly glasses look fancy and futuristic, too. But whose bed is it? Jink's or the dragon(?)'s bed?
In Completion by Treefox - Posted Jan 04, 2020
Your used really vibrant and striking colours for the couple! But thus they also stand out. Nightfall looks pretty aggressive here, but maybe that is her way of protecting Redlance. Even the wolves mimic / mirror this behaviour and the contrast of calm and upset.
The arrangement of spears makes Nightfall seem to burst right out of the image. And also that is a rather sharp, geomatric shape while Redlance's magic and vines follows a rounded, organic form.
Well done!
In No More Tunnel of Golden Light by Afke van Herpt - Posted Jan 04, 2020
One would wonder if that is TwoEdge in the desaturated-dark background, or a shadow of his own past? Well, but somebody definitely looks happy about the recent breakthrough. Now that could all be physical level, but could this also be meant metaphorical for developments in his life?
In The Joy of Celebrating Recognition by Ric Rijnders - Posted Jan 04, 2020
There's an interesting flow between the warm lights of the festival and the areas that are a bit off the main festivities. Though it seems they won't all be undisturbed since a lot of elves had similar ideas. :)
And it's good that there is also reason to celebrate recognition (as not all couples affected were entirely happy about it).
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