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In Mermay 2022 27 Haken as Fishelf pencil - Posted Jun 22, 2022
Unusually gentle... I'm looking forward to your calendar entry, though it might be more on the wild side, I guess.
In Sun Valley Folk - Posted Jun 22, 2022
Interesting idea. Antef looks a little like AmethystSadachbias' recent creation, the (alternate reality) son of Leetah and Rayek. ^^
In Dice dudette - Posted Apr 12, 2022
Yellow and blue... makes a good combination these days... ;)
She's also pretty tall, or just tending towards a HighOne state. Good work.
In Essence of Cutter - Posted Apr 12, 2022
He does have a soft touch to him, somehow. And his eyes glow like he had some "spice" (Dune). Oh, and he grew a little towards High One proportions? I guess testing new techniques, or transitions from analog to digital will often result in different images than originally imagines. But somestimes, maybe, one is also just carried with the flow and things just become.
Series: Yes, please, if you have the time and leisure. :)
In Go Back Yak - Posted Mar 10, 2022
She looks pretty "alive", like she's jumping out of the monitor any moment. ;) I wonder if that could be a result from the strong eye outlines. And she looks friendlier / less savage than the average Go-Back.
In Leetah - Mother of memories - Posted Feb 14, 2022
That's an interesting idea and magnificent artwork. A touch of Savah, but still a lot of Leetah. That slightly egg-shaped light corona and tree silhouette around her makes it glorious.
In Kahvi Pin-Up calendar draft - Posted Jan 02, 2022
Well... never without a weapon, eh? Even when you pose in the furs for a pin-up shot? :)
In In the Now and Then of the Father Tree by Leigh Davis - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Generations meet at the father tree. Goodtree's and Redlance's hair is shining like a flame amid the other tones. It's funny that both also reflect some green aura of their magic on their skin. Thus the knowledge is passed to next generations. Even though they might not have lived at the same time they seem very connected here.
In Departure by Saree - Posted Jan 01, 2022
That looks like it could be right from a fairy-tale. Well, actually, it kind-of is, isn't it? ;)
The glade forms a nice stage for the two dancing young elves where they dacne / float so lightly upon. Add some exotic flowers and a dreamy looking preserver, some insect with pearly wings and the lifting off palace is forgotten... ;)
In It's Warm Inside by Treefox - Posted Jan 01, 2022
I guess I am too shy to use few colours. This one is very effective in that, blue, white, grey and black, but it works, and a single spot of contrast with the warm light from the cave. Though it is in competition with the cold two-moons-light. But the warm light shines like an invitation, while the female snow elf in the center invitites, but we need a bit more rational thought for that, not just a reflex, to recognize her face and gesture, that this is likely meant as a "Hello, welcome (back?), come near, it's warm inside!" But thus it speaks on two levels to the observer.
It's a bit hard to guess what the other guarding elf seems to think. Is it a wary glance over to her?
Ah, I miss these iced trees. Hopefully this winter will still bring some moments of snow.
In The New Home by Startear - Posted Jan 01, 2022
I wonder how to read he facial expression. Sadness? Or "not impressed" as Maggie mentioned? Or just tired and leaning back to doze a little?
In Grasp Reflex by Rowan Procter - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Aww, tree-spirit's finger! Must grasp and touch and wonder what this is in my little hand! And look at this new face.
Interesting light source, radial and in the middle of the background. That surely didn't simplify things, but it makes a nice center-of-home-and-family-stove-warmth-effect. ;)
In A World Apart by Wildfire - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Oh, that is some interesting rendition for the Glider's hive. Well, and her.
These sunlight-flooded opening really do it for me. Garnished with the fragile figures of some Gliders. And there, in the darker part, like a column framing the image on the left is she, and we can only guess from her eyes that's she's having thoughts and plans of her very own. Few colours, much impact.
In Time to Take a Break by Czarine - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Very vivid and intense colours! Well, that does look like good old sun-village garden and farm work. Minyah really looks like she could use a pause and some water - but also like she still loves her work.
The little lizard watching the butterflies on the colourful cactus petals adds to the scenery. Looks like an actual snapshot of life in Sorrow's end.
In Seaside Domesticity by ShujiE - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Korafay's reminds me of Skywise, probably due to the hair. Oh, I should really re-read some of the newer developments. Anyway, again, it's an image that gives a focus to the characters, the surroudings just set a scene and mood (I like the clouds and the sun reflextions on the wave-tips). They look very relaxed, playful, maybe Brill shows a hint of motherly awareness, so Dad and baby won't play too wild. Sunstream's tan here make a strong contrast with the pale wave-dancer skin but also the surroundings. Somehow that makes me shiver, like I empathise with him and feel the cool water and maybe cold baby feet on my chest. :)
In The Home is Where the Heart Is by ShujiE - Posted Jan 01, 2022
That's a nice quote from EQ and an image that fits it. Isn't it good to have somebody taking care and watching over your sleep? Teir looks relaxed, with a hint of happiness, but also toughtful, while Ember just seems to be tired, but happy to be asleep in his arms. The rather simplified background allows a good focus on the characters and their possible emotions.
In Father Tree by Rowan Procter - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Well, that looks like a lot of enjoyable, blithe life at the tree, and quite a bunch of characters who enjoy time with each other or just dreaming. Hopefully this new year will also have some ease for us. This image already radiates a certain calmness.
In Dreamberry Tales by April Suzanne Durfee Landon - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Now that one makes you wonder what tale is told here, wonder what happened. A comfy looking hut, sturdy stones, likely not elven made, a cup (with dreamberry wine?) tipped over, a large jug, white powder (alt? sugar? Cutter got into drug dealing? ;-) ), shackles, but nobody inside... the fire seems to be fresh. Could be a puzzle for a crime scene game. :-)
In Cradlebaby by Berit Jurda & Czarine - Posted Jan 01, 2022
Aww, it looks like the preservers have a first time playing something like being parent. ;-) Curious, surprised, maybe caring? Intersting image composition, the inviting Petalwing makes a good "entry" towards the scene.
In At the End of the Night by Saree - Posted Jan 01, 2022
This mostly "pale" background makes a good contrast for the colourful characters. It looks a lot like daily life going on, an insight into tribeslife. Maybe a bit dense, but somehow one's got to get them all in one frame. ;-)
I like Ember, as she leans in the "door"frame and gazes outsides, maybe dreaming, maybe standing guard?
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