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In Dancing Rayek - Posted Mar 18, 2019
Aww, look who is sexy and nice! What a flowing movement! One would wonder what he's thinking, because of his glance backwards...
Sorrow's End villagers are truly lucky to have him among them. ;)
In Past and Future by jaRf - Posted Feb 02, 2019
Thanks! :D

Well, the hours include also sitting in front of the screen and hesitating, trying to find inspiration, deleting and re-doing things and so on.
For the snake I though of a mix of Winnowill and some of her creatures she sent upon the tribe or used them to control the human settlement.

In Flood and flower - Posted Feb 02, 2019
Heheh, falling flowers are always a good addition to pole dancing shows and the like. ;)
In Kahvi - Posted Jan 15, 2019
I don't really love her either, but I can hardly hate her. Well, she's been fairly hard-assed and nasty sometimes, but maybe that also was a thing of living in the icy parts of the world and being a leader of a wild tribe.
Anyway: Dynamic pose and she looks ready and happy to fight. The metal looks very realistic, a bit matte, nearly traces of rust, but also still shiny.
In Captive by Tamarien Flaten and Czarine - Posted Jan 08, 2019
And the last to comment... the best for the end. :D
The poor thing!
Stay strong, shine on like the hero you are! Have your awesome hair flow like a cape in the desert wind! Wipe her away with it. ;)
Don't let that nasty glowing scratchy-fingernail-Winnie overwhelm you! Your inner sun is stronger than her darkness!

It a long time ago we had some lyrics / poem in a calendar. It fits well here with the whole image composition. Simple BG, some implied crystal shards, focus on the two protagonists and the text.
And that's some FQ-Winnie-Glow here, isn't it? These light effects work very well here. Oh, and does she look poisonous.

This one will be a nice screen background. :)
(Though I wonder if I should... erase Winne beforehand. She's like an un-greased chainsaw in the middle of a concert of water and wind. She destroys the good Qi, even though her colours fit well in the image. :p )
In My Heart is Full by Maggie - Posted Jan 08, 2019
Ah, the "classic" threesome-bond! Enframed by dreamberry bushes they all like to share with each other. Good idea.
Life must be good if heart and belly are full. :)
Krim usually struck me as the most lively of the three and so she seems to be here.
But yes, spoilers may create melancholy.
In Brothers in The Hunt by Sheryl Schopfer - Posted Jan 08, 2019
That's a very dynamic Strongbow, right in the action! And both seem to enjoy the hunt. The trees and hedges make a nice frame around them, it's a bit like they just spotted the observer who was hidden behind the hedge.
In Bonded Burdocks by Yavia - Posted Jan 08, 2019
OMG, that is a horror for me! Having burdocks in my hair! Aaaaagh!
Yes, they can be quite "bonding". :)
Treestump and the wolf seem to care much less about them in their furs than Ember. She seems to be nearly pissed about that and her intense colours underscore her mood.
Or is she taking the burs from choplicker and placing them onto Treestump?
In Bonded by Youth, Friendship and Mischief by Ric Rijnders - Posted Jan 08, 2019
Now that is a lively scene! The image looks like it was done with dofferent techniques. The darker wolf reminds me of how powerful larger dogs (e.g. German Sheperds) can be, even if they're just playing. The can develop quite some force and you need all hands to get them back to the ground. ;)

(b.t.w. fullsize works for me)
In Depths of Love by Tamarien Flaten and Solace Enterline - Posted Jan 08, 2019
Ah, that reminds me of Wendy's lovemates calendar style. Good to see some wavedance entries, too!
The outfits seem to mirror the eye's colour. And these are some nice pearls on her outfit. And it's all in this blueish oceanic tone, but it still looks distinct.
In A Lifetime of Love by Dreamweaver - Posted Jan 08, 2019
Tears of joy and tears of... well, whatever babies are about to cry. ;-)
That truly is a mother's connection; have some screaming, blaring little thing and being all happy about it. If Eyes-High ever anticipated that her little one will be "sailing" to the stars one day?
Anyway, it's clear that little Skywise can feel very comfy and safe in the hands of his mother.
In Reach of Love by Berit Jurda - Posted Jan 08, 2019
Hehehe, yes, that one is a nice surprise. Some slightly dark homour in it. That reflection effect is well done! The scene also is supported by the warm / cold colour flow, the tears in the cold area and the reflection in the warm shine.
In Dreamberries by Czarine - Posted Jan 08, 2019
Ah, that is a beautiful one. Though it strikes me like this image was more like something planned for an "everyday life" calendar topic. I like that you have several little scenes here, Redlance kindly "advertising" the seeds, Skywise brushing a wolf and makeup-heavy sun village girl chatting on a bench.
You used quite a different colour palette here, but still in matte tones. Comic-style approach but also lots of little detail hidden here and there. (Something is always happening / awareness. -> bumblebee at the petal, lizard taking a sun-bath, ...)
In Belonging by Startear - Posted Jan 08, 2019
Meows! Stubtail-Kitty looks sooo satisfied with the moment, I'm sure it's purring. Pike makes quite a colourful spot here.
It's also interesting to see how many people took animal bonds. :-)
In Morning Glory by Treefox - Posted Jan 08, 2019
Now that is some huge bird! And sunlight and morning glory above the clouds. Even though it might be a big and heavy animal, it all seems to float in a fresh morning breeze!
But also the characters seem to be beaming joy. The whole image emits a lot of blitheness and light-heartedness.
In Soft Sunlight by ShuijE - Posted Jan 08, 2019
Tehee, soft light, indeed. Very fitting for this romantic scene. And the light is spot on the characters and sets a good focus on them.
Dart seems to be fairly serious about it all, enjoying the moment, but still being serious about his feelings; but I am not sure if Mender is doing so as well, he looks more playful and seems to be taking things more lightly. Also interesting to see the warmth captured with this relatively limited palette.
In Two Prize Fawns by April Suzanne Durfee Landon - Posted Jan 07, 2019
This image is full of vibrant colours! Even though it seems to be autumn it is full of life that beams right through the screen at the observer. Both seem to be a bit of a contrast, hair and skin, but also their traits as characters, Tyleet more lively and light-hearted, Venka the calm deep and serious type; but still both make a strong couple.
In Playtime by Czarine - Posted Jan 07, 2019
Awwww! The scene re-done form HY 09! "...when I am ready came to mean whenever you wish... " It was among the first things / scenes I remembered when I read that someone had taken young Rayek / young Leetah.
The matte colours seem unusual to me, but then it fits with the mighty background scene and gives it a slightly more sandy, dusty look. Also the light distribution makes it very interesting and keeps the focus on the two playing elves. And see: Leetah was practicing her dance-the-grain-up-from-the-ground dance with Rayek, ha!
(@Wildfire: I think the eye also adds detail automagically to limited colour palettes. If you break it down to tech specs it might seem limited or simple, but it works when you watch the image.)
In Bonded (This is Home) by Christoph Schilling - Posted Jan 07, 2019
This is a wonderful transition, different homes, but in similar colours, and the moons shine over them all.
The night sky is a treat for the eyes. The eagle is like a frame to the lower right side and the rocks look very organic. One can feel the icy cold of the snow elves' home and the intense moonlight give the left scene a special mood and enables lots of detail even at night.
Very well done.
I wonder if this is some kind of crayon technique used here?
In A Wolfrider's Bond by Wildfire - Posted Jan 07, 2019
Seems like Pike might be a secret child of Bearclaw... ;) Ever-present dreamberries. Even the light seems to have a slightly violet touch here and there. It has something of a photo to it, or some rendering with textures and filters. Well, looking closer I am sure it is a rendering. Ah, I wish I had time for Blender.
They look fairly relaxed with their moonlight picnic. Bonded to Dreamberries? Bonded via the love for Dreamberries? Bonded with each other and just sharing dreamberries? Who knows. :)
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