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In Children - Posted Aug 26, 2017
Yay. look at them all grown up! You really captured their poses, while bringing in all the elements of them as adults. Great that you included Wing's spirit!
In Adorable Adoptables - Posted Jan 02, 2016
They look so very sweet together! Love how Cloudshadow leans her head against Firecry's :)
In LONGSONG  "Summer Soliloquy"  Lost  Holt - Posted Jan 02, 2016
Can't believe I forgot to comment on this! Guess I was enjoying it too much on Lost Holt's website to remember it had been posted in other places XD

Anyways, thank you so much for doing the commission! You really captured Longsong here, this image is beautiful <3
In New Style ? - Posted Apr 01, 2010
I agree with Foxeye, very 80s. She looks cute!
In Laluna in Sorrow's End - Posted Apr 01, 2010
I can almost feel the heat of the sun. Her outfit is great too!
In Mangrove elf - Posted Apr 01, 2010
She's got quite a unique look. I like it, especially the hair!
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