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In Moments with Antaka and Sir Toad - Posted Mar 24, 2020
This is so awesome! You are so good with the expressions and dramatically framing each scene. It makes me want more!
In Winter bunny - 2020 - Posted Mar 21, 2020
Oh no! Is it the bunny from the Holy Grail? Run away!
In the forgotten door - 2020 - Posted Mar 20, 2020
I can't not see it this way now! Not ominous anymore, now a character from a kid's show.
In Juniper - 2020 - Posted Mar 05, 2020
Unfortunate that Moondrop should find a juniper. I am suffering miserably from juniper allergy right now!
In So tiny! - 2020 - Posted Mar 03, 2020
That's so funny. I think Moondrop would mostly be confused.

It is cool to see the difference in sizes. I was wondering how big the dagger would be to her.
In Swift - 2020 - Posted Feb 17, 2020
I really like this depiction of Moondrop. There really is something nice about her face and expression here.
In Our Holt #18: Moondrop - Posted Dec 28, 2019
Wow! It's really cool that you did this. I think you captured her personality as I imagined it, kind of wary and one to observe before taking any action.
In Moondrop Design Trial - Posted Jan 17, 2018
You convinced me to keep the scars. I've updated her bio with them.
In Following the Zwoots - Posted Jan 06, 2018
This is so wonderful! It just amazes me that people can create beauty like this. I love the rocks and the sky in the background!
In Moondrop's new hat - Posted Dec 30, 2017
I was going to add to the post where she put it on, but you beat me to it!

You are welcome to post any of my RPG art to your tumblr.
In Moondrop finds some eggs - Posted Dec 10, 2017
Yeah, i'm very pleased with how this came out. One of those cases where in the third or fourth attempt it finally just came together.
In Laluna's Fall - Posted Dec 09, 2017
I love it! Moondrop looks great!

I was just trying to sketch out a scene of Moondrop finding the eggs. I wish I had you or Berit's skill with postures and expression. To get so much with such clear lines. Mine always end up a stiff looking jumble. Need more practice, I guess.

Where did the frog come from? Poor thing!
In Laluna inside the waterfall cave - Posted Dec 07, 2017
I had looked briefly at these pictures before, but didn't realize until this moment that both pictures weren't done by the same person, you re-created Berit's picture so perfectly. It was only the difference in the water that made me take a second look. Kind of neat to each person's variations when drawing the same thing.
In Peaceful moment - 2015 - Posted Jul 21, 2015
I always love the expressiveness in your drawings, but I gotta say, in this one it was the hoof that really caught my eye. Then I noticed the skull on the wall. Great details!
In Rayek and Clearbrook - Posted May 13, 2014
I really have no feeling for them as a couple, drawing this purely for aesthetic reasons, but they did have some contact. She was witness to his seduction/manipulation by Winnowill, and then escorted him back to the palace after Blue Mountain fell. Can you imagine if Recognition had happened then, while he was drunk with power and dealing with his feelings about Kahvi and the loss of his child, and she looking for closure from her lifemate's death? And all under the pining Treestump's nose? Talk about drama!

And it's kind of funny that you made those comments about their profiles, Amberfox. I really struggled with Clearbrook's. EQ elf profiles are very weird, with their really small noses. I don't usually use references when I draw, but I looked at several Clearbrook profiles drawing this to help it look more like her. I think Rayek's profile is good, but I don't think it's very EQ. But he's so recognizable I don't feel like I need to be as true for him.
In Rayek and Clearbrook - Posted May 04, 2014
It's funny. I started reading EQ in the early 80's and never really thought much about Rayek as a character until a couple of years ago, when I started writing and drawing. But I've probably done more stuff with him as a character than anyone else. For some reason, he's just so much fun to stick in odd pairings and AUs.
In Quarterly art - Watching the herd - Posted Apr 17, 2014
Wow! I really like this! The shadowy elk and the breath rising really makes me feel the cold. It looks like I've just walked up on Klagg when he expected to be alone and is not happy with me.
In Elf Trek - Into Darkness - Scotty drunk - Posted Nov 30, 2013
These are so great! I finally sat down and watched the movie last night, and after seeing these it was really hard not to look at Chris Pine and think "Cutter!" (Benedict Cumberbatch is still Sherlock Holmes. It gets very confusing.) You do a great job with likenesses and expressions.
In Berrypetal - Posted Nov 05, 2012
I really love seeing how your art is developing, and how you've found your own style and are making some amazing pieces!
In Dart and Bowki - Posted Nov 05, 2012
I have to admit, I'm actually not all that familiar with the story lines involving Dart, he just came up next in my list of who to sketch. And since there had been some recent discussion about what happened to his family, it seemed like a good subject. What's weird is that I had actually blocked it out, then went looking for some references, and only when I got to the story realized that this is the only way they'd been seen together.
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