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In Ember - Posted Feb 08, 2021
Ahh these are delightful! She looks very cheeky in the top one, very fitting that she's bothering Scouter :lol
The bottom one is very cute, love the tongue sticking out!
In Ember Sketches - Posted Feb 02, 2021
@Yavia - New Moon is definitely a bit misshapen :lol That's entirely an oversight on my part, but I suppose there's a story in there!

I guess the crosslegged scribble is going on my to do list haha!
In Ember Portrait Sketch - Posted Feb 02, 2021
Thanks Yavia, I'm glad you like her! Eyes are probably favourite thing to draw :love
In Cutter action shot sketch - Posted Jan 30, 2021
Ohhh yeah I definitely see what you mean! He's very, as Yavia says, animated in this sketch :love  Some people can still maintain the fluidity in their inks *sigh* One day I'll learn proper lineweights
The coloured version is still lovely though
In Cutter by Treefox - Posted Jan 28, 2021
Oooo I never left a comment on this one! It still looks gorgeous, love the buttflap :rofl  He's lovely and youthful, from a simpler time than those that came later :love
In Ember Portrait Sketch - Posted Jan 28, 2021
Thanks! Yeah, I'm incapable of doing Wendy-esque elves ;)
In Ember Sketches - Posted Jan 28, 2021
@Startear, oooo I'd love to see your take on her!

@Treefox, it's so much fun to look back at that sort of thing! I'm curious to see the sketch now, I just went back and found your pinup calendar Cutter and gosh - still so pretty  :love
In Inktober - Hope - Posted Jan 27, 2021
Lovely inks! I really like how you drew her nose :3 Inktober is such a challenge, I never got more than a few days into it before life intervened or I missed color too much haha
In Kitana in a tree - Posted Jan 27, 2021
Ahhh this is lovely! The pose is on point of course, and you have such a cool graphical way of doing trees! Curious as to how it'll look in colour
In Ember Sketches - Posted Jan 26, 2021
Inking is so hard! Getting it to still "look alive" and not... just... bad is beyond me :lol lineweights are a mystery to me.
Thank you <3 she's always fun to sketch, looking back at my EQ art, there's a lot of Ember in there :D
In Ember Sketches - Posted Jan 25, 2021
Haha oh for sure! Keeping things stylised in the same way is definitely difficult. I mostly do these to play around with a character, not to make something super presentable/coherent, so it's all good. Thank you :) I considered making the left sitting pose into a proper drawing, at the moment it's just a scribble, but it might be cool!
In Anondraw - Moonshade - Posted Jun 09, 2020
Thank you! I kept thinking "oh I'll wanna fix this and that etc" and in the end I just let a sketch be a sketch  ;)
In Elf selfie 2020 version - Posted Jun 06, 2020
She's gorgeous! You have a great style for faces, she look very appealing :)
In Anondraw - Moonshade - Posted Jun 06, 2020
 :lol I didn't notice the noodle arm until you mentioned it! That's definitely not a great detail, I think if I angled it a bit more it would solve it. Great catch! I usually check for tangents and stuff, this one is pretty bad and slipped entirely past me :lol
Thanks! That's definitely the mood I was going for, I think Moonshade was Very Angry during that time!
In Clearbrook at the hot tub - Posted Jun 06, 2020
Oooo this is so lovely! Nicely done with the night setting, it brings a different dimension to Sorrow's End, perhaps more befitting of a Wolfrider
In Clearbrook & One-Eye Collab with Treefox - Posted Jun 06, 2020
Whoa this is stunning! I love the colours, it's so vibrant  :o
Great collab!
(Czarine, feel free to post the Mer!Winnowill picture whenever you want, realistically I'm not going to render it further and you deserve some props for the wicked background!)
In #girlsnightout - Posted Mar 11, 2020
Whaaaaaat this is so cool! I adore Clearbrook :love Her classes are fabulous and as Berit said, her car matches her clothes! Wonderful. I really like the effect you've used as well, the whole image is so warm and lovely <3
I agree with Maggie, Pike would be great in one of these as well haha!
In Anondraw- Valentines Card - Posted Feb 15, 2020
@Maggie yeah it's absolutely referencing that scene, it's one of those moments that just stuck with me through the years. A very sweet scene that I hoped repeated itself (without the tears) sometimes later.
Thank you all :love
In We shouldn't - 2020 - Posted Feb 15, 2020
Hah, that's a great mistranslation! I agree that Bearclaw definitely looks predatory oof. Hilarious concept!
In Anondraw- Valentines Card - Posted Feb 15, 2020
Aw thanks! I kind of missed the silly part of the challenge lmao
@Amberfox ohhhhh dreamberry-stains would've been a great addition! I should've thought of that :D
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