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In Sun Valley Folk - Posted Yesterday
Oh nice that the idea of ​​the Sun Valley elves inspired you.  :)
Ha ha, yes I too would love  to swoop the whole canvas to the right to get the splitted background in the middle of the Image. This was a photo of a large poster and unfortunately the perspective was a bit crooked. The photographer didn't know that I was going to digitally edit her picture to paint new elves on it,  :lol. Maybe else she would have tried to make it fitting. I also expanded the picture left and right.
I am in the "Father Tree Holt", you can find the picture in my art thread: "Yeee`s scetchbook", and there is more plot- text for it. A few  in the forum are interested in the AU too but have not yet their own characters. Do you like to have one? I would love to create more of them. 
Yes , Wah-ankh-Antef is "with ongoing life (well...what else when he is an immortal  :D) who brings his father (Rayek) with him,  :lol. The selfish father must see himself reflected in his son (hence the strange naming). He, in turn, does not want to be a falcon warrior at all, but rather a researcher.
There is no great story until now, but maybe you can write and design a part of it...I would love to see you in my forum.  ;D
In Reflections of a Changeable Life by jaRf - Posted Yesterday
Aaaaaw, poor broken hearted Rayek. And hey, the Rayek who looks into the water bowl has the clothes of his youth. Does he look into his future?
And the magic bolt blasting and flying one has different clothes than in the comics. Does he come from an AU?
nice picture.
In Mermay 2022 - Dragon - Posted Yesterday
Oh yes it is a lot of fun!
In Mermay 2022 27 Haken as Fishelf pencil - Posted Jun 24, 2022
Yes, of course more on the wild side!
He's flirting with Yeee and baiting her. LOL

In Sun Valley Folk - Posted Jun 22, 2022
Oh What? Really? What`s his name , where can I find him?
 My, the character Antef was invented by me long long ago. Maybe then I still lived at my parents home (so really loooong ago). So I didn`t copy. But hey, surely they look similar, for Antef is Leetahs and Rayeks kid too- just in an alternate universe. (just look in my thread: Yeees sketchbook in the "father tree forum")

 btw I invite everyone who is interested  to have his/her own Elf character in this AU.
In Mermay 2022 - Dragon - Posted Jun 21, 2022
Nah, I didn`t think of my cigarette snail but any snail. (btw. I wouldn`t be angry if anyone get inspired by me and draw ones own version of a character of mine. Just in case you thought that I would be angry. no worrys!)  Those snails  would simply fit into this scene. And it looked like one of the cute sea bunnies (snails), now it turned out to be a dry-land bunny jade figure, lol.
nice picture!
In Mermay 2022 - Dragon - Posted May 30, 2022
Is that a little blue sea snail on the right side? another cute detail. Cool idea this Smaugy merelf .
In Cutter with dreadlocks - Posted May 26, 2022
LOL, He looks better than the original! Dreadlocks Cutter for chief!
In A coloured shoe - Posted May 22, 2022
cool idea!
In Mermay 2022 16 my annual X-Mess(!) image with Rayek and the Winnogrinch - Posted May 20, 2022
Haha, my annually X-Mas pictures are always summaries of my drawing themes mixed in with themes and events that happened on the Elfquest forum fathertreeholt of that year. That's why it's such a mess (X-mess). We celebrate Christmas there with an advent calendar that is always made by Embala. This time, however, her computer broke so that she could no longer open her advent calendar boxes day after day. She said Winnowill sabotaged her computer. This quickly became the Winnogrinch, and so suddenly many bright green, grinchy WinnoWills appeared in the forum (done with Dollmakers). She then drove her mischief on my picture and stole my elf's Christmas tree. We sometimes have monthly themes for drawing or writing and we call them grab bag themes. In December we had the topics: winnogrinch and miniwini Christmas tree or a giant one. So Winnie gave Yeee a miniwini Christmas tree and stole the huge one. And Yeee hates tiny ones. Last year I painted waltzing sea elves before and at Easter. That was Yeee and Areias, well, and now he's annoying Yeee again.
It took me a some  days to draw.

In Mermay2022 11 Koigal - Posted May 20, 2022
Thank you.
In Go Back Yak - Posted Mar 12, 2022
Awww, thanx you two!
jaRf, you know that all of those Go Backs can be very friendly ...especially in the furs, and on the other hand very savage, those vikings, LOL.
In Leetah - Mother of memories - Posted Feb 17, 2022
Oh wow, cool! This look so absolutely like Leetah, well drawn.
In Haken by Yavia - Posted Feb 17, 2022
Awwww, I like this Haken picture. Hakyyyyyy!!!!
 But tell me, why does he gnaw on that bone, is he that insane??? And this "fetch the bone scene? What happened before? Is this a scene from a role playing game?
In Late Night with Ekuar by Czarine - Posted Jan 06, 2022
so cool! The lights, awesome!
In Halloween Harpy elf kicks some butts - Posted Oct 23, 2021
Wow, the guy is so cool, he can shoot lasers from his eyes, lol. The name means "flieg weiter" and it fits so good for a harpy elf. Well, he will digitize the remainings of the human, this will be enough for him. Oh hey original-Soarons boss`s (how to write it?) name is "Lord Dread" , this is a great name for a harpy too. I should create a mean harpy-elf king worthy for this name. LOL
In Hatari - Posted Oct 07, 2021
Yes many whimsies, typical teenager (grin) . But it is also practising emotive portraits.  And the guy was meant to be her brother .
In Rainthorwen - Posted Sep 24, 2021
Oh hi, Tynami! You are here too, YAY!
In Feathertip - Posted Sep 19, 2021
Hi Saree,
I played Feathertip in a german online holt "Die Hawkbrothers". But it ended right after it started. So there was not so much happening.
Yes , I am On Deviant Art, and this picture is there too .
In elfkid - Posted Sep 10, 2021
yay, thanx jaRf!
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