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In Splish Splash going in for a bath - 2018 - Posted Mar 16, 2019
very cute. HaHa found myself looking for the frog!
In Reach of Love by Berit Jurda - Posted Jan 11, 2019
haha well done, nice idea :-D
In Two Prize Fawns by April Suzanne Durfee Landon - Posted Jan 11, 2019
Very lovely colours, agree that it would've been nice to see a bit more of their friendship as adults, fanfic idea anyone? :-D  I'd be interesting to see what kinda adventures these two would've gotten into if given the chance. Don't actually remember any interaction between them after they grew up. but then Tyleet did sleep for 500 yrs and the wolfs now doesn't really hang on to the past.
In Depths of Love by Tamarien Flaten and Solace Enterline - Posted Jan 03, 2019
lovely couple, agree it's nice to see some wavedancers too :-)
In My Heart is Full by Maggie - Posted Jan 02, 2019
As usual, spot on :-) very lovely, love the colours wow
In Morning Glory by Treefox - Posted Jan 02, 2019
So beautiful, love how you captured the bond between them
In Bonded (This is Home) by Christoph Schilling - Posted Jan 02, 2019
oh man, this is gorgeous too :-O
In Dreamberries by Czarine - Posted Jan 02, 2019
Everything about this piece is wonderful, I love the colours too
In Captive by Tamarien Flaten and Czarine - Posted Jan 02, 2019
oh lovely!
In High-One sketch - Posted Dec 12, 2018
Thank you, and yes... I think initially  I had a young Savah and/or Aroree in mind and couldn't really decide, so it became a third person at the end :-D
In Male elf Laluna colored by Czarine - 2018 - Posted Aug 29, 2018
She looks very nice as a male :-) couldn't understand why I wasn't able to comment on this earlier, but turns out I hadn't logged in
In Barbarian - Posted Aug 17, 2018
Thank you :-)
In Elwing - Posted May 23, 2018
cute! love the eyes

In MerMay: Flaptails - Posted May 07, 2018
uh nice! They look like they're enjoying themselves... I wanna do MerMay too! Though I can't promise I'll have one for every day :-/
In Sketch # 04: Elf Mermaid - Posted Apr 10, 2018
Like this very much, it almost has a ghostly air to it, like the colors of it all and the fish in the background.
In Timmain - Posted Apr 07, 2018
beautiful, love the style, the hair the dress <3
In Schudspeer - Posted Apr 05, 2018
like the outfit alot, and yes very good idea with the background (something I might use, since backgrounds are just not my thing :-D )
In Again!.. lineart - 2018 - Posted Mar 07, 2018
oh I love this, it made me laugh, that look on her face :-D Hopefully she wont get her hands on 'poor' peeping Tom.
In Wrong territory lineart - 2018 - Posted Feb 24, 2018
Nice! I really enjoy your wolf drawings :-)
In Scene_05b Leetah serving and quarreling boys - Posted Jan 23, 2018
hahaa :-D this is great!
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