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Gibra by Rosalie Langenkamp
 Views: 2125
 Comments: 4
Jan 16, 2012
in 2013 - Weekly Pin Ups
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Teir's Father by Rosalie Langenkamp
 Views: 740
 Comments: 5
Dec 17, 2011
in 2014 - Weekly Pin Ups
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Deir by Rosalie Langenkamp
 Views: 1904
 Comments: 4
Dec 17, 2011
in 2013 - Weekly Pin Ups
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"Friend Or Foe?" by Rosalie
2011 Fan Art Calendar:  JANUARY

I had no idea what to draw as a Hidden Moment, so I began rereading everything. This first meeting between Rayek, Ekuar and the Go-backs is mentioned by Kahvi to Cutter in book 17, The fist war. She also mentioned that Rayek taught them to live in the mountains, so I…
 Views: 1889
 Comments: 8
Dec 06, 2010
in 2011 - Hidden Moments
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"Whole" by Rosalie Langenkamp
2010 Fan Art Calendar:  JANUARY

I found out they were putting all of Elfquest online I began reading it nonstop. A lot of it was new material since not everything was printed where I live.  One of my favourite elves was Kahvi, hardheaded an tough with a sometimes unexpected soft side, so I picked h…
 Views: 2211
 Comments: 6
 Rating: 4.99
Nov 29, 2009
in 2010 - Finding One's Place
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