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Owner: Foxeye

15 items, and 7 in sub-albums
Other people's inks/pencils, my colors.
Sub Albums: 1
27 items, and 24 in sub-albums
Sub Albums: 2

Owner: Deathwing

2 items
My other Art - Mainly own RPG Characters
7 items
I've not drawn very much FanArt oder ElfQuest related art lately, but I hope you like the few things anyway.

Owner: joselle

2 items
Basically just random, made-up characters. Lol
8 items
All the random little art that I've done over the years. <3
10 items
A way too epic elf-only series of EQ styled playing cards.

Spades are the Warriors
Diamonds are the Magic Users
Clubs are the Dreamers
Hearts are the Lovers
8 items
Little cute and deformed doodles that is chibi-fied!
9 items
Canon Elves from a deviantart inspired art challenge. The challenge was you have 100 prompts such as "Rainbow" or "Eyes" or "Fairy Tale"...and you just have to draw whatever you think fits!

Owner: Mournsong

1 item

Owner: elfeneyes

5 items
Elfquest related Holiday Gifts for Everyone!
69 items
Complete costume colleges of individual cannon characters done by me

*All bases are copyright Jeedai (skin tone edits & no site) or Joffre Roda (no site)
137 items
Elfquest Cannon Dolls

*All bases are copyright Jeedai (no site) and Joffre Roda (no site)

Owner: Kitt

1 item
OK!  I was actually trying to delete this thread, but...there's no way to do that  :-X  SO!  Instead, I'll put ElfQuest-Related art here...wolves, trolls, preservers, treewees...etc.  Aren't I clever!  ;D
13 items
OK!  These are the elves that were inspired by ElfQuest and are mostly just elves that I play/have played on various holts or that I've drawn for people who play on various holts.  ;D  I think that was boring...sorry! :D  Ah, all of the characters wer…
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