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The Grey-White

by nilla

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Can we hold a 'facefur' competition? I think I might win third place.

I wanted to a make antagonist to the Timeless who ends up getting his head cut off. I make this.
My muse then says:’…You know, let’s make two antagonists. We keep this one and kill the other one!’

He's called 'The Grey-White' by the Timeless because they have no freaking clue what his name actually is.
His actual name is Erracin.
He's a healer of 'some fair ability' and the scratches he has here he got from an infuriated Darkfire.

He has an absurdly long beard, but I don't think he's mortal. It's likely a thing he's given himself to bother the Timeless, whom he lives near.

For some reason I blame the fact I've begun reading Game of Thrones for this guy's creation.

Posted November 11, 2012, 06:53:03 PM

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