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Our Wolfpack!
Album - Owner: Berit - 16 items
Syuff about our Wolfpack that was created on Wolfquest! adding drawn art about them here!...
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Ironing bead wolves - 2019
Hahaha! nothing fancy! just some quick ironing bead tests I did! that darkest colored “doberman” is actually supposed to be Laluna’s wolf friend Mudpaw but the gold of the beads melted off the surface and gathered on the middle! I honestly don’t know where to use beads that work like that, for me, t…
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Mar 09, 2019
Wolfquest Marut - 2018
Decided to start making a family tree about all my Wolfquest wolves! so here is my character Marut as a wolf! he became one kind of an interesting colored one, while still looking like a basic wolf. Marut is one of the keenest hunters of his siblings, fast and agile but not that good at doing group…
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Oct 20, 2018
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Wolfquest Laluna - 2018
Decided to start making a family tree about all my Wolfquest wolves! so here is Czarine's character Laluna as a wolf! She is the puppy of Timmain and Skywise and she has a a lot of siblings! they are named Kiba, Shiro, Marut, Miriel, Darkstar, Skywheel, Quartzpelt, Lightning, Moonpearl, Fargaze & Gl…
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Oct 18, 2018
Wolfquest Timmain - 2018
Wolfquest wariation of Timmain and the current pack leader. she is Skywise's mate and had many puppies with him, they are called Kiba, Laluna, Shiro, Marut, Miriel, Darkstar, Skywheel, Quartzpelt, Lightning, Moonpearl, Fargaze & Gloomhowl! though they did not have them all during the same year, they…
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Oct 18, 2018
Wolfquest Bearclaw - 2018
And here is Bearclaw! or what he is like in Wolfquest. wanted to add this here to get all the dead wolves from this side of the family out of the way! Bearclaw was brother to Blackfell and Skywise, his father was Tomi and mother was KaljaVuorenKauhu. Bearclaw was a bit of an wild card, as in wolf pa…
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Oct 13, 2018
Wolfquest Hukkanen - 2018
Here is Hukkanen! He was Brownberry's mate and father of Amaterasu & Joyleaf. He was shot by humans after he tried to steal animals they were herding. Hukkanen had cream colored fur and lime green eyes, he was quite small for an adult male wolf... And now I'll add something else than wolves so peopl…
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Oct 12, 2018
Wolfquest Joyleaf - 2018
So here is Joyleaf! she is the current "nurse" of the puppies and she is very nice and sweet. she is Amaterasu's sister and daughter of Hukkanen & Brownberry. Joyleaf was Bearclaws mate but Bearclaw died by ironically getting swatted by REAL Bear claws! (named the bear madcoil) Before her mate died…
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Oct 12, 2018
Wolfquest Brownberry - 2018
More of long since died wolfies for the Wolfquest family tree! Brown berry was my first brown colored wolf so the whole brown gene comes mostly from her! She had few puppies with Hukkanen, Their puppies are named Amaterasu & Joyleaf... Like I explained Brownberry had very brown fur and even her eyes…
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Oct 12, 2018
Wolfquest Skywise - 2018
Skywise is one of my wolves in Wolfquest and he is Blackfells brother and Timmains mate. His Parents were Tomi & KaljaVuorenKauhu... Timmain and Skywise have had a LOT of cubs during their life! He fist had a litter of three, Laluna, Shiro and Kiba. then the next year they had two, Marut and Miriel.…
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Oct 11, 2018
Wolfquest Miriel - 2018
Decided to start making a family tree about all my Wolfquest wolves! so here is Insertio's character Miriel as a wolf! In Wolfquest Miriel's mother is Timmain and his father is Skywise. She is too young to have puppies of her own and was born in the same litter with Marut... Miriel has almost blueis…
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Oct 11, 2018
Wolfquest Blackfell - 2018
Blackfell and his brother Skywise are Tomi's and KaljaVuorenKauhu's cubs in Wolfquest, He became Alpha of the pack after his mother died. Blackfell has sleek black fur and yellow eyes... He stopped being the alpha as he could not breed and Timmain turned into the alpha...
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Oct 08, 2018
Wolfquest KaljaVuorenKauhu - 2018
Tomi's mate, KaljaVuorenKauhu (named by my mother, name means BeerMountain'sHorror, what can I say? my mother is too much into alcohol). KaljaVuorenKauhu was the alpha of the pack but now she has long since died. She had two puppies with Tomi, Sywise & Blackfell... She had very light gray fur that w…
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Oct 08, 2018
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Wolfquest Amaterasu - 2018
Joyleaf's younger sister who currently hasn't had any puppies of her own. She was named by Czarine... and it's clear that Frostyfox has inherited the same color patterns from Joyleaf!..

Amaterasu has interesting fur colors, having reddish brown head and almost white body. she has black eyes even th…
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Oct 07, 2018
Wolfquest Tomi - 2018
The first male of our Wolfpack, though you never met him since he has long since perished, In Wolfquest He had puppies with KaljaVuorenKauhu (named by my mother, it can be translated as BeerMountain'sHorror... I don't know what she was thinking)... Their cubs are Blackfell & Skywise.... Tomi had alm…
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Oct 07, 2018
Wolf lines - 2018
I know! it's a crappy looking wolf! but I'm using these lines to later make a familytree out of our Wolfquest wolves so far, because I'm getting confused who is related to who and who carries what color gene/inheritable condition!... and to anyone feeling inspired to color this anyway you want, go f…
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Oct 07, 2018
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Wolfquest puppies 1 - 2017
Two of the wolfquest puppies! Fargaze and Quartzpelt, both were named by Amberfox. These were actually drawn in a letter I sent her. Fargaze always tries to get Quartzpelt to play, but she HATES his guts for trying! and it always end like this!...

And The Wolfquest thing in the forums is finally mo…
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Feb 17, 2018
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