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High Ones
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I love High Ones for some odd reason.
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Ref work
Decided to try and do some ref drawings, focusing my high ones. Specifically Yionyi and Serrilur who I always have trouble with.

I tend to find refs I find really interesting or will force me to draw characters in situations they aren't used to. In this case it's Zharo (tallest man), because he's t…
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May 06, 2019
Main High One: men
Ocuoros,Merheen, Yionyi, Zharo and Calidus.
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Aug 03, 2018
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High One Yionyi with some new clothes.
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Aug 03, 2018
Seven of Nine
The red oni to Chenah's blue, Sharni is Chenah's younger and much more bloodthirsty sister. She used to be an adventure that traveled to other worlds and got into all kinds of trouble. She appears to consider their stay on Abode to be yet another adventure and thinks fighting humans is a great deal…
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May 05, 2018
Two of Nine
High One Chenah. An old world conquer for the Starai (my fan name for the High Ones) when they still did that sort of thing. She's cold, stern and intent on rebuilding an empire for her descendants.

-Unphased by bloodshed.
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May 05, 2018
One of Nine
One of the nine Timeless High Ones, Calidus.

A Starai found on another world by Sharni on one of her travels.

Opposite the other High Ones, Calidus is immensely fond of fighting and is unbothered by bloodshed and can generally be described as ‘just waiting for something to happen.’

Most of the or…
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Apr 25, 2018
Five of Nine
Finally got this done.

The ninth of the Timeless High Ones, Ocuoros.

Formerly one of the Palace Guiders who was badly wounded during the crash and spent the first 10/15 years in wrapstuff. (Depending on which au I’m working on)

He’s wearing a blanket because I have no idea for clothes.
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Apr 23, 2018
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